Your Top 3 Video Games (Monthly Contest)

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Oh, how I like games. This is a tough one to choose because just like many of you, my gaming started with Nintendo! I use to start collecting consoles and games, from Atari to Sega Genesis, everything I could get my hands on in between but consoles started getting expensive and the old consoles were just getting dusty, so I sold them.

Fun fact: My step brother once held the Guiness world record for the amount of games owned and yes he played them all.

If you go on that link, you will see he had 572 items that include games and consoles. I remember he called me once without hearing from him in a long time almost freaking out and arguing with me thinking he lent me a game I never heard of. He did the same with a few others. He was trying to hold the record strong but he didn't in the end for various reasons like starting a family for one. I know his collection grew since then he also hasn't bugged me about that one game.

GAAAAAAWD, this is so hard to chose my top 3! The categories of games I played are all over the map; from computer games like The Sims to console games like racing, first person shooters, to even the weirdest game ever on PS3, Catherine... It's about goats and sin and lust. Not lust on goats. Look it up, I know you will be thinking about this one for a while.


With trying to categorize in order to find what my top 3 are, I give you one from my childhood.

There are so many good games I played, like Silent Hill and Resident Evil but there's one that really kicked started my gamehood when I was a kid and that was Sonic the Hedgehog.


This game is what got me to become possessive over my things. I never had much as a kid, my mother was a single mom until she remarried later on, so life was tight for us. One day she showed up with a Sega Genesis and a sonic game. This was huge! I cherished that game and console so much that when my sister tried to play it without asking, oh boy, I would scream at her, flail my arms and try everything to get her out of my room. MY GAME! No touch!

My Sonic games collection grew and I finished everyone of the ones I had. I really enjoyed the twist with the Knuckles game where the top flipped open and you could put in another Sonic game so you could play it with Knuckles. It was like a whole new world since I was able to climb walls and find secret coin boxes.



Fast forward to my late teen years, at this point I still had my Sega, Atari and Nintendo 64. I enjoyed my 64 for a long time and there were many good games on there. It was the first console that gave me my first "scary" game...In which I can't remember what it was anymore.
At this time I had moved to a new place and made new friends. I was 17 years old when I had my first birthday party (not counting baby toddler parties. I can't remember those days and no pictures to show for). When my friends found out I hadn't had a birthday party, they held one for me at one of their houses where I was fed wonderful cheese cake and we had lots of fun. I stayed over night at my friends place and she asked me if I wanted to play Playstation. It was the first time I got to play and woah what a cool console. When she found out that I enjoyed gaming so much (by staying up late to play) she just gave me her console and a game. Very, very generous of her.

The game was Final Fantasy 9. Another game that changed my game play forever. I cannot tell you how many times I played this game over and over again!


First time I have ever seen an RPG fantasy game with such a story and the graphics were amazing, the story was amazing, and I know people would argue to say that FF7 is the better one, but for me this one had a whole knew meaning and was the first of the Final Fantasies I've played. Just don't tell my old high school teachers that I stayed up all night playing this game as I had better "excuses" to sleep in class.

Number three

The hard one because it is the last one. Fast forward to recent years to the games of today where I only own an Xbox One and Playstation 3 and where my memory has begun to lack and so I can't remember all the good games I played. Of course this one I have to add a fun creepy game as it wouldn't be a post from me if I didn't.

I haven't had a chance to play all the scary games that I wanted as games today are like $50 minimum and the really good games are in the $80's. So, going in for scary factor I am going with.....


Dead Island Riptide. There are more Dead Islands but I never got to play the others and this one I own. I've played a few zombie games but the reason why I like this one is I did get a few jumps just by sounds. You will be walking along a path to get to your goal and there is no sound when all of a sudden, unexpectedly, you hear screaming like someone is being torn apart, which is basically just a zombie screaming.
The game play is good, the story is good, the zombie action is good, the graphics is good. It's good. Play it.

So I can't just leave this post without any honorable mentions as there are just too many games that are good. So here is a list in no particular order from which ever consoles:

League of Legends
The Sims
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
The Last Of Us
Borderlands (my favorite being 2 with psycho pack)
Super Mario
Ratchet and Clank
Kingdom Hearts
007 GoldenEye
Zelda Ocarina Of Time
Mortal Kombat
Tony Hawks
Wave Race
God Of War
Dantes Inferno
Vampire: The Masquerade
Alice: Madness Returns
Red Dead Redemption

And the list goes on.... Sorry, I am a gamer.

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Keeping in mind, I am a panel member and this post has been created to encourage everyone that wants to participate by putting the post payout into the prize pool. Hopefully this post will also spark some memories ^_^


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I spent many hours playing Sonic The Hedgehog :) nice selections

It was definitely a great game. Did you see the movie they made with Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik ?

Not yet, definitely will, looks pretty good :)

What a fun bit of trivia about your step brother! Kind of fun to hold any Guiness record, even for a short while. I imagine that's a tough one to keep with so many people really being into gaming and wanting to collect all of them! I do remember Sonic, though I think I might have only tried playing it once or twice. We only had an original Nintendo console, so my gaming experience is quite limited, haha. The zombie one sounds fun. I could probably get into something like that, though @dksart would have to get used to me screaming right along with the game. Sounds like that was a pretty awesome birthday with that great gift, too. The panel members are off to a great start. Can't wait to see @cheese4ead's entry and then everyone else who jumps in to join the contest!

