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Oh my.

HiveFest is over already.

I'm kind of groggy today. Sleeping late 3 consecutive nights and not being 20 anymore does this to you.

But I'm thinking back of those 3 days and am just smiling...

Today the HiveFest Telegram group is buzzing with people updating each other on their travels back home. Schiphol has severely failed this year to serve its customers and lines have been crazy, baggage has been lost, tents have been served to protect people who have to wait outside the airports before even being able to stand in the line inside...

What an embarrassment.

But for now it seems everyone is making their flights and are able to get back home - I just realize even more what a luxury it was to have HiveFest in my own country!

What else?

Oh right.


So many people...



Church light on our pretty faces: @blind-spot, @gtg, @delishtreats

I haven't been as active on Hive as I was back when we went to the Fest in Kraków. "Do people still remember me? Will everyone have moved on and will all the new people look at me and wonder who I am?"

Ofcourse it wasn't like this.

Damn, there were so many old friends!

I was able to meet again, in random order:
@brittandjosie, who, being from my own city, I don't nearly see enough, and was so well dressed with handmade additions to a cool blue suit. @detlev, who I appreciate so much for his efforts in creating communities, and who organized an amazing #BeerSaturday during the Fest. @arcange, who touched me with his beautiful smile and his heartfelt words to me about my health (thank you).


The boat trip over the Amsterdam Canals was a great way to have a quieter conversation with a few people.

@karinxxl, who is my fellow Dutch lady that is so easy to talk to, and hope to maybe grab a coffee with in one of our cities before the next Fest. @celestal, who is just an all-round amazing person making progress in his life, and who I learnt a great deal of Finnish from (co cocococo, co co co, cococo). @gtg, who is just the best hugger on the Fest, and also a great photo bomber and never shares any gossip of past times. @crimsonclad, who carries the truest community spirit with her, had the best hair at the Closing Dinner, and I shared some lovely under the bridge moments with.


The always lovely @crimsonclad and the amazing @bil.prag who I should've taken more selfies with.

@roxane, who wasn't officially af HiveFest, but was visiting Amsterdam and I hugged outside of the Eye. @revisesociology, who has twinkling eyes, from being in good spirit and making some great decisions for himself in life, which I love to see. @steevc, who loves sharing previous HiveFest memories and got chased away from the stage for being such a great gitarist ;-). @tibfox who has the best hair and some great future plans for @diyhub. @starkerz who masters the power of asking questions after presentations and gives some great ones himself, sharing the cool stuff he's working on. @apshamilton who is so passionately working for the wider crypto community and just breathes passion for his task. We shared a meal with @brianoflondon who turned back to coding and presented his creations with a lot of fire and humour. @demotruk who was on the quieter side but one of the true OG community members. @elmerlin who I got to sit next to at the Closing Dinner and is passionately creating @liketu.


That smile? That's what making and eating @coldbeetrootsoup does to you! It's that good!

@martibis who I must say has such a great smile and warm personality. @alexvan who touched me with some words and showed his good heart. @lizanomadsoul who was shortly at the Closing Dinner but had to run to stand in line at Schiphol Airport sooner than she wanted. @rivalzzz and @louis88 who I didn't drink enough beers with this year. @artakush who never got to my meet-ups but we'll now organize them with his fellow @coldbeetrootsoup member @minigunner in The Hague. @jarvie who you can trust to work incredibly hard on Apps for our chain or travel some great places around the world to photograph.

Oh, how I loved seeing those old friends! I wasn't able to join Bangkok and then... well, then the world closed down for 2 years. So after three years it was a true gift to see everyone back again.

Also very very amazing: all the new friends that were made!

