I am now a Witness for Hive Engine

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I would have loved to be a witness for Steem, then Hive, but I have realized a long time ago that it was expensive if you were not one of the top witnesses and that it was too much work for my taste.

When I learned recently that Hive Engine was going to have witnesses, I thought that it was my chance to be a witness.

I first saw a post by @rishi556 that explained how to become a Hive Engine witness, but I thought it was not detailed enough for me.

Then, I saw this post Step by Step Guide to setup Hive Engine Witness from scratch by Bala (@bala41288) that looks very detailed.

I knew of @bala41288 from the Rising Star Game discord forum, and I knew that he pays attention to details. So, I decided to follow his guide.

Although Bala recommends using a server that costs US$10 per month, I was not going to do that.

I have here a small computer that I bought 2 years ago to play a Windows game that I stopped playing several months ago. It has 4 cores, 8 GB of memory, and a disk of 1 TB. This is better than what Bala recommends: 4 cores, 2 GB of memory, and 35 GB of disk.

So, the first thing was to install Linux. As I have been using Ubuntu as my prime OS for years, I downloaded Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and tried to install it.

First, I made a USB stick, but I was unable to boot from the USB.

Next, I made a DVD. I was able to boot from the DVD. I made 3 attempts to install Linux along with Windows, but each time I rebooted the computer, I ended up in Windows, with no possibility of starting Linux.

So, I finally installed Linux alone, wiping out the Windows installation, and it worked the first time.

I had spent the better part of a day installing Linux and it was late afternoon when I started following BALA's guide to the letter. It worked perfectly.

Late at night, the software started to catch up with all the blocks of Hive Engine. And when I got up the next day, I was able to register as a witness!


Initially, I was approved with a weight of 20,330 staked WORKERBEE. I have no idea who approved me, as I cannot find any place that displays who is approving whom.

As you can see above, the first number is the "Approval Weight" and it is now around 4,546.

I have not missed any block so far, and at the time when I captured the picture above, I had signed 34 rounds, in less than 24 hours.

Even if I don't get any reward and I am now the 24th witness, after having been the 16th for several hours, I am very happy to be a witness and to contribute to the decentralization of Hive Engine.

If you have WORKERBEE coins staked in your Hive Engine, please consider to approved my witness on https://tribaldex.com/witnesses. Thank you in advance.

-- Vincent Celier


That's cool. It's a good opportunity to contribute to our platform. I am voting for you and some others there now.

Thank you!

I just refreshed the page to comment on the other links that you can use to check who voted you, but @rishi556 already did it. Lol he has fast hands. 😀

I'm glad that my post was helpful to you. I'm now going to update my post with the other alternative links from where we can check the witness details. I personally prefer @primersion's site which looks pretty neat and has all the details we would need. https://primersion.com/he-witnesses

You are really a big inspiration to me. You prove that age isn't a factor to try out new things and be active. I don't know what I would be capable of doing in my 71 years but I wish I should be like you. I also wish I shouldn't become lazy after getting enough money in my hands. Hats off to you. 🙂

By the way, we also have a hiding place in the Hive Engine discord server where all the witness-related discussions happen. You should also join us there. https://discord.gg/Cqh2KucnGy After joining there, you can request for the Witness role.

Fast hands and faster bots :)

Thank you for your kind words.

This all looks a bit backward, and my initial impression was I was voting for everyone.. so I voted for you and now there's a red 'x'. Very weird..


I was also surprised by the UI,

Very exciting! I've been considering doing this as well. It sounds a little more detailed than I thought.

I assure you that it is not difficult if you follow the guide carefully, and don't do mistakes as I did once, misspelling "replSetName" into "replSetname".😀

Maybe I'll give this a try! It sounds interesting!

It is great to have you as a witness and you got my vote!

I also like that you are running it at home. This makes the witnesses more spread out.

Thank you.

Well done you! I am not surprised you have gotten in at the techy side. I was tempted myself but I don't have the time. I hope you get a decent amount of approvals! I don't think I have any workeebee but if I do I will vote you for sure!

I voted anyway and like slobberchops above, I was quite surprised by the UI, a red cross to show approved. Tsk tsk!


https://cdn.rishipanthee.com/enginewit.html and https://primersion.com/he-witnesses let you see who voted you. Here's the current list.

Screen Shot 20210210 at 11.40.54 AM.png

Also the large vote would have come form @eturnerx, he temp votes new witnesses to high ranks to make sure they can produce blocks ok because lower witnesses have less of a chance of producing blocks.

Screen Shot 20210210 at 11.42.00 AM.png

Nice to see another witness on engine.

Thank you!

I appreciate the vote and look forward to my journey in hive. Cheers from California

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WOW 💥💥💥💥. That's a great news. It's going to be a great experience for you and also to work more harder for the community.