Competition VS. Cooperation - You Decide

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Were you on the top of your class in school?
What is your favorite team in sports?
How are you doing in your career?

Even though we used to survive only with helping one another, we now live in world that indoctrinate competition in our minds.

The question is:

Will the human race excel faster with a competitive mentality or a cooperative one. ?


Human Nature is Cooperative

In early human history, humans had to cooperate to survive. Humans used to survive on hunting & gathering. People did not only cooperate for self-regarding reasons but also because they are genuinely concerned about survival. Research suggests the importance of avoiding competition to allow the evolution of biological diversity.

So basically, we had to cooperate to survive.


The Start Of Competition

About 10,000 years ago, the first humans put down their roots. Agriculture started, when human settled down sometimes they compete to get a bigger share. Now human became more independent on nature! This is when the idea of competition started. **Who is getting the better yield? Who has the better crops? **


Competitive World = Competitive Mentality

We grew up in a competitive world. We get appraised for getting the full mark in school. We have rankings on who is the best in the class. All of our sports are competitive. We support different teams. We live in different Countries. We have different religions. We get paid differently in our jobs.


Our Competitive World

Living in this world we learn to think competition by default. We get indoctrinated competition every step through-out life. Ever heard yourself thinking who is better? or I am better than.. OR He/she is better


But, Competition is Good

Competition has many advantages.
Competition lower Prices .
Competition drives better quality.
Competition facilitates Innovation.
Competition makes us better people.

Somebody told me once :

Competition is sometimes bad and sometimes good


When is sometimes


Who decides

The Question Remains :

Is Competition better than cooperation for the human race?

What Do You Think?

Let me know in The Comments Bellow


Unity still remains the key to success. I believe competition started from the time of Cain and Abel as were the first record of men who competed. I also think God himself design competition because he rejected the gift of Cain. On a normal human thinking, if Cain was supposed to have the chance to come back to give an offering to God, he will want to give better. On the other hand Abel, who his sacrifice was accepted, will also want to do more better so that his offerings might always be accepted. Competition is within us from ages. The best form of competition is competing against yourself not others... You'll improve more.

That is actually a great point!!
It made me really think that competition is within us from ages. Willingness to become a better version of yourself will motivate you to improve every day.

I like that. Utalizing competition against yourself to improve . Well said!

Thank you sir for sharing your thoughts :)

I agree with you dear..
I like it..
My support is all part..

Actually these two part just extraordinary to need for any people my friend..@hossary



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long time no see your blog.. hossary !.. how are u ?

Yeah :)
Been busy with work and some travelling :) But, Doing Great!

Hope you are doing great as well :)

I see... it's great you are back... keep steeming hossary. . have a nice day!

Greetings, human nature has both facets, compete and cooperate. The two together or separate are positive.

Competitiveness allows achieving better results in all areas of development. Cooperation is our duty as members of society.

Successful companies have optimal results for having competitive employees and being in a global market.

The cooperation may be seen at a lower rank but its application is individual and also generates improvements in our quality of life.

Both are necessary and can coexist perfectly.

Great post, allow a nice debate, apologize for any error translator use.


I think this is the bottom line of this, competition and cooperation together will bring us forward as a whole.

Lets put it this way. Competition might help us individually, and cooperation could help us as a team. But using both of them equally will allow us to become the best versions of ourselves without harming one another.

I always like to follow the theory of the mean. Too much of anything is harmfull and too little is not great. But, finding the right amount of both and knowing when to apply them is the way to go.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts . I really apreciate it :)

Thank you for responding and taking into account my comment, the important thing in human and development issues is that in the end the goal is the same, excellent debate, I hope to read you again. Hopefully, the language will allow you to read some of my next posts where I will discuss similar topics.

In this life we do have to help each other, because we can not live alone, surely we need others, and vice versa. But in business we must be able to stand alone, because to succeed it takes a very big struggle. But whatever we do, we must always be optimistic, and always focus on one goal, never look at what others are doing. That way, I'm sure whatever we do, surely we can succeed.Thank you @hossary

Thank you for sharing your thoughts :) I am a very optimistic person :)

I belive the more we become independent, the more we become more competitive.

