Minimalist Beauty: Simplified Daily Routine

"Less is more."

One day two decades ago, a young lady named Kathy, a year older than I walked inside the meditation center lobby. Did I say walk? It appeared as though she glided on the ceramic tiles across the hall. Her naturally black hair was in a neat bun. She had a heart-shaped face, high cheekbones, and smooth tanned skin.

She glanced up and quickly smiled at me before she disappeared. Something was captivating about her, perhaps it was her ballerina stance or the pure glow that emanated from her. Bare-faced, she immediately became my epitome of beauty. (Kathy turned out to be a beautiful ballerina in the Philippines many years later)

Minimalist beauty is celebrating one's natural beauty with the most basic tools and with the simplest approach to enhance the features that set us apart. Each one of us possesses an inherent original beauty that is unique and makes us who we are.

Imagine a world where each of us values our own body, unmoved by any beauty standard we see on social media while there is a harmonious acceptance of our attributes. Competition and the desire to look like someone cease, and we become appreciative of each other's special-ness.

Authenticity is attractive. To gaze at someone who had embraced their genuine beauty in quiet confidence is wonderful, honest, and graceful.

Downsized Makeup When I Moved Back to the Philippines

While Kathy embraced her natural self, I grew up unsure of myself. I was surrounded by peers and relatives that constantly criticized anything that didn't fall within their standards.

The desire to please and conform makes one gullible to beauty ads triggering an impulse to buy the promises of making us beautiful. Learning to apply makeup was fun. However, the dependence on covering up made me uncomfortable to step outside especially in the glamorous sandpit without makeup. I felt naked and incomplete.

Life has a way of balancing things. When I returned to the Philippines, the harsh tropical climate discouraged the laborious way I applied makeup while living in the Middle East. The laid-back lifestyle in the countryside made it unnecessary.

I slowly went through the un-making process and purging while our 20-foot container of possessions diminished.

The personal care and skincare routine automatically changed for me and our entire family as well.

A Minimalistic Skincare Routine

An allure to being bare-faced also known as "skinimalism". I was smitten by the idea of naturally healthy skin with simple skincare.

Tip # 1: Find skincare products that work well with your skin.

Minimalist Skincare - Facial Wash / Cleansing Water / BB Cream

Tip # 2: Buy High-Quality Products that offer long-lasting effects

I discovered Bioderma in a pharmacy while briefly living in France. I have sensitive skin. I had been using a brand called Celeteque when I moved to the Philippines. It was a bit tricky to find affordable but dermatologically approved products, moreover, I am also against anything branded 'whitening' which is rather popular in South East Asia. I recently found this Bioderma facial wash which calms sensitive skin and it's worth every penny.

Tip # 3: Use multi-functional products

The BB Cream became my daily replacement for foundation and make-up since it also has sun protection. The color also matches my natural skin tone and offers a seamless bare-faced look. The cream comes in various shades but it is however not available in the Philippines so I habitually purchase tubes during overseas travels.

I gave up using heavy moisturizers while living in the Philippines when I watched a clip from celebrity dermatologist, Vicki Belo when she stated that the only time we should use moisturizers is when traveling to a cold country. She recommended hydrating and exfoliating our skin instead Having said that a once-a-month trip to a trusted facialist has been a constant.

The micellar cleansing water serves as a mild toner to remove the BB Cream or makeup after an event.

Simplified Skincare Morning and Evening Routine

Step 1: Wash face with facial wash
Step 2 (Morning Only): Apply BB Cream
Step 2 (Evening Only): With cotton pads, apply micellar water to the skin

Lip Care and Body Lotion / Mascara during the Day

Simplified Personal Care

After a quickie skincare routine in the evening, I apply this mild lip balm called Mentholatum Lip Pure I found in Watsons when the AC is turned on and this body lotion that had been with me since Dubai days. I refuse to buy a new one until I finish it.

Instead of eyeliners when going out, I put on mascara whenever I want to appear more put together.

What You'll Find in our Family Bathroom

Tip #4: Avoid Multiple Products of the Same Type in the Bathroom

That's it. Shampoo and Soap that our entire family use. We prefer shower gels but since a friend gave us this lovely smelling botanical soap, we won't be purchasing shower gels until we finish these soap bars.

Skinimalism as a Daily Makeup Routine

Our beauty habits had been altered by the pandemic so I'm sure you have your version of minimal daily makeup. My "Skinimalism" Daily Skincare Grooming Routine would be BB Cream, Mascara, and Lip Balm.

