Parenting Series : 44 || Selecting Perfect College

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Hi friends, how are you all? You are welcomed to my video series. Yaa, it about parenting issues. I am conducting this vlog series to share with you different aspects related to parenting. It's my pleasure that I am experiencing some great responses from you about these vlogs. Even I am also learning many things through this journey. Let's have another episode of this parenting series...

Today's Topics - How to select a perfect college


This is the 44th episode of my continuous parenting series. I am now on the part-05 of my series where I am discussing about Colleging issues related with parenting care. Today's topics is about the factors that should be considered when selecting a perfect college for the son or daughter.

Earlier I discussed about the factors that should be considered while selecting a perfect school for the babies on a episode of my Schooling Part. But it has quite difference between selecting college and selecting school.

School going babies are not enough matured, that's why the factors are in such. But when you are selecting a college for the boys or girls, they are a little bit matured as they are now in the age of late teenage. So the factors are also being changed.

Selection of college is very important for the educational life as well as the future aspects of a human being and that's why you have to select it considering all important factors perfectly. Otherwise it may impact negatively on your baby's future potentiality.

There are a lot of factors should be considered, but I have discussed only the important issues that should be prioritise.

Let have the video and be explained about this issues in details with some real life examples.

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