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You're picking on artists. It's clear as day. Straight up attempting to scare away artists from the platform. You upvote Hive content, crypto content, and downvote artists. That behavior needs to stop. Look around. There are comments here already wondering why you're downvoting. It's because you pick on artists, photographers, etc.

Do you want this platform to succeed or are you here to make lives miserable for talented people all while turning this into a boring crypto forum?

Do you even realize the crypto attention economy is minuscule in comparison to arts and entertainment? More people enjoy arts and entertainment in this world than crypto. Arts and entertainment generates billions annually. Did you even read the posts you downvoted? To me, based on that screenshot above, it appears as if you scrolled through the trending page, downvoting arts and entertainment only.

I suggest you reconsider this irrational behavior of yours and practice some restraint; self discipline. No artist is demanding you enjoy their work. If you do not enjoy that content, don't look at it. Other people do enjoy it and you're going to have to learn to accept that. Chase these folks away by making their experience here miserable and it'll partially be your fault this place struggles to get off the ground. Do you even know how many hours these artists put into their work? Can you do better?

I bet he's one of those guys who ask for art for free and who says artists only deserve to be paid with exposure! :D

Lol u can still make rewards now with hive engine tribes way more than hive itself

Well just have staking rewards and liquid tips like golos and hp will just be for proposals and witnesses


Hive is trash. Move it to blurt.:)

Move to telos and also dbuzz amd thiagore and just earn hive engine tokens and sell nfts

Thanks for the quick update.

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@likwid, I am not using this Service but this update is appreciable aspect to avoid any kind of Confusion. Stay blessed.

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@likwid You recently gave me a negative vote for publishing HiveDevs when in reality my publication was a craft I really must apologize it was a human error the first time I published in hive I think if you had explained it to me I would understand and since I would apologize you know that my publication is original and it's good, it's just a tutorial, I didn't deserve that negative vote anyway, thanks every day we learn something new, Namaste.

Congratulations @likwid! You received a personal award!

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Hello @likwid. Maybe this is some kind of mistake, but why did you put me down by 4 hives? I publish only original content. This content requires work and diligence. How did I deserve such a downvoting?

I am sure you are getting plenty of messages, but could you please leave a comment for every downvote you are administering? I would really like to know why! I spent 5 days writing and editing. Posted under relevant tags and communities. What makes you think that my work is not a quality post? It just helps the community to grow after all.

Not sure but most likely that it's not timely or censorship prone content.

This likwid and probably their other account transisto suddenly downvotes your posts about entertainment, then tells you to determine why your posts deserves to be downvoted. They are indeed very disappointing.

I don't know how I can communicate. I wanted to ask here. why did you press unvote on my share? I made a lot of effort and won something for the first time. i wonder why.

press unvote on my share

No idea what you're talking about.

Why did @likwid downvote my post?

I don't know, maybe the reward was considered too high compared to everything around?

Have you evaluated every post to make sure yours was the most under rewarded before complaining?

I do not know. If you do not like sharing, you are right, my friend. I'm not sure if I only deserved 100% downvote. I just worked.not everyone can win like you. I'm just sad. your decision.

Don't mind that trans~ user. It looks like an alternative account of likwid.

Okay, I see some people came here with the same reason as I am now. But still I'd like to know your reason to downvote me 100%. I spent days putting that post together and was so relieved when it's done. I know it's not like your downvote brought it to 0 payout, but still. What did I do wrong? I'm fine with people disagreeing with me then leave a downvote for it, but at least let me know why.

You did NOTHING wrong. Your post even had 20 reblogs. That's a phenomenal result these days.

The downvoter is in the wrong. Again.

Ah okay. I also didn't think it would get that much attention. I'm ready to get downvoted to oblivion if I was secretly a spammer and that it was a shitpost. Maybe the quality not up to lickweed's standard, but hey, it's definitely not a lazy shitpost, I assure you 😅

The leakweed likwid's standard is to post about cryptocurrency for the chance to get upvoted, or expect downvotes for posting about entertainment - arts, games, sports, movies, etc.

Why you 🚩 me ?can you please explain what im doing rong ?

Why did I receive a downvote after setting you as a beneficiary?
What's wrong?

likwid likes downvoting posts about entertainment (arts, games, sports, etc.) and upvotes cryptocurrency-related stuff. It is indeed hurtful for the Hive community that has gotten tired of many cryptocurrency posts that are too technical.

@likwid,my friend. good morning. This is Matts. Please I saw your visitation to my blog few minutes or hours ago with downvote. Smile. What have I done wrong? I am a regular chatter on your Discord channel with my own little contribution as well and yet you have never visited me with a juicy support at all ever since I came into the blockchain line back from Steemit. Behold I got your downvote today. I guess it was a Mixed up thing. Thanks sir.

Hello Likwid, I set you as beneficiary of this post that paid out 41 minutes ago and I still haven't received my liquid rewards

Yes, Sorry for the delay, We're fixing something.

Okay thank you for the response. I have a couple of posts that are pending. I hope it gets fixed soon

Please when will it be fixed?

hello @likwid I set you as beneficiary of this post, that payout 12 hours ago. But i haven’t receive my liquid rewards.

Please I'd like to know when the Likwid service will return. I have posts that have paid out but my rewards haven't been sent to me. I also have posts that are paying out in a few days that have Likwid set as beneficiary paying out and I'm very concerned.

Good morning @likwid cordial greetings, today 06/21/20 I received 3 post of 4, this is the fourth post that remains to be settled, thank you. @transisto

Wish I could no more about u

@likwid my friend. Thanks for visiting my blog and also the Juicy upvote 😃. Together we making it to a higher height in Crypto World 💯 💯. Gracias 💪💪.

Greetings from Ilorin Nigeria.

My friend, why all these downvote wars. Wow ☹️☹️☹️. So sorry 💔💔

Thanks for the info

Good job here

Hello! I put likwid 3 times as a beneficiary, the publications have already arrived to 7 days but I have not received the transfer. Posts were made from 3speak and shared on GEMS.

You are doing a wonderful job here in Hive. Keep it up @likwid

I have Two Delayed Payments, Can You Kindly Check it ?


We were wondering why you are down voting our community post. We post once per day. We don't comment spam. We support a small community of posters. We have never powered down. In the past, we used the proceeds of the posts to rent SP to use it to vote on community members' posts. We are currently not renting HP because there is no efficient and easy way to do it. We are hopeful an efficient and easy way will emerge. We used to be @steemiteducation and have encouraged thousands of posts over the past 3+ years.

likwid said some time ago that they want to downvote Hive users who don't use their downvote power (as when Downvote Mana is at 100%). Now they downvote entertainment posts without any reason at all, and upvote too-technical cryptocurrency posts.