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Hello #HIVE friends, I'm still delighted to be able to participate in this community of #hivecats. I know that all of us share a love for these cute animals, and I think that loving a cat is an attitude that speaks very well about people. So, I'm sure here are a lot of good people here. :-)

On this occasion I want meet you "Mia" my almost four year old female cat.

"Mia" was abandoned on the street near our house, along with her sister "Ela" (I will meet you "Ela" next time, because she is also with us and also is a nice girl).

When we found "Mia" abandoned with her sister, my wife and I decided to take both to our home. They were two tiny babies without opening their eyes. We looked at them in the street, heard them crying, they were in a driveway on the bare ground. At that time we didn't have cats in our house, we only had dogs. And our hearts were moved by the sight of those little abandoned creatures.

So we decided to take them and bring them home. Thosewere very long and complicated days and nights, yes very hard times, but also very hopeful and heartwarming moments.

Taking care and feeding newborn kittens is very difficult. We immediately contacted a veterinarian friend for advice. Our friend told us how to substitute breast milk and keep our kittens warm and hydrated. It took almost forty days and nights of taking turns between my wife, my daughter and me to take care of our kittens, they were hard days and we were very afraid of losing our new babies. But as the weeks went by, the kittens gained weight and size, opened their little eyes and transformed into beautiful balls of fur and tenderness.

Now "Mia" is a beautiful cat, and she likes to go out to our yback yard to warm up with the first sun rays at dawn. These pictures were taken at that time. She is now a kitty that is deeply attached to our hearts, she still feels like a baby when we take her in our arms, then she purrs and closes her eyes. She likes to be cuddled and receive loving belly rubs.

When it is our turn to raise a baby cat from practically birth, when they are abandoned and have no mother. It's then that deep bonds are formed and we can come to understand the miracle of having them as part of the family. In many occasions I find difficult to call them "pets" because deep in my mind they have become our "family".

I hope you like these pictures of my beloved cat. We send greetings to all of you from Montalbán - Venezuela.



All pictures are taken by me during Mia's "morning sunbathing". :-)



The lighting and depth of focus are great, highlighting those amazing eyes of hers!

Thanks friend for appreciating the photos quality and complimenting the eyes of my beloved kitty! ;-)

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your appreciation!

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She's a beautiful girl, love her eyes. :))

:)) Thanks for appreciating and for the kind comment, "Mía" and me send greetings ... :-)