Day 13 - Big Mack Superstar And Lemon Drip

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Hello Everyone,

The Big Mack Superstar's are looking great at two weeks old:


I think the BMS's are a little stretchy and could benefit from the futuremind homemade humidifier, but are otherwise very healthy and those stems are going to start becoming very strong soon, and after one or two more nodes I will start low stress training.

The Lemon Drip plant is not looking great:


It looks vibrantly green but just isn't growing at all. I'm really not sure what to do, other than to just keep watering the plant and hope it recovers from this weak non-growing state.
I'm open to advice of course!

That's pretty much it for now. I've been increasing my WEED stake and have some open buy orders on the market. My decision for buying more weed is to help the Canna-curate/Weedcash community by way of manual curation with my alt @imaginary-friend. I don't self upvote with this account because I want to contribute to the community VP as much as possible and currently the canna community supports me very well. Huge thanks to you guys, and hopefully I'll be able to give back to the canna community with my increased stake.

I also delegate to @skuration to help with @skylinebuds community curation project. He does a great job managing the curation project and your assets will be put to great use if you decide to delegate to the project.

Right now I have these orders open:


Anyone who buys WEED at these rates will be loading up futuremind's wallet with more WEED :)

I have a lot of WEED now and I'm going to acquire a lot more :)


That's it for this update.

What do you guys and ladies think of how everything is coming along?
I would love to read your thoughts below.

Your time is a valuable commodity, and I always keep this in mind and do my best to respond to everyone in as timely a manner as possible for me. I very much appreciate all of the wonderful encouragement and support.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind


Looking good, are you going to clone them?

Thanks bro,
I'll probably clone them. It will be a first time cloning for me and I need to get some rooting gel first I think. I'll do a little research on it first because I only have a rudimentary comprehension on how to do it.

I'm considering the possibility of seeding as well. (which would also be a first for me)

I have one seed germinating right now of Wedding Crasher and it's the only seed I have of that strain. If it grows, I'm not sure if I should try to sex it early to know if it's female prior to cloning it, or just take a chance and clone it, or wait until it's flowering and seed it with Big Mack Superstar or Lemon Drip.

There's so many considerations and ways I could go about it, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I might be getting a bigger tent soon and this will help tremendously with options and growing space.

Oh yea, bigger it. You can clone them right before you flip to flower. You should know the sex during pre-flower. Like 4-5 weeks from sprout. These are not autos right? Because you cant clone autoflowers.

I appreciate the advice. As far as I know none of them are autos, but the wedding crasher might have come from feminized seeds and that seed could be a crossbreed. All of the sources I saw online sell it as feminized. I don't know if that would be a problem or not. I know the grower and will get the details from him, and we talked briefly about me purchasing some seed lots off of him soon, so.. big things happening :)

Yea feminized seeds are cool. They are pron to herming, but you should be fine if you don't stress them out. Good luck.

Came across this video today as God knows why YouTube suggested me, but thought it's quite an interesting topic.

Hey bro,
Thanks for sharing this video, it was quite interesting for sure.

I think science can only describe so much of what is happening, because he mentioned the synthetic cannabinoids being similar, and with my experience with them in the past, the synthetics are much stronger with the effects and have more adverse effects. People I knew who were smoking it ended up losing their minds after years of use.

It's interesting that cannabinoids in natures form seem to have no bad side effects except for weight gain from munchies effect, but when man thinks he knows the science, he makes a synthetic form that turns people into what resembles drooling heroin zombies.

I'm pretty sure this guy never smoked synthetics before 😂

The science behind the cannabis intertwining with cannabinoid receptors in the brain is quite interesting nonetheless, and this guy in the video is pretty intelligent and knows more about the science than I do.

I hope you're doing alright, and can maybe get your hands on something green to induce somehow. You could always just eat it if you don't want to smoke it 🍪

I'm high that's why my response is so long.

Thanks buddy. It's death penalties here if individual caught possess of more than 7 ounces of greens 😁 even a humble 1.5 ounce will be 10 year jail time. Got caught by having those in the blood would already send me to rehab 🤣 so unless I got a permit from the doctors prescription, like if I'm a terminal cancer patient, yes I can humbly go to the hospital and request certain amount of don't know whether it's synthetics or natural happy puff.

Looking good! Probally just lower that light a little to stop that stretch. But yeah dude so glad the BMsuper star is doing good!

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Thank you bro!
I have the light zip tied to the frame, so the best action with this set up would be to raise the plants by stacking them on something, or maybe increase the light intensity. (I have it at less than 50% intensity right now)

I'm a little hesitant to crank the light intensity because I thought I was getting light burn last grow, but maybe I will just turn it up a little at a time.

I'm going to germinate some more seeds, probably tomorrow.

I'm going to produce some monster BMS's bro :D

Thanks for the amazing encouragement as always 😎

Nice, they are slowly coming along. The one almost looks like a pepper seedling lol.

Thanks for the shout-out on skuration

Thanks bro!
I was thinking the same thing about it looking like a pepper sprout! 😅

I should probably plant some jalapenos real soon so I can get a decent pepper harvest this year as well. I love growing those jalapenos.

Thanks for the shout-out on skuration

It's a pleasure bro, thanks for helping support the community like you do! :)

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The BMS looks great, but the LD doesn't look like it will do much. When I see one not sprouting well from the start I replace it with another as soon as I see it. Not all seeds come out good.

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Thank you for stopping by @happyfrog420-new!
Yes, I think you are 100% correct with your assessment.
Sometimes they start out a little rough and bounce back quickly, and other times it's like a dud that just won't do anything.
It's unfortunate because I only have a few more seeds of the Lemon Drip, and out of 3 germinated LD seeds, 2 didn't germinate at all, and this one that did germinate is not growing. That's a real bummer when 50% of the germinated seeds were a complete fail :/

Luckily the BMS's are doing pretty great though, and I'm going to add a humidifier in the tent probably tomorrow :)

If so many have failed, it's probably not a grower error, because the BMS looks good. I keep seeds in the fridge, one of the things that spoils seeds is temperature changes.

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With the first germination, 2 out of 3 BMS popped. They are very mature and healthy.

The Lemon Drip are from a different grower, had to travel further, and seem like less mature seeds, but are mature enough to sprout I'm sure.

It could be a myriad of things. I think I screwed up with the saturation and it's probably completely my fault that so many failed. It is also my first time utilizing the paper towel method so I'm being easy on myself here.. 😌😅

I just set some more LD's for germination 🤞

Thank you kindly for your thoughts :)

Estoy mas enganchado con el crecimiento de estas plantas que con cualquier serie o novela, me alegre que estén creciendo bien pero es realmente raro que la Lemon Drip no crezca, espero que se recupere pero es muy extraño siendo que las tres comenzaron a crecer al mismo tiempo.

Estoy muy triste por el goteo de limón.

Germiné tres de ellos y todos fallaron.

Me quedan tres semillas de LD por probar.

Conseguiré al menos una buena planta del LD, espero.

Gracias por las amables palabras y el aliento, estoy muy feliz de que disfrutes el contenido de cannabis, amigo mío.


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Thanks bro!

It is necessary to water the plants with a drug that stimulates growth.

I don't think I have anything to stimulate the growth. This one probably won't make it, but I'm not giving up just yet.

Thank you kindly for the advice!

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