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I woke up this morning feeling a little grumpy and knew right away that I needed my dose of caffeine!

I took a quick shower and in 15 mins I was all set and ready to be on the road. Where to go?


It's Sunday, it means Starbucks Sundate with my partner. We love going to Starbucks on Sundays because there's less people there and we always want to get our favorite seats.

When we got to Starbucks, there were couples who were seated on our favorite seats but they left after about two minutes. I immediately grabbed my stuff and took one of the seats while my boyfriend was still at the counter waiting for our coffee.

Yesterday I downloaded a book on my Kindle called the " The Chronicles of Narnia". I started reading a few pages last night till I fell asleep. I haven't read a book on my Kindle ever since I joined Steemit because I spent most of my time writing blogs, replying to some comments and reading other people's blogs.

My boyfriend told me a few months back that Steemit is my new addiction and he's right. Since I joined Steemit it has been hard for me to not get on it either on my laptop or my phone, even when am at the gym. Last week, if you have noticed my activity log, I wasn't as active as I used to be since I flew to Manila to get paper work done and spend some quality time with my sister, @gerel.

Am sure am not the only here who's addicted to Steemit. You know when you're addicted because everything that you do is about Steemit. When you're drinking or you're eating, or whatever you do and you want to write about it and share it on Steemit.

My boyfriend handed me my coffee, a hot soy cappuccino with an extra shot, and foamy on top. It's exactly what I needed!


Most of the time when I drink hot coffee I'd burt my tounge, who does that? Well, no else but the impatient, clumsy and grumpy purepinay! I can't help it, the smell of the coffee was very tempting to just take a big sip. Was it worth it? Not when half of your tongue is burnt.

Though this time I tried to take a sip but my tounge folded (what?!... Sounds totally stupid, right? It worked though?

Anyways, I finished my first venti coffee and read chapter four of my book. I got up to get another coffee. Right another coffee, it's caffeine overload kind of day.

There where only three other customers at Starbucks including the two ladies who we're at the counter ordering their drinks. When it was my turn, I asked the barista what kind of coffee beans do they use for the espresso and he said they use dark roast coffee beans which has a stronger flavor.

I wonder how much caffeine their is with three shots of espresso? Of course, you can find anything on the internet so I looked it up and there's different math for it and I won't dig into details, all I know is that I need another cup of coffee.


After about an hour and a half, my Kindle had pop up message, "Battery level is low" and I was only on chapter six of the book. I put my Kindle away and after I got bored, I decided to get another coffee. :D


This time I got a different coffee, a soy dark mocha frappuccino and an oatmeal with soy milk. Satisfied with all the caffeine and calorie intake.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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Hope all is well with you! I have been increasing my Steem power a little. I try not to have very much caffeine, only once in awhile. If I have it everyday and then I misss a day then I get a head ache. So, I just have caffeine once a week or so and then it really works!

@purepinay it been a while, hope you are doing great.
I can see you doing good as your selfie picture tells.
I can see you really enjoyed your Sunday kinds and what did you bring for me from you sister @gerel? And trust you enjoyed your self during visiting.
Take this pix as my day gift... Lol

Lol, the photoshop. I'll try to get Photoshop too! Now that I have a new computer this wil be a necessary tool to pass my dayssssssss. Thank you for the awesome reminder.

Welcome dear. Thanks that you like. @cryptosharon

That's nice, it'll increase your voting power too and your the curation rewards that you will get.

Ohh I see.. what kind of coffee do you usually drink? have you tried the light roast coffee?

I've also been enjoying some curation rewards lately! :)) I had never gotten them with lower SP but now I can at least get curation rewards hahahaha. It's a nice feeling, like I'm getting some SP all around, from votes from others, from my own votes and from the SBD I invest in bots. It's lovely.

