@ocdb bot went “manual”.....actually I think mental. #flagwars

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Really???? @ocdb Why in the world would you DOWNVOTE my last post as large as you did?
EVERY single post I have ever made is my own thoughts, a few hundred videos that i took the time to edit for value added viewing.
I power up everyday securing our investment in steem for everyone here. My voting CSI on Steemworld is always double digits. I spend multiple votes EVERY SINGLE DAY to welcome first time posters and new Steemians, I have invested my hard earned money in almost every project created on this blockchain since the day it was launched. I have brought on multiple new users, educated many people how to navigate the platform and get Steem Power to work for them, I am an everyday poster and curator with a reputation score that's actually a little higher then yours. EVERYTHING I POST IS MY OWN CONTENT! I think at this point in my almost 3 yrs here on Steemit I at least deserve a courtesy comment if your gonna wack one of my posts letting me know why. Isn't that the way it works at most jobs, clubs, groups, teams? This would be the respectful way. Doing it the way you did is absolute CHICKEN SHIT because it felt more like a hit and run robbery than some constructive criticism about what YOU believe my content should be about.

I don't handle things that way, as a matter of fact I am not even vindictive. I'm not the type of person to down vote your post just because you down voted mine. Steem is hurting bad enough right now that people like you and I should be building bridges here....especially with each other......so its better for everyone.

Just for the record and for all eyes that view this.....THERE IS A MASSIVELY HUGE DIFFERENCE between Steemians like you and me. I purchased all my Steem, and EARNED a little along the way. I used my blood, sweat and tears, AFTER TAX WAGES to buy my stake and my voting rights here. You have a pile of Steem that has been delegated to you. Believe me MY INTEREST in the success of Steem and Steemit, Steem-Engine, Drug Wars, Steem Monsters, Kryptogamer, dlease, minnow booster, steemworld...all of it.....is as high as anyone else here.

There is a definite place for flagging on Steemit, please enlighten me on why you justified this one when there are sooooooooooooo many other obvious targets.



Massively vote-trading is the same as delegating to bid bots or self-voting 10x per day. This undermines proof of brain and the changes the EIP is bringing to the table. With smaller accounts doing this the curve taxes them and makes it more profitable to curate, with bigger accounts doing this it does not affect them and even rewards them more. When you vote-trade you are making way more rewards than honest curation and posters.

This is the reason you were downvoted, it has nothing to do with your content or what kind of stakeholder you are, it's about your (auto)vote-trading activity.

These are your top supporters:

Please give honest curation a chance.

We appreciate all the other things you do for the Steem network.

I see your point and i half way agree with you. I also feel like hey....i paid for steem 10x higher than this and powered it up, then when all the panic sellers came and the price fell....i bought more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and powered it ALL UP so that steem would stay off the market for all of us. I even convinced many others to not only buy but to double down. I am in the red hole so bad on steem its sick!!!! BUT BUT BUT.....I'm still here everyday pushing tokens around, making my own original content and helping the platform grow in my own way. Sure i get a few traded "circle jerking" votes everyday,shouldn't i get a little cushion to earn and protect my downside? I believe i am right to do so. I also do not leverage my "circle Jerking" 100% like most so. I vote MANY ACCOUNTS who never gave me a single vote ever here. I want to spread the token, I don't abuse the system, i help regulate bad players and I teach others how this works. I don't sell my tokens, i just re-deploy them to help other projects grow here. I won on Steemmonsters a little, i got smashed in Drug Wars, Conned in Steem Bet and broke even on most the rest. I'm gonna trade votes forever, I can guarantee you that, I take enough losses and risk that it's a must for me to make these pennies worth my while here. I feel for the most part i have chosen good "circle jerking" partners who create good content, I don't think they cheat, they are here everyday and they are committed like me to real longevity. Steem will rise massively one day, I have very little doubt about that. When it does....I'll probably never post again and if i do I'll never self vote my post and become more of a curator than i am now. For now i am protecting my downside risk like any investor would. If this post is not satisfactory to you....well i guess you will just have to down vote away. Just remember that Steem needs people like me, i help stop the bleeding for everyone..... but nobody ever sends me a thank you card or "rewards" me for digging into my bank acct to pitch in REAL $$$......all they know is the bleeding has stopped.....for now.

