Taking a Look Back To See How Far We've Come

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I like to go back and read this post by Dan L. https://hive.blog/steem/@dan/steemit-s-evil-plan-for-cryptocurrency-world-domination back when this whole idea was new and fresh and the possibilities were endless. I like to take a trip back from the start, to remember why I'm doing what I'm doing. Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the thick of the journey, to become lost in the cause, so much so you forget why you took the first step in the first place.

When I got into Steem, it was because of Quora censorship. I went down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and a lot of the great content I was reading was from this unique site called steemit. After hundreds of answers, countless hours and eventually earning "top writer" for 2018 for my work in 2017, I quit Quora. No goodbyes. I had experienced first hand the censorship on Quora, and what it created was this sorta "invisible rules" where top writers would shy away from certain topics, it was like Quora was molding writers to fit their agenda.

The reason I quit Quora was because I like to be free, fly, not have anything weighing me down. Of course, I never shy away from anything, I kept writing, more passionate, rawer, more controversial. Before I know it several of my answers were taken down without notice, some had hundreds of thousands of views and 100's of comments, erased. I never like being an unwelcome guest in anyone's home so I left centralized Quora and joined Steem and never looked back.

Joining Steem back in the day this was before I had made good money in crypto, before the start of the 2017 bull run. I was a blogger, blogging trying to earn my skin in the game, meet new people, but most importantly, understand how the technology works. One reason I don't like to hop from project to project is it is really fucking hard to understand this stuff, it took so long for bitcoin to click, and it took nearly 6 months for the idea of Steem to finally click, and when it did I experienced a sense of joy that was very deep. I understood we had a way out.

What got me interested as an investor was the idea of SMTs. Immutable, tokenized communities. Ah, just saying it wakes the bull up inside me every time. What a wonderful invention. I always viewed Hive as sorta a futuristic city, like something out of StarWars.


You see all these wild characters, some rough, some nice, you have all these crazy alien ways of securing your account and storing your data. Just a decade ago none of this existed, now we are talking about creating our own digital communities with tokens, it's just mind-blowing.

What always gave me the StarWars image when viewing Hive was this post from Dan L. The idea of market places, sovereign currency, immutable communities, games, art, everything and anything all tied together by this invisible force called a blockchain.


If I was to say where we are we are smack in the middle of Dan Ls original plan. We are seeing marketplaces pop up, communities are formed and now we are moving to the final phase, which is a decentralized sidechain with smart contracts.

The social aspect of our blockchain, rewarding content with tokens, was the Trojan horse that injected our blockchain far into the world. We have the hardest thing to achieve, which is a network effect. Now, we are building the tools for second layer apps to build on top of Hive.

What is cool about Hive is it is so scalable that we are even creating smart contracts on the second layer, to make layer 1 as agnostic as possible and to do the job of storing text data in the most efficient way possible.

The second layer is where the apps live, how they build and interact with Hive.

Dan L said it here:

"Think of a side-chain as a Facebook app. It will allow developers to build new games. It will allow people to issue their own currencies. All kinds of robust financial instruments can be built on the back of the Steem Dollar and the Steem network."

When app developers come here, they should have an easy to use the tool kit to plug n play features from Hive directly into their projects. Hive-Engine allows smart contracts, so you get the 1, 2 punch of scalability + feature-rich toolsets.

Another quote from Dan that I thought was interesting.

"We can support a paypal-like checkout process that any website can integrate."

This would be amazing for people to insert "feeless, censorship-resistant tipping" to their sites. Patreon features have been in high demand for a while and if Hive has the capability I believe we should look to get those features built.

I also saw this which was cool:
"We have no plans for doing digital good distribution on our own at this time, but it would be trivial to add." - With Hive-Engine we do have digital good distribution.

Hive being as simple as it is on the base layer really gives it an edge over other blockchains. Smart contracts on layer 2 mean layer 1 can scale more easily. Once layer 2 is decentralized we can have some very powerful, trusted smart contracts to do all the things blockchains like Ethereum can do, except we can do it with zero fees.

