Let us please introduce ourselves

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We are Petra and Denis, a young couple from Croatia.
Apart from studying and working, we spend our free time travelling, hiking, camping, discovering new places and road triping.

We would love to share with you our travel experiences so far, including beautiful places we discovered, tips on how to travel on low budget, our stories and knowledge we gained.

IMG_4711 – kopija.JPG
Rovinj, Croatia

Camino de Santiago, Spain

River Mrežnica, Croatia


Geysir, Iceland

IMG_4759 – kopija.jpg
Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Aside from travelling, we are big food lovers. Cooking and trying out new recipes is something we do everyday so you can expect a lot of posts about our cuisine.


Raspberry cheesecake

Poached egg


You can check out our instagram page where we post the food we cook and some recipes https://www.instagram.com/perodenokuhaju/.
Also, my instagram page https://www.instagram.com/perozdero_/ is a place where you can see some nice photos from our trips so far.

Also, meet our dearest being in the whole world, Ziggy:

That's all for now, we'll write more about everything in future. Hope you enjoyed this post. 😊

Big thanks to our friend @tonac who introduced us with this community. We are very excited and happy to be here and to be able to share all the things we love.


All photos are taken by us


Welcome to Hive!

Looks like I accidentally voted this too high with the ocdb account, don't let any potential downvotes coming your way discourage you from posting more and please don't get discouraged if your next posts don't make as much rewards. Staying consistent and being active in the communities through engagement, following and curating other people you enjoy the content of is a great way to get more constant support on your Hive posts. Hope you enjoy your time here!

LOL! Got trigger happy again? Lucky noob.

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@acidyo We are sorry that you made a mistake with voting, but we were so happy yesterday we jumped around the house. If you decide to change your vote, we'll be okay with that and we'll still enjoy this site and do our best.

As we are new to Hive and don't understand much about it, we hope you didn't get into some kind of trouble.

oh no it's fine from my side, don't worry about it, there's plenty of less deserving posts on trending. :)

Hope you put the stake you may earn from this post into good use in your Hive journey!

there's plenty of less deserving posts on trending.


We'll just call this a happy accident/feel good story.

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ocdb already lost a ton of returns by voting this that high

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I was worth the accident anyway.

They look like a lovely couple and I like their photos, especially the Iceland ones, so why not.

It's like a Hive lotto win for them 😁

Yeah sometime it hurts, when you are trying hard to post good content but doesn't making any money. But, I think one shouldn't be feel sad or demotivated as we all post these kind of stuff on other social media platform which don't earn us a single penny throughout years.

I saw the vote reward and ran on in here to find out what the content was that attracted so much attention. Lol

...and then you smiled!!

It's one of the sweetest and most motivational comments I have seen here in Hive. I believe they will do fine.

Thank you, we'll do our best and will definitely enjoy our time here.😊 Best regards!

Please do vote this back down to a sensible level @acidyo. It is very discouraging for people like myself who often spend days creating content and get around a $25 reward, to see someone post a bunch of food pics and less than 100 words of text and get over $300.

No offence @lapetra and welcome to the site.


someone post a bunch of food pics and less than 100 words of text and get over $300.

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When i first came to Hive /Steemit as a noob, it was quite a good feeling to try to bag a whale vote and the first post for lots of people would often get a big upvote. More luck to these guys and welcome to Hive.

Hey @eroche!! Not seen you around for a long time. I hope you're well and life is treating you kindly!
Any chance you could relaunch @letseat please mate? we NEED mobile Apps more than ever :-)

I agree the photoquality is superb and honestly the reason I just replied to him with a short comment is cause I'm not accepting people who just got back to posting and already doing better than 90% of other authors complain how they may feel seeing a newcomer get a big vote for once.

My point @pitboy is that it will encourage others to do this. Fair enough, if you guys are happy to have the blockchain populated by low quality posts that's up to you. Higher quality creators will leave.

Like I said, It's not personal against the original poster.


25$ and you complain? I would settle for getting a comment from time to time!

Hello. Heard you're looking for a comment. I might be able to help you with that.

Well I would appreciate it very much, but in my articles, a valid opinion on what I write. It feels very lonely over there, I would also value very much if after seeing my work you leave me some advice on how to do it better.

