The Hive Blockchain Has Launched Successfully! Recap and Helpful Information

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Hello there, Hive. What a day we've had!

Welcome to the new Hive blockchain. We've been up and running for more than 24 hours now, so this is a good time to take a quick look at the launch and what's coming up for the immediate future.

#hivehasarrived ... a cool asset provided by community member @derangedvisions

The Hive blockchain launch went incredibly smoothly given the pressure and effort involved in getting a hardfork ready in such a tight window.

The passionate team of developers who went above and beyond to produce the changes needed for Hive did an amazing job (and got very, very little sleep.) Hardforks always have a chance of finding "an edge case" when they go live, so being prepared for anything is necessary. Hive came alive, slowly worked through the operations that needed to done, produced first blocks and transactions, and has been moving steadily ever since. No stalls or crashes, fast blocktimes, all good. It has been a huge win for the whole community to start us off!

This is a short post with a few important points of information. In the coming weeks, there are a number of important things that need to be addressed that we'll be posting about here:

  • There will be a future hardfork to upgrade Hive, make some fixes, and bring more features online
  • We'll make a post about those who were skipped in the first airdrop discussing the script for the exclusions and letting the community decide if the tokens held in reserve should be distributed. We will also talk about the Hive DHF (Decentralised Hive Funding), or HiveDAO, and how it can be used in this situation and others to help collect community feedback
  • The hive code repo is open source and public at: . The condenser repo (for front ends) is being worked on actively to finish up the MVP to a higher standard than previous iterations, and then will also be public. This code is open source as well.
  • The Hive ecosystem is coming alive! It's still very early, but many apps and projects are coming online, and we'll be making sure to help spread the word about useful services in the ecosystem to help your transition to Hive. is a good place to submit your OWN project, but also to learn about what's going on around the Hive.

Remember that the goal of Hive is to move towards true decentralized community development, and that anyone can contribute whatever they like! This is your place to live, play and work, so make it what you want to see.

A few final important notes:

  • wallets are being actively worked on and will be ready 🔜™️, so if you are wanting secure ways to make wallet transactions, the wallet, as well as the new Hive Vessel are available. There are a number of familiar wallets and sites being ported right now, so if you're okay with waiting, you will have a number of options. If you started a powerdown on Steem, it will still be in place on Hive! Don't forget to stop it if you need to.
  • If you already have an account on Steem, then you have an account waiting for you here on Hive! You can read more in depth at our info post if you need a refresher. If you're new, or want to onboard someone new, then you can check a few signup options at There will be more available in the future- this is only to start!
  • Key safety still matters! Please consider using Hive Keychain (still under review by the app stores, but here's a great tutorial) or HiveSigner (the new Hive version of Steemconnect). Both will be supported by and has already integrated them, alongside their own PeakLock. Most apps and frontends have already begun work or do work with a key management solution like one of these.
  • Remember that your witness votes from Steem will carry over to Hive. Whichever blockchain you use, votes are available. You are part of governance, so this is an excellent time to start fresh and discover all of the dedicated witnesses in both ecosystems. Many people worked hard to bring Hive to life, and some are witnesses. Please review your votes on Hive as often as you feel like, and vote according to what you want to see and to those you want to support. There are a huge amount of witnesses, from consensus (top twenty) to backup, and they should all be part of your considerations if you believe they are the right fit.
  • Exchanges are working on getting up and running. Right now, Ionomy has full, limited time fee free trading enabled. The other exchanges listing Hive are already working on getting their trading pairs online. There are 6 more exchanges who are working on the airdrops, with some of them also working on a listing. However, these things do need to be done safely, and take a lot of behind the scenes tech support, so please note that this process can take a little while.

The Hive is buzzing, and that's thanks to people like YOU. The spirit and energy around the chain are invigorating.... make this a time to start fresh and spread your wings.

🐝 EDIT: our fumble fingered worker bee needed to refresh the post while making it and was so excited they forgot to decline the rewards. These will be powered up so this account no longer needs delegation, and will continue to decline rewards in the future. Sorry!


Great job @hiveio

Thanks for your information.
But I am included in the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List.
I set @justyy as proxy a few months ago.
After that, I didn't manage that.
I'm innocent.

I don't think I should bear the consequences for what I did a few months ago.

What else can I do now?
Can you help me?

Dear @hiveio, @blocktrades

I've been wondering how could I trade HBD to hive token?

We had SBD at the moment when airdrop happened and I would require liquid hive to provide delegators with weekly payouts. Right now we're powering down to get some liquid hive token. However I would rather like to keep our stake untouched and see where new HIVE chain will take us.

