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Welcome to the "TRACK OF THE WEEK CONTEST!" where you share the music you love & stand a chance to win some HIVE - as well as discovering some AMAZING TUNES from around the world!


2021 ROUND 61 (Closes 11am UTC 8th April 2021)



After 7 days I will decide which track I like the most! The winning track selected (by me) will win all the liquid earnings that this post accumulates and the confirmation of funds transfer will be shared in the following round.


Sometimes you guys and gals give me SUCH awesome selections that it is really hard to choose just one winner.... so if there are any additional tracks which I absolutely LOVE I will send those individuals a tip of 1 Hive via their original comment OR via direct transfer.


All you have to do is share a link in the comments to a song that you are really enjoying at the moment - whether it is new or old it does not matter and neither does the music genre... whether you have loved it your entire life or just for a day is irrelevant! just NO personal promo links please! And please do not look at MY track genre selection as a guide to what you should or should not share... I have an incredibly eclectic taste in music and will no doubt continue to shock most of you as the weekly rounds unfold haha!


Right! With the logistics out the way... let's get to it!


which is of no consequence really haha - but what fun would it be if I didn't get to share with you all as well!





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A very big thanks to all the people who participated in the last round and previous rounds as well as to everyone who reblogged this to get more people involved.


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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx






Being Easter Weekend I thought it might be a good idea to share The Wandering Soul by Kate Rusby.

Beautiful song!

The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys


Whoever don't like that song don't like girls

Nice music presented once again over the week, congratulations to @ladysnowhite for the winning tune last week.

Happy Easter @jaynie

@tipu curate

Hi there!
I haven't shared a track in awhile, but...
Amongst other music I have found in the last months,
This Lady (and the 3 piece band Gogo Ray & Chris Alexander),
Samantha Fish is just "Soooo Awesome"!
Here is an original from her:

This is for a Lady, a bit different & the energy is Awesome!
Have a Great Week!

That was a jam sir.

Hey @handofzara @dandays √ this one out. Pretty catchy blues beat.

Samantha Fish is a true rocker!

I went to school with a girl named Shelly Fish, She had 2 little cuties last I remember. They would be around Samantha's age now. I could not remember their names. But I grew up with their father, and He was/is a rocker and excellent guitarist that has been in many a band over the years...

Long story short, I had to search her to see where she was from, just to see of she was from my home town in Pennsyl-Tucky. Nope. She is from Kansas City, MO. Samantha Fish Wiki

Much appreciated @krazztrukker, thank you.

Dude did you see I made the call back list on this blog?! That's some exciting shit for me.. went from unheard to call back—yes! Not sure what it is about this blog but for some reason I can't seem to veer away from sharing artists who tragically left too soon. Not sure what that's about.

Dead Fetish..?

And You said it was a Grape Fetish...

Name that Band/Song game...

"I carry my crucifux, under my death list..."

(what group sings it or what song... And Go)

(Hint..:) They did what was called their Final Tour in 2014-15. But have since done some work together, one show opened with Alice Cooper...

Man I'd be lying if I told you I know without googling. I didn't google. Do tell..

When you say have since done some work together you triggered a memory of one of the best performances I ever saw and I swear I've seen hundreds.

Velvet Revolver with Perry Ferril on mic, Slash on lead, Jerry Cantrell on Bass and Jason Bonum (sp? Led Zeppelin's son) on drums.

Oh damn dude... Hey, will you do me a favor? If you don't see me post something in the next month or so about that show, please shoot me a reminder. It was an incredible night!! Damn man. You really woke me up just now and I have no fucking clue who wrote those lyrics you pasted.

Phone a Friend Hint...:

They had a 2nd album, breakthrough album called...

"Shout at the Devil"

None of them have Died yet or you would know this one...

That Damn Dead Fetish Again...

  You will be REMINDED...  

Reminder: Thank you.

Mmaannnn .. now I feel about this big. I frikkin knew that.

But Ya never heard of..?

Dirty Looks


Lead singer (hat backwards) is DEAD so I just figured... Heheheh

They got some airtime on the local radio FM's out in LA, CA. back in the late 80's and had a few vids on the old MTV headbangers ball.

Oh Ruby...

The Girl and the Car (2:45 mark)

Uhhhg... Get me goin on the music and I will...

Roll on all day.

And "Nobody Rides for Free"

Headbangers Ball Flashback...

Follow up P.S.

The lead guitarist does look like He is DEAD... LMAO

What a wonderful surprise :) Thank you @jaynie and thank you @galenkp!❤️ This has become my favorite contest and I have to commend the idea once again. Just good vibes :)

And this time the fantastic Manu Chao... This is a song he sang in eastern Serbia and thus supported the ecological struggle of the locals and the people, who rebelled against putting beautiful mountain rivers in pipes. The goal is supposedly the production of electricity, which would certainly not be big, but someone would definitely make big money.

The video is also dedicated to this visit and this fight.

Regards to all!

Oh, it's been an eternity since I stopped sharing the music I love. I tried other horizons, more prosaic but I didn't fit. I return with pleasure among music lovers, gathered with passion by @Jaynie here. A French singer (Jewish, Greek?) Who I love so much ... George Moustaki!

Et nous ferons de chaque jour
Toute une éternité d'amour
Que nous vivrons à en mourir

And we will do it every day
A whole eternity of love
That we will live to die

Old Band, song is from 1984, Tren de Largo Recorrido- great album...

I'd be the biggest liar on the blockchain if I said I planned on hearing that song today.

Any song I would have thrown out you wouldn't have planned to hear's my easter surprise 😁 you like it at least?