I gotta go back to work now, to sweat my middle income ass off just in case Steem starts to bleed again because if it bleeds to long these "minnows" who do most of the bitching and very little to stop the bleeding(buying steem or at least adding buy support) get a little discouraged and just leave the platform.

The OG Brizzel Dizzel-


Hi @acidyo, I would like to ask you to read my comment here down below. It's an offering which might sound strange firstly but maybe worth further considerations.

Thank you.

I'll be honest I am really busy right now, so much so that I still haven't found the time to respond to Bronc and when I glanced at your comment I felt defeated at the starting line. I'll promise to try and get back to it as soon as I can. So much happening lately you wouldn't think it's the bottom of the bear market.

:) I hope this feeling will go away after having taken your time to read the full comment relaxed and in silence. I can imagine that you are under pressure for community building is quite a stressful thing.

So much happening lately you wouldn't think it's the bottom of the bear market.

HaHa, yes, isn't that interesting?

You didin't vote my last post. Although I worked hard on that post. It was a researched content. But you guys can not value the real content.

Which post are you referring to? Your actifit ones or the one where you just take content that isn’t yours and put into a post? Perhaps be careful what attention you ask for on your content.. you may not like the results.

Thanks for the suggestion dear sister. I hope I can be more careful for the next times.

Stop begging, it's pathetic

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No.....Its not begging.....Its just drawing attention to my post and nothing......Either you go to my profile and see the post or do nothing it doesn’t matter.......Here in this post @broncnutz is claiming about the system that how it works....And titled as
"@ocdb bot went “manual”.....actually I think mental. #flagwars "

So I got an Opportunity to say something about claim. If they value peoples creation they can upvote, and thats a symbol to judge that my post was got the real value.....

Can you show me where I begged vote?

But plz see it as a claim that my work should be rewarded as per policy of the company of @ocd.

You don't need to vote brother.

But plz do not downvote.

Because if you vote someone they will inspire, and if you downvote they will uninspire.....And you dont have the right to uninspire someone.....

I hope you understand.....

I just exercised my right to downvote every single post you made this week.

Reason, I disagree with the rewards you are getting.

It's my right.

Hope you understand.

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And this sounds like the kind of environment that will attract new users..... (Sarcasm font on)

Do we really want to attract users who use abusive language? Maybe they should stick to the YouTube comment section.

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You can never be a human.....You are a cat....Your name is that, your activities are like that.....You are an animal....Thank you......

And do the down voting......You are the COO of steemit.....You have a big responsibility ....

I went and looked at your post, it is nothing special.

yes...Thanks for your proper judgement......I am happy now....And please let me know what should I not do in future? That I can be previously be careful....

Cover something someone is interested in.
Spell and grammar check it in the language it is published.

I didn't spend much time on it, but it looked like a respin of 100 other news stories.

Anyway, wanted you to know I looked.

Downvoted my all posts the mother fucker.....Now fuck yourself and fuck your mother.....@cripticat

Seek help, personal insults and verbal abuse are not tolerated.

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What do you want?

Do you want, I should stop using this platform (steemit)?

And can you please explain what wrong I have done with you?

Welcome to the new steem, my friend.


Greetings @oldtimer.....hello to you and your good lady!

Thank you very much, my friend.
Have a good one too.

Greetings @broncnutz,

So sorry this happened.....I read and reread your post.....to try to see what they might have seen as an excuse to downvote your post.....nothing justified their action in the least.

One request to make of our fellow Steemians is that if one does delegate to these big conglomerates......please monitor their actions and then decide if that is how one would desire their power be utilised.

All the best to you!


Read my reply about and tell me what you think. be honest and blunt.

Answered you in DM at Discord.

I have read the above and quite agree.....what more could one do and be considered a valuable asset to Steemit.

I consider their act inadequate. I have been following your activities for a long time, approximately since the launch of drugwars. Which by the way were an outright scam project. I hope you will remain what you are, despite the machinations of an ocdb.
Hmm, they just put a flag on my post. Of course, I bought votes from bots, but not for my own benefit, but for advertising purposes. Honestly, because of these characters, I really want to choose a different blockchain for projects. But thanks to people like you, I stay here.

I'm happy that you consider me a positive force here.

