Use My Pronouns or Else! :: Jordan Peterson is even MORE of a HERO than I ever IMAGINED!

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After authoring my last post, I somehow found myself consuming one Jordan Peterson video after another. I myself hadn't even realized how outrageous it had all become. I mean, when you really dive into this, and realize that he's even spent hours defending this garbage in front of a Canadian Senate Hearing, you really start to realize what a TRUE HERO Jordan Peterson is for standing up to the regressive left's tyrannical control-everything tactics.

Between the Senate Hearing, and some of these interviews, you'd really think you're watching some sort of creepy Twilight Zone or Black Mirror episode. I mean, literally... Canadians Could Be Jailed or Fined for Using Incorrect Gender Pronouns! How abso-fricken-lutely insane is that?!

It's really become the "regressive left's" crusade against our free speech and sensibilities.

I mean, if someone asks me to refer to them as a "non-binary reverse interpolated toadstool", from my perspective I couldn't care less. Although I'd think they're completely nuts (and I wouldn't be afraid to tell them as much), I'd most likely accommodate them nonetheless (for whatever period of time I might have to entertain their delusions), though I'll probably have an awfully hard time keeping a "straight face" while saying it...

However, when these same people attempt to push through legislation making "non-compliance" a punishable and enforceable "hate crime" for not conforming to their twisted worldview (or perhaps, even for LAUGHING while saying it), then my response is that they can go fuck themselves (which, ironically, they probably already do anyway)! lol 😂

Funny, these self-proclaimed "trans advocates" claim they're demanding respect and validation. Perhaps they should try offering something of true value to society, and they may just earn some actual respect, the same way it works for the rest of us.

And, of course, this is just classic too... (around 4:30 into the interview.. even [insert appropriate pronoun here] defending it says [insert appropriate pronoun here] needs to look up the appropriate "pronoun" to use for each person in [insert appropriate pronoun here]'s cellphone!) lol

(can I sue this [insert appropriate pronoun here] for offending me and making me feel too stoopid to understand WTF any of that means?! 🤣 )

And how about the complete insanity and waste of time of this ridiculous Senate Hearing... I'm waiting for all the masks to come off and see the demonoid creatures hiding underneath and laughing their 👹 stoopid little horns off 👹...

Jordan Peterson on Tucker Carson's Show

Well, this one I've gotta include if only to rip on YouTube and Google once more, given my recent post, "GoodBye YouTube, it's the END of an ERA :: Hello STEEMIT and DTUBE! 🤗".

It turns out that Jordan Peterson also appeared on a recent episode of Tucker Carlson's show, where they even go so far as to rip on YouTube and Google for censoring and/or demonetizing many of the more "conservatively-oriented" voices on the platform.

What else can we learn from Jordan Peterson

In the process of binge-watching Jordan Peterson videos, I also came across a few other fascinating videos that attempted to break down some of the reasons why Jordan Peterson has been so effective at changing so many people's minds on such critical issues such as this one. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, these "tactics" can be witnessed first-hand in Jordan Peterson's recent interview with Cathy Newman:

Now, here are a few videos that break down Peterson's interview and conversational "tactics", in order to maximize his chance of having the other side understand his reasoning and point of view. These are all skills that any of us can develop with enough practice and awareness.

How To Get Respect Without Being A Bully:


How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument:

The Greatest Speech Every Student Should Hear (by Jordan Peterson):


The Real World

Finally, I wanted to turn your attention to a new documentary series, 'Undercover High', on A&E that sheds light on modern struggles for teens. A&E's new show sends seven young adults, ranging in age from 21 to 26, back to school at Highland Park in Topeka, Kansas in an "undercover" capacity. The reason for this is that students and teenagers generally won't open up and trust adults and teachers in quite the same way as they would their peers.

The hope is that through this program, they'll be able to find better solutions to address some of the problems and issues that high school students face.

Now, granted, some of what you'll see here is outright shocking. You'd think that most students, when in class, would at least be compelled to listen to the teacher instead of chatting away on their cellphones throughout the entire class. Why this is allowed for anything but emergencies, or at least limited to note taking and such, is rather shocking to me. But I digress...

Here's the point I wanted to make. I find it humorous that politicians try to legislate people's use of "correct pronouns", as if none of them have ever experienced how potentially cruel kids in high-school and elementary school can be to one another.