@project.hope team

Steem is dead and with loco Sun your state wound be worth much
anymore in much longer. Best bet is to state on Hive, still will go somewhere.

Thanks for the announcement.

Hive page is up on CoinGecko:

We will be continually adding and tracking any public marketplace that trades Hive.

Our account transferred from Steemit. However, when we want to submit a post it says that we are "lacking post authority". Can anybody explain why is it so?

This would mean that the app you're posting from has no post authority, meaning you have not authorised it to post for you, or you have not provided a valid posting key for your own account (to the Hive Keychain, for example). You posted a comment, which requires post authority. Use the same app and you'll be able to post.

This was not the case. I posted this comment from the same place as I tried to post the piece. After this issue, without me doing anything, and after a few times I tried to do it again, I published the article. HOWEVER :-D, once I wanted to edit it, I once again couldn't do it because of another issue (I don't remember what it was). Anyhow, I hope these things can be resolved ;-)

Hive on ....?

THis is so cool man. I am loving HIVE and its progress within a few days. Thank you.

Hi guys, the image upload isn't working😭

Try meanwhile. It has image upload. That or use an external provider like Imgur or ImgBB.

Is Blocktrades ready to move STEEM from there to here yet? I can't get into Seemit today, anyhow, but I'd like to get my stake over there moved here ASAP

Thanks for your information. But I've no idea why I am included in the blacklist of hive. I'm a blogger on steem for 3 years. Though I have 5000+ steempower, I do not get any airdrop. Could you please give more details about how to change my current situation? Many thanks!!

Keep it up the good working! I really believe this will become something great! :)

gj guys!

Hi, until now my hive wallet is not working "Access denied". Is it the case for everybody ? Do I have to wait or do I have to do something? Tks

This is the case for everyone, devs are working on fixing the front end for the wallet. You can however already access it on if you want!

The hive wallet is still getting up and running. The wallet on is up and running. Try that!

Thank you! Really looking forward to the future of hive. It's gonna be epic!

Im hyped for Hive!

Why am I not able to post on hive getting message - don't have posting authorithy. Please answer. I am so tired of so much fighting, I supported steem winesses and community and I get message that I don't have posting authority.



I was excited for HIVE but now, with me not able to post in HIVE and also not able to withdraw my liquid steem I am tired, and fed up with this whole steem stuff. DAMMIT


Let me try and help you. Most exchanges are currently not yet accepting deposits/withdrawals of Steem as they are sorting out everything on their side. Nothing much any of us can do but wait. You can use but the price is super volatile there due to low volume.

The Missing Posting Authority is an error that gets send and does not mean you are not allowed to post. It just means that there currently was a problem matching your posting key. I see you managed to made this comment, so I assume this is resolved? If not please let me know what you are using to log in at the moment.

I have the same prob. But votes and comments work, just not contributions.

Have you tried posting on was having some issues.

Great work.. I've been peripherally involved in roll-outs and this one was smooooth..

It doesn't hurt that PeakD was around to help out with an interface too..

Loving the new vibe tbh

Just some design feedback:
The first page users see should be the "Get your hive account today" Not the big black page with all the info.
Put the black page with all the information below the "Get your account today"
It's really off-putting to see that black page and red text will all the info on it.
If new users are truly important, better onboarding design and thought should be done.

Better onboarding definitely needed and I think in the works., imo is a placeholder until other front ends get going ( already is). But yes I think there are some plans for onboarding specifically but this will be a community project in every sense of the word.

So I think the current group is just getting things started, then it will be turned over to the community and everyone can/will be involved.

We as a community will have to self organize to solve these issues, which I actually think is really exciting 🙏

a community marketing dept would be cool, so we can better organize on social media, for cooperation....

yeah, i like not having Steemit in the way any more! that sucked so hard.

It's so exciting to see everything is moving forward. Thank you for the updates!

Thanks for these update. Hive on!

Can we please see hiveio official updates go to the development fund, or burned?

Decline rewards is the plan for this account, this post just happened to have a slight error as it was refreshed during.

An edit was added to the end of the post to show this mistake - but yes I think everyone agrees this account will not be used to accept rewards etc.

EDIT: our fumble fingered worker bee needed to refresh the post while making it and was so excited they forgot to decline the rewards. These will be powered up so this account no longer needs delegation, and will continue to decline rewards in the future. Sorry!

Great, thank you, I didn't see the edit at the time I was reading the post. I'm sick at the moment so my attention to detail isn't what it normally is!

