My Scary Life After Losing My Job

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I write this after managing to convince my downstairs neighbor to let me use his Wifi. I don't even know why I am writing this or the point of it, but here I am. Over a year ago I found myself a job as a translator in a company. I did well and slowly went up to become the head of the translation team, a position I got in spite of having every other person on the team having at least 2 years ahead of me in the job.

I live in Iraq, so I am not quite naive to the effect of what we know as "Wasta", I can't find an exact translation for it in English other than "intermediary" but it is not exactly that. Basically I lived my life and my job stressing day in and day out that someone, somewhere, would pick up the phone and get me fired. Someone not in the company, someone who doesn't know me but just happens to have a cousin, who is a friend of a neighbor, whose son wants the job. And that is what happened.

I lost my job, as an English translator, to someone who if you put what he writes in English into grammarly, the app would probably break. Someone who literally when first messaged me I thought he was speaking Kurdish using English letters. I lost my job that paid me 900$ plus housing and transportation and got demoted to and made barely 450$ minus the latter benefits. But I figured "Hey, it is a job. Everyone has to pay their dues, right?"

Slowly I started watching all the works and instructions that made our department an envy. So much so that the company started getting calls from government and foreign embassy so we could live translation for their speakers. I literally got to translate for a British psychologist training Kurdish forces how to handle people with trauma. Anyway, I slowly watched our quality dissolve and the team I gathered and improved fired because the guy who got my job wouldn't admit responsibility and he had someone covering his back.

That is not an exaggeration, that is exactly how it happened. I got to keep my job because the management knew how good I was. However, few months ago, and due to the horrible quality of work submitted, we lost financing. We were working on a translation app (My idea) that would have the ability to translate Arabic tongues and not just regular Arabic into other languages starting from English.

Anyway, so I lost my job and went back to Baghdad to stay at a small apartment and spent the last few months looking for a job. I got over 34 interviews and no luck. I remember in one interview, the guy who was interviewing me for a job as a translator couldn't even speak proper English and decided that I was bad for the job. My favorite was when I interviewed and was deemed good, so good actually, that the interviewer offered me a deal that I would teach his cousin to do the job for half the salary and his cousin would get the job. I still took that and figured, fuck it, it is a job.

Now I am writing this at a literal fucking breaking point. My social security money somehow got reduced from the 1800$ I was supposed to get to 400$ dollars, and all I got from the "job" was a matching 400$. I didn't buy anything and would deliberately visit people during lunch and dinner so I would eat. And now, my internet went off 18 days away from the due rent money that I don't have.

I literally feel like I can't breathe. Not to be full of myself, but I deserve better than this shit. I literally put too much work into anything I do, I already know what I will be posting until the end of the month, I read books, spend hours on end researching. If you are reading then you probably follow me and know what I am talking about and how much quality there is in my work as I take so much pride in it. All this fucking hard work, and now I am writing this knowing that my laptop could go off at any second due to the heat while sitting about 60 kilometres away, the girl I was supposed to marry is getting her hair done before getting married to someone else tonight.

I literally don't know what to do. I have been in denial of it and now it is hitting me like a ton of bricks. I have been in denial because I was trying to avoid this moment where I don't know what to do at all. I begged and physically grovelled just for something, anything at all. I tried everything short of robbing a fucking bank.

Now I am just waiting day by day and preparing monologues so I could convince the landlord to let me stay until I figure something out. I don't know what to do for food as people I have been visiting have become aware of my scheme. I have nothing that I can do other than waiting.

I still have so much to say that I want to get off my chest, but I know in few minutes my laptop would go off and then my neighbor would leave the house and I might not have a chance to connect online for a while.

I just hope things were better that's all. I am just tired.


Sounds rough :(

And I suspect it’ll be a shitty ride for many globally over the next few years at least.

So your ex went for the money and married someone else? 👎🏽

We could do with a shift from fiat to crypto asap - I hope you can weather the storm.

So your ex went for the money and married someone else?

Wish it was that simple, she was practically forced into it.

Thank you, in spite of my tone in the post, I am usually an optimistic person. This was just one of those days.

... she was practically forced into it.

Ugh, even worse :(

Well I hope you get a change in fortune, it's nice to see a little support here and some direct sends - even though they'll only cover a small portion of living costs .

Hopefully you can get through this period and things get brighter soon.

Thank you, I hope so too.

