Indoor Garden Update - Cloning

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Hello Everyone,

Everything is going great in the grow tent today!

I decided to put the small tent to use as a vegetation/nursery/cloning tent with the lights kept on twenty four hours a day and a homemade humidifier to keep it nice and humid in the tent.

Let's have a look at how everything is doing.


This is what it looks like walking in right now.
There is a lot of unused space and I have the plants all propped up because the lights are pretty far from the floor and I want to maximize efficiency. These Phlizon LED panels work pretty good with 2-3 feet distance between the panels and the plants.

I have another Phlizon panel scheduled for delivery tomorrow. It's the exact one I'm currently using and should suffice as a minor upgrade for now, effectively doubling the current lumen output. There is still ample room to upgrade the lighting immensely and would be in my best interest to invest in a more powerful panel in the future.






The Wedding Crasher hybrid is looking pretty nice, and one of the smaller Lemon Drip plants is looking like it's going to make a full recovery. The sunflower, pepper plant, and tomato plant are all coming along nicely as well :)




These Big Mack Superstars are 39 days old and looking fantastic. I decided to take a couple of clippings from each plant and label them accordingly, as "Big BMS", "Small BMS" and will take another set of clippings right before flowering, probably in another month because I'm upgrading to 7 gallon fabric pots and will grow these large. I'm inclined to think that the smaller BMS is likely a female, so once the sex reveals I will know which clones to keep and which to discard, or maybe I'll keep one male to seed and get some more BMS seeds.


I utilized some of my personally designed 3D printed pots for these clippings. Two from each plant. I didn't utilize a rooting gel, but I dipped them in cinnamon after reading about this method online. This could end up failing, but I have a good feeling that it's going to succeed.



I'm using these pots with water and small atomizers for humidifiers. They work pretty good and all I need to do is monitor water levels and fill them a little every day. If the water level gets too low they produce more vapor, so it's important I ensure this doesn't happen very often because then the walls and electronics will get wet, and we don't want this to happen.


Graptopetalum/Sedum hybrid succulent in 3D printed pots

The succulents are looking very healthy and vibrant as well :)

That will do it for this indoor garden update.

What do you all think about how things are coming along?

I would love to read your thoughts below!

Your time is a valuable commodity, so I always do my best to respond to everyone, and I appreciate all of the amazing engagement and support, thank you!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind


That home made humidifier looks great and I would like to copy that. Did you buy atomizers for humidifiers or repurpose them from somewhere?
And designes for 3d printed pots are superb!

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I bought the atomizers specifically for humidifier purposes.
They are sold on Amazon and Ebay as party misters for 10-20 dollars.
It's not as good as a standard humidifier but it's a budget solution and I really don't want to spend hundreds on something I can make myself :)
Thanks for the kind words and compliment about the 3D prints. Maybe I'll make a 3D printing post in the near future, it's a fun and rewarding hobby as well and works great for incorporation into the gardening.

Still didn't had a chance to use 3d printer or even see it live! I am sure that I'll enjoy reading about it.

Problem with factory humifider is that they are to small and big ones are to much expensive and they all die very fast. Idea of huge bucket look better to me!

Everything looks great and congratulations on the LD. I hope the cuttings root well and you can fill that big tent.

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Thanks so much @happyfrog420-new!
The cuttings are all perked up today growing towards the light. Looking good so far :)

HOly crap! I was thinking you got a 4x4 tent. Dude that is so bad ass!

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Esas plantas viven mejor que yo jajaja

Thank you! I thought it was going to be smaller too. For some reason I thought it was four feet wide but it's actually eight feet wide and four feet deep and almost seven feet high. It's enormous!

That’s funny! You can rent that thing out as an extra room lol

My goodness that new tent is HUGE! I'm so glad you have that much room in your new digs. Timely! Everything looks so good and healthy too.

Thank you! It's shocking how large it is and I'm super excited because I'm going to be able to grow some very large cannabis plants now :)
I'm trying my best to keep them healthy and they've made it pretty easy, they really like the soil I'm using and they respond well to those lights.
Have a good night, thanks for stopping by my friend!

Tengo una duda ¿Todo esto lo fuiste aprendiendo por tu cuenta o tenes alguna base de estudio con algo relacionado?

Todo lo aprendí buscando en internet jajaja

Un gran autodidacta, internet y los errores claramente jajaja

I am excited about how your cloning would end up. The ones I saw online didn't directly plant them in soil.

By the way, let me ask, how do you determine which one is male and which one is female?


Thank you!
I've seen it done many different ways but I'm not sure if planting directly in the soil after cutting is a popular method. I suppose we'll find out if they live or die :)

The sex is determined after the plants have been put into their flowering cycle. This is done by changing the light cycle in the tents to twelve hours of light per day, which makes the plant think it's season change and starts its reproductive process. The males have little pollen sacks, and the females have the desired flowers/buds. If the males are kept in the tent they will seed the females by pollenating them. If the males are taken out then the buds will usually be more potent and have no seeds, but if the weed is grown good then having some seeds won't hurt the potency much.

Thanks for the detailed and clear answer.
I have a follow-up question, how old are the weeds when their sex can be determined?

The cool thing about growing indoors is the grower can control this aspect. (unless dealing with auto flowers, which flower on their own regardless of light cycle.)

A plant can be put in 12/12 light from the moment it sprouts and will reveal sex within a few weeks, or a grower can grow the cannabis for several months before starting a 12/12 light cycle and not know the sex of the plant(s) the entire time.

This is what is cool about clones too, because once a sex is determined the grower will know what the clones are going to be :)

The clones from last night are all perked up growing towards the light, I'll take photos later :)

Wow. Thanks for providing very detail answer. 🙂


Hi Jacob, you've got enough room in this tent to set up a bed and sleep with your plants! 🛏️
I bet they would enjoy the company 😜
I was going to ask how much those green neon lights in the corners cost
But I think they are just painted bright green and the reflections make it look like they are giving off light.
My nephew told me that the plants have to have ABSOLUTE darkness after the growth period (something like 10 hrs a day) to force the gender to female.
Any insights?


Hi Jerry,
Thank you for the kind words!

The bars do look neon and like they are giving off light but it's just the paint and reflection from the intense LED lights. The LED lights are much brighter in real life than how they appear in the photos. Apparently some of the spectrums produced are even more intense than the sun. Despite finding this hard to believe, I'm wearing sun glasses in the tent to be safe.

My nephew told me that the plants have to have ABSOLUTE darkness after the growth period (something like 10 hrs a day) to force the gender to female.
Any insights?

Correct! Yes they need a darkness period and it needs to be completely dark or the plants could hermaphrodize. The general practice is 12/12 on/off light cycle for cannabis.

I hope you are doing well, thanks for stopping by my friend.

Glad to have that confirmed (about the light)
At this point it may be next year, (or perhaps over next winter) before I try anything

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