Do not consider this rude, but I would like you to read my last post and express your opinion. If it’s not hard for you.

I get where he was coming from, but, you are not 100% Circle jerking. I have earned most of my steem the hard way, but, when I hit 5,000 the other week, I finally invested some money in it.

I should have done it sooner. I loved what we had here and there are people like you and a handful of others that I like to read every day, so I put a few auto votes out there and the rest are hand-curated.

Why not?

I'm going to read them anyway. The way the fixed the reward pool and the five-minute rule, do you really think I have time to read them in five minutes and vote? Seriously? I actually have no problem with how you vote. You have invested a lot of time and money in this place and not only that, you are one of the most giving people out there. You reward your readers with upvotes just or showing up and reading you. You spread more around than most people and I know from experience how much time and effort goes into making those video.

Sweet Jesus! I am not sure you could pay me enough to one of those all the time. I think I would rather see a little bit of giving a taking on the big accounts than to watch them go away or be chased away. If I look at the pie chart, it doesn't alarm me at all. Rather wonder what the fuss is all about.

You give back to this community in so many ways.


Thank you! for noticing....


They didn't tell you why they downvoted you in the post? That's pretty low. You've been sucker punched!

I downvote people who abuse my fav tags but always tell them at least once or twice to try and get them to stop.

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There is no expectation to tell everyone why... Everyone has stake they can use it to upvote or downvote for any reason.

Do you get mad when people upvote without explaining themselves?

I hope the irony of what you just said isn't lost on you.

see my response above and tell me your opinion on this. You have dealt with me before, you know im a stand up guy who wants the best for this platform. If im wrong.....say it blunt.

I understand where both you and the people behind @OCD are coming from having talked to both. It's not right that investors are being targeted because if no money was flowing into this platform, it would not be desirable.

Unlike some accounts, @broncnutz keeps a ton of SP, I don't see you powering down, you are a large stakeholder. I know you have socks too, so your main account isn't the entire picture. You consistently make original content and although it's not the most creative, that doesn't matter. You do your own thing here and have earned your stake from buying it over time and interacting with Steem. In short, you don't take from Steem, you give and have injected money, which is the purest form of value.

OCD has an idealistic view of Steem, as a socialist Utopian where the creative artist should be in charge. @acidyo has no right to say who should vote for who, but anyone has a right to downvote you. They are downvoting you because of who you upvote, they think you should upvote quality producers and not vote trade with certain accounts. It's not worth fighting with them, because they aren't motivated by money, whereas you are, so you will lose.

Maybe a middle ground can be found where you stop trading votes with the worst offenders who produce junk content and sell their Steem? They are associating you with some of these accounts and it's not that great for Steem to upvote accounts that sell their stakes and/or produce rubbish. Ask them what particular accounts they don't like you upvoting and see if you can cut some of them out.

You could even delegate to @OCDB or some other curation community and reap rewards from it, let them do the work for you because you don't have the time to read 100s of blogs a day. I think they pay delegators in some sort of proportional formula.

#newsteem rewards curators as much as authors, so focusing on curation more may not be the worst idea. You could work something out, where they let you do your own thing, negotiate a % of delegation to show you care about quality and they can leave you alone while paying you for your delegation.

Or exercise your right to downvote, get your circle to help and start a flagwar, anyone delegating to OCDB is a fair target, a bundle of sticks are strong, take them out one by one, it will be easier.

#newsteem rewards curators as much as authors, so focusing on curation more may not be the worst idea. You could work something out, where they let you do your own thing, negotiate a % of delegation to show you care about quality and they can leave you alone while paying you for your delegation.

