We're still HERE after one YEAR, but then again, so are the SJWs! 😱

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As some of you may know, one of the drivers that wholeheartedly brought me over to STEEMIT was that although I earned very little at the beginning, I thought it was pretty darn cool that I could literally post the same content on STEEMIT that I would on Facebook for free, and actually earn some "free" crypto to boot!

Even more amazingly, on STEEMIT I found a passionate, vibrant community of people with all types of interesting and unique backgrounds. However, while on Facebook and Twitter (and YouTube), I increasingly found myself wasting untold amounts of time fending off those who would berate anyone who didn't wholeheartedly embrace "Hillary Clinton" and the entire SJW "movement".

On STEEMIT, however, not only could I earn money from my posts, but I also crossed paths with a wide variety of like-minded individuals who understood, appreciated, and embraced "Libertarian / Classical Liberal" ideologies.

Understand now, it's not even like I was pounding the table as a "Trump Supporter" either. The binary logic at the time was you were either "WITH US" or "AGAINST US", there was no middle ground whatsoever. Here, I finally "came out" and presented my ideal choice for POTUS:

Next to this, STEEM seemed like a DREAM, where you can come across other terrific like-minded folks from across the globe, and let them know how much you appreciate their work with a simple upvote that would mine them a bit of crypto currency, without any additional monetary investment. All you had to do was put in the time and effort to build a following and post high-quality content to the blockchain!

That's exactly what we did when we first built up our YouTube channel to nearly 100,000 subscribers over a decade ago. We didn't even make a dime for the first TWO YEARS either! 😲 On STEEMIT, we earned some crypto (albeit, only a small amount), nearly DAY ONE! I was also comforted by the fact that we weren't wastefully consuming untold amounts of energy for the sole purpose of mining new BitCoins.

And, on a less "jovial" note, many of you are probably also aware of how our YouTube "experience" turned out, as I described in my previous post: "GoodBye YouTube, it's the END of an ERA :: Hello STEEMIT and DTUBE! 🤗":

Predictions, One Year Later... How Have They Fared?! 😰

Before last year's elections, there were many "predictions" and scare tactics tossed around, such as "Trump Will Kill Us All" (from Saturday Night Live).

Another "authoritative prediction" that was spread around by CNN was that the markets would CRASH if Trump were elected. Well, in a way they were sort of correct. The market did sort of CRASH... except that the market crashed UPWARDS! lol

Here's an entertaining link featuring all the so-called "experts" whose predictions were, as generally expected, completely wrong. For example, I can only wonder if Mark Cuban is still "loading the boat" on short positions as he holds steadfast to his erroneous worldview. I mean, how can you back down from your "opinion" when you're 100% confident that you're not full of shit (or is that... 100% certain you are full of 💩💩💩)! 🤣

Mark Cuban. “I can say with 100 percent certainty that there is a really good chance we could see a huge, huge correction,” Cuban told CNN. “That uncertainty potentially as the president of the United States — that’s the last thing Wall Street wants to hear.”

Link: All the Experts Who Told Us Stocks Would Crash if Trump Won

So, for the good news... We're all still here, the markets are thriving, and the crypto-space is thriving to an even greater degree!

Many of us are awakening to the possibility of a world without all the corrupt middlemen extorting most of the world's resources for their own nefarious purposes. And while society will likely still require the inevitable "crash & burn" to get there, there does appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

While the "globalist dream" of bringing the whole world together may finally be within reach, to their detriment, it may very well not be the one they envisioned, where they are the farmers and middle men who are in complete totalitarian control of, well... totally everything! 😱

In 2018 Political Correctness, however, sinks to an expected and inevitable NEW LOW...

Controlling "what people say" and "how they say it", along controlling people's "freedoms" and "privacy", is often described as a "slippery slope", and nothing clarifies this better than the following headline:

Man Charged with Molesting Girls: I Am a 9-Year-Old Trapped in a Man’s Body

Joseph Roman, a 38-year-old Chicago man accused of molesting three pre-teen girls told police he is a boy trapped in a man’s body, according to court documents.

