Totally Stalkerish

Totally Stalkerish

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“You over there, I see you. You and your click click black shiny eye thing can come closer. Listen up; I’ve got something to tell you. I have a message. I’ve been watching for you,” says the crow.
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I thought I heard one call out earlier, couldn’t see it, must have imagined it. Stalking slowly closer with my camera, I’m clicking away. I can’t believe this. There’s a crow! I must get photos. Blasted lens, macro lens, wrong lens, on so much this depends. No nuts that aren’t nuts, no tasty treats to entice this feathered one.
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Instead, I ask if it will stay and let me photograph it. I’m thinking, please, please, please stay crow.

“Are you listening to the message?” asks crow.

”Yes I hear you.”

It’s cawing like crazy while facing east. I get the message. I’ll think about that later on. I’m more than a little entranced at seeing a crow and stalking it down for photo proof.
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All this talk of crows for months with @corvidae has fed my fixation with crows and ravens. Definitely no ravens here, wrong environment. There are crows, but I was convinced that they weren't around anywhere close to me, since I never see them. I was wrong @corvidae. I’m cawing about photo proof, some decent shots of a crow. First ever! I think the crows got wind of my wishes. One came to visit me. It made my day. These are the kind of moments in the run of a day that I treasure.
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“You got the message. My job is done”, says crow as it positions itself to jump down from the tombstone.
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I’m obsessed. I want to take more photos and to get even closer. Stupid macro lens. I don’t dare change the lens, the crow might go. I ask if crow will hang around and pose for more photos.
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“Let me see…..”

“Okay, I’ll stay here for a short while and pose for you, given the circumstances”, says crow.
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Crow looks off and says, “I’ll walk around here and eat seeds I find while you take photos.”

Thanking crow, I go bonkers with the camera. Edging closer, clicking non-stop, eye melded with the lens, I took a ridiculous number of photos in my excitement.
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How stalkerish can I be? How near will it allow me? I kept edging ever closer to get better shots. Crow kept on searching for edibles in the grass.
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Oh those feathers! The iridescence! I’d never studied a crow’s feathers up close before. So beautiful.
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“I think I’ve found something”, says crow, beak diving in.
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What on earth has crow seized upon? It looked like a dried up crusty thing better left decaying on the ground.

“Are you going to eat that?”, I ask.

“What would you know? It’s not like you brought any food with you. What happened to that bag of nuts you always carry?”, asks crow.

“This isn’t an all day trip I have to pack food for crow.”

“Now you have a reason for next time, since you know I’m here”, says crow.
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Crow keeps searching for food. It's moving around giving a fine dancing display. Show off. Sure wish I could fly.
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Score! Crow’s seized some kind of light green seeds of unknown origin. I get the feeling that all this display was an indulgence on crow’s part.
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“I’m taking off now. You’ve got plenty of photos. Remember the message I gave you”, says crow.

I’m disappointed to see it go. Capturing photo proof is a treat though. I’m happy about finding a place where there are crows I can hang out with.

I went back a second time a week later, peanuts and cashews in tow thanks to @corvidae’s suggestions. Correct lens on camera. Ready to go crow.

No crows in sight. I kept walking. I called out to them to visit me with no words. I have goodies guys, come on, where are you? Nothing. Silence for the longest while. Then I hear some squawks.

I go into instant stalker mode, tracking the one I heard by sound. It’s on the other side of the cemetery. I walk that way. I see it on the grass. I’m not close. It spies me and takes flight. I see a second crow fly out of a tree from nearby that disappears into the trees just as quick. The first crow lands high up in an old maple tree. So there are at least two hanging out here.

Nothing would entice crow out of the tree, so I sat down under the tree and watched. Crow took flight again. I stalked it to another area of the cemetery still hoping to get photos. It’s pecking away at something on the ground. I’m too far away. It spies me and squawks, taking off in flight. I hung around for a while. Gone. For now.