The first to welcome me at HiveFest was @blind-spot, who gives amazing bear hugs and is a bright intelligent person to chat with. Also @priyanarc who is such a lovely lady and I promised to drink a cup of coffee with soon. Also @cryptospa who made it all the way from Eindhoven Airport, and @loonatic who was the first to give me a WeedCash goodie. Then there was @manncpt who I sort of met during one of the AltFestsVR but he's way cooler IRL ofcourse. Very happy to finally meet @bil.prag who might not know he has the kindest eyes and sweetest personality. I finally met the sweet @delishtreats who speaks my language and brought her lovely Husband. And introduced me to @zirochka who has an amazing presence and probably had the most challenging 'Road to HiveFest' of all of us and I wish I could've spent more time with. I also met @rubencress who made me jealous when he was able to photograph @hiddenblade's artwork in Paris. Just a short "Oh, so that's YOU!" moment with @thejohalfiles while I was just leaving the hotel after my last drink. I spoke with @rollie1212 of @cryptobrewmaster who showed the cutest pic of his son in Prague. I had loads of fun with @pardinus who likes animals more than humans but was surprisingly friendly towards me nonetheless. And his (and now my) friend @xrayman who I had the pleasure of dancing with during the closing drinks, while everyone else was ignoring the beats. @growandbow who is both back and looking forward to great adventures in life. I spoke to @ph1102 after the Closing Dinner and despite all the numbers in his name is a real and really cool human who motivated me to write about my current field of education.


@karinxxl, @crimsonclad, @bil.prag

@ana-maria who I immediately closed in my heart because she is just so pure and enthusiastic and easy to like. I teased the lovely and fun @adambarratt so hard he might never come back to HiveFest anymore, and the same with the talented musician @tdctunes, but just know I appreciated the laughs and beers I had with you both a lot <3. @howo, who showed his great new house and shared some stories on the canal boat tour.



I love the pic with @zirochka and @arcange - so much genuine love is visible. And look at @delishtreats + husband! Gorgeous couple <3

Ofcourse @livinguktaiwan who I wanted to speak to more but it was so lovely to finally see her IRL. @pibara who had a very intelligent presentation to protect us all in the future against attacks, and @edb, another Dutchie who gave another great presentation. @lemouth who is passionate about STEM, Paris, wine, so definitely a person to hang out with. @asgarth who I absolutely want to speak more with as well, but lives in a country that I want to visit more, so I know it will happen someday. @slobberchops who was at earlier Fests but I never had the chance to speak to. @sjarvie5 who is just the kindest soul which I already knew but now confirmed IRL - we finally met up at a Fest that wasn't virtual!

After the last Fest I had a few people I was surprised I didn't get to meet - this year it's @lordbutterfly who I only after reading other people's post and seeing pictures with him tagged in it know I saw a few times - but didn't say HI to because I missed his presentation and then he walked around without a badge so I never had that 'ohhh that's YOUUU' moment where I could say hi.

Anyway - that's the wrap on HiveFest. After posting this I will think of at least a dozen names I didn't mention - just leave a comment so you can make me feel bad about not including you in the post :D

Thanks again @roelandp - without you these Fests would never happen and I'm so grateful for you to have such great passion to use your 'hobby' to bring us all together once a year - even during Pandemics!

And thanks to everyone - I mean EVERYONE I spoke to and even those I didn't speak to. I'm so happy you all showed up despite there being so many reasons to maybe not go - a pandemic, rising prices, bear markets... You really made me feel part of the FAMILY again and I can't wait to see more of you at or even hopefully before the Next HiveFest.

There's still a little more reflective post I want to write about what you guys made me feel during the Fest, as you did make me feel a lot of feelings, and I will process them and share it after all the first wave of after-HiveFest posts has died down.



Even though we lost Petanque, it was nice to have you in my team and share some delish dinner with you, Celestal and Karin! Good luck with the new studies! I've told @lackofcolor about it, so who knows... :))

ps; absolutely love the pic with @zirochka and @arcange as well! great shot.

Hahaha - we lost big time but Get A Grip was awesome anyway ;-) Yes, the dinner and talks we shared were awesome!

Good you told @lackofcolor about me, she can always contact me here or with the same username on Telegram or Discord (soyrosa#1544).

And thanks for the compliment on that shot! <3

Bruhhh... "Get a Cryp" was the name 😂😂! Silly you!

Hahahaha! Downvote me please.