Link: Man Charged with Molesting Girls: I Am a 9-Year-Old Trapped in a Man’s Body

And I must say, especially in an extremely "liberal" state such as New York or California, I can only wonder why in the near future, someone like Larry Nassar, recently convicted for abusing over 150 children, couldn't just claim to be a "9-Year-Old Trapped in a Man’s Body" as an "excuse" for his behavior and simply "get off the hook".

In fact, from the SJW perspective, Nassar and Roman are potentially the victims here! They were tempted by these "nasty" little children, not so different than accusing an un-hajib'd woman for "tempting" a group of barbarian horde men to assault her.

Lawrence G. Nassar, the former team doctor for the American gymnastics team, was sentenced to 40 to 175 years for sexual abuse. More than 150 victims, many of whom are former gymnasts, spoke at the sentencing hearing.

Link: Larry Nassar Sentencing: ‘I Just Signed Your Death Warrant’

While just a few years ago, such claims would have seemed outrageous and unrealistic, come 2018, and the liberal media increasingly seeks to support such very notions, perhaps with the goal of normalizing pedophilia for the blood cult of baby eaters "powers that be" who are systematically being outed as the monstrous demonoid creatures they are.

Finally, I'll leave you with two terrific anti-SJW segments that will really help place things into perspective.

The first one is a very "satisfying" interview with professor and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. I recommend watching the whole interview when you get a chance, because it's just a terrific logic-based "reverse-psychological" shredding of extreme feminist and SJW bullshit (which truly no longer has anything to do with "female empowerment" or otherwise):

"Why should your right to freedom of speech trump a trans person's right not to be offended?" asked the Channel 4 reporter.

Peterson: "Because in order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive. I mean, look at the conversation we're having right now," Peterson answered. "You're certainly willing to risk offending me in the pursuit of truth. Why should you have the right to do that? It's been rather uncomfortable."

Peterson: "Well, I'm very glad I've put you on the spot," Newman replied, deflecting from his point.

"Well you get my point," said Peterson. "You're doing what you should do, which is digging a bit to see what the hell is going on. And that is what you should do. But you're exercising your freedom of speech to certainly risk offending me, and that's fine. More power to you, as far as I'm concerned."

Newman [the reporter] was rendered speechless.

Newman: "So you haven't sat there and — I’m just trying to work that out," she said clumsily, giving off a sigh.

"Ha, got ya," the professor playfully quipped.

Link: WATCH: Psychologist Leaves Reporter Speechless Explaining Why Free Speech Trumps Someone's 'Right' To Not Be Offended

And lastly, I'll share this Alex Jones clip, also featuring Millie Weaver and Milo Yiannopoulos, as they attempt to diagnose why democrats seem to DESTROY everything they touch.

Democrats Create Sh!thole States, Then Flee To Conservative States To Sh!thole Them:

As always, I appreciate your upvote, your follow and all your comments!


Talent is no longer (and hasn't been for a long time) a requirement for celebritydom. Social / political activism makes it to the top of the list these days.

Their hope is that young minds will gobble it up because of money, y'know.

My hope is that resourceful teens are dabbling in the cryptocurrency markets and will stumble upon STEEM and Steemit and realize that they don't have to comply to the dino world of fiat currencies and getting rich by brokering an old-fashioned deal with the Devil.

Like mainstream media has been selling since... MTV?

Only time will tell.

Society went downhill full throttle on the launch of MTV's first Real World. The spark to start the reality dumbing of us. lol

very well said @michellectv, and thank you for your astute insight! :)

here here!

"Why should your right to freedom of speech trump a trans person's right not to be offended?" asked the Channel 4 reporter."

I started laughing hysterically when I read that. I have noticed the lack of TDS deranged trolls here as well, I attribute it to being a little bit hard to log in for the first time. They are not that savvy. There is like a poll test to get in here and they can't pass it.