Simplified Minimal Make-up Routine for Special Events

Quality over quantity. I have purged my make-up since and have kept these for special occasions


  1. High quality pressed foundation
  2. Liquid Foundation
  3. Skin Tone Matching Concealer
  4. Bronzer
  5. Eye Shadow Palettes
  6. Highlighter
  7. Eyebrow Powder and Brush
  8. Mascara and Eyelash Curler
  9. Blush and Brush

Special Event 8- Step Minimalist Make up Routine

Step 1: Cleanse skin
Step 2: Optional: Use Liquid foundation and liquid concealer (at night only) otherwise skip to Step 3
Step 3: Apply Pressed Powder Foundation evenly
Step 4: Apply blush with a brush to the cheekbones and bronzer to contour the face
Step 5: Apply Eyebrow powder with an eyebrow brush and eye color
Step 6: Curl eyelash 5 times and apply mascara
Step 7: Apply highlighter for a supple look
Step 8: Finish with a red or subtle toned lipstick

This makeup routine is reserved on those days or nights of dolling up.

The benefits to simplifying are enormous when it comes to budget and de-cluttering. The simplicity of the process gains more time with less effort yet full attention to one's health and well-being.

Ultimately to simply be our best selves, the goal for a simplified beauty routine is to achieve an effortless, minimal, timeless, clean, fresh and glowing look, ideally with less.

This is my entry for #KISS Week 6 (Keep It Simple & Smart) Option 1 Topic: What is your minimalist daily regime for morning & bedtime? Benefits of your regime? I am tagging @noopu and @laviesm to join the fun writing topics.

Thank you for reading!

How did you find the beauty regime that works best for you?
Which multi-functional product do you fondly use and recommend?

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Thanks EwkaW and Qurator team for this! I highly appreciate it.

My pleasure :)

Hi Arni! This is a wonderful content on Skin care.... I stopped using liquid make-up, those days are gone since I retired. Nowadays, I simply use the loose powder applied with a brush. My products are mostly from Yves Rocher that comes from France, they are plant based. When I go out for shopping, I only apply the loose powder and just a lipstick. Garnier products are also popular here. Thanks for sharing good tips on skin care... Cheers!

Hello Mers, loose powder is great and light on the skin. It also looks very natural. It's always nice to hear about trusted brands. I have come across Yves Rocher shops both in France and in the Philippines but I didn't get to check their products out, plant-based sounds interesting. There is a shop here in SM Seaside Cebu.

The Garnier BB Cream I could only find outside of the country. I like how light it is and it blends well on the skin. I purchased the recent tubes from France during our last trip 2 years ago. It lasts for a long time so it's great value for money. Happy Thursday!

My wife's minimal daily makeup is no makeup :) She does not do any make up, only except using some face wash. Makes me happy as well :) We do get Shampoo,Soap and shower gels for our entire family though.

Hello @sanjeevm, good on her, and I can sense your happiness here! 😊 I'm just curious, has she always been a no-makeup kind of gal when you met her or has it been a change during the pandemic?
We used to have a separate set of toiletries for our daughter but since she's no longer a toddler, she uses the same as ours. It's good for the budget since we often buy in bulk.

She always has been a no-makeup kind of gal, sometimes she gets inspired by others to do makeup, but after few occasions, she realizes she is better without any makeup.

I just saw her in your family movie day out photos and I can see why. She's naturally beautiful.

I guess most men prefer women with less makeup to none. My husband's like that too.

Only once she did a heavy make up during the thread ceremony of our son ( may be I will post about it), Many could not recognize her including me :) Later when she saw all the photos, she realized, its a waste of money.

It happens. We do have those heavy makeup moments that we wish a time machine could change 😁

@discoveringarni, Hello!🙋
I was hoping that you'd share some tips on this topic, and you have not disappointed.
Thank you for this valuable input. I smiled when reading it, and I could have vivid imagination of the beautiful Kathy. I must say that I admire your approach and beliefs about less is more, and minimalism is what I'm all about too.

However, the dependence on covering up made me uncomfortable to step outside especially in the glamorous sandpit without makeup. I felt naked and incomplete.

I concur with that.

I started going without makeup while living in the Philippines and kept a few just for special occasions, such as a wedding I went to recently. I am at a stage where I prefer to see my face natural, even with all its imperfections. This came from personal growth and acceptance and self-love, and I see the imperfection and flaws as part of the journey and I accept the changes.