In the post it states there will be information soon about the appeal process to those who did not receive an airdrop due to a specific criteria of action made by their account.

So it looks like he clearly would be able to participate in such a thing. Hopefully that information helps inform the community and then they can decide together how to move forward.

Yes, I hope @steemchiller sets up shop over here... I know he feels a little hurt and left out at the moment and he does have some excellent design and coding skills... and SteemWorld was a hugely popular app. We could definitely use a "HiveWorld" here!


Hive deserves the @steemchiller world

I second your opinion.

I’d love to have running here. My most used service on Steem!

I second this, @steemchiller is a big part of this community.

100% agreed!!!

Yes please!

It's amazing what has been achieved so far! Proud of everyone who was involved in making this happen <3 Time to look to the future and less at the past. I hope people appreciate the opportunities that lie in front of us.

Cheers all!

This is the official 'thank you' comment, from me. You're welcome.

Congrats to the entire team responsible for making it a reality. Good job everyone!

Hive has already proven it is far better than the current steemit.

Kudos to all developers who worked day and night. We will bring about the change we wanted to see. ❤️

I shared this post on Twitter here:

You've done great job! Congrats! Long live HIVE!

Awesome, all of this but I can't help loving this part:

Remember that the goal of Hive is to move towards true decentralized community development, and that anyone can contribute whatever they like! This is your place to live, play and work, so make it what you want to see.

Exciting times! :<)

Thanks for the headsup - good speedy implementation. Got a lot questions on potential exchanges. Fingers crossed this community project will become a success and proof dpos is a great model. Good to see some key blockchain gurus proactive comment and appreciate the initiative.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in getting Hive up and running!

Thanks for your information offered in this post!

I wonder why I am included in the HIVE AIRDROP EXCLUSION LIST like @cnfund and @mrspointm. I have been in the platform of steem since 2017 and insist on writing every day.

I really appreciate it if you could share some ways to help me to appeal.

Dumb question here but does the hive wallet mean it will also have an internal market to trade HBD and HIVE?

Yes, the internal market is implemented directly in blockchain, just need a frontend for that.

Thanks for the answer I really appreciate it

No dumb questions only dumb answers, most likely? 😅

lol I’ve read enough posts on the Blockchain to know certain tech questions get a triggered response

Those are just the triggered individuals responding... everything they say is!

excellent question... there should be a market already, just not frontend for it

yeah has to be

Sweet! Lol I just don’t want HBD I want more hive power! All about powering up now

First, I'd like to thank the dedicated coders that have sweated blood to make this happen in a timely way. I can't thank you enough, but I can use simple words to express my gratitude: thank you.

Second, there are questions we all need answered, and I suspect many of them will be asked many times, requiring repeated attention. I will attempt to ask them here, so they are highly visible and hopefully aren't repeated, and to only ask what I suspect are questions that haven't arisen already.

I have a footer I put at the bottom of my posts that was made for me, because I am not a coder and am incompetent to make one myself (thanks to @sjennon for that free assistance at the beginning of my blockchain journey!). I note it remains usable even though it points to Steem and Stinc. Hive may not yet be prepared to host images, or they may be handled differently here. I dunno, but I have requested specific information on my first Hive post at the bottom of the (lengthy and seemingly interminable) screed. Please enable my rewriting of that footer so that Steem is no longer a part of it.

I do not have a bank account, and don't want one, because I have no intention of supporting thievery. As a result ordinary exchanges are not available to me, but I do want to dump liquid Steem and SBD (I intend to remain powered up on Steem to vote non-sock puppet witnesses, and for no other reason) to exchange it for Hive and HBD. Is this even possible? If it is, how can I do it?

Finally, I am convinced this transition to Hive after Steem was taken over by a hostile state-level actor that has been purchasing other decentralized entities promoting freedom is an historic event. Much of the discussion, planning, and work was necessarily undertaken behind the scenes and secretly, to prevent alerting Sun Yuchen and his agents that would have used any information to prevent it. As a result neither we, the immediate beneficiaries of that effort, nor our posterity, who will be utterly clueless as to how Hive happened, have much idea how that happened.

Please do write down that historic undertaking right away, while recollections are fresh, so that what can be preserved for posterity may soon be published.

I am sure I have argued with and offended most, if not all of those involved, at one time or another, because I am excessively verbose, argumentative, and ornery. I regret nothing, because if I was wrong and found out, I changed my mind, and probably apologized, and if I wasn't, ya'll had it coming, and more of it too. Even so, I am aware that one mole doesn't mar beauty, and we likely agree on far more than we disagree. Here, today, that is what matters most.

