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It's been a while, and it is true that a lot of my posts that I manage to send out start with that.

I am busy, I am really busy but it is not all with good things, and some are. So a quick update on the things that are going on lately:

School is starting next week. It was suppose to start in 2 days but the boards have delayed the entries in order to give a more safe entry. Here are the dilemmas:

  • I don't want to send my kids to school.

  • Ex wants to send them to school.

  • I have a child with asthma. Don't want to take the risk

  • Lawyers are in the picture and we are waiting relentlessly for a reply on both ends for this part.

We, as in my ex and I, are dealing with a troubled children because of this separation so it is causing me to spend even more time on activities, down time, emotional time and whatever you can think and name of. The problems that has arisen:

  • My oldest child was preparing to run away. Gave many problematic attitudes and wants to argue a lot and not wanting to listen to anyone.

  • Middle child has a lot of attitude but is overwhelmed and so she cries a lot and doesn't understand why.

  • Last child is trying to run the show being extra bossy, thinking she can get away with everything.

My house is a mess. This whole ordeal is a disaster and it is reflecting in this house and I am a one woman team against 4 in trying to clean this place up and dealing with the kids.

I have been looking for work. It has been an emotional ride adding to the roller coaster of disasters. Here's what it looks like:

  • Applied to a work at home job, ended up calling the company slave drivers.

  • Applied to work for another company, they already hired.

  • Applied to the post office, no replies yet but I would only be working as back up replacement so its not even weekly.

  • Feeling like I still need to do something, I resulted in opening up an account to sell my photographs but I am not even sure if the site is legit. Only putting some pictures on, I am waiting to see if it actually works - will post a link later in the post.

  • Almost feeling desperate at this point so I started a collaboration with a clothing company and becoming an ambassador. Just trying it out to see if anything good can come from this. -will also post a link later in the post.

I have painted only a little as I am running out of inspiration or music and time. But a good thing, violin lessons will start back next week as well, sad part, I have not practiced all summer which put me behind in my skills and I keep planning on practicing but something always comes up.

For this separation thing, I am still hanging in there, nothing has happened yet, the lawyers are damn slow and I mean real slow. Snail, turtle, sloth, iguana twitching slow. It is getting to me, I do want to scream at them and get a move on, I need this change to happen because it is affecting me mentally and physically. Still trying to be strong, some days are better than others.

So I still want to be part of this Hive family, I just have less time to jump on the laptop than ever before. I still love writing, I still love being part of the community, I still want to embrace the image of what this platform could be.... Wondering if everyone actually lost site of that by now. Consider me old fashion.

Here is my photographs store, it holds just only a few in there that are lesser quality as I am still figuring things out, to see if this site is actually worth using, let me know what you think about the site, share your knowledge :)


And if Gothic clothing is your thing and you want that new dress or those new boots to fit your weekend then check out this shop! Type Rottie40 in the discount box to get 40% off your order, and right there there's a sweet sale happening, so be sure to check it out :D


I bought myself the Harriet dress which is perfect for the fall time weather. Once it comes in, I'll show you on the next blog :)

Besides all this I think I am getting better at taking selfies lol.


When I start running out of ideas how to pose and get tired of the never ending bad shots, I just mess around doing silly things and I think it kind of works!

Here is another one I did when I played with makeup, being inspired by the autumn season and well, you guessed it, foxes! :P


If you are up for checking out my Instagram and would like to gain a follower, hit me up! I post randomly on there, mostly sharing pictures of my adventures :)


This is all the time I have today, quick to the point with the latest news :) I will be back with quality posts once more when there is movement in my personal life. Till next time, take care! xx


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I checked it out, Foxy. Insert Horn Fingers <-- there cuz the emoji horn fingers are pretty weak.

Eh, at least Frankie ain't practicing with the scissors. 😉 <-- that one's not weak.

Ya good thing the scissors aren't in the picture LOL!

Thank you for checking it out dear friend. Think it might work out? Feedback is good to have before I add my best on there.

You got my support--still. 😉 Facebroke?? Never heard of it. Kidding, just never been there. Much love from Nashville, @foxyspirit.

You're doing great, single mom! Your kids are lucky to have you. A big shout-out to all the single moms.. @dandays was raised by the best one of all.

Thanks dude!

Your mom was also lucky to have you :)

Sheesh, Julie! That is a lit that's going on. Sounds like you are doing the best you can. None of us, here, is going anywhere, so when you feel inspired... And, of course you know to DM when you need.

Breathe. One day at a time. One battle at a time.

Take care of yourself 🤗

I was given the analogy of putting only one ingredient in the mixing bowl at a time, otherwise it all explodes when turning the mixer on and it wont be a good dessert after. Basically as you said, one battle at a time. I have to pick which one but they all happen at the same time. Sigh. It's ok though. This will make us stronger and me and my kinds will bond and connect even more. <3

oh, I like what I'm hearing. You're sounding a little stronger than I sensed in your post! Hang in there and, I'm not repeating myself... 🤗

Every day is different, I wrote that post at the end of the day when there were problems that happened already. I wrote the comment this morning when nothing happened. Always trying to start the day with a good mindset :D Happy you sensed that ^_^

You too hang on, I know how you are feeling with this pandemic crap, big hugs to you and much courage :D You are a strong woman as well and I believe even stronger than me!

Wow, it's been a while and I lot of grief since. 😞 🙏

There has been and there will be more. This too shall pass and sunny days will be ahead :)

First off, love the makeup in the last pics! Digging that vibe with the color scheme, but I do love fall and foxes. ;) What to say otherwise but that I'm still sending some good vibes your way, and especially to the kiddos. That's a tough spot for you all, so I can only hope things start to move forward a bit quicker at some point. Keep you head up, girl, we're all here for you when you need us.

Thank you ^_^

Definitely keeping my head up, I am losing patience but I try to find something else to do so I don't dwell in the problems.

Im grateful for the lot of you. I feel like I need to convince everyone that I am not completely gone from here. I will be here more in good time :)

A LOT of plates being spun meuf but I'm glad you can still find fun with the make-up and selfies, good to have a bit of an outlet from what is going on in your life. Can you badger the lawyers to get them to hurry up, just be like reaaaaaaally annoying and constantly pester, like the "Are we there yet" style!

Sending you good vibes my friend, keep up the awesome selfies and it might be your favourite time of year coming up next month... right? 🎃

Gotta have fun somewhere, even if its just a little thing. It's my favorite season coming up shortly! Yes halloween is a season :P I've been planning on what to do with the budget that I have and it came down to being a lot of home made things with materials that I have at home. Very little will be bought. Going wasteland style. Usually I creepy but if I can't show it off, then I can do wasteland much easier.

I dont know if I can pester the lawyers but I am calling them often enough. I called today but the person wasn't available and waiting to be called back. I need to press the matters even more because I need wood to come in to dry for the next winter season if I will still be living here. I don't want to be moving in the winter either and it makes it harder to find places to live as well.

Thanks for sending the good vibes, I might do makeup that matches the hallo vibes in the next few. It's good practice if anything.