But, as you said we must be able to stand alone 💪

Thank you I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

I am also happy to share with you @hossary, hopefully we can be friends, and can to share. With us sharing, we can get a new science. thank you

Imagine that on one shoulder we have the Spirit of Cooperation. This spirit is motivated primarily by the desire for everyone’s needs to be met. Fairness, according to Cooperation, means that everyone has the same rights, including the right to have a direct and equal say in decision-making around how needs get met. We find that the wisdom of the Spirit of Cooperation can lead us to using less resources and therefore having a more restorative impact on the global environment. By sharing things and space, we need fewer things and less space. Besides, working together can get a job done more easily than working individually.


Its seems like common sense to value cooperation more to to have a better impact on the environment. But the question is: can rules and regulations govern competition to end up with a better world?

I value cooperation more as well but, this world always provoke the competitive personality in us :)

yep you are right

Yes you are right @hossary 👏

For many people, the prospect of outperforming peers and being victorious is the primary drive in life.

Competition is everywhere in our modern world: in school, at work, on the road, in the gym, and more.

By competing against and comparing ourselves with one another, we learn how to improve and earn success

I totally agree. @focygray really convinced me that competition is within us from ages ( check his comment)

The best form of competition is to utalize it to become the best version of yourself. :)

thanks a lot @hossary

You are most welcome :)

you are great sir

Very good post @hossary, these words have a very profound meaning, and can be a very good motivation for everyone. Especially for myself. In this life, we do have to help each other with our fellow human beings. With us helping each other, we can certainly create a result as we wish. As in a game, we have to help each other for us to win.Thank you for sharing and hopefully you will be more successful to work ... :)

Thank you :)

I totally agree that we have to help each others to win the game. But there is always another team that losses ;)

Actually lets call that Being Competitive by Cooperation :))

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts :)

thank you back for you @hossary, every game there must be a loser and there is a win. Of course all the teams want to win, without any cooperation and help each other, surely we can not win. Hope you have a beautiful day @hossary ... :)

thanks a lot

This writing very interesting my friend.
I appreciate your blog. thanks for sharing life...........

Thank You :)

Cooperation and competition both essentially to need for all person but I desire that cooperation one them..

That's a great writing my friend..actually I support all ..I think two part essentially for all people.
So I support all👍👍

Thanks a lot for sharing this your valuable post

Actually this post is knowledgeable ..I appreciate your post..
I will support and deside obviously cooperation my friend.@hosaary

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woow great one bro, i totally liked it

If competition can be transformed to a constructive cooperation in terms of helping individual to grow in skill as well as in intellectual. Why not right? But if competition that involves scamming and exploitation just to stay ahead of the game. Well that's where it all goes downhill.

Good post like it and upvoted ...
keep it up!

Being competitive has been the maxim dispute in the life of human beings for many years, is said that those who always arrive first are those who head the success lists. There are multiple forms and messages that invite people to compete with others, where their efficiency to perform various tasks, determine whether the person is competent or not. But have we ever questioned what to compete for? What is the ultimate purpose of the competition? The truth of the case is that the political, economic, and also labor environments have been governed by this scheme of thought and action, in which there will always be winners and losers. This way of directing personal and work life, leads intrinsically to a constant state of confrontation between us.
I think we should turn this way of working focused on rivalry, and start to build a model based on cooperation and collaboration. That is, leaving behind individual work and encouraging teamwork to achieve objectives.
I believe that we could change society if we taught to realize an acknowledgment of the individual abilities, skills and capacites of each person. In my opinion, this is how we generated better results as a society.
By the way, if it's not too much trouble I wanted to invite you to read my posts. I would greatly appreciate if you take the time to read them, and in case you like them, I would appreciate it if you would give me a vote, a comment, or a resteem.
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!

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