Launching Kinoko - A Hive based Kombucha (wtf?)

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As some of you know, after last year's SwarmFest in Bangkok me and my family went on a longer family trip to NZD. As SwarmFest and the Thai temperature in general had served me well in terms of Chang and Singha, I decided it would be best for my preservation to not touch alcohol in New Zealand. Not in the last place because we travelled using a campervan and I was designated driver of the beast :)

So in the quest for tasty alternatives with a bite I stumbled upon Kombucha and it didn't take long before it became my go to drink. During our travels I investigate how to make the good stuff. As, once I returned to NL I envisioned to start making it myself. Because, that stuff comes in quiet pricy in the supermarkets!

After some failed attempts I've finally launched some good batches and currently the weekly production is around 24 liters (48 pints), which I share with friends, family and try to find some local distribution outlets for (and advertise very locally on facebook).

Ok cool story bro. But whaddup with Hive?

Well. first off I found there is a funny similarity in Kombucha we also find in blockchains: To create a fresh batch of Kombucha one always need 1 part of "starter tea", which consists of a previously created batch of Kombucha. This needed element "chains" all Kombucha together and can be compared to how in for example the Hive blockchain a previous block is linked in the signatures of transactions, by using the so-called "relblocknum".

I envisioned making an opensource version of the drink, as I learned everything about it via internet myself. To gather all knowledge I therefore use the @kinoko account to post recipes related to Kombucha as well as product updates.

Kinoko sample delivered in SwarmFest's Volkshotel - Amsterdam

Internet of Things - Sensor logs on the Blockchain

In the fermentation room I have some sensors which automatically hourly register those logs over MQTT to JSON to the Hive chain (using Beempy). In the (hopefully near) future these automated customJson publications will result in shiny graphs on the labels of the drinks and on Kinoko's website.

Every week or so a new batch is bottled and brewed and the recipes and timestamps are also published as customJSON objects and irregularly I measure the pH value of the Kombucha to see its progress. These are all logged as customJSON objects.

I intend to not only have a nice drink and spread the word about that, but also show the diversity of the Hive blockchain through a not so common usecase, like this one. Actually it could be a very nice usecase for others: think of restaurant temperature logging (proof of temperature)). But this is open for debate whether our "Blockchain for Social" should also be used for customJson data storage from machine readings.

Kinoko's website (dutch!) is live or join the zucking FB page and @kinoko on Hive ofc!

If you live nearby and want to taste some, feel free to ping me through that FB page. I generally only do deliveries by bike, or excemptions if you are already travelling by car, by accident, close by your area.


hey I finally got on Hive!
Seems like it’s quite a bit better !
Great to see you healthy happy and successful!
Awesome brother. I love kombucha and we’ve been making it for about a decade we make all sorts of amazing flavors spicy ones savory ones herbal ones sweet ones even made a cocoa one time!
Keep on and blessings~*~

Welcome to the Hive side of life :)

It doesnt surprise me you guys make this stuff :) For now Im sticking to the original but will try to experiment with second ferments in due time!


Lol yes of course we do. Can teach you a bunch of severest when your ready!
Keep on!

Awesome. Can't wait to try it!

This sounds like an exciting venture! Raymi and I have been drinking kombucha for nearly 20 years. We’ll have to try some of yours the next time we’re in Amsterdam (which is hopefully soon). Hope you and the family are well @roelandp!

Do you make it yourself? And HBD :D!

We’ve never made it. We buy a brand here in the States called “GT’s”. Thanks, man! Hopefully 49 is a good year.

I love Kombucha. That's an interesting way to use a blockchain.

An excellent reminder for me to go brew some kombucha. :-)

Kudos for the intelligent linking of kombucha to blockchain also. :-)

Now, as to the frequency of updates... does it need to be every hour posting to the blockchain? I'm a noob when it comes to this so I'll be guided by you experts... but does it change that fast? Would hourly be better / more useful than say, daily? I have no idea and I'm just positing the question. Hourly is fine by me if you actually have that level of granularity in the changes :-)

That sounds quite an interesting project, mixing a natural drink and Hive.

I have a friend who just opened a cafe and serves natural traditions beer (as my last post) and other food products. We are based north of Barcelona, Spain and I might be able to talk to her about your project and maybe encourage her to get some batches first to see if the product sells here. After that, they could consider forking it to produce it down here.

This is her place Ohcintes, let me know if you would be interested in exploring that path. 🙂

Hey @santigs! thats pretty cool! I would recommend to go the "fork" way, straight away. In one of the posts on @kinoko I explain how to start the first batch using some starter tea which most probably is sold in Barcelona / Girona.

For me it would be a bit to far out to hop on a bike :) and this is a living culture which needs a fridge to stay dormant or it would continue to ferment during shipping.