I think this would be a good solution. I just get this "centralized" feeling when we are "negotiating" for who i should vote for and who should vote for me. I am VERY COMFORTABLE" with who my auto voter is set to vote. I have several set to people that don't regularly vote me. I love the content they put out but i dont look at it every single day. Example: @exyle makes videos that have taught me so much here, i dont watch them all but i do watch about 60-70% of them all the way through. I vote on the ones i dont watch because i trust him to provide quality content that adds value to the Steem Blockchain. I provide a completely different type of content here. It takes me a lot of time to do what i do, and obviously @exyle has some sort of appreciation for it. Look man if either one of us wanted to ABUSE the system here we would just exchange 100% votes because we both have similar steem power.....we DON"T exchange 100% anymore but we both want to maximize the ROI because we have invested a lot for three years and bought every single drop many times along the way. I support the "in theory idea" of what @ocd @ocdb is trying to accomplish. I do use the voter bot to save me time and make sure im curating regular quality content but i also manual vote a lot and have since day 1 of being here. I'm always involved and engaged here, it takes up a great deal of my life and i want just a few crumbs in vote exchange to guarantee me in small downside sell pressure so i can buy more to cost avg and help us all in the process. When Steem Gets in my hands, i got the kung foo grip on it because i understand how powerful it is and what it can do for me in the future. I could delegate to a bot like @ocdb and be totally on board but after seeing what they did to me and how sneaky it was with no comment or just plain ole courtesy .....i am afraid of what they will do to others.

Was also downvoted for using bots apparently

Some of the downvotes have been ridiculous
I actually had to download discord to get bot operators to stop being retarded or else I wouldn’t make anything anymore

Yes, @broncnutz - I agree you need to get to their discord. This has happened with one of my minnow friends and discord was the course they needed to take to get it to stop.

Can you clarify what are you talking about @fitinfun?

Someone contacted me by email to say they did not know why their post got flagged. I could not tell either. They said they had left a comment somewhere and got no response. I said to try discord and this worked and now they re not getting flagged. I do not know why the flag dropped in the first place or if they needed to change anything for future posts. I only know - problem solved by discord communication.

Seriously not interested in telling you. I have had a good 300 horrible conversations with little people in discord, comments and email since the fork and many have left. If that person wanted to be open about things it would not be in my email like so many others have sent me in the last two weeks. This is the downside of spending my STEEM life on minnow tips when so many are dying now.

I thought you've been living off Steem for quite a while now.

Also, I'm asking because like you, I'm a community oriented Steemian, so it's good to have feedback from the community. I'm also asking because I never heard of a minnow coming and raising an issue on our discord and us removing an unfair downvote, and without a name, this is just a story.

All I've heard about the newsteem is people saying how happy they are since a lot of previously delegated stake to bidbots is now manually curating. There are a lot, seriously A LOT of good content authors getting a lot more rewards than pre hardfork, so I find it hard to believe what you mention about hundreds of authors leaving.

I have a post coming about this topic - not outing anyone, but I have been told at least 20 times that people are afraid to post at all since they have not idea why flags are flying.

Yes we did lose hundreds, @nomadsoul. I enter contests on at least 60% of my posts. I am winning most of them now since no one else is entering. I'm winning contests I have never won before in a year+ of entering them.

I cannot even tell you how many minnows/redfish have thanked me for my minnow tips as they give up and leave out the door. The glee of the bigs (still all voting each other) is hard to take when your 50 cent reward dropped to 20 cents or less and your hard fought 1 cent vote dropped back to zero again.

A really good person told me today her rewards dropped again this week after already dropping last week, and she has no idea what to do.

I am a @freewritehouse "encourager." This means I go to the Sunday posts, read them and give the people the Monday prompt. I used to have 20-25 people to encourage each week. Last week I had 10. This week I had eight. Freewriters are dedicated bloggers with great work and who care. Now they are gone.

  • I do bounties - I am getting great payouts since no one else is answering.
  • I do dPolls - they are less than half of what they were.
    On and on the carnage goes...

This has been the hardest two weeks of my steeming life even though my personal rewards are up slightly.

I won 50 STEEM in a contest with my not-very-great posters since almost no one else entered. For a contest with that high of a payout - WTH?

I would like to point out a general misunderstanding. The rules on this platform, contrary to the #newsteem, find no consensus. These are rules based on the acceptance of community drivers who have appointed themselves to improve the ruleset. Whether this is a good or a bad set of rules is irrelevant because it doesn't seem to be the whole audience behind it.

