Catching snowflakes with the whiskers

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Did it pass? The flood wave optimism of “fuck 2020, the worst year ever is over, shit’s gonna get better from now on”. The hype of “let’s kick covid in the butt”! Did it last longer than the money they wasted for minutes of extra air pollution shut up in the sky once the clock struck midnight? I would say I told them so if it wasn’t so tragic. And now, they are crushed again thinking of all the challenges lying ahead, of all the days of the same shit, different day. I despair when I think ahead more than a day. Today is all there is, for your sanity. That is the only comfort I can offer, and it fucking sucks. Arm yourself with patience and keep on keeping on.

I don’t look for inspiration or motivation to fall into my lap. I do stuff because what else is there to do, might as well do something, anything. Shoveling snow has been a pleasure. I am learning new things. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a month, but I did not know how to say what I wanted to say, if anything. Words sometimes feel pointless in this form. I do stuff instead. Does anyone read this anyway? Do you relate? But who am I to judge how you cope and keep on keeping on. Maybe words are your thing.

There must be something slightly wrong with me. Maybe I am numb. Emotionally detached. Not all the time. I still get fired up about things. But I don’t allow myself to go there most of the time. If I do, I will be toast in no time. I keep thinking of countless things I want to do. Maybe I am trying to bury myself because I simply can’t do all of them. Then I end up doing nothing at all and the stupid thoughts creep up on me again. You know, the shit’s pointless and I am a total waste of space, kind.

It all comes down to focus. It is always the focus. How not to be a plastic bag in the wind allowing every single disturbance to carry you in all directions. It probably doesn't make any sense to you. It’s fine. I guess I wanted to let the raw feed float a bit. Anyways, in case you find yourself in a similar kind of limbo, doing stuff and focusing on today only helps a bit.

Woah, this feed is dark. Hopefully, next time, I will show up with some of the stuff in the works and something lighter. But here, isn’t the kitty the cutest? Do you have a snowy winter wherever you are?

Using the tail as mittens

Song of the day: FreqGen - Hold On


If you get an activity that you like to do, stick to it and undertake it with the best energy and willingness, things will fall into place, for example writing more often, something that will help you stay motivated.

The thing is, I got like a fair bunch of activities that love and would like to excel in all of them, master them or create projects out of them, but there isn't simply enough hours a day or energy to realize them. So I get stuck, because I want to work on all of them at once. Got to learn how to prioritize and maybe select 1 out of 10 and do as you advise :)

Therein lies the key, learn to prioritize, also to go from the smallest to the biggest activities, take the step because if you always postpone it will be difficult.

That's a cute pawprint photo; seems Pūciņa is dabbling in the arts as well. I do have some snow lately, so that's cool.

I'm not usually a fan of the personification of years and the arbitrary drawing of lines in time. Some songs which were made in the 70s and 90s have the "80s sound" because ten years is a ridiculously arbitrary span of time to measure. The Earth rotates at a speed such that it completes roughly three hundred and sixty-five Earth rotations for every trip around the Sun. We evolved to have ten fingers, so let's count one finger for every orbit, except let's count the rotations instead because that's easier for us, and just make up a couple of imaginary days in the meantime, to sort of sync everything up. So, it's settled then. The entire look and feel of human culture will be redefined, like clockwork, every three thousand, six hundred fifty-two days. Or so. Seems legit.

I think I remember 2016 being one of those years everyone decided to celebrate hating because famous people kept dying. "Oh, who will 2016 take next," and I would just roll my eyes. It's just a year; an arbitrary measure of time. Nothing more to it than that.

But then the coronavirus arrived, and began its reign of terror on the world. I found myself accidentally, subconsciously, counting the months. The culture around me was not helping, as the internet filled once more with impassioned cries of, "Fuck [the current year]!"

Finally, it happened; I looked at the calendar and I realised... it had been over one year since I felt a loving embrace. Logic be damned, my human brain had drawn the pattern and it didn't matter how arbitrary it was, it hurt. And so, I had the dark epiphany that dragged me up out of my self-diagnosed enlightenment into the real world of the real human condition with regard to numerical pattern-matching as applied to temporal measurements, and I understood, and I embraced my fate, and I boarded the bandwagon. "Fuck 2020" indeed.

And so it was, that, despite knowing exactly how ridiculous it was, I, too, counted down to my particular locally-designated timestamp which defined the "New Year," beer in hand, feeling just about as dumb as was appropriate.

How not to be a plastic bag in the wind allowing every single disturbance to carry you in all directions. It probably doesn't make any sense to you.

It makes all of the sense, and none of it, at the same time. I'm afraid I identify deeply with the plastic bag. Your detachment and focus is a gift beyond my understanding. Cherish it.

Pūciņa is secretly artistic genius Martian.

After high highs come low lows, is better to stay right in the middle ish. Which is why I think my mind has decided to keep me in this meh whatever state of chilling the fuck out with overly optimism type of thing knowing that chances are that shit will come crashing down hard. Some sort of protection mechanism? Or I maybe am bottling it up and on day I will just blow up xD Who knows right?

After high highs come low lows, is better to stay right in the middle ish.

I couldn't disagree more to be honest. Of course this seems like a winning strategy right now while everything sucks, but it's no way to live life as a whole. I'm a person with a very dynamic emotional range and even after the hell recent times have been, I still wouldn't have it any other way.

Some sort of protection mechanism?

My protection mechanism is being asleep. Can't hurt while my brain's switched off. Unfortunately sleep only works for a fraction of each day. Luckily, there's zombified internet surfing and uncontrollable sobbing to fill the gaps!

Song of the Grey:

Hocus Pocus, Moving Waves - Focus

That's some grand guitar wizardry there! Songs of the Grey instantly brighten my day! Thank you so much Gandalf!


You framed a cat in the snow. After all really amazing photography.

Framed? Not at all if I understand what you meant by it. Pictures were taken early winter morning, my cat joined me outside to view sunrise and I took pictures of her. She goes outside regularly every day since we live in rather rural area where the nature is available in a form of a fairly big yard that she guards from neighboring kitties :)


Hehe, kitty is quite a character. It is interesting to see how she reacts to weather every day as she goes outside for her patrols around the house. The other day it was quite wet outside, she stepped outside into a puddle and her reaction was something along the lines of - dammit, should have stayed inside, froze for a couple of seconds contemplating to go back inside and only after a while - oh well, I better go see if other kitties are around somehwere.

Kitten's mittens.

I do stuff because what else is there to do, might as well do something, anything.

Yeps, so do stuff. It doesn't have to be anything though, it can be something.

It is easy to get demobilised when there are too many things to do. Best to pick one, move toward it, reach it, pick another.

Hope you are doing well :*

Better than Bernie's mittens, that's for sure! :D

I hope it will turn into something. That would be great, but even if it doesn't at least I learn something along the way.

I struggle because some of them require a fair amount of work and time and while those are undergoing the sense of accomplishment is missing, it is the silly instant gratification thing I am sure. So then I pick some things on the side and it makes stuff go even slower or halt everything all together xD

Good days, bad days. Paddling. What about yourself? :*

Catty-cat-cat and pawwwws <3

Love it.


I can understand the numb and emotional detachment part. It is relatable. I think that we all have ups and down and existential torment if I can say that. If we overthink things it gets usually pretty complicated. Sometimes words and overthinking complicate simple things. Like living.

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