So do I sir @markvance, even I love coffee but I can't consume it continuously, I will get stomachache not headache. Anyway @purepinay, as I know there's actually more caffeine in light roast coffee than there is in dark roast coffee. Correct me if I'm wrong ❤️

Nice! Increase your SP! Let's gooo. It's awesome to invest on Steemit. I wish I had more money to put into this because it's a lovely social network.

Starbuck mornings are one of my favourites . Are you coffeholic too , just like me ? By the way , very good writings . looking up

Bah, no coffee houses near my home :( All the coffee is made by my mom and they don't make for me because I don't usually drink it. I can't have Starbucks mornings! I'll ask them for coffee once I get there since I'm so sleepy. :D

I miss you Ate. I miss Starbucks coffee,haha . I will bring DQ in Cebu when I visit you.😁✌

Hello, sunshine. What is DQ?

Day after day you introduce the community with your various addictions. Ever since I started following you this is your third addiction I suppose. Travel was first, then slowly you got all foodie posts and now hell lot of caffeine.
Are you starting to introduce reading as your next addiction ? Lol
Sounds like a daily soap. Introducing scenes one after another. Embedding them nicely to keep the audience interested. Lol.

Was gym also one of your addictions ?

Gosh! I just realized I have so many addiction ha, lol!

You are addicted to upvoting me, too Ma'm, thank you so much for your support...God bless you more!

Loveeeeeee. Her autovotes are what brought me up from nothingness into what my friends call success but I call the road of opportunities. I'm still very far away from having any significance on the blockchain, but I know that if I work hard, I'll get there!

Yes we are the same...@cryptosharon thanks for dropping by. I'm following you now...God bless!

God bless you, Joshvel. I don't think you'll be seeing my posts anytime soon since you're also following 5289 more people!

But I appreciate your support. I hope you get many viewers thanks to your strategy.

The gym.. hmmm, I'll save that topic for later 😅

So travelling, food, coffee, steemit down.
Should I host a contest to guess your next addiction.
Reading, gym or something else.

sis miss you!!! miss our chika check ur fb if you have time.
happy Sunday!!!
Hope all is well.
Ofw peg ko kahit Sunday hehe rock n roll!!!

Hello momshie @sunnylife :)
how are you? whats your name on your fb?i'll add you :)

hello beautiful, napasilip lang hehe
last tag ko sina Gila nd Gerel :)
anong fb mo add kita or hanapin kita kay gerel later.
work mode muna takas lang ako hahha

Nag kakagulo nanamn dito .hahaha
Huli ata ako sa pag upvote, I was busy this day. Hehe
How are bratty @micch and @sunnylife.

sis ibblock na daw facebook, musta na kayo? And also kay ganda @purepinay na latr ako ganda ng vote busy ang inday nyo.😍😘😘

hehe, search mo lang ang chim ombid :)
Take care jan :)

All is well sis. Biniwasan ang pag online para d mabuang haha, hindi na mga ko gumagamit ng fb eh, once in a blue moon nalang lol

Miss you more! Hugs!

Wow! I can't believe you can take three large cups of coffee in one lazy Sunday! I just take a sip on my husband's coffee, and that's it. I cannot handle more, or else I couldn't sleep all throughout the night. I envy you, because I love coffee, and I find the aroma so inviting, but my body can't handle caffeine. A cup of coffee for consecutive three days would give me palpitations. Huhu! 😓

Lol, I can drink a lot of coffee with no noticeable effects. I'm sad because I need to really drink a lot to lose the sleepiness.

I have the complete set of Narnia and I just read it again last month haha! Coffee does do wonders to us to perk us up and give that boost that we needed. I used to like frappes and other mixes of coffee but then too much sugar is taking a toll on me so I prefer just plain coffee.

I've been trying to get it lately! I'll try to remember once I wake up tomorrow to get the books again. I need to reread them! I also didn't finish reading them so I need to do that too.

I hope you'll get it :) It's such a nice thing to be taken to unimaginable places that only exists in books and movies.

