Three years and a day on the Hive Blockchain

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Yesterday, after yet another crazy-awesome #HiveChat on Twitter, and whilst chatting with some friends about Tarot Tuesday and the equinox, I got a notification on Discord that I'd received a new comment on my Hive blog, announcing that I'd been on the Hive blockchain for three years...


Sure enough, I checked my profile over on the @hivebuzz site, and found this beauty added to my collection...
3 years on Hive blockchain award from HiveBuzz


I thought it would be fun to do a quick look back on my blockchain blogging experience, so I started searching through all my posts... then next thing I knew it was today! 😂

However, all that scrolling did help me finally bookmark some posts (like the ones I did last year for #Steemblopomo which in November 2020 will be #Hiveblopomo, hosted by the surprisingly named @hiveblopomo account), and it brought me to my very first posts on the blockchain (back when it was going by that other name, before the Sun decided to essentially burn it all down).

Here is my very first post, called waves hello to the Steemit community (although judging from the time stamp of the comment by @hivebuzz underneath my post, I think this was actually on September 26th, 2017)...

Hey all!

I'm wicked new to this space, but I've been on the interwebz for longer than I can to admit. Until I get the lay of the land, I'll keep this brief - and what's briefer than a Twitter bio? Here's mine -

Wordsmith. Tarot reader. Witch. G33k. Shutterbug. Blogger.

Oh, and my little corner of the 'net is over at I even have a shiny new widget with my Steemit profile link (for verification purposes, of course).

Since I've developed a bit of a reputation as a selenophile (which, according to all the cool kids, means "a person who loves the moon"), I figured sharing a shot of the November 2016 Supermoon (taken in my Seacoast, NH backyard) would be the logical choice for my intro.

Happy steeming!

From my first post on Steem/Hive

And as I've long suspected, I was right - my first handful of posts were essentially teasers about my "real" posts on WordPress, complete with a link so you could leave the blockchain to go read my post... 🤦‍♀️

Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries – Simple Rituals and Infographic for October 5th 2017 in #witchcraft • 3 years ago

For a few years now, I've been creating graphics like this (using various photographs I've taken) for my Witchy Wednesday blog posts. Given my first post here featured this Full Moon shot from the November 2016 Supermoon, I thought sharing today's infographic was particularly apropos.

From - Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries – Simple Rituals and Infographic for October 5th 2017

Luckily, I broke that habit pretty quick, got into the swing of things, and then the-now-unfortunately-named-but-soon-to-be-rebranded @steempress arrived on the scene, so I could automatically publish posts both on WordPress and Hive.

And while searching through Hive to figure out what I should use for blogiversary tags, I stumbled upon a post by @revisesociology, where he shared his stats from @leofinance's awesome site, HiveStats, so I thought I'd steal his idea do the same!

All time earnings on the Hive Blockchain

From LeoFinance - all time earning stats on Hive


At the moment, since Hive is currently worth about $0.16 USD each, that means that my overall earnings from writing posts for the past three years on the Hive blockchain is $811.48, and from curating posts (since when I upvote other people's posts, I actually get back some of that via curation rewards) is $155. Definitely not enough to retire on any time soon, but honestly at this point I'm looking at this as a long term investment - not only money-wise, but social media wise.

For me, the biggest draw right now is the ability to own my social media (no one can delete anything I put on the Hive blockchain), see everything that the content creators I follow post (rather than what some ubiquitous algorithm decides), and interact with one of the most passionate and dedicated communities I've ever known.

I can't wait to see what the next three years and a day on the Hive blockchain will bring!


Thanks for stopping by!

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Speaking of witch which...

I have one billion many homes on the interwebz.
Here are a few...



I'M Pressed!

@frankbacon press.jpeg

Welcome to the 3-year club! As a fan of threes I'm going to put out the good juju that this will be a great year on Hive! So happy to have crossed paths on here and I know it's only a matter of time before we get to meet in 3d life. 😉

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Thanks, @plantstoplanks and yes, I'm a fan of threes myself! I can't wait until we can actually start to plan hanging out at some cool spot in the seacoast NH area (and fingers crossed that it doesn't take three years to get to that point 😂). However until then, being able to virtually chat with your virtually every day will do for now. 💚

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Happy blogversary! 😍🎂

Thanks so much, @arrliinn! I just noticed that you beat me here by about three months - a belated happy blogiversary to you as well! 😊

Happy 3rd Anniversary with our community Traci

For me, the biggest draw right now is the ability to own my social media (no one can delete anything I put on the Hive blockchain)

Love this quote

Thank you, @nathanmars and I appreciate everything you're doing for our community!

happy third year anniversary... I am also three years and some days on the blockchain

Thank you, dear @bhoa but, dang! Did I miss your blogiversary? Hope it was a happy one, and thank you for everything you've been doing to support our blockchain home.

Congratz Love, a 😘 from me and a 😘😘 from my boss 😉

😘😘 right back to you and your human! And thanks for being such an awesome bot on the blockchain - I can always count on you visiting my posts, and being a bright spot even during the bear-ish of times!

So good to see that you have now joined the 3 year club Lady Traci and you have done so much more in that 3 years than many of us.
Certainly deserved and certainly loved ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Aww, thank you very much, Sir Stephen! Happy to be counted among amazing people such as yourself who have been here for the long haul. Much love back to you and yours. ❤️ ❤️

You are way more special my dear friend.
Glad that you made it and we will talk again when you have made the 10 years 😄
Hope that you have a lovely weekend!

Happy anniversary, I hope we can all have three or more of them to come.