It would be as if the parties who have devised a set of rules in a democracy, of which they now want to assume that if a general mood is emerging that these will be accepted, would represent the confirmation of this set of rules. In so doing, they proceeded in such a way that they do not even allow themselves to be nominated for election, but prefer the affirmative voices to those who do not confirm them. An election without an election. But every educated person who grows up in a modern civil society knows and demands that there should be an official election that reflects in facts/figures what mood is supposed to be. Without this official mandate, which can be given by the user community to those who are the rulebook creators, there will be no consensus. One could, for example, declare the tag "ocd" or "steemstem" or other community tags as binding, to which the individual content producers commit themselves according to the rules, the moment they use this tag (though I haven't thought that through, just an example). Without this commitment, no one will agree to see their content down-voted. Negotiations in the back rooms (discord) are laborious, tedious and time-consuming.

So either a #newsteem team has to take the time to inform manually every single user about the downvote, to justify it and then to go into a possible, resulting dispute, which, if we are honest, exceeds the capacities of most of us here. Or the community management is officially running for office in order to retain the mandate of the individual and to avoid backroom debates or comment section debates.

In addition, no one will be able to assess individual actors: to whom do they belong? Whose minds child are they? Individuals who refer to rules that supposedly have found consensus here will never be taken seriously, no matter how much content is loved by one and hated by the other.

Yes, my question was aimed to who's that someone :)

AND I bought my stake

You didn't have discord, the main tool for community engagement besides comments on posts, until you got downvoted?

Correct, we are a blockchain project, prefer to stay within the blockchain ecosystem, capisce?

Lol this train of thought is so flawed it hurts. So, you actually think that having a Twitter account, a discord account, a website or anything else outside the Blockchain, is worthless and doesn't help on any way to grow the ecosystem and increase interaction?

Also let me get it straight. You think that despite the Blockchain not offering a specific service we shouldn't use other outside available tools to grow said Blockchain, but we should only stay within the Blockchain. Right?

So, if our chain doesn't have a built in exchange service, we shouldn't use binance or bittrex, right?

We don't have a Twitter-like interface with Twitter's reach, so we shouldn't be active there, trying to bring more people into steem, just because Twitter isn't built in the Blockchain right?

So let me understand if I Capisce it correctly, you prefer to stay within the Blockchain Ecosystem even though we are a continuously growing and improving chai that still rellies on other interfaces and services such as discord, Twitter and outside services (like all the other chains in existence). Ok, got it.

You are thinking too deeply into this buddy.... the point I am making is I had to download yet ANOTHER app...

Coin market cap

Annoyed I had to download yet another one and signed up... capisce?

Yep got it. You want all the upside - the "downsides". I Capisce perfectly

Downvoted for hyperbolic strawmanning. Forcing people to communicate on an insecure app like Discord epitomizes the failure of this blockchain and especially the people controlling it.

I'm pretty sure you're talking about steemcleaners cause they were downvoting your comment farming.

I am referencing those who set me on autodownvote regardless of the content... which is fucked regardless what you think “shiny mew”

I am happy to see though haejin has been dethroned, someone should keep an eye on accounts rancho votes on

okay "ultra comment farm instinct goku"

Lol comment farm was part of old steem... still finding myself in new steem.... hopefully more and more power ups happen and we find ourselves super wealthy

I love complainers like this guy. hahaha.
They do shitty stuff and then get together to complain how everything is ridiculous and unfair.

Some of the downvotes have been ridiculous!

But youve been comment farming though. lol

Can you elaborate more to me how downloading discord would stop that? or are you talking about pleasing or pleading them on discord? I'm curious..

I mean some of them you can only reach them through discord so if you’ve never used discord before it can be annoying

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

They be cramping your style.

I usd to delegate to ocdb back in the day when they only upvoted paying, whitelisted authors.

I cancelled my delegation in part because I ain't enabling them to downvote accounts without knowing the details.

Oh but we know the details :)

I still vote and even trail vote ocd. I am just not sure what ocdb is turning into, so I'm not rolling with it for now.

I understand the idea is ocdb is powerful enough to downvote people who I cannot risk downvoting myself.

I just don't want to delegate to this and automatically contribute until it finds itself.

I often look at steemflagrewards and downvote people they've flagged if I agree.

I bought steem for my purpose. I paid for the translation of the text (by the same steem). Wrote a post. I bought ups from bots for advertising. They are now not at all profitable. I got a flag. Super should I invest in advertising, get my money here so that they put a flag on me?

I think we definitely need some kind of compromise and consensus to be made.

I turned off my adblocker for Steemit to make sure they are getting the advertising revenue they deserve and occasionally I click the adds when they appeal to me.