"Surprise!" I didn't hate it. 💖

That counts as a 'I liked it' ;) Great sound to go for a ride on a sunny day...ahhh Spain...🌅

Alright this relationship just turned to relationshit. Spain. We check daily for flights across the Atlantic and are disappointed daily.

Thanks for the reminder!

My pleasure ;)...and sorry to hear...I can feel the disappointment...same here. My other halfs fam is Spanish and Catalonian. La madre from Galicia and el padre, RIP, from Barcelona.

That's why my song choice was this classic Spanish band I once in a while dig out when the sun is shining. Me and my hombre spent some crazy days in Paris, song title...lobo hombre en parís ;)

Well you sure know how to make me feel about this big.


Virtual huge.. comin through.

Lovely track! and great to have you join in! Thanks for the entry :)

Ah your welcome, I just stumbled upon your post, like with so many other posts lol, and happened to listen to it. So I thought I can throw it in :).

I'm not that much of a music listener but only due to my jobs at bars. There you listen to music all the time and when home I was always glad to have silence.

I'm not that much of a music listener


but only due to my jobs at bars.

Can relate. Not from my perspective but someone I know does "music" for a living... and is always happy to have silence.

Lol, yah a lot of people don't understand 😄 You should have heard the discussions with my boyfriend in the car. I needed silence and he wanted to listen to music...guess who won 😂.

People also couldn't understand that I wasn't going out anymore after a couple of years. No matter where I was going it always felt like work so I stoped. Besides the fact that I pretty much had to work every weekend/holiday.

🤔Yah I kinda can say that working in bars/restaurants ruined my social life lol.

One of my favorites.

Have only ever heard this on Tiktoks. Nice to hear the actual track!

Never heard this before. Very cool!

Welcome to KrazzyT's Track Wine o' da Week...

Say Hello to...

April Wine

I mean who does not like a little Wine now and again, and again, and... Oh just give me the bottle already.!!

How many time I gotta tell you I don't drink?! Quit tryna get me drunk.

2 words for ya...

Grape Juice...

And... Play Along. LoL


Would it be inappropriate if I explained my grape feti.. never mind.

I have a picture in my mind of that...

Aaaaand Booom..!

They got a GIF 4 everything I swear.

Damn I just got those sunglasses that day and lost'em after the video shoot!

Well you know you won't get any arguments from me on that hahaha!!!

I always enjoy finding new music right here on Hive from artists who are not well known yet. Here's one of my recent favorites

Hey @jaynie, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.


Congratulations to the winners.

Here's another Jensen Ackles song. Drowning.

He really does have a fantastic voice! Like the style too!

I love it, it's playing on my alwxa all the timee.

Interesting how little we "know" about others....

Alright, good vibes. Let's continue them with this song

Here ya go.
Donovan Woods is a great songwriter.

What an awesome track!!!! Super entry, thank you!

To beginning April the month of the world, the books and health a perfect son as a

DJDiscoCat is a YouTuber who remixes songs. His Purrfection series creates longer versions of classic songs, which is a very cool thing! This week, I share his remix of War's 1975 hit "Low Rider," extended to an awesome 8:51 from the 3:15 original! 😃

LOVE this track!!! Often listen to this on full blast in the car!


Thanks for the 5 Bucks though! Appreciated... !LUV

Command accepted!

Secretly, you're so amused that nobody understands you! 🎼

Sorry, out of LUV tokens to be sent today. Try tomorrow. (Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet allows you to freely give 3 per day)

Pop Punk with The Undertones 1980. One of the best live shows I've seen ws them playing the whiskey in 1980. When Feargal takes off his shirt things really get going.

Oh that's a surprise! Thank you @jaynie I appreciate your gesture a lot.
So, here we go another track for you-

I am not a fan of the singer but she did extremely well in this song. You would love the base.

Snow Patrol - What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?


Why am I only finding out about this now?! 😃
This contest gives me a whole Playlist to check out if I'm looking to broaden my horizon...

My song this week is the classic Don't Worry be Happy by Bobby McFerrin. My mom once told me that, she used to dance around with me as a baby listening to this song... And every since it's just been able to cheer me up whenever I need it...


hahaha yeah - where have you been :) Well, better late than never :)

Great entry too! Such a timeless classic!

RIP, Amy.

Such a talented woman she was!

Smo0O0oooch! 💖

Oh crap! I went to attach my favorite little link heart for you and accidentally grabbed the middle finger. 🥶 Could you imagine?!

I saw a really cool mural of Amy when we were in Israel. Next time I see it I'll try to remind myself to show you. And thanks for hosting this weekly, not sure what it is about it, but I can't seem to stop promoting dead people and I'm enjoying it.

Oh crap! I went to attach my favorite little link heart for you and accidentally grabbed the middle finger. 🥶 Could you imagine?!

Shocker! Lucky for me I am seeing this on peakd so all I got was a little fucking square ;) hahaha!

not sure what it is about it, but I can't seem to stop promoting dead people and I'm enjoying it.

Whatever floats your boat!

live performance in 2019, originally released in 2001 from the album Break the Cycle

Hiya @jaynie, it's been a while! How are you? I am definitely doing a lot better than last year, one-year cancer-free now! Since I haven't participated I in ages, I thought I would & I would like to do so with a track of mine featuring the wonderful @darrenclaxton <3 I love what Darren did there with his lyrics <3

I wish you a wonderful weekend & am sending you love plus extra squeezy huggins from Germany <3

Brown Rice! Don Cherry.

back in time :)

This song has been in my music library since my rebellious teenage years.

Walp, you know, it's getting really close to summer here, and it might be time for some fun bubblegum music:

This song has one of the best lyrics. You can hear it at night.