Oh wow that is great.The three coffee look greatv and delicious too.I know you enjoyed.That is great that you read other post, i only see people like you. You know i am also addicted to steemit as it amazing platform where you can make a lot of friends.That is great we both addicted to steemit.I have read about 'The Chronicles of Narnia 'in my schools book and also watched the movie,it has a great story really love it.It was great reading your post.Glad to see it. @purepinay

Narnia has always been one of my favourite series! It seemed so sublime and mystic when I first heard of it. I had a cousin who bought the books and I was amazed by the illustrations and the design of the hardcover. Once I read the first, I could not stop and read the second and third. It was among the first instances of contact I had with awesome world creation and part of what gave me the taste for writing.

What a caffeine filled day. Seemed like you had a ton of fun.
About Steemit as an addiction, I totally agree on that and I can only imagine how it is for you because I am also really struggling with the fact that I can’t do anything else in the morning when I wake up but to check my blog, make a post or comment on people’s posts. It has completely taken over all my day and it’s even still requesting for more.

Hmmm, why don't you just make posts in other free times? Your morning should be for yourself. Just gather your spirits, feed yourself, become a hurricane of energy and do everything that you need and then dedicate some time to Steemit. Blogging should not be your zeroeth priority but yourself.

I read in one of your blogs earlier already that you are a coffee addict but I didnt expect it like this! Three coffees in one morning is next level addict! Anyway, starbucks coffee do is really good though!

Lol I used to go over three coffees but I had to limit my self. One time I was advised to take a break from coffee for a week, every day I felt tired and I always in a bad mood. It was really bad. I couldn't go on a full week without coffee instead I limit my caffeine intake.

Yes, sbucks coffee is really good and also the soy milk that they use.

I hope everything is well with you. 😘

That is very extreme indeed! But if it is just on the sunday and the other days limited, it should be okay. Just enjoy!

With me everything is okay! I feel happy every day as long as I am in the Philippines :) Hope to see you on the Steem summit in Cebu!

very good content i really enjoyed this and you are right i am also facing the same situation because i use to read Novel since i joined this community my novel remain incompleted i must that i am enjoyed better content on this community so i really appreciate all those steemisan who create good content and make the environment interesting we can say that steemit providing substitute of almost all the edge of life anyway have a nice sunday.

Hey!! Don't stop reading novels for Steemit. I've been reading novels while writing posts and commenting a lot and it hasn't stopped me from enjoying those little gems. If you find that you don't have time, just use your commute. Read on the bus, in the subway, in your free slots of time at your job, after lunch, in your smoking breaks. You'll see that you'll finish your novels in no time and you'll have wonderful things to think about.

wow so much caffeine you got there ! i can't even take two because of palpitations!

I used to get that too but then as I got older I have no worries about that haha! However, I started drinking plain coffee then. I think it must have been what you add to the coffee that makes the heart race.

Really sir? Hmm ayaw ko kasi ng dark coffee.. perhaps itatry ko next time na walang add on

Yun ang observation ko. Iba iba siguro ang effect din sa ibang tao. Ang ginagawa ko un Nescafe stick, half lang ang nilalagay ko sa isang regular mug para di maxado mapait. Pag yung buong laman, isang malaking mug ang gamit ko haha!

Ako kasi isang sachet inuubos ko lahat sa isang baso

Ah ok...half mo na lang or gamit ka ng mas malaking mug. At least kasi pag half lang pwede pa magkape later on the day haha!

Kaya don't drink coffee momshie @junebride =)

Yes sis.. i only drink one cup

Good for you sis :)

Ohh my, sorry to hear that. I think it's the acid from the coffee that your body can't take when it's too much

Yes sis i guess so

Hi, Gilaine. I have noticed that you have autovotes set up for my posts and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I don't think I can repay you on Steemit, but next time I'm in the Philippines, the coffees are on me. :-)

Thank you again.

Happy to help 😊 thank you for this wonderful msg. You just made my day. Some people won't even notice that I have autovotes set up, right now I have 279 active accounts thats on my autovoter, 99% are minnows. The upvote might not be that much for some accounts but every penny counts 😉

Thank you again and I look forward to the coffee 😊

Wow. That's a lot. You are very generous. I look forward to the coffee too.

