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We went to some stores and saw people wearing masks. We did not wear masks. Remember that masks can be good but tyranny can be bad. So, it is important not to argue about masks or other symptoms of bigger issues and problems. We prefer not to let government and others tell us what to do. It goes beyond just technocracy spying on us and into them manipulating how we live. That matters if you value liberty.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-06-27 - Saturday
Published in June of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-06-27 22:56:35.png
I admire her and I was watching some GOT tribute videos on Saturday

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Sometimes, you go around in circles in life.

Imagine all that green at 08:00 AM.

Imagine how Tiger Wood would feel to see the lawn cut.

Around 04:00 PM, we stopped by Ace Hardware, Fred Meyers, a random closed store, and Auto Parts. Too many wore masks and too few wore their beautiful faces.

Don't make me take off my 2 belts, one at 22.5 inches and wider and one at 27 and skinnier, you bad boy.

Good to help out the lady in the dress.

Good to add moral support.

What would you add to Minecraft?

I listed random things like Seattle, whales, the sun, random people, Wilson the Volleyball from Tom Hank's Castaway, gas stations, and don't forget the dinosaurs. Forget saving whales and save the freaking dragons.

06:07 PM - Eating grapes. The rest of them. Older grapes can turn into raisins. Did you know you can freeze raisins?

06:49 PM - Britt Nicole - Gold - Wonderful and powerful music video with a message of worth that is within humans, individuals, to pursue dreams. People struggle with cutting, addictions, drugs, drinking, and it can partly come from not feeling good.

Christmas makes me think of Santa, Jesus, Noel, Christmas trees, presents.

Meme jokes.


GOT music videos
other random music videos on my laptop