That's normal when someone is new. Imagine you just started up a new Youtube channel. That'll take some building and dedication. It's always quiet when you start out. As for making it better, that's hard to say. All I know is it needs to connect with people. Apply your own personality in order to make your content unique. Keep in mind, not everyone will be interested in your offerings, so don't take it personally. Search out like minds and talk to them. Be real. And that wall of text has got to go. Use paragraphs. And just know there are some people who have more videos on their youtube channels than they have views on all their videos combined. Welcome to the world of content creation.

Received, thank you very much. I am working on it.!

I don't mind someone becoming an instant minnow. It may encourage them to stick around, but they can't expect it every time. A lot of first posts do fairly well, but keeping going when it's cents on the next one is the real test,

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Esta conversación está buenísima, quejosos y gatillo alegre, bueno lo que si es cierto es la felicidad del que recibió el error y eso es lo más importante, que sigan los momentos gratos y a dar tiempo para recuperar ese poder de voto, solo es un poco de tiempo y paciencia jejeje, saludos a todos.

An accident that I'm sure will make someone happy!!!! Also, the article is not too bad, I think it has quite a lot of quality.

Welcome to hive! since you guys are foodie, check out Foodies bee hive where you can share your cooking stories, recipes and all things related to food. Would love to know your Tiramisu recipe since that looks yummy!

Thank you, we'll check it out and definitely share our Tiramisu recipe and many others 😊

I'm so proud I've onboarded such a quality people here on Hive. Their talent, especially in photography and culinary skills are AMAZING". Believe me, I've tried their food and it's divine, I swear. Also, very dear and nice lovely couple. 💚

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Welcome to the HIVE, fantastic photography work, nice to see new people joining this platform.

Welcome lapetra!
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The hilarious part is: the comments on this post make it damn near the value.

Agreed. Comments are gold.

Estoy de acuerdo ja, ja. Aunque las fotos están geniales.

Dobro došli na ovu zajednicu nadam se da će te se lepo zabaviti :D

Hvala, budemo! 😄

Welcome to Hive, guys. I'm looking forward to read all about your travels! Have an awesome weekend!

Hi, thank you, it means a lot! Cheers! 😊

So happy and meaning of life. Life is great family.

River Mrežnica, Croatia: looks amazing.

I am very glad to join this community as well. Its like a family!

Incredible support you got from your first post. Please nurture this connection and stay creative in terms of sharing you want the community to see from you. Don't treat it like an obligation though, your free to do what you want to do as long as it is what makes you happy.

Hope to see more of you guys. ^^

Yes, we didn't expect that at all.😅 We are very grateful and happy.

You can see our new post about Iceland if you want to :)

Yeah, I actually seen it now. It would be nice if you can reblog your post so it can show on your Blog Section and not just remain on the Posts Section.

Thanks for the advice :)

Not a problem. I do that always so I thought you might want to know that too.

Welcome to hive! you guys are extremely cute and the pics are amazing! we want more! :)

Thank you so much!😊 We just published a post about Iceland hehe :)

Welcome to Hive! I'm looking forward to reading more travel posts from you both!

Check out the Have You Been Here community run by @pinmapple and @travelfeed - they are all about travel related content!

Thank you! We just posted one travel post from Iceland in Haveyoubeenhere community :)

Awesome! I'll check it out soon!

Welcome to Hive!

Welcome on board! There are some travel and food communities which will be delighted with your contributions😜

Hi, thank you, we'll check them out! 😊

Welcome to hive, guys. The pictures are beautiful!

Thank you very much, glad you like it! 🤗

Beautiful photography... welcome to Hive.

Hi, thank you so much, it means a lot! 🤗

Welcome to hive and enjoy it my friend

Greetings from Aceh!

Hi, thanks a lot, I'm sure we will have a great time.
Greetings from Zagreb! 😀

Welcome to hive ^^

Also want to be voted this way 😂

Yes I guess we had beginner's luck. It's very motivating to get such a nice reward. Good luck, we hope you'll get nice rewards too.😂

I tried, but my fate is not as lucky as you guys 😂

Woow bellísimas fotos y cultura q disfrutes bastante

Muchas gracias! 😀

Saludos de nada con todo gusto a ti , 👌😊

Wery good post nice ;))

Thank you Denis! 😊

Welcome aboard! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures 📷 and stories

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Thank you, we are glad you like it 🤗

Que bien se ve todo amigos, las fotos por si son excelentes y lo que es la parte culinaria se ve fabulosa, gracias por compartir, saludos.