I started laughing hysterically when I read that. I have noticed the lack of TDS deranged trolls here as well, I attribute it to being a little bit hard to log in for the first time.

yeah, that line cracked me up too. lol The hypocrisy of the statement is so blatant, I don't think she could've given him a better "setup" if she had tried! It really was like a line right out of the movie "Idiocracy"! 😂

As for "They are not that savvy", that very well may be the case as well! Sadly, though, just like zombies some of them are quite persistent at repeatedly banging their heads against a wall (or a doorway), so inevitably there will be some that eventually wear down the door make it through... lol

Watch the whole thing he starts laughing at one point she gets so absurd. ^_^

yeah, I could listen to this interview over and over again, her questions really are completely absurd.

in fact, the whole argument is completely ludicrous, and I'd have a hard time even believing this would make mainstream news if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes... "why won't you use my pronouns?!" ... lol Sadly, I suppose it's just another despicable sign of the extent to which our society has devolved. Truly, something I'd expect right out of the movie "Idiocracy".

I've been sort of binge-watching a bunch of his material and interviews, he's just right on the money on so many key issues. If you have a chance, you may also enjoy the following "best moments" video:

Please keep it up!

Wow, this conversation kindof gives m a headache...because she isn't actually listening. It is like two conversations and he has to keep going back and repeating himself.
But then he isn't much better because he is toying with her a bit, when it is clear she isn't grasping what he is saying.

I now know why people drink ;)

Watch the whole interview it's a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Cathy will now forever be followed by the memes highlighting her shame.

The reason we don't see too many of them around here is because when they try to verbally bully everyone they get flagged into oblivion. It's refreshing to find a social media site that punishes vapid assholes and rewards people who add value.

HA HA -- I Laughed (seriously) .. oops, is that an Oxymoron ?

Ha again. Thanks 4 your remark. I know what ya mean about the TROLLS not being too "tech savvy".

I Like / Appreciate it here, as well.

Have a good 'un - JAN

Great post. I watched that entire interview with Jordan Peterson. She wasn't even listening to what he had to say. The entire time she's just trying to snare him in one of her traps and paint him as a sexist. He probably anticipated it and navigates through her web very elegantly.

That mentality is exactly what drove me away from the left and towards the center. A lot of character assassination rather than discussion of facts.

The entire time she's just trying to snare him in one of her traps and paint him as a sexist. He probably anticipated it and navigates through her web very elegantly.

It's because she'd gone down a path that would have taken so much to reverse it can seem easier to keep going where the more she gets a sense she'd gone wrong the more she needed to flinch away so as to avoid it looking at it too closely. If she'd focused on it too long it would be much harder to close her eyes and pretend she didn't see it.

But then if you keep lying to yourself like that you go further into insanity which is what you saw here., where she ends up saying the sort of things you might say in the moment and either realise you didn't mean it or immediately realise how stupid and unreasonable what you said was. She almost had that moment with the gotcha, but she decided to keep going rather than take the reasonable step next step of self refection and realise she'd better start asking some actual questions and put aside some of the assumptions that betrayed her...

But apparently when the fool realises they're a fool it's very tempting try and get out of it by just increasing the foolishness until they've sufficiently convinced themselves again.

It pretty much didn't matter what he said at all she might as well almost have been reading off a script and talking to a strawman (har har see that's a joke)

thanks for the kind words @neuromancylife, and yeah, that's why he "steem"-rolls her as well as he does, cuz she's literally just mindlessly spewing out her own B.S. talking points without really having thought any of it through. of course, that's sadly a large part of the problem in the first place, that most people aren't willing to take the time to really "think things through"...

You're welcome. She probably didn't do much research into him either and underestimated him. She expected an average chump who would cave under pressure and lose his composure. Instead, he keeps his cool and she ends up looking foolish in front of the entire world. That video has been EVERYWHERE lately. Hopefully she learned a lesson in humility.

Very true, people really aren't willing to think things through. When someone has been looking at the world from a particular perspective for so long, they become attached to it and it encompasses their personality or ego. It's hard to look from someone's else's perspective because that may trigger you to change, and change can be scary. Cognitive dissonance is a very powerful force.