When the tide resides, the naked ones (aka chains that haven't scaled) will be shown for what they are. The defi hype can and went quickly, I'd say mostly due to pricing out most of the market with high gas fees. The foundation brought on by the mini defi boom is what we should be hawking, attaching to, and building a bridge with, and layer 2 helps with all of this.

When you sit back and really think about Hive, and the possibilities of what we can accomplish here, it always makes me super excited to get back to buidling! And when I look at that old post by Dan L, and compare to where we are now, all done by the community, it brings be great confidence in the future of Hive.


I understand what you are saying that chopping and changing between projects is difficult as just understanding them takes plenty of thought and time. Hive seems to have everything and we just need to add the things to make it even better now.

mind telling me WTAF this means??

Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 1.05.31 PM.png

because from my end it looks Hypocritical Frankly.



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I can't even bring myself to fight these guys anymore. I was thankful when @blocktrades gave us the ability to optout of blacklists with HF24. That was a real win for free speech.

If @theycallmedan wants to support his investment by running users off then I guess so be it. Its a weird world out here.

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persistent refusal to stop deceiving/exploiting the community with mass plagiarism.

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We politely offered the user to appeal the blacklist with a very lenient appeal.

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Instead, all the responses that we have ever received from this user were hundreds of particularly vulgar insults and persistent trolling all over the platform.

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Now we don't have Ned, There is a high chance that Dan L will take HIVE as his side project.

I saw Dan L's interview with Charlie Shrem last month he still loves our community.

Even Vitalik loves our community!

I'm certain our HIVE will have it's magic moment within next few months :)

Maybe now he regrets what he did to Steemit.

Let's not judge anyone.

Steve Jobs hired John Sculley and John throw Steve Jobs out of Apple.
Steve Jobs did came back to apple make Apple great again

It can happen to HIVE and Dan L

One thing I came to appreciate is that we have a lot more time than we think. Work must be measured in years not months. We should go fast, but it's still a marathon. We're past the point of no return we will get there.

Just starting to get serious with HIVE and it is definitely a game changer. Will be getting more friends to join this wonderful community!

The use cases are awesome and what the community is doing now is a scratch on the surface.

HIVE is really something else. It was so easy to implement HIVE Token payments into my woocomerce store and have it display HIVE HBD and my own Token JAHM, or any other HIVE engine Token. The market places are here and can be easily expanded by the community.

We have some really dedicated people here doing some amazing things and I am glad to be part of it. There are so many tools we can use to prepare for the future that is being birthed.


what is the use of implementation if you don't have users ?? Have you even sold a single item against hive/HBD???

I've bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of splinterlands cards and resold many for a nice profit. I've bought NFT art recently, even bought a painting that was mailed to me. I also pay my employees in Hive and I accept Hive as payments for pretty much anything I want to sell.

You are off the topic. I was curious about the physical (or even digital in some cases) items as he was talking about ecommerce

To tell you the honest truth I haven't even started to promote the items I offer for HIVE and JAHM, as I am experimenting with HIVE and other cryptos, there really is no rush. But the point is seeing what is possible and being ready.

Everything is possible, at least hypothetically but the main thing is implementation buddy.

Hmmm your wording sounds familiar 🤔

But indeed implementation is everything. Even if the world isn't ready, we gotta be ready, even if there aren't any users , we must be the users. Your words motivated me to get this post out I was delaying waiting for perfection. Thanks dude!


Patreon features have been in high demand for a while and if Hive has the capability I believe we should look to get those features built.