I love reading your posts @purepinay! You're right, a lot of us are addicted to Steemit and we want to share everything to our Steemit friends. 😊😉❤ Stay gorgeous @purepinay, you're a blessing to the community.

I guess there's no "too much coffee" for a coffee lover like you. hahaha! Whenever I drink coffee, frappe or plain hot coffee, I always get a heartburn so I can only drink one. Plus drinking this much would make me go back and forth to the restroom! Haha! I Blame it on my small gall bladder. 😑

whoa,, lots a kape!! =p it's all good. I am too lazy and slow reader.. I say the movie tho. I thought kindle batteries last super long.. mine does.. but u have to charge it up often. :) ok, continue on ur kape fest..

I haven't charged my Kindle in months lol

ah ha! busted. =p

Hi, purepinay friend, the coffee looks delicious. But I'm telling you, my husband makes delicious coffee. That by dipping bread stuffed with cheese, that's uuhmmmmm . About the vice of steemit I tell you that since I started in this wonderful world I forgot about Facebook, I only dedicate my time and thoughts to this spectacular interactive platform. Happiness always.

You'll love the Chronicles of Narnia series. There are also a few movies that do a reasonable job at representing the books. These books were the first novels I ever read in grade school and favorites to my heart. If you like these then you might like The Magician's TV series available on Netflix. ♥️

I was telling someone who I was introducing to Steemit that she could take Steemit as her diary (and she thought I was joking). Thank you so much for this post, you just proved me right.
That in as much as it is in good writing and good photos, anything on Steemit is a good post.

Plus you make me want to try out all those coffee flavours.
Too bad we ain't got Starbucks in Nigeria. Well, till then, I'll keep reading this and keep wishing.😁

Really you can be creative on steemit, it's your page and your business. You can do anything that you think that'll attract readers to visit your page 😉

Thank you for taking the time to read. Have a good one!

You too ma'am.
I look forward to reading more from you.

You are not the only one addicted to Steemit. I had to take a break recently from my blog and focus on my offline life. Enjoy your coffee and Happy Sunday.

Agree with you @nmalove, I've been addicted too to steemit but I've been too busy with my schooling so I need to focus first to my Masteral. Have a great day :)

Omg ! Look at the last coffee. It is Little different and more sweet. Sunday is so lazy, i mean it makes us so lazy.

Most of the time when I drink hot coffee I'd burt my tounge, who does that?

Hahah ! This happen to me almost every time. I hope you enjoyed lot on this sunday.

Have a good day.

Omg I am so salivating right now. Thanks for prying on my appetite. Now I am obliged to go look for ice cream today. This is lovely andyummy...lolzz

Good blog as always @purepinay. =)
Can't help but check your blogs whenever i have time. I love reading your blogs. I get good help I need. You're doing great. Thanks.

Thank you for visiting my blog and getting inspiration from it. Hope everything is well with you.

Happy Steeming! 😉

Well, nice too see your blogs. Your comments shows how nice you are. Thanks for that. =)

Nothing beats a Sunday with good coffee and your beloved one :) i wish o had Starbucks where I live!
Just met your blog and I really like It! Nice meeting you!

Looking so beautiful after waking up! I'm not sure if I would dare to take a picture of myself in the same situation :)

Hello friend purepinay like your love the coffee in the mornings in the evenings and the nights, I think that God created the coffee for us, enjoy your publication very much thanks for sharing I was waiting for your publ

You are not alone, when it comes to being addicted to Steemit. Haha. Nice boyfriend I must say. You know, you and I have a date to honour? I will ask for permission from your bf hahaha

The most funny lines :D

there were couples who were seated on our favorite seats but they left after about two minutes. I immediately grabbed my stuff and took one of the seats

Yes, offcourse steemit is platform that has attracted a large no. of people in recent past and YES i am Addicted to it too.