I hope that in the future we can steer conversations entirely away from politics outside of cryptocurrency. Left and Right wing. Too much of it is toxic and too many people are calling for the deaths of their political opponents.

Liked your words (quite descriptive ).

Good post mate. I'm not from the US but even I got bailed up by friends and told I needed to choose between Hillary or Trump. When they didn't like my answer they were outraged.

But in the US voting is not compulsory, plus I probably would have voted for Gary Johnson anyway, but when you're dealing with binary thinkers it just doesn't fit the narrative. Most people over here in Australia didn't even know there was a 3rd (and 4th) choice.

I hear ya, it's like people have nothing better to do than turn it into some sort of "sporting event". Even crazier that you're not even from the U.S., and you were still getting slack for it! Gotta laugh at the absolute hypocrisy of it all... 😂

As for the "binary thinkers", in that regard I often like to counter with the classic line from Star Wars...

"only a Sith deals in absolutes"


I hear the screeching in my head.

I am not a fan of social platforms but steemit is really a gem to me and I will surely be here than to be in any kind of social platforms.

Great Post! Speaking of people who got it wrong, how about Kreepy Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize winning economist, who wrote in the NY Times a year ago, after Trump was elected, "It really does look like President Donald J. Trump and markets are plunging. If the question is when markets recover, a first pass answer is never." Perhaps someone should take Kreepy's Nobel and plunge it where the sun doesn't shine.

The left excels in Identity politics, dividing white from black, men from women, Christians, Muslims and Jews from each other, and LGBTQ from everything else, all in a cynical attempt to obtain and hold on to power.

thank you for you comment @domo, and I'm glad you liked the post! And yeah, I'd say anyone who wins a nobel prize (which these days, seems to be little more than an award for attempting to further the cause of the diabolical elite), and is so arrogant as to make market predictions such as that, is a big call to most likely do the exact opposite!

I only wish for once they went "all in" on their own bullshit calls and wiped themselves out in the process.

That would certainly make for a bit more "justice" in the world, as opposed to "just us"! lol

Little does the Left know how much they're digging their own graves with their identity politics & "politically correct" verbal policing. There's nothing better than making SJWs, libtards, etc. realize how hypocritical their virtue signaling has become (as demonstrated in the Millie/Milo/Alex Jones video you shared) haha!

STEEM seemed like a DREAM, where you can come across other terrific like-minded folks from across the globe

and not get censored--I might add--by the heavily liberal-skewed mainstream media (i.e., CNN, Facebook, YouTube, Washington Post).

Regarding feminism, you're right! Gone are the days of "feminism = women's equality" and upon us is the third-wave generation of feminists: a man-hating, self-loathing movement that's ironically led to higher rates of depression among women.

Well either they'll burn it all to the ground or they'll burn themselves out.

I think it will be the latter, when looked at on a long enough time scale you can start to imagine how it will go. These things always run in cycles, if it swings too far one way, it swings back the other way etc. If a parent is strict, the child can often develop into the more chaotic opposite as a kind of rebellion. That child then goes on to have a kid and lacks the ability to impress on them a strong sense of conscientiousness, so the child cries out for order. Simplistic example but you see what I mean .

Hopefully it wont swing too far one way and end it all. People should be taught how to think, the real bones of how you can actually arrive at the most accurate, or at the least wrong, ideas and opinions, rather than trying to teach them opinions we believe are true. That's worthless because if someone doesn't know why it's supposed to be a good/correct opinion they'll just lose it and go believe some other nonsense, or you'll find them saying they agree but for nonsense reasons which might as well be the same as saying they don't believe it. If we just taught people how and why it doesn't matter what you believe but why you believe it the world would be a better place. It's like, people would be less concerned with arguing over each others differing answers and more concerned with the validity of the equations each other used to arrive at their answers. It's only there where you can actually get anywhere.

thanks for your comment @theywillkillyou, couldn't have said it better myself! :)

It turns out that Jordan Peterson also appeared on a recent episode of Tucker Carlson's show, where they even go so far as to rip on YouTube and Google for censoring and/or demonetizing many of the more "conservatively-oriented" voices on the platform.