Thanks, @rubencress! It's so fun to see pictures of me in other's posts all around 😜

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PS: I've seen so many posts, will read them all tomorrow, can't wait to see more embarrassing selfies of me and some faces of people I didn't get to meet.

Insert crying emoji

we will catch up the Beers next year! promise! 🤣

YES! That's the kind of promise I like :D

I am enjoying all the posts. I did not manage to talk to everyone, but I had a great time anyway and it was wonderful to see you looking so well. Hivefest is intense and it takes a while to recover, but I am still smiling.

My journey home was fine. Taking the train was definitely a good choice.

See you again some time.


It was amazing!

Hivefest is intense and it takes a while to recover, but I am still smiling.


Glad you found your way home with the train, definitely this year where the airport failed so many of us :-)

See you again, here, there, everywhere! <3


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What a wholesome and well told post.

High praise from someone I know reads a ton of posts on Hive. Thank you sir <3

When you have the time to start doing the same again you know there's always a door open at ocd. :) Glad to see you more active here in general and that you enjoyed hivefest!

Thank you - OCD is the best and would be the first side job I'd take if I got my schedule back in order <3

Yes, HiveFest was a blast and I will be more active here, partly thanks to that :-) Hope to see you one of 'em someday!

What a great event the Hive Fest is. I got the ambiance while reading your post. Hope me or someone else from my country will be able to attend it.

Greetings from Istanbul!

Thanks! There was @apshamilton who pitched North Cyprus as a possible location as it makes it easier for some people who can't easily get into Europe go to HiveFest, and even though it might not happen next year, who knows if it happens the year after!

In fact, it wouldn't be easy for us, at least for me, to travel to Europe due to the visa fee and high EUR/TL rate.

I was so close ( literally and figuratively ) to being there. My dad passed away 6 days ago. Sounds like you had a great time.

Groetjes uit Utrecht.

I'm so sorry to hear your dad passed away @vincentnijman. I hope he rests in peace and you carry your love for him with you.

We will have more meet-ups in The Netherlands, maybe as soon as October, hope you could join one of 'em.

Take care <3

I almost missed this comment.
Thank you for your kind words :<)

Keep me up to date about possible meetups. I am still in The Netherlands but might be returning to Portugal in a week or two.


You brought out the best in all of us. I'm so glad we could talk and get to know each other. What you're doing is incredible and I hope I get the chance to learn more about it and also meet you soooooooon

SOOOOOOOOOON! I'm going to reach out or if I'm too slow you can just message me :-) It was amazing to see you and see what a lovely person you are. Hope you're still smiling from all the memories we made :-)

What a social butterfly!Kinda jealous you met so many people, I really should have go round more! But truly great to meet you at last!

I'm only this social when I have FOMO for not speaking to people! My first HiveFest I felt like I wasn't 'present' enough so I made it happen this time :-) Likewise, it was super nice to finally meet! :-)

Looks like it was so much fun!

It really really was!

and that is my happy face, even if it doesn't really looks like that 😁

had a great time.

bad at taking compliments ☺️

still on the road, more time to process everything, still smiling.


Keep on smiling! It will take some time to process it all, but I'm so so happy you were able to attend <3

I was very upset that you didn't mention me in your post.

But don't worry dear @soyrosa because I was never there!.☺️😤😤

I only harbor the hope that I can be at a Hivefest in this lifetime. And have the great opportunity to live with such great people like you. I look forward to your next posts to learn more about those moments you may have forgotten to mention. Thank you @soyrosa for sharing your recent, pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Best regards.

Haha! Hope to see you there next time so I can (not) forget to mention you in a post :-)))

The HIVE FEST moment was quite fun of course, everyone seemed happy.

The difficult times of Covid and the transition to return to real life and finally HIVE FEST can be held again face to face to bring together HIVE activists from various parts of the world.

Success to all !!!

