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It rained all night before which meant no work was possible in the garden as the field was completely drenched. I did not want to start the mud ball rolling either so I went for a long walk instead.

As I walked what I call the big circle, I decided to go for an extra big this time by extending it till the river. My ankle has not fully recovered since I reinjured it a week ago while mowing the lawn. Twisted it by the row of raspberry bushes. I keep pushing myself too hard with physical tasks and don’t recognize or don’t want to acknowledge when I have exhausted myself and no longer have the strength to hold myself together properly. I felt my legs beginning to give out and going noodle, yet I am stubborn about finishing what I have started. With a price these days. I am getting old. Luckily, I felt my ankle only towards the end of my walk which shows a sign of healing hopefully.

A few days ago I noticed my lavender starting to turn purple and I was surprised to see no bees or bumblebees around. Not even butterflies. Now I know why. Tilia trees are blooming. The air is filled with sweet-scented nectar and loud buzzing sounds. It is not even mid-July. Some things have started sooner than usual due to the weather being so hot in June this year. This may have caused an overlap of some sort, or perhaps, I simply have not noticed this happening before.

I had my rubber boots on and headed out of the village, in direction of the building that was never finished. A spot that I hope to revisit soon in some fashion. Will see. I have an idea for it I hope to realize at some point.

Rosa Canina or dog rose

There are few scents I simply love. The scent of Rosa Canina is one of them closely followed by peonies, lavender, mint, fresh-cut grass, soil after rain, the closeness of the lake, air after thunderstorms, and pine forest during hot summer days. I am currently collecting medicinal plants and herbs for drying, for various purposes. Petals of Rosa Canina are precious as well.

What nature scents you love?

The enchanted meadow is recovering after being molested by the owners of the land. Still don’t get why they dug it up and then never used it.

Oak trees are so powerful and often sacred. My grandmother had an oak tree behind her home. At difficult times, she visited it and placed her hands on its trunk to receive the strength from it. I always found that fascinating and magical. I don’t have an oak tree. I have a pine tree. Maybe I will share some more one day.

Field of rye

Reaching the river before heading back toward the village

I love being in the middle of nowhere with not a soul around. Undistracted by feeds of fragmented information, present, and aware of my surroundings and state of mind. It is like releasing an animal back in the wild. Stumbling at first in disbelief of no longer having walls of the cage holding them, then suddenly remembering how it was once to be truly alive, running off, and grasping for the freshness of the air in their lungs. Is there really wonder why so many people in the world are depressed? We have become so unaware of our own cages we call home, the virtual reality traps we call life.

I stopped by my garden on my way back to capture a bit of progress there as well.

@tarazkp said that flies can be beautiful creatures too, so I believed him. I need a lens upgrade for close up shots though.

Grasshopper chilling on the flower too

Hmm, anyone knows what the name is for these? I always wonder.

Verbascum thapsus

Lavender is almost ready for harvesting! Third harvest since planting!

I should do the garden update soon. There has been quite a growth and also quite a battle with weeds and pests attacking some of my plants, unfortunately. I don’t use any pesticides, so it is a challenge to keep some of them alive.

Despite crows eating all my early cucumber seedlings, I managed to grow some more under frost coverings. Sometimes I feel like they sit in the trees nearby and observe me planting and they recognize what I plant too xD those clever bastards!

Thank you for reading and joining my walk! Until next time!

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Beautiful post, as usual! I love lavender, peonies, the smell of rain, the smell of fresh cut grass and every smell you mentioned in your list. I feel particularly relaxed when it rains with thunders.

I believe that we should enjoy time in nature more, away from noise, social media. To really breath in the air of our freedom.

I loved you pics. It looked so lovely that the grasshopper had tiny drops of water on him.

I wish you to get well with your ankle, your lavender needs you



Thank you @creativemary!

As a child I used to sit with my nose glued to the window observing the lightning and counting after the thunder blasted the sky even though I was repeatedly told not to do so as it can be dangerous.

I was surprised to see that my camera picked up the droplets on its legs. I really hope to get a better lens for tinier details some time in future.

Thank you! I have a condition called hypermobility, practically in all my joints so I can injure myself quite easily. My ankles have been difficult since forever. I could be walking on perfectly straight surfaces and still manage to twist them. Not much can be done about that.

Hey! Rain and thunders😍😍😍 That is so relaxing for the ears to hear.

I am so sorry about your health issues. I find it ironic to have a disease named "hyper", I would have expected hyper=great. I am sure the medicine will advance and maybe a cure might be found. You are strong enough to overcome this

First of all, I'm sorry to know that your ankle was reinjured while mowing the lawn and has not fully recovered. Hope you get well soon.

Very beautiful pictures! Everything looks refreshing after it rained all night. Apart from the freshness, the peace of the place is also my favorite. I love to be among nice nature like this, too.

The oak tree is wonderful. I especially like the 10th, very amazing picture.

The flowers are all beautiful. The white one is my most favorite. Very magnificent!

I agree, even the fly looks beautiful, especially seeing through your picture.

It's great that you don’t use any pesticides in your garden, so you can eat your vegetables freshly and safely.

Thanks so much for sharing. Your beautiful pictures make me feel refreshed. ;)

Thank you @tangmo!

I have accepted that injuries are likely to happen more often now as I am getting older. At the same time, as I keep going, moving, and work hard I notice that my mobility range also increases and overall gets better. Down the path I probably will have to replace bunch of joints xD but such is life. Maybe future advancements will give me a brand new robot body, haha!

I am crafting a natural solution with garlic, onions and mint water in spray bottle, to scare the caterpillars away. Hope it will do the job.

I am glad you found these photos refreshing. I certainly felt that way after the walk.

My pleasure!

Ah! I quite agree that working in the garden and strolling among nice nature is a good exercise and can help you have a healthy body. Yeah! "A brand new robot body"..... ;)

It's very good idea to scare the caterpillars away with natural products.

Stay safe and take care! ;)

What do you do with the lavender, a, I meant to be harvesting it? :D

I think the yellow flower (after googling) is a black-eyed susan - I guess back in the day, she didn't do what she was told and had a flower named after her.

I love the shots from the rye field, especially the cut stalks.

Flies need love too. Plus, they pollinate.

Depends. If you think you can find a use for them then, yes. First two harvests I cut and dried. I now have a jar full of dried flower buds that I removed from the stems and I will be using those for different things such as tea, finally giving tempt for the lavender soap, and another project that I am currently working on. They look nice dried too in like a bundle.

Yay! Black eyed susan it is! ^^ Evil Google knows it all xD

Me too. I was quite happy to discover a field so close and yet I had not walked that direction for a good while. I should wander around more often.

They do? Mostly I find them super annoying when I try to work in the evenings. They just fly around my head in circles and sometimes fly directly in mouth as I breathe in xD or in eye. I have began wearing mosquito net suit to avoid them.

They look nice dried too in like a bundle.

This is what I did when I had bought them a few years ago and they died on my balcony :)

I have began wearing mosquito net suit to avoid them.

You should try a beekeeper outfit - sexy!

I've heard that the scent of lavender also scares some bugs and moths away, so maybe little bags with flower buds in closets don't hurt. And back in the old days lavender kept sheets fresh too.

Oh, trust me, it is not far from beekeeper outfit. So sexy xD


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I'm glad to hear that your ankle is getting better. Thats good. Sounds like that was quite a hike. You really covered some ground.
I think lavender is probably my most favourite smell, excluding food smells when im hungry lolol. I love lavender. Unfortunately we don't have any in our garden at the moment.
Great photos. Very nice!

I love photography and nature like you. love this post.