Who frickin' gives a damn if someone doesn't say "Ze zer zing zey", as you were "properly requested to do so"! 😂

Forget about "proper pronouns", most kids would be happy just to be left alone, without living in fear of getting bullied, getting beaten up, or having false rumors spread about them.

Then again, perhaps some of those "trans advocates" in those Jordan Peterson interviews should try going back to high-school and requesting fellow students to "refer to them in their designated pronouns of choice". I don't expect anyone will feel sorry for them when they face the inevitable backlash of a right 'ole whooping.

And therein lies the real problem. You can't legislate "respect" and "validation". From my perspective, by doing so you actually LOSE people's respect. Perhaps that's what more people should really think about....

As always, I appreciate your upvote, your follow and all your comments!


The pronoun "Ey", "rhymes with hay". That must be the pronoun for horses... neighhhhh???

i really dont understand what you are talking about, please make me clear

you have obviously failed to memorize the "designated pronoun chart"! lol

For your reference:

here's one more terrific interview with Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson, made aware to me by fellow steemian @jrswab. while it's rather long at nearly 2 1/2 hours, if you have some time to listen in the background, it's definitely worth it. Loads more priceless and invaluable tidbits of wisdom and insight...

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For some reason, your post reminded me of the old days when I listened to my favorite program, the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger was a dead shot with a gun, and could hit a fly in the left eye without breaking a sweat. He vanquishes a bad guy, and his Indian companion, Tonto, would exclaim, "Good work, Keem-o-sabe!" Another Indian who has been taken prisoner, asks Tonto why "Keem-o-sabe." Tonto, who always plays second fiddle, replies, "Keem-o sabe means 'Schmuck."

As the bard said, "A name? What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." If we could only live with that wisdom!

keeping cool mind really helps

Yeah it does

All of that makes me shake my head with sadness (at the absurdity that we humans seem to delight in inflicting upon ourselves). :c/

And not due to any aversion to those who would wish to be identified as being something other than male or female - I had spared this a little thought a fair while back - to a mixed reception).

Rather I have to similarly unreservedly reject the notion that a person should face incarceration for the absurdity of witholding the title that another demands.

I would balk at blue-blooded dignitaries entertaining the notion, let alone judges, doctors - or yes - even transgender individuals.

I do wonder what would result from a poll of non-male-and-female participants over what kind and degree of punishment non-compliant individuals would face. I would strongly suspect that most of them would have a lot more humanity than the televised primadonnas who would claim to represent them.

Thank you kindly for sharing.

that's really the thing here. when we start seeing actual Senate Hearings over all this crap, that's when you know it's really gone too far. I also don't doubt for a second that many trans people would also reject the attention whores who claim to represent them. It would have been great to see at least a few of them also have their say at these hearings.

But that's one more sign as to how far it's devolved. Sort of like the "man made climate change" issues. The politicos only invite those who support the arbitrary legislation they're trying to ram through, and actively work to block those who would offer any "difference of opinion" that would debunk and reveal how truly outrageous their positions actually are.

Luckily for the rest of us, Jordan Peterson seems to be a one-man small army in that regard, which is why the regressive "powers that be" try so hard to denounce him as a "racist bigoted whack job". This, of course, is their "calling card" for pretty much anyone who doesn't wholeheartedly buy into all their bullshit.

Very much agreed, the media finds the most ridiculous people on both sides and tries to pull us into a polarized debate, and then in our effort to fight against the other side which we’ve seen an exaggeration of, we become the exaggeration on the other side.

when these same people attempt to push through legislation

Did some activism for transgender people and have met 1000s of them, not a single one supports authoritarian legislation like this.

In my opinion this is pushed to the media so you waste time arguing while not paying attention to other things. It has been working and it will apparently continue to work...

Some people blindly following feminism may support this, but again, don't know any trans people who do and I actually know a bunch of them. Never forget that some people profit from chaos.

As I wrote in another comment, I don't doubt for a second that many (perhaps even most) trans people would also reject the attention whores who claim to represent them. Yet, somehow these issues are gaining the attention of those at the highest levels of governments, who are attempting to pass tyrannical legislation that hold dire ramifications for all of us.

It would have been great to see at least a few trans people who oppose these laws also have their say at these hearings. And I'm sure many would be perfectly willing to do so. However, just like with the "man made climate change" issues, the politicos only invite those who support the arbitrary legislation they're trying to ram through, and actively work to block those who would offer any "difference of opinion" that would debunk and reveal how truly outrageous their positions actually are.

