Well that was not the best idea

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We have some massive storms rolling in right now and I thought that it was going to be a good idea to fly my drone up and get some shots of the storms as they came in. Well, when I unpacked my drone, the battery on my controller was dead and my drone batteries were about half full, so I plugged them in for a bit trying to get enough juice to fly up real quick and get some shots.

I let everything charge for about 30 mins, which gave my controller 15% battery and one of the batteries was about 75%. I figured it would be plenty for a quick flight, so I went outside and turned everything on. I was getting some compass errors when it first turned on, and I tried to calibrate it real quick and when I was doing that, my controller starts beeping at me because it was under 20%. The errors I was getting for the compass went away before I finished its calibration, so I tried to save time by stopping the calibration.

Everything was going good when I launched up into the air. I flew around for a couple minutes getting some different shots and then I decided to bring it back and pack it up because the rain was starting up again. My daughter opened her window to her room and I told her that I was going to try and fly up to her window and to leave it open. Well, that did not go exactly to plan because when I got by the tree in our front yard, the drone shot up into the tree and seemed to commit suicide. It was chopping the shit out of the tree and then blades flew off and it did a few flips and landed camera first onto the cement.

So now my camera is busted off my drone and one set of propellers broke off. It's a good thing that this drone is pretty old and I have been wanting a reason to upgrade to one of the newer models. It is crazy how fast technology gets better with these things because about 5 years ago when I got it, the Mavic Pro 2 was one of the best on the market. Now the camera system is so outdated. I am sure that the newer models wouldnt have committed suicide into a tree either. Oh well, at least I got some cool shots of the storm before I crashed and ruined my drone. lol

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I had exactly the same here, low batteries but quickly wanted to fly! I do did the compass calibration but that drained the batteries even more! Ass soon as i get up in the sky all beeps went off and I overruled them! I Really wanted to get the shot of that castle. When i got back to land he overruled me and set in landing above the bush... but totally went suicidal full speed ahead against a tree and landed upside down in the bush... 4 props gone but my Mavic 2 is stil oke!

Sucks that it happened to you as well. Good thing that your didn’t get as busted up tho. I’ve been looking at the new models of drones and will probably end up waiting a bit longer to get a new one.

That's nice drone... But the way you took pictures... It's really amazing... Lovely photography

Thanks. Too bad the drone is dead now

Ohh that's really bad news

Really great photos bro,
It sucks about the drone, but it seems it paid for itself over time and you got the fullest out of it :)
If When you get a new one please make a post about it if you see fit, because it's really interesting technology and I'm interested in getting one eventually too. Would be cool to read your professional rating/analysis, etc.

PS. Have you ever wondered if those mountains and canyons are not exactly what we've been taught they are?

I have been looking at some new drones this morning and even the cheaper DJI drones are way better than what I had. I am debating on whether I will be getting another drone this year or what a while longer. A new drone isn't high on my priorities right now, but it is nice to know that they are cheaper than they used to be.

Amazing view from the air, you can capture the whole of the city with that drone.
That was the best idea to capture the town. 👍

Thanks. Drones are pretty cool for these types of shots.

Sorry for asking, did drone camera having a fuctions like DSLR, i dont know exactly, but when i see your photo with that drone, i think the result is same.

The drone that i was using had a lot of features, but you dont have the same level of control that a traditional DSLR does.

Thats the problem is.
Thank you Chief. 👍

Oh no, that kinda sounds expensive 'drone crashing on asphalt'... I hope you still got a few good shots. What I'm seeing here is really nice.

Oh well, things like this happen. The drone was getting old anyways.

Oh man I think your drone thought it was a kamikaze. There's no other explanation. But thanks for capturing this beauties before the accident. I like to drink coffee or read something while watching the sky in weather like this. In other words, it's the perfect weather to hang out at the hive.

Ya, I think my drone was ready to off itself with the tree.

Great shots. I didn't know you drone. Come join our Drone Community and weekly contests!
The M2Pro was certainly solid, but I am loving the M3. It handles the wind even better, longer battery, and the zoom is just wow. Looking forward to seeing what you get!

Sweet. I didnt know there was a dedicated drone community. I just subbed to it and if I get a new drone soon, I will make some posts there. Ive been looking at some of the newer models and they are way more advanced than before.

I just started the new drone group up a couple months ago and promoted a bit like this to give us all a central place to post and tag instead of just spread everywhere. We've got over 70 members so far. Looking forward to your new posts "when" you get your new drone. I've had the original Mavic, Mavic 2 Pro like yours, and was an early buyer of the Mavic 3. Feel free to shoot questions here or on discord if you have any about those. Definitely a fan of the RC Pro controller as well.

beautiful picture, looks really amazing. you did well even if it damaged your drone


Some cool shots indeed but an expensive price. You got good spirits thankfully cause I would have been super mad. Those things do not come cheap!

Ive had this one for a while and it was getting pretty outdated, so that helped me not be so mad. I have almost lost it several times, like one time I was flying it in Thailand over the ocean and lost connection. I thought it was going to just fall out of the sky, but luckily I was able to fly it back in without a screen.

Man that would have made me so nervous! Must have had some nice vews though!

| I am sure that the newer models wouldn't have committed suicide into a tree either. Oh well, at least I got some cool shots of the storm before I crashed and ruined my drone. lol

The spirit of a "true photographer".

I am quite amused at how photographers take care of their cameras, one time I caught my sister kissing her camera before going to bed. Haha.

Anyways, you already have great shots with your camera now sir @derangedvisions, how much more if you upgrade it to the latest model! I couldn't imagine how great your photos will be.🤗

By the way, is a sandstorm not to be worried about' in your place? You seem so cool and calm.😎

Take care and have a great day.

This wasn't a sandstorm. It was just a big rain storm that rolled through. We have been getting a lot of these storms lately, which has been weird since we normally don't get any rain during the summer.

Ohh poor me, I misread rain storm to sand storm coz I also saw brown colors in the picture which I thought were sands. 😅

Take care @derangedvisions and family.

Still some great quality for being outdated! Sucks it broke, but great excuse to go out and get a better one lol

When destiny calls, things go pretty rough lol. 😄

I see the toy has just blown up its propellers so badly.

In some pics it has also captured falling droplets. DJI drones are pretty badass in any weather like ATVs.

Ya, it was raining pretty good on it before it crashed. I wouldn't be surprised if the rain messed with some of the sensors and caused it to go crazy and crash.

Ooo no, sorry to hear that @derangedvisions 😕
You sure got some cool shots from the storm and surroundings.
Good excuse to upgrade. Yes, technology changes so fast, especially in years.
Happy weekend!

Thanks. I am just glad it crashed after I got the photos. If it crashed before that, I wouldn't have been happy.

You are welcome 😊 I sooo can imagine 😎 glad it was after.
Have a wonderful weekend 👋🏻

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beautiful as usual 😍


Kuşbakışı fotoğraflar muhteşem görünüyor

Thanks pal

As always all your photos are great, it's rewarding to take the time to look at each one, despite the mishaps you had in the beginning you were able to make good photo captures.

Sorry to hear about what happened to your drone, the simple fact that it crashed into a tree makes it kind of crazy and illogical. I guess the good thing is that now you can upgrade to a better drone, let's just hope the new one doesn't crash into a tree again or do something worse.

Greetings My General.

Really good photos.

a dramatic end to your drone. best of luck with a new one