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Cat image by wirestock on Freepik

Hello DIYers - 8th Contest Month of 2023!

As you well know, we are a DIY community here on HIVE with the sole aim of supporting DIY creators all around the globe. Within this community we are hosting a monthly contest to encourage and reward great authors out there, and with each contest comes a theme. Because we are fully non-profit and share 100% curation reward with our delegators we have collected a bunch of cool projects and communities who are open to supporting us with the monthly prize pools.

This month we will be running the contest just off of our wallet and because @tibfox will go on holiday by the end of this month, we give you almost 6 weeks to participate! But first, let's cover all the details about July "BEES" contest in partnership with @skatehive!

Last month in the theme of BEES was again very creative and exciting to see your variety of contest entries. It was a joy to go through all the entries, see your creativity and feel the know-how wandering through the internet. Thank you so much for your input into the community and all your entries!

These are all the partisipants: @vicmito74 @ylaffittep @ivycrafts @meyateingi @yraimadiaz @kdelvaeg @creacioneslelys @lara-bee @taniagonzalez @lionsaturbix @aries12 @dayanart @dapomolaaaa @elentogether @yaslenysofia @hindavi @ginika @chacald.dcymt @nhaydu @blanca56 @ibbtammy @george-dee @somethingnice @irenenavarroart @wongi @multifacetas @elentogether @lileisabel @hindavi @eolianpariah2 @katiuskamata @lauracraft @rameuris @linita @princess-dara @jorgelissanchez @dayadam


In our eyes every participant is a winner by showing off your creativity and huge skills! But we had to pick 3 of you to be able to provide our prizes so here we go!

THE OLD CROCHETED. // Contest month of July.
🐝Casa para las abejas / House for bees🐝


You will receive your prize within the next 24 hours!

How to join the Contest?

All you have to do is create a DIY post centering around the prompt of the month. Get creative and follow the rules below to win some cool prizes! Image by wirestock on Freepik

1 Prompt

On the 8th of August the world will celebrate International Cat Day and that highly influenced our decision on setting our contest theme for this month :D

Image from Freepik

🐱 Calling all cat lovers and craft enthusiasts! 🐱

Get ready to unleash your creativity in our purrrrrfect DIYHub Cats Contest! Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner looking to try something new, this contest is the ultimate opportunity to showcase your love for felines through the art of Do-It-Yourself projects with the theme:


Cats are fascinating creatures that can be both mysterious and enchanting. They have a special charm that captures our attention. When they move gracefully and look at us with their mesmerizing eyes, they become even more beautiful and captivating. Despite their calm appearance, cats have a wild and independent nature, which makes them unique.

They can bring a sense of peace and calmness to our lives, even though they sometimes act unpredictably. Cats show us a perfect balance between chaos and serenity, reminding us of the amazing wonders of nature that surround us.

But to win our contest is not easy - think out of the box and create your own idea to stand out from the masses ;) The more creative you get the higher the chance of winning! Get inspired by your furry friends at home, childhood memories, or documentaries. We all know that the internet is filled with cat videos, cat images, and cat memes. So let's get creative to fill it even more!

The possibilities for your participation are endless but let us give you a few ideas and examples:

  • Craft a catnip toy for your furry friend
  • Create cat-inspired jewelry
  • Tinker a cat-themed greeting card
  • Craft some coasters with cats on them
  • Build a cozy bed for your cat
  • ...

Let's create some DIYs that reflect beauty and calm (or the chaotic :D) nature of these lovely creatures!

Image from Freepik

2 Rules

  1. Generally, follow our rules and target niches
  2. Make a post with the topic of the month until the 11th of September 2023
  3. Post your article inside of the DIYHUB community
  4. Use the tag #diycatcontest for your post
  5. You can participate with multiple entries if you want

3 Tips

  • To maximize your chances get creative and think outside the box.

  • Create something unique with the prompt and try to avoid the obvious.

  • The more details your post contains about the process the better your chances will be

  • try to add many images, describing text, and maybe a video of the process

  • use the long time until the deadline to optimize your post as much as you can

  • as you can read in the rules and target niches we only accept processes/tutorials not just posts about the final result

4 Prizes

And now what we are all waiting for - the prizes. We will give away HBD, Hive, and Hive SBI and we can not wait to see your cool entries!