It's definitely worth checking out if you have a chance:

Nice to find you! Thank you for the upvote on my latest post:) I followed you back over here and, to my surprise, you are sane! Love finding Liberty-minded, solid individuals. Take great care and I look forward to reading through your page for other great nuggets.

It is also really fantastic to see you spending so much valuable time engaging with your commenters. Cheers!

thank you for the kind words @elohprojects, and for your follow! as for being sane, I dunno... I like to think of myself as a bit wacky, especially since, it's usually the "normal ones" you've gotta watch out for! 😜 lol

as for engaging commenters, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to entertain my "rantings", and then even takes the time to leave thoughtful comments related to it.

It can get a bit overwhelming at times, and I can't always respond to everything, but I certainly try my best, if only to show my gratitude and respect for the time and attention they've granted me. 🙂

That's a beautiful thing. Sorry for my delayed response. I passed out several comments through eSteem a couple days ago and apparently they were flushed down the memory hole. Anyway, stay good and see you around. Cheers!!

This post felt like a roundup of the year for the collapse of 'liberalism' or the 'regressive left'. I'm looking forward to the time we can stop arguing with them and instead forensically dissect exactly how they were unwittingly primed to destroy the social order in every western nation, and how they failed.

I'm looking forward to the time

yeah, that would be nice, although most likely "wishful thinking", especially when you consider the Alex Jones piece about democrats running cities into the ground, then moving on to other cities and repeating the cycle all over again.

There are many examples of this in the U.S. alone, though Detroit is always one of the first that comes to mind:

Frankly, I'm still surprised YouTube hasn't found a reason to remove these videos under the guise of "offensive" and "racist" against leftist politicians. lol

Awesome post and I'm very pleased/happy you moved over to steemit where I could enjoy the benefit of your postings/videos. I only started following recently, but was hooked as you talked about the hard work of starting from nowhere to end up where you are in influence score on steemit. I get the feeling you're just a hard working, intelligent, value creating human being. Just the way I like humans to be:)

This post is another example of that. Loved your pick for president. At the time I would have liked another choice other than Trump, but I think he's going to agitate and push the establishment until he accomplishes to set the US back on a better path. He has no fear of taking on all the problems no president has had the guts to solve. I think he will end up being quite successful.

thank you for your kind words @morseke! I definitely think we're much better off with Trump. Although, while Trump believes much of his success was due to "Trump", I think it's more along the lines of what Margaret Thatcher once said... "It's Just Time", and a growing constituency of the world is sick and tired of the same old failing socialist / Alinsky bullshit.

What we're really witnessing here is the global collapse of socialism in slow motion. And with so much corruption across the globe, literally entrenched at every level... while I think Trump may be able to somewhat slow down the cycle, sadly it's still more likely that the inevitable "crash & burn" must play itself out before we can start seeing our way through to the other side.

Link: Martin Armstrong: The Crash & Burn

Exactly! Instead of wasting my time on forums and blog, I now follow a bunch of interesting people on Steemit and actually make money while interacting with them.
I do earn pennies still but it's better than nothing.
Best thing about Steemit is that it's kind of similar to Reddit in the sense that there are topics for every one, be it cryptocurrency, phyotography, sports, etc...

You've earned a new follower!


well, thank you for the kind words @vismonkey, and for you follow! :)

That's really the key thing to consider on STEEMIT. You'd likely "waste your time" on other forums and blogs and such, and not really earn anything, let alone meet anyone you may wish to correspond with on a deeper level.

As for earning pennies, you might want to check out my recent post, "HOWTO Get Attention on STEEMIT without PISSING PEOPLE OFF! 😱", where I show a string of over a DOZEN posts I authored that literally show ZERO payout on all of them! lol

Gratefully, I'm earning quite a bit more than that these days, simply by continuing to do what I do, posting about what I'm passionate about, and by interacting with others in the community and helping out where I can! :)

Yes that is so well said, i am also a youtuber and HAVE been on steemit for a year and half now and it really just changed my life. in order to become known anywhere else on social media you either have to do something stupid, or dramatic or something thats completely has no talent. People gain million followers after being on a show , where they just sleep with people and drink booze. I think talents need to be shown, heard and appreciated!! Alla x

thanks for the kind words Alla. As for YouTube, the heartache we faced over the years was truly ridiculous, which is why we pretty much stopped posting there after 2011.