So, again, thank you for this deft response to imposition of totalitarian governance on free and voluntarist society.

The Hive is buzzing, and that's thanks to people like YOU.

Hey nice to read, but from my perspective it's more like: Because some others did a good job :D

Brilliant stuff guys, I'm really happy to have made this journey with you. I'm very excited for the future. Hive on!

Hive forever!

Buzz buzz 🐝

We won over Justin Sun, we need to celebrate, but all bars are closed here hehe.

Great work you guys did, we appreciate all the sleepless night.

I am a representative from Hive Uganda Community.
Hive On, HiveisAlive

Much love for all your efforts, off to a very solid start ❤️

I'm glad the launch turned out great.

Congratulations for this huge achievement, all the best!

Super de nous donner de telles bonnes nouvelles. Je "resteeme" ou je "rehive" 😄 votre message.
Bonne chance pour la suite et bravo pour cette superbe opération.

Not bad, not bad at all. Good job on everything, get some rest, but not too much.

Cheers guys, happy to bee here!

Well you need hive credits or what ever they are called to respond to comments, and to make post, so a little in the power-up box is good. Delegations can always be removed.

Speaking of delegations, where do i go to see mine, (they carried over from steem chain) and how do I adjust them, or is this still in the works?

I know I will be patient. I think the team has done a wonderful job on the transition, and I would like to say thank you to all involved for all the hard work done, and that to come.

Thank you for all the amazing work you guys and gals have done!

Looking forward to the future of this place and the many roles the community will fill to make it even better.

Long live Hive!

Looking forward to what Hive will offer :)

Thanks to all the gang for getting this up and running. I am very impressed it went so smoothly and I look forward to all the future developments.

I think all the new Hive community will forgive the fumble fingered worker. But, if I were you, I'd claim those rewards and get some beers in the name of the community that wont be mad for sure. Y'all deserve it!

Earnestly am happy being here and it already feels like home . I hope to get the best experience here. Well done to those behind the hive initiative.

Thanks very much for the great job that was done! Amazing.

My banner and my avatar don’t show up here. Can anyone help me to understand whay?

Thanks again for everything!

Thanks for everything @hiveio! Even though it was crazy how we got here, this is probably the best outcome we have hoped for.

The incredible swiftness of your team saved us from certain disaster and I can't thank you enough for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears you must have put in to get this all done so quickly.

I think that I can speak for everyone here when I say how deeply we appreciate your efforts. Now we are finally free to become what we never could before with that ridiculous ninja-mined stake looming over us.

Here's to the future of Hive and our beautiful community!

aint that the truth. I am amazed at the talent of the team over here to roll this out so swiftly and without major issues.

What a most amazing effort @hiveio, and huge kudos to everyone who made this transition possible.

I find myself alternately laughing and shaking my head at the simple fact that a massive hardfork was planned and undertaken, and implemented smoothly in a fraction of the time it used to take Steemit, Inc. to come up with a largely centralized update that would either screw things up or grind the chain to a HALT.

Think about that, for a moment. Wow!

Thank you for all you have done — and are doing!


I feel it would have been better if we started from the ground rather than getting all the previous data from steem. Like posts, reputations and all, more related to user data. Why we chose to borrow those metrics from steem, when we could have started from scratch. And are we in the safer side from the possible lawsuits as we didn't own those data but the steem blockchain??

There is no legal issue, this is a fork. A fork is a split of the chain, and all previous data (before the launch) carries over. This is quite normal.

Yes starting from scratch to build a whole new chain is/was a possibility and anyone can do that at any time. I would say that wasn’t an option in their specific case, but hey maybe some are experimenting with that options.

That’s the great thing about open source technology- anyone can build, contribute and experiment.

Technically I see it exactly the same way. The data is still on the same blockchain.

Great work, however we can't post on Hive but can on Peakd??? any ideas thank you


Hi @hiveio

I note that I did not get the duplicate of my steem holdings on hive??? I thought it would be duplicated, but it did not happen, why is that the case??

hola en verdad me complace estar en HiVE y me alegro saber que ahora puedo estar por aca mostrando cada dia lo mejor de mi y que podrán valorar no solo mi trabajo sino también el de todos los que han puesto su confianza. Los cambios son buenos y se que cada dia la plataforma tendrá mucho éxito. Saludos con cariño.

I didn't get the HIVE airdrop. I never expected I could be included in the Exclusion list and I was waited the launching, but I realized my HIVE wallet is vacant... I think something is wrong.

how to check resource credit stats is there any site ?