Oddly, there’s a memorial marker that is a flat metal bird feeder, designed so squirrels and the like can’t raid it. I left my nut offerings to the crows there. I’ll be patient. I’ll be back again. I’ll always have crow treats with me now.
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All photos taken by Nine with a Pentax digital 35mm camera and 90mm Tamron macro lens. "Crowmation" is a compilation created in Photoshop.
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What a stalker. Sheesh.

I need to speak with the crow if he/she would want to file for a restraining order 😅

!discovery 30

😂 That's hilarious! I cite the conversations with @corvidae for my stalker routine. I've been influenced. Also, I'll note that I have some years of experience with criminal law. 😉🤪

Thanks @stevenson7!

It takes a while for them to get used to you. Make sure they see you put down food for them and then walk far away, it's a good way to start. Eventually they will recognize that you are a food source, and then as time goes by recognize that you are someone worth spending time with.
I think your buddy is a juvenile, born last year, judging by the bronzed wing tips.


Thanks @corvidae! This only happened because of being inspired by you and what you create, so thanks for that too.

I figure it will take a while, kind of expecting that. Thanks for those tips, really good to know. This is why I ask the Crow Lady, who knows the secrets of the crow.

I think your buddy is a juvenile, born last year, judging by the bronzed wing tips.

I was wondering about that. Thanks. Always so interesting to me. I suspect there are more than two in that cemetery, seems they have a home somewhere in there. I've pinpointed the general area. So many other things happy to eat whatever, so I'll have to be patient. 😂

I wonder, it seems like your city doesn't have an obviously huge crow population, so this family could have a pretty big territory, making them harder to spot. Here it's like one or two city blocks but that's because we have hundreds per neighborhood.
I'm so glad you're in crow club now!

Without giving away my actual location, lol, it's the specific area I live in that is crow deprived, so you'd be right on the harder to spot aspect. Wow, hundreds per neighbourhood!

I'm so glad you're in crow club now!

Thanks, so am I, effort pays off! 😆

That crow's got an exciting life 😂

Love this picture:


Seems like it's speaking straight from its soul... Those eyes, like a Demon's Soul (I'm playing a game called Demon's Souls !LOL)

😂 Thanks @trippymane! I think that photo caught it's inner eyelid closing, can't recall the name of the inner eyelid.

Those eyes, like a Demon's Soul (I'm playing a game called Demon's Souls !LOL)

You know these games live in your mind forever after, right?

You know these games live in your mind forever after, right?

Absolutely, just like all the books and media we consume :)

It may sound like a bad thing from the name but it's actually a good game, anyway I won't bore you with it 😂

Absolutely, just like all the books and media we consume :)

😂😂😂 Score! Absolutely. Now you know why I limit everything I can as much as I can.

The game doesn't sound like a bad game. I've played games, enough of them to know that I cannot keep my attention on any of them, same as with tv and movies. I tend to space out and go elsewhere in my mind. For whatever reason, this doesn't happen when I'm reading books.

Ahah yes absolutely, too much shit everywhere 🤣

The game doesn't sound like a bad game. I've played games, enough of them to know that I cannot keep my attention on any of them

Those games are very very difficult, it's all about reflexes and right timing, I can't play too much at them because of how difficult they are but for those few hours I play I can really focus only on that, it may be crazy but when I find a good game it's like I find a good book, I can get fully immersed in it and just focus with my mind on that, feels like some sort of meditation 😂

For whatever reason, this doesn't happen when I'm reading books.

