Potential sunset warning for api.pharesim.me - check your witness votes

in #hive2 years ago (edited)

Back when I set up the API node at api.pharesim.me I promised to keep it running for 3 additional months if I should drop out of the top 20 witnesses.


Unfortunately it's hard to stay in those ranks without constant advertising, licking asses and exchanging votes, which is why I watched my name drop down in the list bit by bit over time, until it finally dropped below 20 a couple of days ago. This means the node would shut down end of september.

So here we are, as much as I hate when others do that, this is me asking for your witness votes. I'd like to write a whole post about how it's so much more important to support the lower ranks, but now that I'm down there it might come off as weird, so I'll delay that one for if I should be re-elected.

My unwavered dedication to Hive, my independence from inner circles and of course the projects I run and the support I provide should by themselves be good reasons to drop me a vote. But I'm also interested in feedback if you decide to not give it, and as always happy to answer any questions.

Thank you for your time, and for your support if you decide to give it!


I voted you a long time ago and the vote still stands.

One remark that I can give you is that apart from the infrastructure that you are running, the curangel project and being genuine, you personally are quiet on chain.
Not a lot of post on whatever topic are coming from you and sometimes I'm wondering are you still around. You might be in some chats/discords etc, but I'm not there and in general I would like to see more on chain activity from all the witness. This doesn't mean posting daily :).

This note go for a lot of other witnesses as well. Being present around.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm generally a quite person when I don't have something important to say, but I'll try to work on it!

outsource marketing on shitposter :D

Haha, great idea

would that make it "shitsourcing" :)))) ?

Maybe :D I mean i would not give the poster to much freedom :D

Like a banner " vote for XYZ + link " :D

Agree, same thing would go for many other top 20 witnesses as well.

I didn't know you were a witness. I didn't see you in the top 50 so I just typed @dalz, is that right or do you have another account please?

That is right you can see the full witness list on Peakd

Sorted for what its worth and thank you :-)

True, true, most of the witnesses tend to be really bad at this, such reminders are really valuable.

Witnesses are like old school sysadmins, you won't notice their existence as long as everything works fine.
(I'm voting for you ever since I could remember)

I really have a hard time. Inking about things to post just to be remembered. But I'll try from here on...

ugh... I hope you'll make it back up there... I really really like using your rpc node for my scripts!

Gave you a vote. I like that you aren't part of that inner circle.

Voted for you before and it still stands. Hope you will get back up soon.

I respect your dedication on voting on non-top20 witnesses and I've been moving my votes down as well, partly cause I feel some are already quite secure in the top and partly that I think they could be doing more + to support new up and coming witnesses such as aliento and dalz who've been my recent new votes.

I also didn't know you were the founding father of @curangel and also likewise, think it would be cool if you'd post something once in a while. Having said that, I originally voted for you as I liked your name but it's also a name that is instantly recognisable to anyone who's been here a year or two!


Unfortunately it's hard to stay in those ranks without constant advertising, licking asses and exchanging votes

is why its important people like yourself should be in the top 20!

Best wishes :-)

Appreciate all that you've done and let's hope you get propelled back up the ranks.

Had to look it up but it appears that I am supporting you already with one of my witness votes.
Good luck in getting back in the top 20. And yes maybe some shameful self advertising wouldn't be bad. This post and to be honest more the replies did remind me that you are the founder of Curangel, stuff like that does have an (huge) impact on some lower accounts. Regardless if they support my posts or not :)

simple wait because votes expire and look what happens.

Before that, i would not go in any direction to fast. Maybe it changes the game a bit more, or it monopolizes things more.

Who knows. But competition is needed between witnesses, otherwise, it would end up in a big cartel ( we maybe already have?).

I voted for your witness ages ago, but only just now realized I wasn't following you onchain. Fixed!

Curious if those smears a few months back had much of an impact. Witnesses promoting themselves by trying to knock others down seemed kind of fucked up and I hope doesn't become a regular occurrence.

I mostly ignored that, but yes, during that time quite a lot of votes moved away. I actually dropped out briefly, but was able to recover by voting for myself.

It wasn't cool but those types usually wreck themselves anyway so... whatever.

What about vote decay? Notice any dips there? With that feature in effect now, I think it's wise for you folks to be a little more present.

There wasn't a significant change today, at least not in the upper ranks.

I have not changed my vote with you. I recognize your work in the past and in the present, please keep with us.

You always have my vote and whatever votes proxy me.

There's so much Quality in the Ranks 20-40, it's really insane.

You basically overpay for the servers in the lower ranks, right? How big is the gap?

We have lots of great witnesses even further down, mobility is very low unfortunately.

The pay for backup witnesses declined rapidly after rank 21, but the top 70 or so should be able to run a single witness node at a profit. My setup consists of a couple more machines though, I think I'm more of less at break even right now.

I noticed that you wrote something about ass liking up there. Do we have a Crony Witness Gang problem coming up here on #HIVE?

I wouldn't go that far, it's not a new thing. People do communicate and ask each other for favours, that's normal human behaviour I assume.

A Witness is a political figure to some extent while being able to consist of multiple persons. Selfrestrain and Checks are at some points inevitable.