Do not be surprised to see those cats over at Leofinace to bring that out in the next few months.

if nothing changed you already have patreon like option for hive (it was down because of hard fork problems, but think it should work now)

What happened to Hive seems dead

@theycallmedan me maravillo de las cosas tan asombrosas que he podido descubrir en "HIVE" tengo muy poco tiempo pero reflexiones como la que acabas de realizar, y el post que acabas de recomendar me hace pensar que estoy caminando por el camino correcto, a de mas de las grandes personas que se encuentran aquí que de vez de censurarte te dan esa mano amiga desinteresada, ayudándote a surgir en lo personal y espiritual, me encanta leer tus post ya que hace reflexionar mucho como debemos ir poco a poco mejorando y amando a HIVE de verdad gracias por este post vamos por el camino correcto 😀 👍

I myself just hope that the Trojan Horse is allowed to stand and be admired for another two years, to get the user that the second layer application will need. We have a small dedicated group of daily users, it still needs to grow, yet before the final portion of stabilizing the foundation is done people are already talking about burning the Trojan Horse in anticipation of non existent or very few second layer applications.

PoB on the main layer isnt going anywhere anytime soon IMO. If anything a few tweaks are being talked about in which makes both camps happy (people pro/agaisnt PoB on the 1st layer) and we will see those play out, and if still the debates comes up we can talk about it then.

is there any building in this direction? Like some teams build on different steps for the project? We have the Dao, I would love to see these funds would be used by one foundation or person ( like you for example) that order the work to devs.

I would vote for something like that and would help to organize if needed.

The best way in my opinion is for someone with a lot of trust (like you) collects funds from DAO ( with a plan) and spends these funds to realize the plan. It would work 100x better than 100 proposals. It would be also easier to follow progress and reporting.

Smts and the "Issue solving point posts" was a nice way to follow progress. They are close to being ready onchain, but it feels these days nobody cares.

I love this dream, but it feels like a dream.

Edit: I think members of different developers under one team leader would organizing and funding easier. Reporting for completed tasks would also be easier to communicate.

And there would be enough space for different teams who use the DAO funds for different utilization. For example marketing.

Right now it is a bit scattered, efforts to consolidate coding work is ongoing. it is far from just a dream, real work and funding are going into building all of the things needed to fulfill the original vision of this post.

I think the DAO will mature and will be more widely used. But right now some of us investors are just self-funding these efforts to expedite them.

Sounds really good. I think if we have "one leader proposals" in DAO that sell a project to the community ( SMts, massaging, or whatever), the project leader also can hire from the community to realize it.

This should work much smoother.

@theycallmedan what do you think will be the hive token in the future of this blockchain? I would love to see more ways to use it.

Bro who's working on that massaging?
I need my feet attended to dang I'm hyped!


we come so far with the hive community and leave steemit behind

Patreon features have been in high demand for a while and if Hive has the capability I believe we should look to get those features built.

Not sure are we thinking about the same options, but it is kinda here. it works, it has it's problems but it works (if they did not change something)

So after 5+ years, Steem and Hive is still failing to complete the broader vision that is mentioned in Dan post.

We can reach on top let focus on building these features.

What could go wrong if the very same chaps when Dan mentioned it are the ones still in charge of the development to complete the broader vision? Huh? };)

Don't know ,what to say..
Can I keep my hope for tomorrow..

Oh! of course. Keep your hopes. Whether it be for tomorrow or 5+ years more won't make any difference my dear friend. Hahahaha

We keep going no matter what

Once layer 2 is decentralized we can have some very powerful, trusted smart contracts to do all the things blockchains like Ethereum can do, except we can do it with zero fees.

I thought, layer 2 is already decentralized and we just need to promote usage of it. Isn't that true ? If not, is there a plan to get it done soon ?

Layer 2 cannot meddle with historic data, but atm, with few to one node, layer 2 is vulnerable to in the moment attacks. We are currently working with the Hive-Engine team to create a mutlienode system and what is being drawn up is simply amazing. Will share soon once things are more polished and presentable. But coding is actively underway.

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no matter how much you guys try to shill this shit is near to the end, you alone cannot stop it while surrounded by all greeds around you. Have a great day, thank you.

'The naked once' love that phrase :))

Hugs from Cumaná. Once our Liberator of Venezuela, Simón Bolivar, said if he could turn back time. His publication also has that sense, at my age I would also not only want to stop time, but also, I would like to return to my old days, my time of student for example. In any case, when there are successes like yours, we can also say that we have a good time, thanks to yesterday's lessons. Greetings from Cumaná-Venezuela.

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