I am no longer talking about Hive!

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How do I even begin?

I never thought a time would come when I couldn't tell people about Hive. Explaining the complexities and simplicities of Hive to people who are only interested because they see the profit is tasking.

How do I even begin to explain to them that Hive is more than just the money? Or am I the one making it complicated?

When I joined Hive a year ago, I have to admit that I was stuck with a mindset but you can't blame me. I was just coming into new territory and I was operating based on the things I'd been told or shown about the blockchain.

I guess that is what makes it difficult for some people to stay. They have created a certain mindset towards this place and approach it from that point of view. But what happens when they give themselves the chance for a change?

Am I the one making the mistake? Could it be I am portraying Hive to be something else when it is not? Am I making it hard or too simple?

How do I present Hive to these people?

I used to talk about Hive so much in the earlier days to everyone willing to listen. I'd give the information I'd been given and it was that simple. But now, since I'd given myself the opportunity to look beyond the monetary aspect of Hive, I'm just not sure anymore of talking about it.

Maybe it's because I just don't know how to present the blockchain to people who are just money oriented. I don't know how to explain to them that if they let it, Hive can alter the state of their minds. It happened to me.

I don't think I have been as challenged as I am now on Hive. Various projects and prompts that question my skill as a writer. I read articles and question myself all over again. I watch people scale ahead with dedication and consistency and find myself asking questions again.

I don't know how to explain to these people what Hive is to me and I don't want to go and make something so simple look like a mountain hike. But knowing the mindset of the people approaching me, it is going to take a lot of patience to explain to them that Hive is not just for money.

Or maybe I am just big on them succeeding here when I know for a fact that Hive isn't for everyone? Maybe I am thinking because I let Hive change me, they'll let it change them?

Hive has happened to me in so many ways...

Image by @doze and used with his permission

Don't get me wrong. Hive isn't my only source of income. If anything, Hive is a support and so much so since it is helping me cater to my school fees and final year projects. I don't earn too much IRL, but I earn enough from writing and voicing gigs to support my family.

What I mean is, Hive is the only place I can be myself, stretch and reach for the stars unapologetically. Someone asked me what kind of work environment would be suitable for me and what immediately came to my mind was Hive.

I have met wonderful personalities to say the least. People who love me unconditionally here and it shows when we chat on discord. I have met people who don't judge me for my mistakes but instead work with me to move past them. I have met people who are so big on me succeeding that we talk all through the night about goals, plans and purpose.

We make road maps and they work almost all the time. Now, how do I explain to people, who are only seeing the financial benefits of Hive in my life, that Hive isn't just about the money? How do I begin to tell them that Hive is not just a blockchain?

Just how?

It was on Hive I learned how important it is to have people. It was here I learned how important it is to learn. It was on Hive I understood the meaning of dedication, growth, consistency and creativity.

How do you explain to people that in your darkest moments, Hive was there in form of friends? How do I explain how I met a lovely woman who changed my life in so many ways here?

Just thinking about it gives me a headache. I am able to pay my fees and now they want to know all about it. I am not innocent either. Perhaps I spoke too much this time and maybe, I wore my customized Hive shirt a little too much. It did tell them to ask and they did!

I honestly don't feel like talking about Hive to anyone anymore. Especially to those who just suddenly want to know because they see the benefits.

Am I being unreasonable? This is how I honestly feel.

I want to talk about Hive to people who appreciate the beauty of hard work. I'm sorry @slobberchops for tagging you but your article four months ago hit deep and when people ask me about Hive these days, that is one of the articles I send to them.

Well, I guess this was a rant post? But I am not talking about Hive anymore. I'll let them do their own research. Am I being unreasonable? Perhaps. But I honestly can't deal with people coming to my DM and ranting few weeks later about low post pay out or this or that...and miss the bigger picture.

I am being unreasonable!

I was just thinking about it when I got DMs, people going as far as coming to my house just to know how they can make money. Never happened before.

Like I said, I may just be having too much expectations but that is how I am. I expect a lot of myself and it affects how I see the world too.

So, until I figure out a way to talk about Hive to these people, I am keeping my mouth shut. Like I told someone (who went on ahead to create an account without my knowledge and is now paying for it because he can't just know where to begin), I am still learning. A baby as far as I am concerned.


I stopped telling people about programs/platforms that pay in crypto years ago.

Now though I just tell them about #threads if they are interested. I mean that is relatable, who does not know twitter!

Well that too. But then they'd want to go deeper. I Think I'm just afraid of what would happen when they are presented with that choice to leave or stay. They always leave...

point them to me, if I can't fluff them up to enjoy it, they don't deserve to be graced with your time

🤣🤣🤣. Oh Ed. You and your sweet tongue. I don't doubt for a second you'd sweeten them up. You did same with me in so many ways here... Hehe 😊❤️

hehe DeraDeraWoo well there you go,don't worry about it, if people want in then point them to threads... and well you .. you know for you hehe 🙃💙

For me??? What is that?? 🤣

lol for you 🤐

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On my side I still do try to share Hive to folks that I do know. Some guys that are doing their craft online, especially in Facebook, that maybe they want to have their content be monetized in a way ( since FB doesn't do that much ) but compared to the hardcore selling and inviting I don't do such. I just let them know that if they are interested they can just send me a message and we will go from there.

