NEW! - Australian discovers STEEMIT

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Hi there!

As with all discoveries, it was there all along but it's new for the discoverer.

I joined Steemit yesterday (9th January) and so far I like what I see! The response from Steemians on my first few posts has been very welcoming and genuinely friendly. So thank you to everyone that has commented and followed me at this early stage! Now, let me introduce myself

Who am I?

Right now? I am a Photographer, husband and soon to be father. I live in Melbourne, Australia and as much as I love this city I always feel the urge to explore the rest of this country and the world. If you want to see where I've been before I flood Steemit with my excited ramblings of my travels then check out @kieranstoneau on Instagram. Lately it will be photos from Madagascar, New York and Australia.


Where did I come from?

I was born in Victoria, Australia and besides a 2 year stay in London I've lived my life here, mostly in Melbourne. I grew up with my head pointed towards the stars and thoughts on the physical complexities of how the world works. This lead me to complete a Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics and Pure Mathematics (NEEEEEEEEEEERRRRD!!). From here I delved into humans, quite literally, spending 10 years as a biomedical scientist in the field of Histology. After travelling across the USA and Europe I developed a love and passion for photography and voilà!

Why am I here?

Crypto-fever seems to have gripped the world in the past few months and I am only human. I spend a lot of time on social media as you can tell from my Instagram account. And since I love maths... Crypto + Social Media = Steemit. It was only logical to sign up.

What can I give you?

A big part of my work as a photographer is teaching others and guiding them on their own photography journey. Where possible I'll share my tips and secrets to getting great images and also try to include some settings used when I share my photos. This is a social platform and I love getting questions and starting discussions around photography. So feel free to say "hi" and ask me anything!

How can I be avoided?

Don't look at my website
Don't follow me on Instagram @kieranstoneau
Don't like my Facebook page Kieran Stone
Don't comment with a friendly "Hello, my name is..." on this post.
(But seriously please do all the above)

Thank you so much for checking out my intro!


Welcome :) Would you be up to post a verification picture or link to steemit on your instagram?
I don't have to tell you that your pics are stunning - you know that!
Check out @czechglobalhosts, he is doing a daily picture contest where you can win huge upvotes!
Resteemed you via @welcoming, my page for showcasing promising newcomers!
Greets, @theaustrianguy

You can probably tell from my instagram that a verification picture wouldn't suit my feed ;) But it is verified in a way that on here you'll see the uncropped versions of the images you see on Insta

Think he means for you to just post an image of you holding up a poster with yoru face that says STEEMIT to prove that you're indeed you :P

I know I'm me on here and that's all that matters 😁. Selfies aren't exactly suited for my Instagram which is what he wanted.

That certainly works.
We don't need to know what you look like; just that the images are yours.
Welcome aboard :)


Welcome to SteemIt!!

You are now part of a special community of people forging a cutting-edge social media platform on the STEEM blockchain.

I am @etcmike and have been part of this community since August 2016. If you have any questions about SteemIt, please feel free to ask me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

I enjoy helping to promote the SteemIt community engagement on SteemIt by upvoting those who comment on my posts. I published my guide for up voting that I follow several months ago (please do not up vote it since it is past its payout period), you may find it useful.
Upvoting For the Mutual Benefit of Patrons, Commentors, and Others While Promoting More Engagement

Here are a few tools that will likely help you on SteemIt: -- This tools monitors your blockchain activity and helps you keep an eye on your voting power -- This tool gives you a different view of you blockchain activity as well as monitors rewards on you posts

SteemIt is what you make of it! I urge you to be persistent and build your following, then before long you find your success!

Have a great weekend!
Steem on,

Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated! The community here at Steemit is amazing

hallo. Good to see gifted pepople here 😉

Thank you :). I'm a life lover too!

Hey Kieran!

Hahahahaa, thanks for letting us know exactly how to avoid you. I'm from Melbourne too, although I'm in the States (of American, not just other Australian States) at the moment. Your photos are beautiful, particularly the Melbourne one... which as a view I've probably seen a trillion times looks amazing through your lens.

Please make sure you check out @teamaustralia and the posts by @choogirl to join the #TeamAustralia gang who are all super supportive and great at upvoting.

Thank you! I'm checking out @teamaustralia and everything steemit :)

Awesome dude. If you have any questions about anything, hit me up... I'm not a guru or anything but I've been here like 6 weeks and jumped well and truly in the deep end.

Also @kieranstone you should really join steempunknet (the awesomest game on Steemit!) because @aussieninja is kicking butt and we need reinforcements lolol ... Okay... well, I need reinforcements ;)
You can avoid us in our discord channel:
But anyhoo, a warm welcome to Steemit from your kiwi neighbour. :D

Your instagram feed is STUNNING friend! Welcome to steemit! So excited to see awesome creatives coming on board! - If you're into instagram, the steemit version is calles Steepshot- check it out you might like it

Happy to have ya here!

Hi, just got onto Steepshot! Thanks for the advice :)

Welcome to Steemit! The crypto fever brings everyone here, but it's a great community. Really sweet picture there. Look forward to more, followed!

Thank you, Sir! Have a great day!

Looking forward seeing all your material, great content!

Your instagram feed is STUNNING!

So happy to see such talented creatives coming to steemit! If you're into insta- the steemit version is a service called Steepshot you may dig it.

Welcome @kieranstone !

Indeed professional!

Thank you very much :)

Welcome to steemit hope it's the beginning of a long journey! I'm here for whatever you need, do not hesitate to ask…

Thank you very much!

Beautiful artwork!! I look forward to see more of your posts =)

Thanks a bunch!

Wow nice shot. Welcome to steemit

Thank you very much :)

Hi Kieran. Welcome. I've seen your work om Insta a number of times. Its always gorgeous

Thanks! I like your blogs and photos too :) following!

The admiration is mutual <3

Love the enthusiasm! You seem like a natural Steemian :)

Bring on the Steem! :D

You are going to do great here on Steemit! 😋

Thanks for the confidence :)

Welcome Kieran! I'm super love in with Australia and your photography, two reasons to follow your highly promising account :) Have a good start on steemit!

Thanks for following! I promise I won't disappoint :)

Stunning, stunning, stunning photography! I'm from Alaska. Living in Los Angeles. I mostly work on TV shows and attempt to take more photos in the spare time. You're a scientist tho!!! Super awesome nerd is what that is. Haha. I look forward to following your feed!

Awww thanks so much :)

WOW great work. Powerful!

Following (on all the things), and looking up your podcast!

Thanks again! I hope you enjoy :)

Welcome aboard. Your style will most certainly be appreciated here. Looking forward to your work.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

CC on the intro - I think that it was a little to chapterized for me - I would have loved a continuous story punctured by comedic/interesting sub-headlines

PS. that photo is FUCKIN DOPE. I would have loved to see a lot more of them.

The comedy is there, but it's my humour. Which is why it's my introduction 😉

You can always follow me to see more photos! You don't have to upvote them, but I'd be honoured to be followed by a photographer of your calibre

Great photography, and nice to see you here on Steemit!

Thank you :)

Hi Kieran, welcome to Team Australia!


Great intro mate! I'm sure you'll do great things on here :)