It was very special to see people try to come in a time where traveling isn't as casual as it was before :-)

I had loads of fun with @pardinus who likes animals more than humans but was surprisingly friendly towards me nonetheless

Ahahahahahahha this made me laugh! 😁 It's impossible not to like you, you're a sweet. It was a pleasure meeting and sharing experiences with you! May we meet in a near future for another !BEER

:') Thanks, you're very sweet yourself :D

Yes for another Beer, but also I wrote down that wine recommendation from Douro, so will buy a bottle and say cheers to meeting you! :-) (It better be good though... ;-))

I'm pretty sure you'll like like it! Let me know when you taste it. 🙂

Hey @soyrosa, here is a little bit of BEER from @pardinus for you. Enjoy it!

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

HiveFest⁷ Meetings Contest

Thank you for the mention. Do you start a Meetup now in your city?

Will be organizing a meet-up in October with @artakush and @minigunner! :D

Such a great update. Great to see so many cool Hivers together.

It was loads of fun <3

What a lovely post and summary of HiveFest. You're writing exudes the warmth which you have in person.
Thanks for noting my plug of North Cyprus as a future Hive Fest location.

Thanks a lot for your nice words dear @apshamilton! <3 Let's hope North Cyprus becomes reality someday, it sounded like a great idea :-)

WOW. Now I've got SFMO (Sad For Missing Out) lol.

YEAH! But I know of your reasons, let's hope next time around you have all the right circumstances to join again in all the fun :-)

You only tease me cos you like me ;)
Look forward to next time!

Hahaha TRUE! Looking forward to next time too Adam! :-)

Finally, we met and it was really lovely meeting you. Hopefully, soon we will grab the coffee and spend more time with each other :D... Excellent photographs and summary of Hivefest...

Thanks @priyanarc! It was lovely meeting you as well <3 I will soon reach out to you, somewhere in October after I finished my job :D

Sure, will wait for that... Winter days would be perfect for the coffee... :D

Que maravilloso.

Thanks for this amazing and well detailed report. I was feeling guilty by not having written anything so far. However, after seeing so many other reports, and very nice ones like yours, I guess it is fine if I stay quiet ;)

In any case, it was very nice to have met you in person!


Sometimes writing isn't necessary! :D The Blockchain will remember all these words written by others anyway ;-)

Glad we shortly spoke, and hope to see you back on a future Fest! :D Cheers!

The blockchain will remember, and my brain too (for the emotional part that cannot be stored online, at least so far). Hopefully, we will have soon another occasion to meet!

Have a great end of the week!

Cannot stop reading these amazingly heartwarming post-HiveFest posts :) So much positivity, enthusiasm and hiveness in them :) Great one from you Rosa. SFMO here just like Ade. Big time :D :/

Ahhh - SFMO on talking to you too! Maybe next time you'll make it work? :D Would be fun!

Wow! It looks like you talked to almost everyone, what a social butterfly you are 🙂 It was truly amazing to meet you in person. You are such a kind person with positive energy streaming from you and reaching everyone you talk to 😘 I hope to see you soon in The Netherlands again!

I don't see myself as a big social butterfly but I really made an effort this year! The problem is I can dive deeper when I sit 1-on-1 with someone, and that's harder to do on a Fest like this.

Maybe you can visit one of the meet-ups and we can talk a little more. Thanks for your lovely words about me <3 I will carry them with me! See you soon I hope and lots of strength with all that's happening in your life :-)

nice captured photos. great to be with this blockchain family.

Thanks! :-)

I got carried the atmosphare away from your fun story while attending HiveFest, Hopefully one day I can attend HiveFest too :D

Yes, I hope so too @theycallmewell, it definitely binds you even more to the community :-)

Good afternoon, @soyrosa !

I just read your post, and in the end, it's practically impossible not to have a smile crossing my face, and a small warmth felling inside, by reviving all the stories that you so well describe.

One thing is for sure, you are always right! Ahahah

Thanks for the lovely words @xrayman! :-) I'm still smiling too :D Treasure the memories and start saving up for next years HiveFest!

One thing is for sure, you are always right!

Glad you know! :')

Was nice seeing you again! :)

Indeed it was! Hope you're recovering well :D

This was so fun to read and see everyone! So sad I was not there! I wish I could have made it happen! Next time!! Great shots and what great smiles!