1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
Hive SBI1053

On top of that:
Our friend @sagarkothari88 will donate additional Ecency points to the first 10 participations!

The winners will get announced within the next contest announcement on 15th of September 2023!

Happy Creating!

We discover posts daily in various categories:

  • CREATIVE: coding, self made cosmetic and beauty products, fabric work, yarn work, pottery paperwork, and art tutorials
  • CRAFTING: 3d printing, electronics, jewelry making, metal and woodwork, upcycling
  • HOME&GARDENING: building, decoration, gardening, homesteading, repairing
Share your Do-It-Yourself projects in the DIYHub community on HIVE with members with the same passion, interests and who will appreciate your work. Let's connect in the community and build strong and long-lasting relationships on the HIVE blockchain!

This service is 100% non-profit!

all of our curation rewards are going directly back to the delegators via daily payouts in liquid HIVE! Please support us and the creators we are supporting with your delegation and earn passive income: 100 HP | 200 HP | 500 HP | 1000 HP | 2500 HP | 5000 HP

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Oh congratulations to all the winners, I had fun participating in the bee contest last month.

@fredaa and @beeeee come and see this

Congratulations to the winners☺️, you did a great job last time @ibbtammy This week prompt seems amazing

Congratulations to the winners of the Bee contest, it was fun participating.

I am tagging..@princess-dara @dapomolaaaa

The new challenge is up... Check it out guys.

Many congratulations to the winners. Happy to have won first place. The theme of the month of August is very interesting, I would love to participate.
Cheer up @linita @vicmito74 @marytp20

Muchas felicidades a los ganadores. Me alegro de haber ganado el primer puesto. Muy interesante el tema del mes de agosto, me encantaría participar.
Animo @linita @marytp @vicmito74

Congratulations to the winner of the contest
Check this out @zitalove @kilvnrex

Congratulations to all the winners. A tribute to cats for the month of August is just an amazing idea. Can't wait to see what people come up with.😇

@glorydee @meyateingi , the new contest it up,come and check it out.

Yay!!! I can't wait to post my entry.... This month's prompt looks fun, can't wait to see the brilliant works. Good luck @wongi, right about now you're my motivation to do more and even better. Thanks✨✨

Oh darling meyateingi, I'm glad I can be of help,😇. Good luck with contest

Congratulations to the winners of this month @creacioneslelys @dayanart @vicmito74, and to all the participants, I was impressed to see so much participation and spectacular and incredible entries, I am very happy for the success of these themes and that every day more and more people join them.

As for the theme of this month I love it, and how not, if I am faithful adimiradora and lover of these beautiful furry that make us happy life and in my case it is so because I have in my life the wonderful company of one, which accompanies me and gives me love every day.

I hope to see spectacular entries and I am sure it will be so.

I invite to participate to @irenenavarroart @gaboamc2393 @nhaydu @mili2801 @jennyzer @equipodelta @yolimarag @shinfxx @scarletcorner

Let's make lots of kittens 🐱🐾💕

Felicidades a los ganadores de este mes @creacioneslelys @dayanart @vicmito74, y a todos los participantes, me impresionó ver tanta participación y entradas espectaculares e increíbles, me alegro mucho por el éxito de estos temas y que cada día se sumen más y más personas.

En cuanto al tema de este mes me encanta, y como no, si soy fiel admiradora y amante de estos hermosos peludos que nos alegran la vida, y en mi caso es así porque tengo en mi vida la maravillosa compañía de uno, que me da amor todos los días.

Espero ver participaciones espectaculares, y estoy segura que así será.

Invito a participar a @irenenavarroart @gaboamc2393 @nhaydu @mili2801 @jennyzer @equipodelta @yolimarag @shinfxx @scarletcorner

Hagamos muchos gatitos 🐱🐾💕.



Muchísimas gracias por la invitación. El tema se este mes es el mejor para todos los catlovers 🥰

Invito a participar a @yetsimar @yaslenysofia

Claro el tema de este mes es una maravilla, se que veré entradas espectaculares amiga. Abrazos...