Muchas gracias mi amigo. Estamos felices que te gusta estas fotos. Saludos! 😄

Me gusta apreciar las cosas cuando son bellas, saludos.


Wow! Those pictures are amazing and you guys are also so much lucky. Keep it up 👏👏

Thank you very much, we are glad you like it.
Yes we are very happy, hope you'll get lucky too. 😊

Hi, Petra and Denis!! Welcome to the Hive Community! Greetings!

Hi! Thank you for your comment. Greetings!

Hola bienvenidos,a Hive.que bellas esas fotos ..también tengo Nacionalidad croata ,pero nacida en Ven2zuela.

Hola! Muchas gracias!😊 Wow, esperamos que vengas a Croacia, es un pais muy bonito.

Hello @lapetra! This is @traciyork from the @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) curation team (yes, it's another account belonging to @acidyo, who shall now be known as acid-oops! 😂). We noticed you shared your first post here on Hive - congratulations and welcome to the community!

I noticed you mentioned many different awesome interests - we have many different Hive communities for them! Here are some links for you to check out -

Photography Lovers Community

Haveyoubeenhere Community

Foodies Bee Hive Community

Hive Pets Community

I'm sure your friend @tonac will help you as you get started on your Hive journey, but if either of you have any questions, feel free to hop into the OCD Discord server and we'll do our best to answer them, and again welcome to Hive!

Hi, thanks for all the advices. We already checked these communities and we love them.
Yes @tonac already helped us a lot. We'll gladly check out the discord if we have some questions. Best regards 😊

You're very welcome, Petra & Denis and I'm so happy to hear that! 😊

Thanks for sharing your experience around the world

Thank you, we'll share a lot more in future posts!😊

Welcome! Hope to learn things from both of you. will follow your post and nice meeting you bot virtually. Thank you for inspiring others.

Thank you so much, we are glad you like it. 😊

Welcome to Hive guys. I'm sure you will amaze us with all your travel blogs. Take your time to explore and understand more about the Hive Ecosystem. Cheers!

Hi, thank you! 😊 We'll do our best to post quality content.

Welcome to Hive! Have a nice time here!

Hi, thank you! Of course. 😊

Welcome to Hive,I hope you come by and make us have a great time reading your posts.

Hello. Of course, we'll do our best! 🤗

You both are living the life! 💓 Wished I could live life with that much adventure. Oh and welcome to Hive! 😊😁

Thank you so much for your kindness! Don't worry, just keep dreaming! We are sure that in time you will have an adventure of your own.

Bienvenidos a HIVE esperemos conocer el mundo con ustedes

welcome to hive.. enjoy your stay here.. god bless

Welcome lapetra! If you love travel check out @travelfeed / TravelFeed.io :)

very nice photoraphy great job

Welcome friend hive you.Every of your writings has been awesome, truly awesome friend have a good day🌹🌹

Welcome here. I am also new.

Sin duda alguna me encantaron las fotografías , Se ven impresionantes esos lugares que visitaron, y sobre todo me entraron ganas de probar el #Tiramisu.

Saludos desde Venezuela :)

Muchas gracias! Publicaremos una receta de Tiramisu para que lo pruebes. Saludos! :)

Wow!! Great photos! It looks like you guys have been just about everywhere! What an amazing life. Goals of mine, for sure. Welcome to HIVE! It's a great place and I'm sure you'll find yourselves right at home here; although by the looks at it you're already MORE than at home! Haha wow! I've never seen a post payout this high! Good job!!! You'll clearly do very well here :)

Hi, thank you so much! We want to explore the whole world, that's our dream... Yeah haha it already feels like home. 😅

Ohhhhh doesn't that sound amazing. Good work guys! Keep this up and you'll be exploring the world in no time

Welcome to #HIVE the community where you can share your original and quality content.

hello I'm newbie here can someone help me what to do thank you so much I appreciated to all people who appreciated my question

This is awesome. Thank you