Enchanting Pruhonice Park in sparkling autumnal colors: part 2

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

First of all, I would like to thank you guys for the amazing feedback and engagement on the first part of this photography mini series. Your support of that post was just incredible and those 70+ comments that I have got there really means a lot, so thank you one more time! :)

Obviously, the autumnal natural sceneries is something that people here on Hive enjoy a lot and just as I expected, it seems to be particularly appealing to our friends from tropical and subtropical regions where they actually don´t have this colorful season of the year.

So, without further ado, let me take you to the charming Pruhonice Park in Prague again for another dose of some sparkling autumnal colors ;)


















I hope you enjoyed the second and also the final part of this photography mini series dedicated to the Pruhonice Park in Prague during the autumnal color burst. Next week, finally, I will also tell you something about the magnificent Pruhonice Chateau that you might have noticed in some of the pictures ;)

Thanks for your attention guys. Greetings from autumnal Prague!

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Thanks for the nice intro & sharing Erne! :)

🍂🍁🌹😍 wow efekt!

Wow místo! :)

It is literally what you said, since in my country I don't have these seasons that result in those beautiful colors in nature, I enjoy seeing them through images.

Please keep sharing them! I like to see the world through hive, I have realized that there are many beautiful places that are worth knowing.

and here I am locked up in my house without a passport...

Belated thanks for your nice comment! Sorry to hear about your current situation :( How come you ended up being locked up in the house without a passport?

i'm not locked like a prisoner hahaha i just that i dont have passport to visit new countries...
in venezuela it is hard to get one and i had never had it

Oh really? Wow, I didn´know... You mean the government doesn´t want to give the people passports to prevent some kind of mass exodus from Venezuela?

They already did that!! Years have passed since that... I think that this year it "fixed" a bit, but even now if you are going to apply for a passport you have to pay 300 dollars and wait from 3 to 6 months. That is what some people have told me but I have not been even able to request it because of the cost it has

Wow! I had no idea man, really... And I´m pretty sure that most people here in Europe have no idea that this is happening in your country. Outrageous!

yeah it's Outrageous! but at least the worst has passed... can i ask you how much money you have to pay to get a passport where you live?

What a beautiful place on earth. Thanknyou for touring us there. You brought us there the beauty on it.

Thanks Olivia! Glad to know you enjoyed the tour :)

Welcome all the time

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The Pruhonice Park truly is enchanting. Too bad we don't get autumn in our city it's always summer and winters.

The pictures are truly magical. Which flower is that? Are those roses?

Thanks man :) Yeah, I never realized how many people around the world actually don´t have spring and autumn in their countries... Here in Central Europe, a lot of people consider autumn the most beautiful season of the year, I guess because of the colors in nature, but in fact, this colorful phase only lasts a few weeks and then, it´s just cold, dark, grey, foggy, rainy, slushy and generally gloomy :D :/

Idk man, I love winters. The cold, dark, grey, foggy, rainy, slushy days. I love them. xD

It's only the depression that the winter eves bring with them I hate

"The cold, dark, grey, foggy, rainy, slushy days. I love them."

I guess it´s just beacause these days are super rare in your country, aren´t they? :D ;)

Ouchh. That hurt. Didn't have to remind me that we don't get winters in this country oftenly 😂🥲

Dude, for most people here, not having the cold, dark, depressive winters would be a huge privilege and blessing, be happy that you don´t have them in your region :D

Btw... I noticed you had some downvote issues on your recent posts. What was it about? Have you figured it out and solved it?

huge privilege and blessing, be happy that you don´t have them in your region :D

Hahaha, yes I agree. My brother is in UK, he tells me how people crave for the sunlight there xD

Btw... I noticed you had some downvote issues on your recent posts. What was it about? Have you figured it out and solved it?

Ahh yesss, It's sorted out thank God. It was due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, due to many scammers from Pakistan on Hive (I am honestly fed up of them as well) secondly, due to my past experience of another platform. There were slight miscommunication and confusions. It's all solved now...

