Hive Community Leaders' Applications & Next Steps!

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Thank You!

Two weeks ago we kicked off "Hive Community Leaders" Project on Hive. One of our major goals is to penetrate HIVE inside countries and create local communities which will in turn get the word out to more people. This will be done through selected community leaders who voluntarily execute highly effective promotional work. More details can be found in the introductory post.

We want to thank you the mind blowing response from the community. Lots of feedback was passed and interest shown by many members. Slowly and gradually we will grow this group and our worldwide reach.


Welcome Hive Community Leaders

We received many applications and selected the following candidates as our first batch of hive community leaders:

  1. @danielvehe - Application Link
  2. @bitrocker2020 - Application Link
  3. @hive-naija - Application Link
  4. @joseacabrerav - Application Link
  5. @hiveafrica - Application Link
  6. @lorenzopistolesi - Application Link
  7. @enrique89 - Application Link
  8. @webdeals - Application Link
  9. @eddiespino - Application Link
  10. @olasamuel - Application Link
  11. @enmy - Application Link
  12. @aiqabrago - Application Link
  13. @rollie1212 - Application Link

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful applications and many Congratulations for joining the project as Hive Community Leaders .

Next Steps

Each leader should represent the community as defined in the intro blog and should do the following:

  • Join our Discord Server and look for #hive-community-leaders channel. This will help all of us coordinate, meet and share information about spreading the word about HIVE in your respective countries
  • Each community leader will have the privilege of submitting one blog per month that is able to get full upvote from our guild
  • As a Hive community leader, please make sure that you follow the requirements of Hive Community Leaders in the intro blog HERE
  • First team meeting to discuss ideas & further details of the project will happen soon in our discord server. Date to be confirmed soon

In future, we will review applications fortnightly and declare the usernames of newly added community leaders. So, please keep the applications coming. Remember, anyone and everyone is welcomed to join us. All details mentioned in the introductory blog.

Thanks To Our Sponsors

Special thanks to 3Speak, State of the dapps and @theycallmedan for sponsoring this initiative.

Looking For More Sponsors

Please get in touch in our discord HERE or by replying to this blog if you are interested to sponsor or support this initiative.

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Good luck in spreading hive to the world

A big congratulation to the selected leaders...I Know they will do well having read through their impressive profiles..

This initiative will helpe to spread hive. 👍🏽


I am very excited to be selected to be a part of this team.

Happy to contribute to the growth of HIVE, its expansion and the transformation that HIVE brings to the world every day.

#HiveOn 🥳

It is truly an honor to belong to this pioneering marketing team at HIVE, thank you very much for the confidence

Thank you!

Good looking group of community leaders.

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A big congratulations to everyone who made it. I'm sure they'll had great value to Hive! And i urge them to continue to do their best! Cheers y'all


I'm glad to be among the Hive Community Leader. Congratulations to each and everyone of us.

I look forward to working with everyone to grow and promote Hive. Thanks to you.

This team is totally awesome! Congratulations to all of you! I'm really proud of my Venezuelan leaders: @enrique89 @joseacabrerav @enmy @danielvehe I know that they'll make an awesome work to spread the #HIVE Blockchain to everyone to invite them to be part of the future!

Let's keep the great work! #Hive5 to all of you!

Congratulations @hiveangelists, for this great initiative, I was a bit late for this great project. But I will be very close to offer my support, although it is not much.