What is HIVE?

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What is HIVE? A fork of the Steem blockchain, and probably the most contentious hardfork of 2020.

In February 2020 Steemit Inc was purchased by Tron and along with it came 30% of the supply of Steem. Many in the community felt the acquisition and this large fund threatened decentralization, and in March, after a battle to control the top 20 witnesses, the network forked and Hive was born.

Paul Puey (Edge CEO) and I dive into the history, tech, & what's next for Hive.

We also put our money where our mouths are: we each decide whether to invest $100. This is not investment advice, we're just giving you a peek into our own portfolios and how we make decisions for ourselves. Keep in mind, I'm more interested in the team, the tech, and whether it's a cool project than in short term gains.

If you'd like a more in-depth look at Hive, this week I did a members-only interview with Hive dev, Dan Notestein. Dan helped bring together the team that launched Hive, and was employee number 2 all the way back to the early days of DPoS with BitShares -- it was just Dan Larimer and Dan Notestein in the beginning. We dive into the history of Steem, the controversy that surrounded the formation of Hive, and how the Hive tech works.

Watch the interview here: Naomibrockwell.com/memberships

To have your question answered on the show, send a message to https://cointr.ee/naomibrockwell

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The 30 day vesting and voting is only when it comes to voting for witnesses. You can power up and immediately vote on content.

Edit: The above was the one thing I think you needed to clarify a bit on the video, but that was pretty much it. I watched the live stream through the post on peakd, which I did not think was possible so that was pretty nice to see that I did not have to go over to Youtube or zoom to watch it.

That's a great qualifier that I should have made, thanks!
Awesome, Yeah I posted in advance hoping that this would be the case, awesome that you could watch it via peakd!

It was, I do not like going to Youtube and all their data tracking, I know I get tracked anyway, and if you are monetized over there you may be short one click, but I really liked just having it on peakd live.


For sure, I also encourage LBRY to watch things to avoid tracking!

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I don't know if you use Hive Keychain, but it's so easy! And it is so similar to MetaMask. Use Hive KEychain with Peakd.com, and you're set! Super easy!

Yeah, PeakD allows for embedded videos which is pretty good. I generally use hive.blog but PeakD is pretty convenient.

In capitals, HIVE is not a blockchain, but a cryptocurrency. "Hive" would be the way to type the name of the blockchain. (This matters.)

Thanks for the heads up!

wow so many things out there in hive

Hi JR! Thanks for watching the show today!! Great seeing you in the live chat :)

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Thank you both Paul and Naomi

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Naomi, I just finished watching a few minutes ago and I really appreciate how you and Paul took such a complex set of events, and broke it down in such an easy to understand (well, as easy as crypto can be...lol) way. I've said elsewhere I almost feel like I owe Justin a debt of gratitude for inadvertently giving me the impedus to research how all of this DPOS stuff works, which in turn ignited my passionate belief in this blockchain & community.

Back in June, I did a post called, The Story of the Steem Hostile TakeOver, as told by my GIFS and since you're obviously familiar with how it all went down, I thought it might give you a giggle or two. 😊

Speaking of gifs...

Exactly, bite size nuggets for digestion, that's the secret to education.

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Thanks so much for watching, glad it was useful!

I really like the subjective mining concept and believe the platform will thrive! Also, thank you for sharing such amazing content, Naomi and Paul!

Thanks so much for watching!

You certainly summed it up pretty well and glad it made the $100 grade now I don’t have to feel so bad about buying it lol

For real though even though I do use the service I have been on other chains and I find it strange how much “useable product” it has versus other projects yet people buzz more about others

I think the content mining concept was a ambitious idea and we’ll see if it takes hold but as the use cases grow there’s so many more ways to distribute and redistribute the inflation so who knows where this all goes

Will also be interesting to see what Justin does with steemit now that he realized he can’t port it onto TRON I am low key hoping they do a wSTEEM on tron so steem gets exposure to Trons yeild farming since it’s still so connected with HIVE it also flows into this ecosystem

The user interface on Steemit currently is worse due to the sidebar, it makes everything lopsided and I end up having to scroll horizontally right each time on any newsfeed or homepage.

Thank God for Hive and different user interfaces (UI) or flavors built on top of the Hive blockchain, like PeakD for example.

Thank for watching! I tend to agree, a lot of hype about things that aren't doing much, but hive is one of the more functional and interesting chains out there

hive is a BooomB

Sorry Joe Rogan, I got to watch Naomi Brockwell.

I enjoyed listening in and talking with the other viewers. You explained the situation well.


Thanks so much for watching and thanks for the beer!

No problem. Have fun.

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Good recap on events as they happened thanks Naomi and Paul.

KYC was sadly lacking when bought, obvious glaring errors made.

Fortunately what makes Hive, is the fact everyone who is invested is trying to move forward together. Never forgetting communities working together is our strength, all have ownership and a say.

Thanks for watching!

Awesome, the only reason I returned to crypto was Hive, once I heard it existed. Was on steem since 2016 but when it slowly went under I thought there was no way back, but then Hive arrived!

Yeah it's exciting :)

I thought that hive had more time, but it is really a baby in diapers (due to the time it has) but I could say that it has surpassed steemit, although of course I will not despise steemit since thanks to that social network I met this blockchain world . but I liked learning more about this hive social network, thanks to you.

Thanks for watching!

It would be great to see HIVE frontends integrating LBRY for video.
Hive only stores text on the actual blockchain and I hate having to got you Youtube to watch videos on Hive posts.
There are also DTube and 3Speak as video options that work with HIVE, but it would be great to see closer LBRY integration.

Yeah for sure, I'd love to see that too!

Thanks for the article. I can imagine more clearly

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