And while such content as you described would likely get the full support of YouTube, even our "Goodbye YouTube" video was immediately demonetized as "not suitable for most advertisers"... lol

You can even see how there appears to be a secret "shadow ban" on our YouTube account, as immediately upon uploading this very video (after not uploading anything to this account in years), this is the message that awaited us regarding monetization... lol

I especially like the part that advertisers choose not to advertise on "sexually suggestive" content. I suppose that is, unless it's "Top 40 Pop Music Porn" by Katy Perry, Brittney Spears, or any number of other celebs playing ball in their "inner circle".

wow thats crazyyyy!!! yeah i guess more and more people will be leaving youtube, tbh they only have the big ones left who are making money now and even they have been cut by sooo much!!!

Yeah, while GameTheory will be staying on youtube for a loooong time to come, I suspect many other fine talents will be switching to DTube as soon as they catch wind of it.

I agree with your assessments but what I find quite odd on here a lot is people thinking in the cypto world there won't be any corruption of the system(s) and that is just absurd. Where monetary value is concerned there will always be corruption.

That's very true, and just as everything tends to be cyclical in nature, so are those "cycles of corruption".

The fascinating aspect of the blockchain, however, is that many interesting ideas are being discussed in an attempt to better address such issues. And while corruption will always be lurking in the midst, I think we just might all be pleasantly surprised by the productivity gains that can be achieved, merely by attempting to minimize corruption to a fraction of what it is today, and also removing all the unnecessary "middle-men" along the way.

I can hardly imagine a world where all the "middle men" are going to just float off into the abyss, fractional I can accept, whole not so much.

it's already happening across many industries (except for those plagued by government-imposed barriers such as healthcare). As Milton Friedman once said, "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand."

But you're right in that saying "removing all" is way too idealistic a goal, so perhaps we can settle on attempting to weed out and "minimize the unnecessary middle-men".

Amazing post, Steemit is a fantastic place!

wow! what an interesting read!
So whats your prediction for next POTUS, will Trump survive his term and be re-elected or will he be overtaken by his rhetoric's . If so who are you looking at?
What do you say about Trumps Ideology of American First and the effect it may have on US grip on global trade?
Always your reader. regards

I'm not gonna try and make any predictions, but as for nationalism and "America First", well, I believe a big part of it revolves around first getting your own house in order, before trying to be the "saviour of the world". I'll also throw these links in for some additional perspective:

Link: Martin Armstrong: The Rise of Nationalism – Just Part of the Cycle

Also, I'd be hard-pressed to say anything more eloquently than Milo regarding "America First"... lol

Excellent referrals
Thanks as always for sharing and keep it coming

very interesting post and so many insights. you seem to be quite an interesting steemian and blogger. keep it coming. Politics is not really my thing but good infos are good knowledge. i just love freedom and good governance thats it. i do hope future leaders will show more love to under privileged countries and folks. what do you think?

future leaders will show more love to under privileged countries and folks

Forget about relying on others to accomplish such things, as they are generally little more than empty promises combined with a hefty price tag.

However, I believe that blockchain projects such as STEEMIT are already showing tremendous possibilities in exactly that regard. Just think, anywhere you are in the world, you have as much chance as most anyone else to add value to the platform, and receive a potentially valuable "reward" in return. And, wherever you are in the world, you can send or receive money to anyone else in under 3 seconds flat!

And it didn't even take a single politician to accomplish it. How revolutionary is THAT! :)

Couldn't agree with you more. Did a dtube video and posts where I went back in time to get some shots of an ancient enclave and waterfall and earned sbd plus other posts. Steemit is helping many even students like myself to earn and enjoy good things of life when govt has failed in all endevors! Thanks for the insights and yes, I agree once more with you . Keep it coming and surely for your likes I did mention in my previous post I had found my voice to sing again...😘

so sorry to hear about your mother, but thrilled to hear that through STEEMIT you were able to gain the motivation to start singing again!