But really, I recommend forking!

I'll take a look at the posts on @kinoko and will talk to her to see if she feels as trying out. :)
Thank you!

Ha, that is pretty cool and yeah, I like having this kind of use case for business practices and accountability on Hive.

That's the start of business... LOL

Nice Work @roelandp Thanks for share it :)

Amazing and original! I think the blockchain should be used for anything, doesn't make sense to restrict usecases.

That looks like something to really taste. Oh my, I am living far far away. ;)

That’s pretty awesome! That IoT process can be used for allot of things then posted to chain... did you just turn Hive into a supply chain, lol?!?

This is a great marketing strategy for your (Open Source) drink. I could give you a help as a marketer too.

Kinoko should taste great. I wish I can get a sip right now.
SwarmFest was a replacement for SteemFest I guess 😂

Should we be expecting HiveFest 1.0 soon? Regards to your family.

I am ready to start some Hive related travel as soon as travel is a think again

Good to hear that buddy. COVID19 messed up so many plans. But let’s be optimistic!

Kinoko? Mushroom?

Yes :) see the explainer in the first post @kinoko

Hi Roeland,

This sounds pretty amazing. I'm flying back to Portugal in 8 days and am currently in Eindhoven. Still plan to do some ( train ) travelling to visit friends and family before my departure so I'm thinking of a way to get some of your Kombucha, even if it's just one bottle, before I go...

I am 38, and reached a point in life where alcohol usage ( not that that was the only thing I consumed ) is slowly being replaced by healthier stuff / habits / produce.

Naturally, it helps if that replacement is tasty and actually gives you a boost.

As I stopped using Fb years ago and don't plan to return, I wondered if there's another way to get in touch and ( possibly ) get myself some kombucha before I leave the country.

Groetjes uit Eindhoven,


Discord: VincentNijmanZENsitivosaurus#5870

Hey vincent, cool, i try to reach out to you on discord!

I think you're saying Steemfest is Swarmfest.

Wow @roelandp, this is worthy of emulation. I feel like having a taste of Kombucha. I hope it like palm wine.

@daltono that sounds like a kombucha I would love to try!

Some would say it’s spam or useless or something if that nature. I say why not? The only way we can make things work is to think outside the box. What if this type of thing launches and becomes a huge chunk of the business for hive? That’s the beauty of it, the possibilities are endless.

I have no problem with this type of stuff, looking at your calculation it’s small, even if it comes out to be 1 megabyte per year who cares? That’s small potatoes. I will follow the new account to check it out periodically!

maybe something for @shopinbit

I love kombucha, but a bike ride delivery across the Atlantic Ocean is probably too much to ask ... congratulations all the same, and if I get to the NL, I'll look for Kinoko!

This is awesome man!!! I love me some buch!! :)

@roelandp, Looks like nowadays so many things are Resonating with Blockchain Technology.

Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

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This is awesome! Great project. I discovered Kombucha a couple of years back after a night of too much drinking. My stomach felt destroyed, but the next morning I got myself a bottle of Kombucha which made it feel amazing. The power of probiotics. Can’t wait to see Kinoko on the shelves of my local market someday!

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Excelente post amigo

Looks good. WIsh I wasnt stuck in the states UGH

My friend, thanks for the reblog and for the Juicy support. Let make Hive to the top trending noonies hackernoon. @roelandp. I followed you since we were on steemit. Good to see you again.


Kombucha is great :)

Will these be shipped to othet European countries?
Just saw your post somewhere :D

I'm on my way to build a beer brewing system by my own and that kind of sensors and the logging to the chain function might be a cool function.

So, we need to talk

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Yes, thats what I am asking. If you think its spam, noted. I am also hesistant and had thought of logging this stuff more often but then backed off to hourly logs, which are literally: 60 byte per hour. When I multiple that with 24 hours and 365 days I come at 525.6 kilobytes of data added to the blockchain on annual base. I can be mistaken in my calculation.

It is why I am opening up this discussion and Im glad you reply to it.

Blockchains can be used through its "perceived immutability" (wink wink) as a proven datastore for data which need to be audit-able proven to be registered at a given time. In NL this is for example the case with temperature logging of refrigerators in restaurants. This is a repetitive task which needs to be done over and over again and when inspection shows up, it must be ready to be displayed and proven. A blockchain based storage, or at least backup, might be actually a usecase. Not certain if it should be the Hive chain. Maybe it can be another "cool" chain (wink wink at refrigerator)

So to continue on this... I am not certain this is why the Hive chain should be used like this, it is the question I arise. Yet Im certain I think it should not be used for your suggestion Nginx logging :) but maybe a hash of a logfile on rotation could be something? If you would need to prove that logs have not been fiddled with.

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