I am sorry, but you probably did not understand the translator because of Google. I paid protest bots to raise the post a little higher. I didn’t get “Steem” from the system, I bought them for broadcast. Because I came with my idea not to tron. but on "Steem" and then she advertised about it, they lowered my status. Our company has a difficult financial situation, I planned to use Steam as the basis for my game. Now probably not. Not only did they not support us, they were also booed by some degenerates. Every stupid dollar in this life is given to me with blood and sweat. Having spent thousands of dollars on a team, I am in a difficult situation. It is difficult when you are not a native speaker of English to find a sponsor in the world of cryptography, but even now my people did not go to the competitors, we have a version of the game that others would have started, but not me, “I am ashamed”. The team remains with me, but no one will work for free, and I have run out of savings. I am disgusted to see such an attitude. I proposed SRC as a permanent replenishment of the future "Steem", but they showed me that I was superfluous.

Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately it is a difficult time for people using bots.

However there is a new from of advertising I would like to bring to your attention below.

For the reasonable price of 10 Steem you can make your advertisement for your platform a proposal underder the steem dao.

Check them out. Some are for completely dubious things like stories so I'm sure yours won't be the worst especially since you mentioned you want to use Steem and not Tron.

Maybe he is a steelers fan?

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That is what it was!

Good one @balticbadger.

No way, if anything these people are RaiderNation...

I'm a Packer!

Well get ready to downvote my Broncos/Pakers game video that will take me a couple hours to complete.......I'll be here "circle jerking" .....lolololololo

Well get ready to downvote my Broncos/Pakers game video that will take me a couple hours to complete.......I'll be here "circle jerking" .....lolololololo

I live in Colorado....leaving for Green Bay in the morning. Gonna try and post a few live streems from the parking lot.....need my voting bots to go off even though some would consider it shitty content.

Please attach subtitles to the video. And then those who have poor English can watch them. I like your culture and I want to understand what is happening there.

Hey Bronc, you're more than welcome to hit me up on discord to talk about that 20% downvote.


If you don't feel like coming to discord, drop by @exyle's posts and check out his new attitude towards #newsteem or if you prefer, have a chat with him. I'm pretty sure he'll be able to explain to you what's going on and why the downvotes. You seem like you're very close to him and he'll be able to explain what's up.

Why can’t you talk about it here where everyone can see and respond?

Refer to my latest post which is not aimed at you solely, but it applies 100% to this situation

Your post is one sided. See my comment above. OCDB has mis calculated with me.

Any content shared under #sportstalk should be in relation to sports in some fashion or another. Any posts that don’t tie back to our vision will be considered spam and should not be supported. Community Guidelines

It sucks man, I had some downvotes too, but none that big. I am no fan of this free downvote thing. It's a catch 22, it encourages to downvote abuse, but it also widens the spectrum of "abuse" to questionnable places...

IMHO, someone should go after @haejin bot before flagging human content creators who actually contribute to the platform.

I understand that going after accounts like haejin means he will flag you back (been there myself and got flagged for a week), so I guess going after the easy targets who won't flag back is far more appealing.

But here we are with (what appears to be) a bot posting images multiple times a day and upvoting itself with an 85 Reputation on Steem. That's not looking good for this ecosystem from the outside.

I know some feel he (the bot) is invaluable to helping you trade ... but I could say up/down 4-8x a day and you'd probably have the same returns.

I like @anomadsoul FWIW, I just disagree with this approach and (others) justification. ;)

Just my 2 STEEM.

Haejin is being targeted a lot, check blocktrades's flags, he's singlehandedly handling Haejin.

You know vote trading rings tuck, and if you analyze the voting behaviour of people flagged by ocdb, you'll understand why we are downvoting what we are.

I appreciate the feedback nevertheless.

Oh, and we are indeed getting flags back, acidyo, OCD and myself from people with 1MM SP. But we are not making a fuzz about it because it's a price we don't mind paying if it betters the Ecosystem. In fact, I prefer to receive them myself than some plankton who are positive for the community's development

You are sooo full of bullshit!!!

You're entitled to your opinion and I respect it.

Wait, I am confused, are we supposed to be targeting quality content or who people vote for?! I am seeing some incongruencies already here.