Wonderful stuff! This also reminds me that I should read more books! !LOL

Ahah yes absolutely, too much shit everywhere 🤣

Always. I walked by some restaurant last week that had a pile of poop that looks like the emoji, with a face, all that, about the size of a person, located at the front door of their restaurant, which was named some poop name that I can't recall now. My thoughts were......poop and food are now a thing? That's supposed to make you want to eat there? A huge pile of smiling poop at the front door greeting you is better than an appetizer? 🤣🤣🤣

Re the brain seems to be wired differently, or so I've noticed since I was a child. Things like tv, movies, video games, basically anything on a screen, I can't focus on it for too long before mentally checking out and going somewhere else in my mind, thinking of other things. As a child, I couldn't sit and watch tv without having a book, reading the book while the tv was on, only half listening to the tv, and glancing at it briefly from time to time. So I think it has something to do with how my brain is wired in terms of how it responds to stimuli on a screen, all that kind of technology. No idea why. It's impossible to explain it to others.

feels like some sort of meditation 😂

It's putting you into an alpha brain wave state, which is a state of high other words, a form of hypnosis.

Wow, just stunning. It seems to be like a bird in Ghana, preparing to fly away. Thank you for sharing @nineclaws .

Thank you @mcsamm, really glad you enjoyed seeing my first decent photos of a bird!

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Hehe, at first I thought I had clicked into an @corvidae post. You got some splendid shots even though it looked as if he/she was toying with you. Not showing the next time was obviously some kind of test!

Thanks @meesterboom! First time I ever got decent shots of any bird. All the inspiration for this is due to @corvidae, she's mastered all this, such beautiful work that inspires.

Crows are highly intelligent, as I found out years ago, so I have a great deal of respect for them. This one was eating some type of green seed, from a tiny shrub I think.

Ha, yes, I figured the second time I wouldn't be so lucky, so only went with the wish and see what happens mindset. They have a trickster quality. Probably laughing at me, silly human stuck on the ground like that, lol.

She has indeed mastered it, I have never seen such splendid and creative crow mcjiggery!

They are indeed clever and trickstery. I see a couple of them roundabouts my house and they always have an air of mischief about them!

creative crow mcjiggery!

LOL, is that the Irish or the Scottish influence in that phrase?

Wouldn't it be a good idea to feed those crows nearby? They have a veyr low carbon poop emission (as opposed to pigeons). They are mischievous. My mother had a habit of chasing them away to give the other birds space. For years, they had hummingbirds (among other birds) coming in droves, like 30 or more always around. I took my cat to visit once. He'd sit outside watching them and I'm sure wishing while they'd dive bomb him and be gone so fast he wasn't even able to jump at them.

I think it is a splendid combination of the two!

I have fed them occasionally. The only problem is that there are a multitude of other bird creatures about which seem to be encouraged by the feeding so we end up with all sorts in our garden and roundabouts

Haha, combo deal, the two fit well in one.

A multitude of other bird creatures? Anything unusual, like say a baby dragon? I would think your garden must be quite sought after by winged whirly birdy bustling about for tasty treats.

Speaking of your garden. I'm a little fixated on the bamboo, so I had a second look at that guy's bamboo garden. It's reduced in size by half now. Along the side of his property where it is, there's a chain link fence. I was taking some photos of the bamboo to compare species (I'll show you a photo) and realized that it's crawled under and through the fence, with roots poking up into the park on the other side. LOL! Invasive bamboo. I had to try and pull at a root to no avail, had no proper tools. I might bring some home and see if I can grow it. See what you've done? 😂

My daughter would be over the moon if we could attract a baby dragon!

It is a lovely thing to see grow! Hopefully the one he has is a good un. All you need is a rhizome, hehe.

Soon you will have a lovely bamboo baby!

I am no master, but thank you. Just eternally inquisitive and very much in love.

A lot of your photos are quite breathtaking, at least to my eyes and of very high caliber in my opinion.

very much in love.

I totally love that. Beautiful. I completely get it.

Thank you!! I try to let the love shine through.

Love shines though singing out loudly in all those photos.

Thank you so much @sommylove! I don't often do little stories like this, they kind of have to flow or I can't write them, lol.

Oh thanks again! It's really great to hear that, since I'm never sure what I'm writing with this kind of thing and criticize it in my head quite a bit.