Luckily for the rest of us, Jordan Peterson seems to be a one-man small army in that regard, which is why the regressive "powers that be" try so hard to denounce him as a "racist bigoted whack job". This, of course, is their "calling card" for pretty much anyone who doesn't wholeheartedly buy into all their bullshit.

these issues are gaining the attention of those at the highest levels of governments

I don't think they are, I think they are getting paid to pretend there's an interest same as people in the media are paid to talk about the subject often.

I think the goal is just to make people uncomfortable so they will focus on this as opposed to something else going on at the same time.

Every time you see the trans subject being heavily discussed watch out, look around, something else is going on and the controversy dealers are trying to get you to miss it.

Good share, especially about the social media manipulation. The sad thing is after the patriot act there's no such thing as abusing surveillance or abuse in general.

that's certainly likely as well, but the thing is that these laws are getting passed nonetheless, and people are being prosecuted over them, and these "laws" are being debated out at the Senate level, after they've become law.

so perhaps the real question is, if the "powers that be" need to misdirect people using such extreme tyrannical nonsense, what nefarious activities are they really trying to cover up...

The British government is also going completely nuts with criminal charges for nonsense. British prosecutors charged a woman for calling a man a “pussy”. Then there is the case of a businessman who was charged with a hate crime for saying to a transgender man presenting himself as a woman – “all right geezer.” He alleged he simply said that to him/her when they passed in the street. Vernon Mussington was found guilty but appealed and finally had his conviction overturned.

Link: British Prosecutors Charging Hate Crimes for just saying “All right Geezer.”

what nefarious activities are they really trying to cover up

Maybe that's what people need to start asking themselves and others next time we get bombarded with stuff that is supposedly causing outrage.

They go with the trans subject because they know people will pay attention, when people stop paying attention they'll just go with another subject.

It's like abortion and gay marriage, every time they wanted people distracted they'd bring it up but they've used those subjects so much that it hardly has an effect now. It's not like people have a say about what is presented in the news, remember Occupy Wall Street? Like a month went by before the news even mentioned something was going on.

Honestly I don't know what they're trying to cover up right now but I'm more concerned about government demanding disclosure of transfers made by people associated to Bitconnect within the last 90 days and orders to halt any crypto transfers until they say so. While I do think those involved should pay for knowingly tricking others, I don't think gov intervention is a good idea for the precedents they can create.

Is this a hell of wastes of times?
What are the problems of humanity now and which one should be prioritized first?
We're bombarded with mixture of variety of busyness of any sort we could imagine of.

We focus more on ourselves, loving ourselves, want to be popular and respected and noticed by others. We're blinded by our pride.

Look at these poor people? Have we done something even in a little prayer?

Central African Republic — GDP per capita: $656 (£535)

Man I completely share the same political views & frustrations as you, and therefore am surprised to never have heard of Jordan Peterson until you made me aware of him! Esp. since I'm such a huge Milo & Tucker Carlson fan (as well as Stefan Molyneux & Mike Cernovich to name a few more). Thanks for providing so much info on him :) Pretty excited to check out more of his stuff since he's able to provide wisdom in such an eloquent manner.

I mean, if someone asks me to refer to them as a "non-binary reverse interpolated toadstool", from my perspective I couldn't care less. those who actually enforce this! #Canada

"If I had a dollar for every gender, I'd only have 2 bucks and millions of illegal counterfeit dollar bills that only bring sadness and disappointment in the human race and are a scar on the face of earth, ruining and vandalising every-fucking-thing the human race has strived for."--Source

well, I'm glad I could be the one to "introduce you" to Jordan Peterson! lol He's really come into the spotlight recently because of that outrageous interview which shows just how biased these reporters are, and how they'll make up just about anything to throw people off and make them appear incompetent. Of course, in this case those tactics dramatically backfired on her.

But as you can see, he's been staunchly fighting these tactics for quite a while now. Between those efforts, and all this additional exposure, I've gotta believe the additional awareness it brings will make us all better off for his effort at standing up to this crap.

Of course, as another commenter pointed out, with the level of outrageousness exhibited here, there may also be an element of "misdirection" going on here as well, and we should also keep an eye out for what the "powers that be" may be really trying to "cover up"... 😱

Demand respect? How can anyone possibly think that's even possible?
And the pronoun chart. Seriously?
Why not go ahead and do whatever you like - I won't stop you or fine you - and leave me to respectfully do the same?

that's perhaps the greatest irony here. These self-proclaimed "trans advocates" have no problem disrespecting and offending others, while they're busy demanding respect from everyone else.

