Summer Thunder Beers!

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Good evening Hivers!! Can you feel the thunder in the air? The summer thunder? You can't? Well, don't worry, I will do my best to chunder some thunder up yer down under!

Or something.

That's right, it's Saturday and that means beer! I have two fine beauties this week, battling it out for the top spot in the almost mythical boomage ranks.

Thankfully with all the COVID jiggery-pokery dying down a bit for now in Scotland, I have managed to get out and forage among the wild things for strange metallic can-fruits filled full of beer.

And it looks like I struck gold!

So what do we have? We have the incredibly named Apocalyptic Thunder Juice!

It sounds amaze-balls! Even though I did wince as I picked it up and a sharp memory of the time I had a Shwarma kebab in the filthy muck heap that is Marmaris and it came out the other end in a blaze of liquid fire.

It was like that bit at the end of Game of Thrones where Johnny-Big-Baws-Dragon blasted a fiery jet of flame at the Iron throne and melted it to slag.

I didn't envy the maids with that one.

Anyway, enough holiday reminiscing!

To the beer!


Apocalyptic Thunder juice is apparently to be enjoyed as if it were the last beer you will ever have. A celebration of the end of all things.

The blurb claims it to be dank and juicy. Somehow that is not enticing me as much as you might expect it to.

Let's get it in the glass.


Oh. Oh my. It's a weak-looking little fucker. If this was a Spartan child it would be taken out to the hills and left for the wolves.


Thankfully it is not a Spartan child and instead just an insipid looking beer in my glass.

Here goes.

Ooft. That is rubbish. No other way to describe it?! It is watery and bitter with hops but not in the bitey throat good way that you expect of a good IPA. No, it is weak and lame like a copy of a once-great blockchain.


Surely not. ;O)

A poor 3/10 booms and that just because the name was good and the can design was not bad either.



Ah, this looks like it will please me. A mango beer. You know, once upon a time I would have scoffed at the very thought of a mango beer. Probably after dismounting from my horse and cuffing a peasant with my mailed glove.

Not now though. I have seen that pleasant golden mango light and am a convert.

So this had better not let me down!


Better colour than the last. A pleasing gold. Like the turmeric stained sock of an Egyptian Pyramid builder.

I like the look of you, young mango me lad.

Oofty ma-boofty, this is stonking! Stonking good. Literally, like flaming donkeys from the sky landing with a golden splash into my mouth and hee-hawing for their mother!!

Which is to say that it is very good, sour and tart but packed full of mango juice. I likey! 10/10 booms!!

Wayhay!! Take that Lockdown!!

Ah, I do love a double smackdown that ends well.

Cheers everyone!



I don't even need sound for these!!! Although, to tell you the truth, the sound effects are some of the best parts. LOL

You know these are pure gold, BoomMeister!! You are so the man! Let's do this again next week! :)

Upped and Reposted


Cheers m'dear!!!

Perhaps I shouldn't bother speaking and just do sound effects the whole way through :0D

Noooo!! The visuals are killers!! We need them both!

Once you've seen it, the addiction is tattooed on your soul.

Haha, that explains how I landed the good lady 🤣🤣


Wooohoooo!! I KNEW I smelled mango beer!! It drew me out of the woodworks hahaaaa. Damn, but that looks stupendous. Thank the covid gods they've let you out to scour the countryside to find this beauty :D

I was thanking the covid gods until the news today said that our cases head more than doubled!!

Oh well, back to lockdown, grr

Those bastards!! Aparently they don't know who they're dealing with lol

They don't!!

Luckily this time I have plenty of beer in advance of it!!

Kind of a shame the one with the over the top name turned out to be a fizzler. Least you got one great one out of it? :D

One great one was good enough for me!! If they had both been guff I would have wept!