There are so many gamers out there it's unreal. I once saw a documentary that showed different places in the world, people were stuck on games so bad, especially on PC, where they would ignore their bodily needs and would even have "accidents" from ignoring for too long, and these people are not children... It gets to a crazy point!

Hey if you are screaming as you are playing a game, then it is so worth playing it! And that makes it a great game. I tried finding the sounds from the game on youtube just to give you an idea but no luck, they just keep giving me the screamer zombie but not the same thing.

It was a great birthday and an amazing gift. I am still grateful to her for that, she opened new doors in the gaming industry for me lol.

I'm headed towards Gaz' post as well shortly. I hope we get to see more entries soon!

Final fantasy 9 uffff zidane and friends fight against kuja and the queen , wow great game great times

Absolutely! Great times indeed! Who was your favorite character and what was your favorite FF game?

Ha! That's amazing about your brother, how is his collection looking now? Has he got a second home to keep all those games and consoles in?!

Sonic the Hedgehog was so close to making it to my list, we had it all on the Game Gear which I'm going to have to take apart and refurbish a bit as it has been through a LOT and getting the horrible streaks on the screen 😩

My flat mate was really in to FF at Uni but of course FF7 is the one that every one raves about. I didn't quite get in to the RPGs myself, too impatient haha!

I'm not surprised you put in a scary/horror title and looking at your list, was going to say if Resident Evil wasn't there, something would be wrong haha!

Games are so expensive these days, it's sad to see! You're paying for graphics vs gameplay it seems but then nostalgia for me keeps me playing the games from my childhood. Sure, the graphics weren't the best but the gameplay... can't knock the gameplay!

I haven't talked to him in over a year so I don't know how much he has now but I am willing to bet that he has around 700 since then. Now that he has 2 boys that are just as much into games as he is I am pretty sure there is a steady pace of new games coming in.

If you can get that game gear going, I will be impressed. I've been able to fix things like radios, stereos and such but gameboys and game gears never worked out.

Yeah the RPG games require a lot of time. It has to be one that you are really interested in to make it good, otherwise it's a waste of time.

The horror games were so hard to choose from!!! I liked them all and have great game play but the only one that managed to get me to jump was the unexpected screams at a peaceful moment. You'd think I would jump with a zombie suddenly appearing in my face but no, not at all. It's hard to scare me and I surprised myself that those screams did. Of course it didn't last and I got used to it after a short time.

I connected my PS2 again to play some old games but unfortunately they aren't the games from before. I miss my Sega and 64. Hey... did you ever play the Lion King game? I had it on Sega, probably was on other devices as well. It was a short game but with a good difficulty. I was thinking about that game the other day and remembering the graphics, made me laugh, but just like you said, the gameplay is good.

If you can get that game gear going, I will be impressed.

Hmmm, tall order, I did get a new charger for the GG and it highlighted a LOAD of issues with it. Sound doesn't work properly, streaky screen, mangled d-pad... it's pretty fucked lol!

The Lion King game... I don't think I did play that one. There was a demo I had of Hercules which was hilarious but I don't think it took off really!

Yeah those pixelated graphics aren't quite how we remember them today vs childhood right? LOL

Oh man, they used to be the greatest graphics for gaming. I mean they were so much better when we were kids of course but comparing those from the earlier games they were awesome. Just like comparing the games we have today compared to the ones of our childhood. I'm rambling on, I think I am starting to miss talking to people.

Last night I stayed up til 2:30 am playing Borderlands 3. Didn't even see the time go by. I blame it on the contest! :P

I don't know what you said just then but I'm going to nod my head and agree with it. Great to see the Gamer in you still lives on haha

I dont know either. I think the late night was catching up to me. Just smile and nod lol.

OMG! I must live in another universe! I am really not into games...Although, nearly 30 years ago, played an early version of SimCity...

Interesting. I like games for plenty of reasons but one of them is like if I were to play and control what is happening in a movie where you get to feel it more intensely and dig into the details. And when its a good game/movie is doesn't end so quickly. :)

Never thought about it like that!

Sonic is a classic. It's like a different type of "racing" game.

Didn't they make a racing type game with Sonic before? I don't recall playing it but I remember hearing something about it. It makes sense since Sonic is built for speed :P

I did like the special parts in the game where he races to get coins. Id still play it today :)

Good ol Sonic ..... I was an SNES player myself but I did enjoy a good session of Sonic.

Many good times fromplaying SNES. That was my first DK experience :)

DK and many other classics are on the mini SNES.

DK is one of the better ones of that generation of games for sure.

Wow, your brother is really cool and so are you ;). I recognize almost every game you've mentioned and bring back so many fond memories. Tony Hawk game was the reason I bought a skateboard and nearly crushed my head to death. 😄 That game had really cool songs too.

Haha thanks! And jesus what did you end up doing to get into that situation? That sounds crazy!

I have to agree, it did have awesome songs on there and I think it may have set an example to other game creators in making the games more enjoyable like that. I am not certain of it but it is the first game I remember playing that had good music.

You know, doing tricks on a skateboard. Teenage stuff 🙄 . Yes it was first game for me too that had good music.

Awesome post Foxy. I cracking list of games overall.

Sonic is right up there for me too. Maybe it should have been one of my three. Lots of good memories attached to it.

Very cool about your brother's collection. That is very impressive.

If you fancy playing a scary, jumpy game, the best I've ever played is Outlast on ps+. It was free but it might not be now. Really creepy but great storyline.

Right on, I will have to look it up, see if I can grab it. In my opinion, they don't make enough scary games :P