That's precisely the point Jordan Peterson brought home so well during the course of his interview with Cathy Newman.

The video with the Senate hearing is intense. His level of patience is mind-boggling. I was watching that video and I was getting angry yet he remains calm.

yeah, that was exactly my take @dreamingirwin. you really want to shake these people up and figure out what's missing up there. Perhaps it really is just some sort of "mental illness" or something.

Yet, he remains calm and collected the whole way through. Perhaps he simply sees himself as a kindergarten teacher, merely trying to school a bunch of impetuous (or tempetuous?) little kids into "how to think"... lol

I like that one or two of the Senators honestly consider what he's saying. yet you can see that the others only want to argue you're there to pig headed to open their minds and see what he say

Fortunately, as a writer, I am able to converse entirely in the third person, and not use personal pronouns at all.

Since using pronouns alone is the source of danger, I recommend to all subject to doubleplusgood duckspeak laws to learn to converse thusly.


Hi Alex, I'm new to Steemit & share many of your sentiments here about the platform, as you highlighted in your last article. I was especially moved by your report of gender fluidity being used as an alibi for child abuse, which is appalling. I also read your great article "Don't Convert SBD to Steem. Buy it on the Steemit Market Instead." I'm commenting here since this post is still open for you. Do you know if there are any transaction fees for buying Steem on the Steemit market? Thank you. Keep up the good work!

thank you for your comment @angelfish. Actually, comments can still be added to expired posts, and those comments can still be upvoted. That's also the basis of my "Post Vote Slider and Vote Past Payout" script"!

Regarding the internal market, there are no additional fees levied for exchanging STEEM<->SBD, though each order does use up a bit of your allocated "bandwidth" (just as any vote or other transaction does on STEEM blockchain).

Goobye YouTube ..

Hello Steemit ...

Hahaha maybe I'll do that since I always have problems on YouTube..

yeah, I see you've also had plenty of issues with YouTube...

You may have seen on my other post, even our "Goodbye YouTube" video was "shadow banned", under the premise that advertisers choose not to advertise on "sexually suggestive" content.

Unless, of course, it's "Top 40 Pop Music Porn" by Katy Perry (like her horrible "Bon Appetit" video with nearly 450MM views), Brittney Spears, or any number of other celebs playing ball in their "inner circle".

In that case, it's a-okay, monetize away! lol

HAHAHA yes that's true.. no more beach videos then because everyone on the beach wear bikinis :)
It is better to use other language so that they can't understand but then your foreign viewers can't understand either.
I don't have a choice in some of my videos.. Even walking on the street and restaurants have problems..
The fact is you don't know what is the malicious words do you used to get demonetized ..
Makes me frustrated sometimes..

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I try not to get too involved in these debates, but I can say this: Empathy will fix most of our problems, but you can’t enforce empathy or outlaw a lack of empathy, that’s a dangerous direction to move in. That being said, The anti SJWs are kind of SJW on the other side...let’s just learn to hear each other out and forget about this mass media division.

that sounds like a nice idea, except when you're compelled to agree to whatever they say by law... or else!

And, when someone tells you that not calling them by their "pronoun of choice" should be considered an actionable assault in the eyes of the law, well, where exactly do you go from there?! lol

Link: British Prosecutors Charging Hate Crimes for just saying “All right Geezer.”

I got to this from a bunch of memes from Peterson being totally done with her in the interview lol

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hello, you could read my last post, give me your opinion is an important issue

you could also read my post, and tell me what you think of the importance of "free speech". Do you think someone should be thrown in jail for "mis-pronouning" someone in a conversation? 😉

I love this guy

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One should be wary of becoming to entranced by an intellectual icon. This is the same fallacy the befalls the Initiate Ayn Rand Fan. Peterson is right, but not God.

I'm a fan of the work of both Ayn Rand and Jordan Peterson, but I'm certainly not under any delusion that they don't suffer from the same human fallacies as all the rest of us, let alone sit among the ranks of "higher beings"! lol

We're all just people, trying best to make our way in the world. The ones to really watch out for, however, are those who try to make their way by forcing others to conform to their own delusional view of how the world "should be".

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Kita berharap ada beberapa Jordan Peterson selanjutnya yang bisa berpikir seperti dia. Apakah kita bisa seperti Jordan Peterson @alexpmorris


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While I'm all for freedom of speech Peterson unfortunately misrepresented the Bill:

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