Thanks, @bashadow - I hope so as well, with many more after that to boot! 😊

Three years and a day! Congratulations. Thanks for all you do here. You're a seriously positive influence in this community!

(p.s. how much do I owe you for the awesome compliment... 😂 😉 )

Compliments are always free!

Yay! My favorite price!

happy hiveniversary!! infinite blessings and may we have many years of your magic and your dedication to the community here,

Much appreciate your blessings, @fmbs25 and thank you so much for all your support. Bright blessings to you in return, dear lady! 🌒🌕🌘

Happy Hiversary! :-)


I bet you didn't know I'm a week older than you which, in blockchain years, equals like a gazillion days or something.

I can't believe I just told the tarot, non-witchy (that's 'witchy' with a W!), gangster-gif makin queen 'I bet you didn't know.'

Bad Dandays, bad!!

😉 Mwah! @traciyork. I won't even say anything about anything else cuz you already know what I'm gonna say anyway.

No, I did not know that @dandays and wow - you don't look a day older than half a gazillion days older than me...

counts on fingers and toes

Yeah, I think that math adds up, so no worries - I save my frog spell casting for peeps who hurt my brain in other ways...

Oh, and thanks for giving me an excuse to make yet another gif. Much love to you and the missus. 🤗

Considering the current state of confusion the world is sharing, I'm not gonna say anything about what it looks like she's doing. 🤭

You're the best!

Perseverance pays off! Glad you stuck around, and switched the Hive!

I'm wicked glad as well, @jacobtothe and thanks! Glad to see so many OG people still here as well. 😊

Congratulations on 3 days. Cheers to another 3 and beyond!

LOL! Thanks, @enjar - I'm already almost at another 3 days, and I appreciate your support! 😂

I blame a 3 AM enjar. Autocorrect for everything else though ;p

Congratulations and welcome to the 3 year club @traciyork, although you're way ahead of many of us not just here but also what you do for Hive on Twitter! Much admiration, I don't know how you do it but with people like you we will take Hive to the moon and beyond, enjoy the journey!

Thanks so much, @lizelle for your congrats and kind words - funny though, how often I still feel like a newbie here... 😂 But that's also one of the things I like - there's always something new to learn, so it's great for my not-so-new brain.

(and if you could see the state of my house, you wouldn't wonder as much where I get the!).

Very happy to have such wonderful people as yourself to hang out with on this interesting journey - thanks again for dropping by!

Congratulations! It only proves the longevity of the platform!

I completely agree, @bagofincome and thanks so much! 😊

I can't believe I beat you to the blockchain - by about 3 months! But then, again, I fled for a while after flailing about. I'm glad I returned and that we fell over each other in one or other Discord chat...crossing continents and timezones. What a three year ride it has been...

Thanks for all you do for this community and for the wicked awesomesauce positive energy you inject into what is often a challenging space.

Hope to be here with you when Hive moons and beyond!

LOL! That gif is killing me - I might have to give that the Hive treatment, along with the one that Joan shared... 😂

And yes, I did some stumbling about for a bit when I first got here, but I'm so glad we flailed into each other and connected on Discord - I can't imagine what blockchain life would be like without you in it. Thank you also for all your wicked awesomesauce support and guidance - can't wait until we get to break bread together at the Sandbag table... 💜💜

Likewise! Perhaps that breaking of bread at our table at the Sandbag House is going to be momentous! 😻🤗

Congratulations! It has been a wild ride with the St++m takeover and other drama. I believe in the potential of Hive and will do what I can to help it grow. At one point my stake was worth almost $100k! Maybe it can get there again. We have the technology and we have a good community. Just need the world to know about it.


Thanks, @steevc and I agree - a while ride indeed! I've said elsewhere that I almost feel like I should thank JS for inadvertently giving me an education in DPOS, blockchain technology, and solidifying my believe in our Hive home. I have no doubt that eventually the world will know, then we can all toast each other with our cyber !BEER while enjoying the view from the moon. 😊

We all learnt a lot from the JS experience, e.g. how you can take over a blockchain. I think Hive will be much more resilient. I keep shouting it out, but need to reach even more people.

I think we're going to see more people showing up in the relatively near future. I keep thinking of Hive as still a work in progress - the foundation is laid, the basic structure has been built, but the walls are still just sheetrock and we haven't even gotten to pick out paint colors yet. I know that once @steempress releases its new branding/dashboard, I'm going to really promote the blockchain to my WordPress friends, and I'm hoping that won't be too long after the Eclipse hard fork.

There are a few things that still need to improve, but we are getting there.

Having just seen something going on over on Twitter it strikes me that rather than the 'alt-right' we might want k-pop fans to discover Hive as they are really committed, but then Koreans seem to prefer St++m.

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Happy Hive Birthday @traciyork

so proud of you!!!!

Thanks, twin! 😂 💜

Congratulations for wonderful 3 years on the blockchain. Many more to come

Thank you so much, @alokkumar121 - much appreciate your well wishes! 😊

Keep going Traci always fun to check the cards....

LMAO! I've seen that gif before, Joan but it totally caught me by surprise & gave me a wicked big belly laugh. Thanks so much - and now I may have to put a Hive spin to it and add it to the Tenor collection... 😂

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Congrats to 3 years Traci, let's hope for many more and a little bulls knocking around :)

Thanks, Asher! And yes, that would be nice... 😂

Happy Hiversary Young Lady, it's always cool to look back on the experiences that we create and the help we have given others @traciyork!

Happy Hiversary Young Lady, it's always cool to look back on the experiences that we create and the help we have given others @traciyork!