I think, the most important aspect to be on the top is to have some regular updates here on the chain, because many new people come over time and they may not be not knowing anything about you. And I hope, you are already doing advertising as part of your curation ?

My vote stands with you since long.

Well yes, the curangel compilations contain advertising. But that's not enough to compete with people who personally ask everyone who gives them the smallest bit of attention for a vote. Which I won't resort to.

Which I won't resort to.

You should not , I would not even do that. I advise, you do at least one post at least in couple of weeks, so that new people know you.

This saddens me, as you really should be up there. You do a lot for the chain and you've had my vote for a heckuva long time, even during our 'legacy chain' days. When Hive launched, your "Hive Invite" service was the very first way of bringing folks onto the shiny, new blockchain. You continue to contribute in many valuable ways, answering questions/issues in Discord, backing Curangel, and more. I hope this notice will bring more stake-weighted votes your way!

Thank you!

Thank you for all you've done to support the users of this network!

I was voting for your witness until very recently. The debt that the 20% HBD APR is putting on Hive stakeholders is an attack on their stored value. For that reason I had to remove my support for any witnesses voting for this unsustainable debt rate. I hope you can consider lowering your witness' APR to a more sustainable rate. I would love to support your witness with my small vote once again.

To make HBD useful it needs a bigger supply. The 20% lead to a few hundred k of HBD being printed per year. In relation to the rewards the chain gives out as well as to total marketcap that's nothing. We also have safeguards in place (haircut) to not end up in a death spiral like Luna.
I would say there's no need to worry about this, the situation is being monitored and we will react promptly when market conditions make it necessary.

There's nothing to change for me, because you're already one of my preferred witnesses atm. But anyhow, good luck finding more voters. 😀

Noooooo!! Don't shut down your node. It's one of the best and one of my favorite nodes. My bots agree with me 😁🤖😁

So.... PEOPLE please:


gave my vote a long ago. 🙏 and removed down a few votes, hope this will be a little help. your API is what I do use from time to time.

I am very firm in my convictions, I gave my vote for you a long time ago, since the time of the steemit, and I am not going to take it off. You do a lot for the community, the system, the people. Just such an unpleasant situation happened, do not give up and be positive! I understand your feelings, I also had an incomprehensible nonsense a few months ago, from which I stopped receiving income and making money here, which drives me into depression and anger. But you need to understand that you have the support of people, and many are grateful to you.

So here we are, as much as I hate when others do that, this is me asking for your witness votes.

I dont see asking the community to vote for your witness a bad thing, is how in such a large community it should be done since a lot of users actually dont know the witness or the work they do, large stake holders mostly do and i know theirs are the votes that matter the most but... As proven in the past getting the community's small users together can make a difference, vited a long time for you and im only 11K hp in weight but will continue to vote for you for the work you do ❤️

Good job! 👍

No-brainer. (:

I don't know what all the nodes and scripts and stuff does, but you have my vote 👍🏻


You already got mine!

Just learned about witnesses the other day. And I voted for you ☺️.
I really don't know anything about the platform yet coz I am still exploring it to learn. ☺️
Have a nice day


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I cannot remember how long I have voted. I guess our priorities changes.
All the best. If you come back online, do let us know.

I think you might have misinterpreted the title - I'm still here :D

ok, better put back my vote then.

Thank you!

You're welcome.

As for my support, I decided to give it years ago.

You got my vote and a retweet for what it's worth!

My vote on you is PERPETUAL, please, keep with us!

I'm coming to terms with the fact that people want hive to be run with business interest in mind. That's fine, I'll stay around a serve as an investor and backup witness - if shit ever hits the fan again I'll definitely be loud.

I hope you will get the few (hmm?) votes you need to go back to top 20. You always had mine (and @stemsocial's one).


What hardware are you using? I am curious about the cost break down

At its highest the node consisted of 12 machines with different specs at various locations. I've scaled down, and will probably try to have a small local node somewhere on one box after the hard fork, for which I estimate $3-400, but I'll decide that when the new version is running.

I noticed that too, I checked it from witnesses earlier today.

Not much HP to bring you up, but I voted you for a witness just now.

Also, maybe you can make a proposal to increase Hive witnesses since Hive is growing too. Maybe more witness means more fun? idk, noob here

Thank you. I'm sad to see it go, but that's life.

You should memo people with good HPs, it's not all bad asking for more support.

Just tell them what you do, because even me I only support those I know and have reached out me through comments or memos. You could be helping Hive but you might need to reach out more so they'll know about what you actually do.

It's called exposure ;)

Thank you for the kind advice. I've been playing this game many years ago, and got tired of it very quickly. In the end it comes down to politics, receiving and owing favors, and being influencable or at least having second thoughts on principles because it could cost votes.

I'll get comfortable in the backup witness chair, watch from afar, and might pop my head out again if there's a new idiot around who needs to be called out.

I guess this time means you either relax a bit or build something for Hive ;)

By the way, did you record your previous witness votes? Because it's either it remained constant or new people voted for witnesses except you. That 1MHP difference could be 1000-10000 new accounts with at least 100 HP or more. That could bump you up.

Haha gomen, the blog post was reblog just a week ago when I replied. I realized this was ~3 months ago XD

It's funny that it got around again, probably because the deadline was reached.

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