Gracias irene por la invitación. 😊 También quiero invitar a @yasmarit y @mvart a que participen

Gracias por la invitación amiga voy a ver que puedo hacer, gracias por.la mención.

It would be a pleasure to have you participate, bella. I look forward to seeing your wonderful entry with one of your beautiful accessories or whatever you wish. Hugs...

Seria un placer que participaras bella. Espero ver tu maravillosa entrada con uno de tus hermoso accesorios o lo que desees. Abrazos...

Gracias @dayadam, por invitarme a participar en este nuevo concurso y claro que allí estaré, muchas felicidades a todos por el entusiasmo que le dedican y promueven en estás iniciativas, saluditos 🤗

Ay no me matas con esas imágenes. Yo estoy de luto. Habíamos adoptado un gatito para tratar de salvarlo y no pudimos 😭 solo sobrevivieron dos después del parto y fallecieron hace 20 días. 😞

Ay nooo amiga lo siento mucho, se lo doloroso que son esas cosas. Estoy segura que hicieron todo lo que estuvo en sus manos. Ahorita mi gorda esta en un tratamiento que requiere de mucha paciencia de mi parte con ella, pero gracias a Dios esta mejorando, eso es lo que le rogaba a Dios y menos mal esta pasando, que Dios me la cuide, me la llene de sanidad y que permanezca en la familia por muchísimos pero muchisimossss años mas. La amoooo...

Dios así lo permitirá, pronto sanará. Ellos son fuertes, pero este nació debilucho 😕
Gracias por tu sensibilidad mamá gatuna ☺️ Saludos.

Hola, muchas gracias y felicidades también a @dayanart @creacioneslelys, meencantan los gatos en casa tengo mi hermosa bamby que se estreno como madre no hace mucho.

Felicidades! Otra mamá gatuna en la comunidad. Haremos hermosas creaciones para ellos o sobre ellos. Saludos.

Asi es,felicidades!

Igual para ti.


Ohhh que bien, una excusa perfecta para llevar a cabo una entrada maravillosa. Éxitos...


Que temática tan tierna espero poder participar amiga bella, muchas gracias por la invitación. @dayadam

Totalmente tierna amiga, se que si participas será con algo hermoso cariño. Abrazos @mili2801 🐱

Gracias @dayadam por invitarme a participar en este nuevo concurso y claro que allí estaré, un abrazo y muchas felicidades ☺️

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Great theme this round. Good luck to the crafty participants!


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Hola Hola! Muy emocionada de participar en esta linda comunidad y en sus iniciativas, muchos exitos a todos! Chicas manualidades con temas que nos gustan haha @actioncats @jeandri.lespe @gatubela @erikavilla


Hola 😬 ¿Qué se supone que tengo que hacer? 🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔

Es un concurso de "Hazlo tu mismo" con tematica de gatos. Puedes hacer cualquier manualidad o etc pero debes hacer un tutorial o paso a paso del proceso, eso es lo mas importante 🙂

Buen día queridos amigos, hoy quiero felicitar a los ganadores del concurso pasado. @creacioneslelys, @dayanart y @vicmito74 muy merecidos sus premios y a la vez entusiasmada por este nuevo concurso, aunque no tengo un lindo gatito haré mi participación de igual manera invito a @azucararte, @Ivicrafts y @jennyzer a que participen en este nuevo concurso...
Espero se animen! saludos.

Hola, muchas gracias. Ya quiero ver tu entrada o tus entradas porque podemos hacer cuantas queramos. Saludos.

Gracias, adopta uno jajajajajajaja, nos vemos por aqui,espero encuentres una linda musa.

Great contest and big congratulations to the deserving winners. @amakauz and @nasfyneboy92 do have a look-in at this too.

Congratulations to all the winners @wongi @glorydee

Thank you dear.

You are always welcome sis


Congratulations to those selected, and thanks for always been supportive to everyone here..

Congratulations to the winner and keep the spirit to be able to give your best

Many congratulations to the winners, you all made amazing entries.