thank you so much for the Sunday blog Gilaine, hope so you both are having a very beautiful and romantic Sunday ahead :)

Stay Blessed :)

Steemit has been mine addiction too since i joined till extend my guardian do complains. Its fun and educative on steemit

But you like coffee

You really enjoyed yourself. You are not the only one addicted to steemit. My girlfriend will not stop complaining too. 😂

Yes.. nakaka adik ang steemit.. puro steemit nlng,, relate much hahaha.. hindi na nag ffb and instagram.. umm pero sa kape? yan ang hindi pwedeng mawala.. im coffee lover..
wow.. ang sarap ng coffee esp fr starbucks..

thank you for sharing...

Me too here, starting to be addicted in steemit. Im still new and I want to learn more. Happy Sunday and enjoy your coffee!

Hello, @joyapul, thank you for visiting Ate Gilaine's blog, I am a minnow too, She actually helps me everything here on steemit :) Just keep on posting!

Okay @micch! Thank you for your message. I will keep on posting. Take care!

Hi @joyapul! I just want to say that in addition to posting, join contests. That helped me in visibility and also winning helps more. The most that I get from though is by commenting real good thoughts and interacting a lot. If you like socializing, then this game is for you. You can check this contest by @ab12345

It's a weekly contest that involves posting, voting and commenting. If you make it, you will be awarded steem and delegated steem power which will help you in steeming more.

There are other contests out there that pays a lot more. The reason I keep encouraging people to join contests and to be interactive is because it works for me. I hope it does to you.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info @leeart

you are welcome @joyapol..

wow i love coffee

I love cappuccinos as well, but I keeps me up at night.

I MISS your POst @purepinay, Month na ang nakalipas since na pst mo ito. hope to see you here again on Steemit

hiii friend where you are about month ago not online. miss you @purepinay.

Hey, Rabeel! Just got back from my the province few days ago. No internet there. Getting some more rest.

ohhhh thanks for reply. Its ok enjoy and chill your life. @purepinay sweet girl.

Oh yeah... That is relief! I was also worried about you! It's been about a month!

I can relate to that @purepinay :) I also took a couple of weeks rest from my province and there is no internet there. haha. Enjoy your vacation.

Wondering where you've been! Having withdrawls here. Haha. It's been a month since you've posted. Hope you're having a wonderful time. :)

Favorite mu gud Ate ha Starbucks =)

Hi @purepinay, Can you be the friend of a poor man?

Wow so coincident I had my Starbucks this morning for a awesome start of Sunday, cheers ~~

Hiiii My Sweet and Lovely Friend @purepinay, Lots of Love for You. and Sorry for Late Replying here. How is Life going on, I Hope you are Enjoying your Life very well. My Best wishes and Prayers for you as keep Smiling all the time. very glad to see your smiley face on your post. and at last I am very thankful to you for always supporting me.

Hello @rabeel. Truly @purepunay is a girl that flashes happiness. He is always smiling and enjoying life to the fullest. Regarding his personality, he is very given with the communication and support. Also, I am very grateful for all the support that he has been giving me.

Blessings and lots of life @purepunay and all your friends.

Iba talaga ang ganda ng filipina!

nice post..
really you lead a happy life with caffaine..
thanks for sharing..
@upvoted & @resteemed

You are so cute and food looking yammy

Isn't it you are cute too?
On your avatar is that your real photo?

Xoxoxo 😂😍

These meals are cool😘
Happy Sunday

Beautiful selfy

Sure thing your starbucks is tempting. I love coffee too but I can't afford star bucks. Hehehe. Nice article again.

yeah, agree with you @juwel starbucks is tempting but I don't drink coffee :)

You really are a coffee addict, miss @purepinay. Hahaha! I had burnt my tongue many times because of drinking coffee.

You are so beautiful!! Have a nice day ahead

Looks so tempting 😊😊😊

Indeed starbucjs is really tempting =)

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