Competition Time - Your chance to win a 250 Hive Delegation for two weeks.

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Good afternoon from Australia I hope you're all having a wonderful week either getting back to work or still on holidays.

I have a big problem with Hive, there is so much good content that I keep burning through my voting mana rendering me near useless. So I decided to start delegating to community groups that have been helping me grow so that they can continue their great work.

I've been looking at other ways to help Hivians grow and I've decided that I'll provide a delegation of 250 Hive to help smaller accounts grow.

Why 250?

I'd like to move up to 1000 Hive delegation but wanted to trial this competition first and see if there are takers and if it is worth doing. I think 250 delegation is a good start and will make a great offer for Hivians looking to increase their vote power or to trial what their vote power would be with a bit more of a kick.

Terms and conditions

I don't want this overly complicated and it's not alot of Hive to be doing a whole lot of work for. So, to be eligible please follow the steps below.

  1. Write a short blog post of at least 250 words explaining why you should be awarded the 250 delegation. Also include why you think Hive is a great network.

  2. Use a picture, can be of anything. A selfie, something next to you, something quirky, anything.

  3. Post a link to the blog in the comments section below.

  4. Reblog this post.

I will announce the winner of the 2 week 250 Hive delegation on Sunday (Australian time which is in 4 days) you'll have the delegation from Monday 11 Jan to Monday 25 Jan.

If successful, we'll look at doing it again.

Good luck, have fun and I can't wait to read your submissions.


Hi @melbourneswest Good afternoon from Canberra, here is my entry for the contest! I will reblog this post now! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

Congratulations @sunnyag and @kemmyb I couldn't decide between you two so just delegated both of you 250.

I'll make a post soon about it. Have fun for 2 weeks and make sure to make the most of it!

Thank you so much! I don't know how to react but I assure you that I will do my best. Thank you once again!

Congrats Sunny! Hehehe, opportunity to blog onnnnn!

Same to you too! I hope to see you more active, all the best!

Wow! This is exciting news! Thanks so much for this delegation and you gave to the two of us! Amazing! I will definitely make the most of this opportunity.

Congratulations! You had an awesome application. I hope this helps you engage more, get more upvotes and produce more Hive coin.

Have a great time.

@kemmyb congratulations my friend. I like the feeling you're having now. I hope this win motivates you to do more here on hive.

Hehehe, will certainly try my best. Thanks for your support! 😊

Competition is still running so you're still in for a chance. Your application was great too. So hard to decide!

Great idea I will reblog it for you.

Thank you, hopefully I get a few takers in the comp. I've burned through my mana and upvote is low. I'm better off delegating to community groups and others. Help them grow and we all grow

Jeez you're generous, when I feel like adopting new artists I only give them 100 XD

Yeah I was thinking 100 but I've pumped in a fair bit of hive lately. I am a believer in hive. Plus 250 will bet a 0.002 upvote on it's own I think. If they upvote early on posts they can make a few hive in that fortnight.

I'm trying to build a bit more for a 1000 delegation so then there is a 1c upvote.

I think that's how it works? I'm still not fully across the mechanism of voting lol

Oh I see what you're trying to do. Unfortunately I can't help you much as I still to this day only understand the very basics of the voting mechanisms, so I just muddle along doing my own thing. On the delegation front basically all I was doing was making sure they could post and comment without hitting the RC wall.

There's an RC wall? Damn I must be in a privileged position, wait does that also come out of my voting mana? I have no clue how it works 🤯

The more HP you have, the higher your RC. It actually doesn't require much HP for you to have a whole lot of RC, so it's pretty difficult to reach that point unless you're endlessly performing actions on the network with about 50 HP.

HP doesn't really exist, it's vested shares of the network you're holding and delegating. So RC is based from that share in the network.

Ah ok! I didn't know. I think I have a fair bit of vested shares so I've never experienced it.

My aim is to get others to that point



I'm starting, it would be great if I got them

I announced to early... comp is still going. Another 250 will be delegated :)

I don't know if I am eligible for this. My account is still a baby account. Join about a week and some days now and I had the same issue you mentioned here but what I did was to seek for someone willing to help me and delegate some of their power to me.
That is why I asked if I am still eligible for this contest? Can I also participate?

Hi, yes the competition is open to anyone. Feel free to make a submission.

Welcome to hive!

Ok alright then thank you!.

You're very welcome. Good luck

Yaay! I am back with my entry
Thank you for such generous opportunity

Thanks alot for this contest. Below is the link to my post,which I trust you might have seen.
Anytime I get to analyse my stay here, I feel butterflies in my belly...

Wowww... I just arrived at this after going through the post of another newbie.

Thanks for this contest.
I will submit my entry soon.
Thanks for the generousity