Redirection: Lessons in Writing

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Steemit is my first foray in sharing my writing. That being the case, I've made my share of mistakes, each of which I try to learn from. My latest mistake was one of topic choice, or at least it would appear that way. Three of my last four articles were writtne on the book I Am the Word, a book I find to be a very important spiritual work for our time. I mostly wrote in a way that was giving a brief overview of each chapter, trying to hit on the points that stood out for me. These articles weren't really landing, and looking back I can see why.

For one thing, the topic is fairly niche. Not only is it spirituality, but it's a channeled text and the wording is far different from what most people are used to. The other thing I kind of have been feeling these last few days I've been away from steemit (Karen took me to X Ambassadors at Red Rocks!) was that my writing was a bit dry. I was basically parroting the teaching already available in the book and quoting too much. Not to mention, writing each article took a long time because I was referencing the book so much. Because of this, I've decided to take a new direction...


So, rather than doing a summary and trying to hit the main points the book is hitting, I've decided to backtrack to a more personal journey of blogging, one where I share more or what I'm working on and less of someone else's work. This doesn't mean I will abandon talking about I Am the Word, it just means I'll be talking more about what I took away from it and how I'm implementing it in my life. I feel like different material and experiences will appeal to different people, so I feel you guys getting my perspective on the work and how I see it relating to other work is more important than solely focusing on the material itself. I think doing this will open up the discussion more and help others relate more easily.

What do you all think?

Going With the Flow

This was a good learning experience for me. I tried something new and it didn't seem to be working out, in more ways than one! Not only did I get very low response rate, but I didn't enjoy writing the articles. While blogging should be work, I don't think we should sacrifice our individual voices in order to pump content. Even if we strongly believe in something, we shouldn't try and do what has already been done. In my case, I was trying to rewrite the book in my own words with less room to run with it. And it flat out didn't feel right.

Whenever you get the feeling that you're wasting time or spinning your wheels with some work, maybe it's time for a change-up, or even a completely new direction or project. Reflect on it for a day or two, let it settle in and see how it feels before charging ahead and wasting time. Your audience will tell you, and your heart will too.

Hope everyone's been doing great here on steemit, I got in late from Denver after a flight delay, but wanted to write something up quick. Thanks for reading,



Yeah, I always take some inspirations (like my current ACIM series) and write only about my own understanding and implications. In ACIM Jesus always says, that teaching and learning are the same. So I'm writing about the topics I'm learning at the moment and through writing it doesn't only get clearer for me, but also for my readers (as it seems). Thank you and continue on this path! 🙏

Ya, that was my intention, I felt like I ended up giving way too many quotes and info on the book, maybe since it was the intro posts. Thanks!

Sometimes letting things settle on its own is the only way around to get things done.Paths may see intermingled but if we see the omens they will reflect the way toward right direction.

What I found to be the case for me on Steemit is that others' articles inspire me in a roundabout way. When I read an article which I find myself capable of adding a decent comment to, I finally find that my comment is written in a form that I can turn it into an article, with some minor changes here and there.

Yesterday I too wanted to write a new article (I have about two dozens left accumulated over many years), but I found no inspiration. Then, I had this idea of skimming over my comments, and one hour later I had 15 new articles that now add on to the two dozens I had already.

I released one yesterday, and I really guess it is the mind barrier which always wants to make it perfect. But what is perfect in our view might be received differently by others. Because most often that which I consider a very well written piece and a very interesting one too, it doesn't seem to strike that much chord within others, while pieces I rather release 'on the go' are at least as well received as those I like most. On top other that, many people these days have a very short attention span, I guess.

Give it your best! ;)

Ya, I agree with that, sometimes comments get me started on a new article. I may have to but havent been commenting recently... I need to get back in the groove!

I'll swing by soon to see what you've been up to, I need some inspiration

Haha, I wish you the best ;)

boring with no visuals!! pictures!

pshhhhhh, overrated sometimes haha