Sorry to hear about the unfairness that's been happening in your life. I'll send you a little donation tomorrow when I get on my pc (I'll rehive this to remind me) but unfortunately I can't help much as I'm currently in crypto debt myself which brings me to the advice I was going to give you - whatever you do don't take any crypto loans to exchange for fiat. I know it may be difficult to get any loans in general in your position but if you have friends or people you know in crypto and you may have thought of it and considering the prices in general means most are greedy with their coins atm and won't want to borrow any stablecoins (hell, you never even know with hbd if it decides to randomly pump) but yeah, you might end up in deeper shit if you do, something that's been keeping me down for years now.

If you get your internet sorted and are looking to do some various tasks around hive, maybe some curation work or managing some contests, etc, feel free to reach out to me on Discord and I'll see what you could help with. It won't be much and don't even know for how long but it might help a little if there's nothing else.

These are going to be trying times for many I suspect but hopefully we've invested in the right space to not be as helpless as many others might become if things keep going this way.

whatever you do don't take any crypto loans to exchange for fiat.

Thanks for that. I am against loaning and borrowing in general but this definitely adds to the point.

I'll send you a little donation tomorrow when I get on my pc

Well, you should know that I am in the process of returning the donations I received already. I had kept my active and main key with a a trusted friend because my laptop is compromised that is why I didn't do it right away.

However, I would definitely take you on the tasks offer. I would be happy to help in general, though I don't want you to feel obligated to help me. I do have some ideas and I hope to find a place with mutual benefits. But just know overall this comment section alone was more than enough. I wrote this because writing is catharsis for me. That is all.

Hopefully, things get better.

Shoot me your ideas whenever you have time: Acidyo#8038

We're about to add some more activity to OCD as well so there may be some things you can help with there!

Hey, yeah I actually messaged you two days ago, but I could only imagine how busy you are. I just sent a message.

Head up, things will get better :)

Oh man that sounds really bad... Just as if the whole craziness that we all are waist deep these days was not enough... Stay strong and sane. Regards from the Czech Republic.

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As a fellow unemployed (for a year now!) I wish you strenght. Things have been and are tough for a while.

The way you were treated at your previous workplace really wasn't fair. You deserve way better. I know you feel hopeless right now, and the ''better'' that you deserve feels out of reach... but I'm telling you this: keep your nose up, because letting yourself down is the last thing you want to do when shit's reached the height of your chin.

I know it's not much, but I too will send you a tip of 5 HIVE. Gotta support my fellow Hiveians, right?

Thanks man. I wish you luck as well. I also wish you luck and thanks for the support. And I appreciate your words.

This sounds so cruel, the biggest prison in this life is living without financial peace. Fake people here and there, the world is war.

I'm so touched with this post above, and I pray you find a way out ASAP. It is serious...

I am pretty sure I will find a way eventually.

Thanks for your words of encouragement.

That sounds rough as hell, I can't imagine living in such conditions.

Would working online provide a tide me over, possibly less corruption?

That sounds rough as hell, I can't imagine living in such conditions.

You have no idea, the desperation some people I know sunk into are something of horror.

I am trying to find any online work and even increased my presence here after quitting for around a year. Hopefully, I will find something soon.

Well I wish you the best of luck in your search!

I lost my job a few times and in temp job now. I feel bad for you. Hope things improve

Don't feel too bad, I am pretty sure thing s will improve.

This is a test from above. I hope you can pass it.
Your english is excellent, maybe move to another part of the country, or to another country.
If you have some bitcoin, your life will get better in the next years. If you don't, maybe try selling your HIVE for BTC. HIVE may moon someday too, but BTC is more likely to 20x within a short period of time.
Consider writing two posts per day, to get more HIVE = more BTC.
You'll find a way out if you keep searching for it.

I hope to pass it as well. Many of those solutions are out of reach tho.

I am increasing my work on this site. Also will see what else to offer. This post was just a result of a weak moment caused by years of small buildups.

Thank you for your words.

Dang, this is very hard post to read. I hope it will pick up for you soon.
I will upvote your posts in the hopes it helps that little bit even though my influence is very small.

Every little bit helps in the long run.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Well, it does have to pick up at some point.

Nothing any of us couod say is going to improve your situation however your heartfelt words moved me. All I can hope is that things improve and you get back on your feet and I wish you all the best in doing so.

Your writing is very good, and it's a shame your language skills are wasted through the idiocy and, probably greed, of others. It's frustrating that sometimes good people get a raw deal.

I hope things improve for you.

Things should improve at some point. I didn't even plan to write this post but it was a result of one of those "Straw that broke the camel's back" kind of moments.

I am glad you like my writing. And yeah Iraq is complicated and infuriating. I am pretty sure it will pick up at some point.


Well, hopefully you find a solution, it's certainly a touching story and must be very difficult. You'll note a few of us sent you a tip...It probably won't make much difference, but it shows that people care I guess.