Thank you so much @dswigle! You might be able to join next time and we'll be able to meet :-) Smiles were 100% present on all of us! It's so special to be able to meet up :-)

Glad I got my 30 mins in with you - you win the social butterfly award hands down!

It was a great event, perfect blend of chill and party for me!

It indeed was a perfect blend! Small enough to be able to catch up with 'everyone', big enough to feel inspired and engaged all days :-))) It was great catching up with you!

Until the next one!


Great time. We'll catch up next time 😉

We will :D

Oke it is now three days after and I still feel just as tired but also just as energized as then, if you know what I mean.

I was extremely happy to see and hear about the (literal) steps you have made in life and how this is turning out for you. Entirely created by youself so you can be Proud!

Yesss the NL meetup. We should!

LOL! Yes, 3 days after and I still wasn't recovered, today I feel fine though, I think I recovered for the biggest part :D

Thanks for your lovely words, yes, I'm proud indeed <3 Health isn't automatic, sometimes it takes work!

We'll see each other on one of the Dutch Meet-ups for sure! Take care :-)

It is normal for you to feel groggy, I hope you took some meds to stir you up again, I wish i was present in the hive fest, I really really want to be part of it but now it is ended hope to get informed of the next one.


I spoke to @ph1102 after the Closing Dinner and despite all the numbers in his name is a real and really cool human who motivated me to write about my current field of education.

Awwww... Thank you for your kind words, @soyrosa. It's a pity that we didn't have more time to talk as you are a very interesting person for chatting with... Like your humor... 😃

Thanks for sharing these great photos!!!


Definitely wanted to talk more! :D You make me blush with all the lovely words! Hope to meet again and learn more about the man behind the numbers. Also didn't forget I need to follow @mipiano and fungus hashtags :D Cheers!

Hey there @soyrosa

My Mr mentioned you ;)
Very nice of him that he is promoting on hive fest the #FungiFriday tag :)
There is a same-named community that a friend runs, @ewkaw
We just have fun, posting bout fungi, in case we are lucky to find them!

Lovely post, I am glad you met my husband. As I already said in someone's post, I have the feeling I have also been there 😇

Plus, I have a nice red bag now :D

Ha, cool! Yes, I will follow #FungiFriday, seeing some crazy pics on that tag! I have some thoughts about the future of Fungi in medicine, so hopefull will write a post about that :-)

As I already said in someone's post, I have the feeling I have also been there 😇

Would be great to have you attend a future HiveFest! If not, treasure that Red Bag, it's a cool one! :D

Awesome pictures! Can't wait to meet you again healthier than ever.
Big hug 🤗

I'm sorry that I didn't see your post before. I'm so behind with everything Hive & HiveFest related. (My PC was hacked in Amsterdam and entirely crashed, so I had to set it up all over again. I managed to save most of my files, but still missing some apps and software I had before. It's all happening while my youngest son finally arrived from Spain with his wife /we didn't see him for months/, and during the most hectic time due to preparations for my oldest son's wedding this coming weekend. In short, I am not just a bit but a lot crazy these days!) 😁

However, thank you very much for such a lovely and warmhearted mention! It was such a pleasure for me to meet you in person! 😍 (I have to admit that I imagined you entirely different, and you turned out to be such a pleasant and joyful surprise.)
Lots of hugs from rainy 🌧️ Zagreb/Croatia! 🤗🤗🤗

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Balls of Steel - HiveFest⁷ Petanque Tournament Results

Dear, @soyrosa

May we ask you to review and support our @cryptobrewmaster GameFi proposal on DHF? It can be found here

If you havent tried playing CryptoBrewMaster you can give it a shot. Our @hivefest presentation available here on the YouTube with a pitchdeck of what we building in general

Vote with,, Hivesigner

Thank you!

For a tired hiver this is a great recap. The fact that we all had a great live time is great and will take it with is. I will leave you with this picture
It shows what good vibes are all about


Lovely pic, showing the good times we had. I only realized afterwards how good of a boat ride we had, it even had blue skies! :D Hope you're recovering well @brittandjosie <3