Thank you so much for asking bro. Means a lot. I was off since a couple of days due to wedding events in the family. I'm back, off and running... :))

Again, these photos are so beautiful. I said it before that you are a professional photographer but you didn't accept it.

@phortun you just took me on a fun-filled tour to explore the beauty of nature🏝🏞. Always enticing 🤗😍😍.

Thanks for sharing this lovely adventure with us👍👍🥰.

Aww, you are too kind :) Thank you! I´m really glad you enjoyed this photography mini series :) I hope you will like the chateau itself too. Greetings from Prague all the way down to Nigeria!

Greetings @phortun
It's a pleasure 😘👍

I think such greeny places take on another beauty in autumns. It would be better to visit them before it gets colder.

That´s right but we are also planning to visit this place in winter once it all gets covered with snow :) Could be nice too. We will see.

Wow… again I love your captures of the fall foliage. 🍂🍁🍂🍁 so beautiful.
What a great place to wander around. Love the capture of her taking a photo of the leaves next to the water. Beautiful…
Thanks for sharing more @phortun 👋🏻😊 happy Wednesday!

Thank you! Well, usually, I try to avoid random strange people in my photos but it was impossible to capture that tree without some "intruders" :D :/ Glad you still like the shot though!

You are welcome, I know the feeling hehehe 🤭
Sometimes you just have too. But in this case, it does add something to the photo. As it was far enough away.
Have a great day further @phortun 👋🏻

Thank you & likewise! :)

You are welcome 😊
Thanks @phortun 👋🏻😎

The scenery fresh as autumn, keep walking to find the cool scenery. 😀✌

Thanks :) I will keep walking :D

Wow, what a vibrant mix of colours. I love summer and spring, but there is something magical about autumn too, especially those colours you get on the leaves... and I love crunching them under my feet as I walk too!

Thanks for checking out the post man, what a nice surprise :) Cheers from autumnal Prague!

Wow, this is really a very beautiful nature that you show friends.
All the pictures look absolutely amazing.

Thanks buddy, glad you enjoyed this little autumnal walk with me :)

@tipu curate 5

Thanks a mill Andy! :)

What beautiful autumn colors, castle reflection in the water, ducks,... It is indeed an enchanting park!
Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for your nice words and for the curation pick! Much appreciated :)

Stunning! The colors are so vibrant! 😍❤️I've never seen this in actual life for the reason that I'm from a tropical country. Thanks for sharing this.

It was a pleasure! If you like these sceneries, you might want to check out the first part too, I think that was even better than this one ;) Thanks for your kind feedback!

Yup, I've seen the first one and it same beautiful. Everything is full of life in fall, this one you shared is like a fairy world,😍🤩 colors around the premises and the looking fancy castle in the middle. Hhmm I wonder how it look like inside the complex.🧐🤔

Thank you for checking out the first part too then! I will write a post about the chateau too, probably on Wednesday, so you will get to see the inside of the complex too ;)

That's a surprise! You're awesome!

Stunning scenery!

Autumn is such an interesting beautiful time of year, sharing the departing summer, and bridging the winter. The colors are spectacular this year, it must be the reward for all that rain everyone got.

The stump is all the more interesting covered in moss an the bridge adds a nice touch to the color.

Great shots of a beautiful town!

Thank you Denise! Autumn is a magical season indeed and when I was younger, I didn´t even realize how blessed we actually are here in Central Europe to have it since in many countries around the world, they don´t have it... Greetings from warm but deeply autumnal Prague all the way to the US! :)

:) I know what you mean! There are so many in the Tropics that would love a little relief, however, aren't willing to pay the winter penalty! :)

That is what makes traveling so awesome!

Greetings right back!

The winter penalty, hehe, well said! :D Right. But then there are the nomads who can stay for the colorful phase of the autumn and then just leave for some warm seaside getaway when it starts to be too cold, dark and depressive in the "four season" locations :)

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Thank you guys and @jasonmunapasee! :) Means a lot.

You're welcome, @phortun friends.

Omg those pictures are so beautiful that it seems unreal 😍 thanks for sharing

Thanks for checking them out, glad to know you enjoyed this walk :)