I do recall swapping my lipstick for a mask, and after a while, I realised that my entire face was more protected from pollution and I embraced the mask 😅

Good idea to have a BB cream that provides sun protection, and that information about not using moisturiser unless in a cold country is new to me, but it makes sense that in humid climates like the Philippines, your face remains hydrated once your pores are clear.

I thank you for sharing that. I'll remember that next time I'm in Jamaica because the level of humidity is identical.

Thank you so much for sharing these tips and ideas 🙌

Hi Camille, I was excited to write this one because it celebrates self-love and appreciating beauty so thank you for creating this writing topic.

I spotted Kathy later in magazines and online articles as she made it big in the Philippine ballet world. I internally applauded her while reading them. I have always been a fan 😊

The Philippines really has a way of changing one when it comes to skincare and grooming, especially in Moalboal.

I am at a stage where I prefer to see my face natural, even with all its imperfections. This came from personal growth and acceptance and self-love, and I see the imperfection and flaws as part of the journey and I accept the changes.

Well said. To be able to embrace imperfections and flaws with peaceful acceptance makes you and like-minded women even more beautiful. I found ease, acceptance, and detachment from external views by spending time with confident women friends and further improved when I lived in the Philippines.

Masks are great self-pampering treats. I used to get them in the city and would put them inside the fridge but haven't done so lately. Oh, yes hydrating and exfoliating in tropical climates are highly recommended.

You've reminded me that I should apply a mask soon. Even if it's one of those paper ones. They are great for moisture.

I will look up Kathy 😁

I'm happy that you enjoyed this week's topic and were able to contribute meaningfully :)

Enjoy the me-time mask, they always feel nice and so refreshing after peeling it off 😊

Thank you!

Yes, they do...and I rub them over my feet before I discard them 😝

Oh, I haven't thought of that! That is smart!😃

Yeah, all the way up your legs too 🙃

This is so nice 🖤 Just keep the basics then you're good. Facial wash, toner, sunscreen(by day) , serum(night). Pandemic actually made me do the purging and keeping the essentials. Plus with facemask on, you'll only need eye shadow! Haha😅👌

Hello @arkicarls, sounds great! The pandemic really had a massive impact on reviewing our lifestyle and beauty choices. Did you change the products you were using during the purge or did you continue and downsized them?

Plus with facemask on, you'll only need eye shadow!

Haha, true! The lipstick stain on the mask doesn't cut it 😅

Hi @discoveringarni! I actually slowly transitioned my skincare products to organic ones and my skin just loved it 😊. thanks for sharing your tips here.

With pleasure 😊 Happy Friday!

I've always seen myself as beautiful and unique. I've never felt like my look wasn't good enough.

I feel good when I apply serious makeup for events but that's just about it.

I wouldn't want to go through that make up stress all day long.

I love being simple and free. Whenever I dress up and look presentable enough, nothing else matters. The extra is just a waste of my time and energy.

That's how I save myself unnecessary headache 🤗

Awesome! It seems you've mastered minimalist beauty seamlessly.💃 Cheers to that 😊


I Really enjoy reading this, I have avoided makeup for so long because of the loads of products I may have to apply to achieve a desired look but seeing your routine I would give it a try, get rid of the unnecessary and look our for multifunctional tools as you suggested..

Amazing piece @discoveringarni

Hello and thank you Esther @estherscott 😊

I have avoided makeup for so long because of the loads of products I may have to apply to achieve a desired look

I know what you mean. I was baffled at first when my friend taught me about the various make-up tools and layers to be able to achieve a well-blended look. I remember getting lost when she started explaining the various layers and correctors, but the love for painting and drawing made it possible to practice, so in a way, it's like painting our faces hehe

I think it's okay to enhance our features with makeup but there's a certain attractiveness to being all-natural where each one's beauty truly shines.

Ako hndi alam mag make up kaya wala ako mga nyan 🙈

Hi Jane, that's okay. It's more skin friendly to be bare faced with sun protection given our tropical climate.
It just so happened that I needed it for my previous jobs. I sought help from a makeup artist friend who taught me how to properly apply makeup on myself and then I learned more about it on youtube.

Sabagay..okay lng nmn wala make up sa job ko..hehe..but I really want to learn 😅.. Especially kapag may lakad haha

Rooting for you in your journey sa makeup tutorials and learning. It's fun though so you might enjoy it.

It is quite difficult for me to write about this topic but I will try lol 😆

I thought about you and wondered what your skincare routine would be like. No pressure. If not for this week's topic maybe for the next ones. 😊

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So yeah... Minimalist beauty, all the way!😎

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