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Ahhh. Yes. I see. That is also one way to do it. I just do Hive a lot (especially in public) that it prompts a lot of questions that requires me to answer

Let their curiosity be their energy. Who knows, they might stay for good here too. Some guys started with the idea of monetization in mind ( I included ) and here I am still doing this thing called Hive for more than 5 years hahah.

Great Idea!!! Thanks a bunch

I believe hive is just too multi-faceted to explain simply. From a young age people are trained to think a certain way and this way of thinking causes problems when it comes to something that has many angles.

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Exactly! It's either black or white and on Hive, you'd meet different colors. Especially since it's not censored. You'd meet different views that are almost always contradictory to what you believe

I welcome differing views so long as I'm not told I should also see things the same way. If it is a viewpoint I had not considered before and it makes sense I may give it more thought.

Makes sense

Yep! It's hard to change one's mindset and make them see things the way you think they should. Hive is not for everyone and I have long accepted that.

I want to reply to this. I need to come back after my client call. I have thoughts 😅

I shall await you my lady!!! ❤️

Best response ever ❤️ I love being called "my lady" 🤗

So, firstly, a caveat: I haven't read other people's responses here before I write this so I have no idea if others have suggested any of these things or if I'm actually contradicting some great advice. I either have the energy to read OR respond, so I'm choosing to share my thoughts with you instead of consuming others' opinions.

Is it important to you that you share Hive with others?

If yes, then...

  1. How well do you understand the concepts of growth over time and compounding? If you can help people who seem to only care about money gain a realistic but hopeful understanding of the potential of Hive, then you're more likely to have people join who aren't expecting to get rich overnight and who are willing to put the work in over time. People who genuinely value money and are willing to work for it and already display an ability to experience delayed gratification and also show they are willing to learn new things will be your best new Hivers.

  2. Also, and the thing I most wanted to say, is that most people will not be willing to join Hive for the (wonderful) reasons you mentioned that mostly revolve around friends/relationships/community. Even though I value those things if someone had tried to sell Hive to me based on the fact that I would have meaningful conversations with people on the other side of the world, in countries I've never been to, and places I may never go, I would never have signed up. And yet, these are exactly the things I love the most: getting rewarded to talk (write!) to awesome humans like you.

Basically what I'm trying to say is this: don't try to sell people on things they don't currently (think they) care about. Sell them a realistic but hopeful picture of what's possible with Hive and what your experience (and what you do to get those rewards) and just let them discover the awesomeness of having new friends around the world for themselves. Soon enough they'll see and they'll be the ones preaching how awesome the Hive community aspect really is.


These are awesome points. Maybe I should start looking at it differently. A lot differently. And thank you so much. For taking the time to respond this way to my post. it means a lot to me.

Oh, good!! I'm so glad 😊🤸‍♀️❤️
And you are very welcome my !LUV

Hehe. Are you still tipsy?

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Thank you so much Buzzy!

I totally understand how you feel, because I have been there and still there alot of people I have on boarded on hive have abandoned thier account some even sent me their keys too eat the account after several failed attempts too make all the money in hive with little or no knowledge.

But I will want you too look at it from the Bible perspective, when Jesus keeps healing people not all came back to thank him and when he also preached the gospel even some of his disciples didn't still believe him that was why @Judas still went ahead too betray him, but that too still didn't stop him from being himself and doing his good works...

So don't let some of these things get too you, those who will actually scale on hive will find you soon when u least believe...

The light you are carrying is shining bright and u need too illuminate others so your own light won't go off.. So keep preaching on day dey will find their own salvation

I like this perspective very much. You're right. I won't just quit bit I'm going to be very careful with who I tell. Yesterday was my frustration talking but I am pretty sure I can come up with a plan to stop these things from happening.

Telling people about hive can be complicated, I personally had to stop because when you tell them the first thing they will ask us how much can I earn in a month, when I tell what you earn depends on your engagement it's seems I'm taking stories.

People just like quick money without stress

Which is unfortunate because Money comes with stress

Yep - its a difficult one - I'm right there with you on this !
But Ed's point is good - threads makes sense to a lot of people !

I'm so good at sleeping
I can do it with my eyes closed.

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Yes it does. ❤️❤️💙

I think that all or almost all of us, when we started in Hive, were attracted by the fact that our time here can be rewarded and, in my case, that idea accompanied me at least a couple of years more, because I did not understand that it is not just a blog, but it is a blockchain and, by then, knowing it did not tell me anything either. After having met others (blockchains) and understanding that we are facing a technology that is just waking up, I loved HIVE, I really do not know one that works better and the icing on the cake: transactions are "0" fee, a jewel.

But everyone has their own learning pace, their own priorities and their own time to understand things. Some may need more time to come to this conclusion, while others are not at all interested in the possibility of investing in something they do not understand and, moreover, have to wait a few years. Regarding the community and how warm it is, it is an experience that depends on each person and the way it interacts and reaches people, it is not very easy to explain and the results are different for everyone.

At least for me, I thank life for the possibility of being here.


What a beautiful comment! And yes, we have our learning pace... How do we do it huh? Haha
Hive works different angles. We just need to find which works for us