Oh man, only a mother would love those vids hahaha.
We watched both and I think a company should hire you to advertise their beer hahaha.
I used to drink a brand called Black Label a 100 years ago, it was more alcohol than beer and it had a kick like a mule.
If an Egyptian Pyramid builder has tumeric socks, I wonder what his underpants looks like hahaha.

Great reviews here!

I think the underpants of a pyramid builder might be more caramel. Aaargh!!!

Hehe, they would hire me and then make me stick to a script and I wouldn't and then I would be fired, hahaha!! Cheers man!

Well, with that those faces that you pull, you should have been an actor lol.
I am thinking of asking you to do a skit for the @combination account hahaha.

Cheers and enjoy your Sunday!

Lol! I do like pulling a daft face but it does help when I do them without even thinking about it!!

Hahaha, me too and that's why I don't make videos lol.
People will use it to scare their kids if they don't want to eat their veggies lol.

I hope you have a series on the playhouse construction project somewhere! And that first beer sounds like far too many northwest IPAs. "Here, we took some pisswater and added a fuckton of hops. LIKE IT, YOU IGNORANT HIPSTERS!"

Haha, that was exactly what it was like. As is it were brewed by buffoons expecting that people would like it because they say so!!!

Hehe, I think I have one snap halfway through, I got a bit lost in our when I read doing it!

Lol. Enjoyed the videos on that one @meesterboom. I do love a good IPA, but love my bitters more I must admit. But if I come across the Mango Berliner will definitely give it a go now. Great post. Happily up voted and re-blogged.

Cheers mate!! I am quite fond of a bitter myself. In fact, I'm a fussy bugger, lol. It was a great beer, I think I am gonna order a stack of them for casual summer beers!

Can't beat a good ice cold IPA on a hot day in the garden. Speaking of bitter, I was up at Cern Abbas the other day and stopped off at a farm shop and picked up some bitter made by their brewery. It's bloody good and definitely worth a go. I'm having a pint of it at the moment while I'm working on my post on the Southwest. May have to work a beer review into the post me thinks... Never thought of doing beer reviews. Could be a good way to get money back on my pints. lol

I will keep an eye out for any beers by them. Cheers for the tip.

It's a good way of working back some beer money. I mean if you can work some pleasure into your work and get paid for it you can't complain!

You build that one? You have great building skills!

Oh you sounded so posh "my beer is too watery" hahahha.

Mango must have tasted well, you liked this a lot. Mango tastes good in pretty much anything.

I though you were going to throw the first away lol.

Watery beer hahaha that is a good one!

I am proud that I knocked it up with these very hands!!

I sometimes try to be posh but usually my gutter background takes over and I sound like a ruffian. Lolz!

I love some mango in my beer and it beats the watery nonsense every time!!

Hahahah! Master of all trades! Your accent has a charm to it, it is actually quite lovely!

I think it is a love it or hate or thing. Some people think it is good and others rage when they hear it!!!

I like it, thankfully!! :0)

Me too! Hooray!

Coincidentally, I spent most of my Saturday cleaning my spoons made out of kittens. You have no idea how hard they are to keep clean!!! (and away from the dogs)


They are awful things to clean but everything tastes so smooth from them :0D


The mango !BEER sounds great pity about the thunder that did not thunder!!

I know! If you are going to have a name like that you had better make sure it booms!!!


Glad the beer reviews are back, but what's this watery looking apocalyptic pish?! Next!

I do like a bit of mango in my beer and i'm glad to hear this one does the job, unlikely a once great blockchain and another that sounds like 'burp' - sell!

Cheers Boomy and nice job on the man-cave/shed!

Hehe, I do love my white painted shed!!

Cheers man, mango in beer is awesome. Hopefully blurt stays high enough to buy some more of that stuff, lol!!

A fine effort, although 11 days... I think you need a bigger brush!

BLURT will hopefully stay high enough to buy a 4 pack when the powerdowns are in!

A four pack of the cheapest nonsense!!

It was the coats, so many coats!!! :0p

Any excuse to get out of the house!