Muchas felicidades, por el merecido premio. Y de igual forma para todos los que participaron. A seguir creando queridos amigos artistas

Felicidades a todos los participantes y ganadores.
También a este hermoso equipo quiero felicitarlos por su gran trabajo 🌹🌷🌺🌸🏵️🪷💮🌼🌻🪻💐🐝☘️

Congratulations to all the participants and winners.
Also to this beautiful team I want to congratulate them for their great work 🌹🌷🌺🌸🏵️🪷💮🌼🌻🪻💐🐝☘️

Felicitaciones a los ganadores. Me gusta el nuevo tema del concurso del mes de agosto, espero poder participar. Saludos y exito para todos.

Thank you very much for everything, for me it is a real pleasure. Congratulations to the other winners and participants. I love this month's theme.😺

Congratulations to all the winners. I would love to participate in the #diycatcontest of this month.@luchy and @marajah come check this.

que buena idea y muy atractivo este tema gatuno jjejejeje. vamos a ver con que participo.

Felicidades a los ganadores del mes julio @creacioneslelys @dayanart @vicmito74, y a todos los participantes. Invito a @mariamor785,@blanca56 y @ivycrafts. Este reto del mes de agosto es fabuloso se refiere a unos de los animales mas adorados por el ser humano EL GATO😺.

Gracias amiga. 🫂

Muchas Gracias

WoW la temática de.este mes es sumamente hermoso no tengo duda que mi estimada @jeandri.lespe haría una gran entrada en honor a lunito si gatito.

Good afternoon, congratulations to all the winners (@creacioneslelys @dayanart @vicmito74), they did spectacular jobs.

Very excited to participate since as many of you know, I love cats 🐱🐈. I take the opportunity to invite @jadverde22 @antoniarhuiz @carolinacardoza and @artsugar.

Happy Tuesday.

Buenas tardes, felicidades a todos los ganadores (@creacioneslelys @dayanart @vicmito74), hicieron trabajos espectaculares.

Muy emocionada por participar ya que como muchos se ustedes saben, me encantan los gatos 🐱🐈. Aprovecho de invitar a @jadverde22 @antoniarhuiz @carolinacardoza y @artsugar

Feliz martes.

Holaaa, gracias por la invitación. Me parece un bonito tema. 🌻🌺💐🌹

congratulations to all winners and cheers to all participants. hope we will see more interesting entries this time like July-bees. good luck to all artist and creators. greetings😊

Congratulations to all the winners✨✨🎉

Congratulations to the winners @creacioneslelys, @dayanart and @vicmito74, thank you very much for the invitation

Congratulations to the winners. I’m definitely participating in this. I love cats❤️

Congratulations to the winner of last month's challenge, and hopefully this time I can take part in this month's challenge content

Congratulations to all the winners! Last month entries were all amazing.

Cats are a lovely theme for this month. I will love to participate and I also want to encourage @eldiariodelys and @kiutvariedades to do it as well ✨

Didn't see this on time.
But I really hope my friends @paulyoung1 and @kingsleyy will join in, I believe they can do this.

Lately, I've been off due to health issues and clients engagement that's why I don't have much time to check online and even reach out to our deal.
Thanks for understanding and still tagging me to it.
Honestly, I really appreciate

Sorry about your health issues dear.
Do take care of your health in other to satisfy your customers.
Sending your healing and !LUV

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Thank you
❤️ you

You are welcome dear

Hola a todos, acá les comparto el link de mi participación en el concurso Purr-fect diyhub en honor a los gatos.

Hola, encantada con la iniciativa, aquí dejo mi participación. A la vez aprovecho de felicitar a los ganadores del concurso anterior. Saludos y tengan un día productivo.

I love this theme, I am not a cat mother but I have a beautiful nephew named Azul who I love very much, that is to say I am a cat aunt 🐱😘

Me encanta este tema, no soy madre gatuna pero tengo un hermoso sobrino llamado Azul al que quiero muchísimo, es decir soy tía gatuna 🐱😘

Feliz y linda tarde, hoy me complace unirme a la iniciativa de el mes de agosto. Les dejo mí enlace por acá espero les guste.


Greetings to all my friends and members of this great community, here is my first entry.


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