Not needed a coat for a few weeks - Tuesday!

Lol. Can you believe that today we're decided to go to the beach and it's a massive 14 degrees!!! 14 smh

14, that's a 2 coat day for me!

27 at 11 am, tomorrow looks dangerous!


At eleven am!! That is awesome!! Double the temp here!! I'm off to weep into the sea!! :0)

The doll house looks stunning - Are you on holiday now or working outside between meetings hahaha. Glad the second beer made up

It's been early evening work and some weekends, I am quite proud of it!! Not in holiday till next week!

Well you can be proud. Also waiting for my holiday in 2 weeks - this year has been hectic

It has been a bugger of a year.I hope for both of is the next couple of weeks flies in, although it's only one week for me now!

hello dear friend @meesterboom good afternoon
I already missed this dialect of yours to mean, highlight the words or situations that require a descriptive lexicon.
hoo, noo, the hot tastings went to extremes, almost nothing or the maximum in puentuacion. great
Enjoy my dear friend

Salut, jlufer!!!

It's a fine time to be having a beer. Glad your liked it!!! :0)

Your sense of humour is great... well I don't like to try things tho ... I will stick to my brand ..

I like to laugh at life before it gets a chance to laugh at me first :0)

That's how it should be after all you only have one life to live.. live it to the fullest

Exactly. Before the grim jaws of fate pull you down into the murk!!

Enjoy your weekend

You too matey!

I wasnt even sure if it was safe enough to get on Blurt to power it down LOL

Lol! I got on after several maybe ten attempts to get past the nonsense error messages. Then I stuck a silly post up and now all I get is not enough RC messages. Somehow I don't think I will be getting my blurt out!

You sure that was a 10/10, your initial facial expressions were telling me otherwise!.. and yes, were are powering down our BLURT!

Power it all down and fast!! hehe. I wish I had known the wallet was active earlier. I had forgotten about it!!

It was a bit sour at very first but then all the juicy stuff came charging out like Mike Tyson in an eighties boxing match!! :0D

Use your Blurt VP, I can make the numbers move at the mo.., earn Blurt, vote on the stuff in Trending.., like single pictures and incredible other stuff.

Shit, good call!! I never even thought of that for a second!!

I'm off for a vote fest!!!

Its 4c a pop now, what's it gonna be when we want to sell? No downvotes and fucking awful content.. have a look!

I have just came from there, it's atrocious!!!! How long can the price hold? Hopefully for at least a few weeks. Its even worse than steemit! And that is saying something. I feel slightly ill after going through that trending page!

I have 30k of the bastards to dump, who's buying?

It never ceases to amaze me who's buying this kind of shit. I mean look at steem, it's still somehow trundling along. I thought it works be sub one cent by now.

I think I have 26.5K blurt, hopefully enough to buy be a six pack of beer and a bag of crisps!

wuao that very provocative beer looks delicious the truth I would like to try it .....

I think you would like it very much!

Since I don't know about these things, is it possible for me to send you some Finnish beers in the mail?

Hehe, the Finnish have beers? I thought they drank decomposing fish and stuff??

I'm always open to beer!! :0D

Will have to work out how to do it, as they are ridiculous with alcohol here. I don't drink beer myself, but I think it'll be interesting :)

That would be grand, I would happily pay!

They are ridiculous here too. I tried to send some to Hollanda couple of years ago and was soundly rebuffed be everything delivery related!

Wooohoooo!! I KNEW I smelled mango beer!! It drew me out of the woodworks hahaaaa. Damn, but that looks stupendous. Thank the covid gods they've let you out to scour the countryside to find this beauty :D

They let him out???

Oh nonono you watched the videos right? I think there was more likely an escape on the evening of a fool moon than a letting out!!!

However if this is the hugely entertaining result, I hope more unsafe people are released back on to the streets :D

hahaaa you are so right! I am in 100% agreement lol

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