Music has often helped me to re-balance and find my footing again through various "tough times", and having the urge to sing along amplifies that effect even more, well, for me at least! :)

You don't believe there are empty promises on this platform? You don't believe there is a political edge to this platform? If there were no empty promises or politics involved there'd be no bickering over witnesses or the Bernie Sanders of steemit.

STEEMIT definitely has its issues (which, in fact, are much bigger than just the ones you brought up). That's also what I meant when I wrote in my other comment to you:

The fascinating aspect of the blockchain, however, is that many interesting ideas are being discussed in an attempt to better address such issues.

What's revolutionary about STEEMIT is that it served to validate the concept of a "gift economy". And over time, if it doesn't adapt to address its shortcomings, it too may very well fade away into obscurity, only to be replaced by an improved model that does better address those problems. But for now, it's still a tremendous leap (at least from my perspective) over FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.

And if you want to make the case that everything eventually devolves into chaos and complete corruption well, historically I can't really argue that either, except to say that perhaps certain algorithmic models, given enough transparency and enforced accountability, can serve to minimize some of it...

Link: The Rise and Fall of Empires, Nations, and City States

Link: When There is no Justice – It is Time To Turnout the Lights

You might also appreciate this recent article by Dan Larimer...

Link: Does Freedom Require Radical Transparency or Radical Privacy?

Great read, however I kind of disagree with Molyneux. He raises great points, and alot of what he says is true. However, one cannot "leave the farm", as that would require living as a hermit, with no services from anyone, or anarchism. And that's just as utopian as communism; both require all people be alike, one to respect all other's property at all times, and the other to share all with each other. This is unattainable, both extremes inevitably lead to totalitarianism, as leaders naturally form. Communism devolves into the USSR, as Jordan Peterson put it, even if one who leads the revolution is as benevolent as one can be, there's Stalin right behind them to steal his spot. Anarchism devolves into feudalism, which isn't much better. Thus, as painful as it might be, the farm is needed for livestock to survive. Most domesticated animals would go extinct in the wild, which is peak anarchy, it'd be the same for humans. So, as much as I hate communism, social programs are needed. All this is a dance between reliance and freedom, and we need both to some degree. This forms a pendulum effect, free times generate wealth, which generates power to some to control others, people call for more regulation, which again grows too large to control others, people call for more freedom again. The art is finding the right balance at the right time.

No one's talking about disengaging from society altogether and living as a hermit. But there are many steps people can take in an effort along those lines. It also sounds like you're referring to the inevitable cycle of empires and civilization (they rise and eventually fall, inevitably under the weight of their own corruption and massive public debts), which I've also addressed in other comments here.

I would also suggest you check out some of @reko's posts. There's also a great community of homesteaders on STEEMIT that share some of the ways they go about it.

Lastly, I also recommend you check out the following book when you have a chance:

Link: How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World Book Review

I know, I know. I'm mostly stating my position on the whole thing. I agree that people rely too much on big systems to run too much of their lives. What I'm saying is that is not preferable, but neither is the complete opposite. Tools exist for a reason, and government is one of those tools. And Molyneux seems to ancap for his view to be attainable.

Yes, I'm referring to system rising and falling when it oversteps it's bounds, and that is inevitable when it comes to politics. But I'm also not. And empire doesn't necessarily die off, but occasionally reform and resets to a freer state. This, once again brings dangers that need to be curbed, increasing authoritarianism, and eventually breeding other dangers. Rinse and repeat. What I'm arguing for, is that democracy, while still a farm, is the best system we have to prevent complete destruction and correct the system as it goes from stage to stage. This also means that different rules apply for different situations.

Right now, I definitely support the right overall, but that has its flaws too, and will eventually go overboard. You can already see that this recent cultural shift, did indeed embolden actual <insert leftist buzzword here>. Though this in no way means that it's Trump's fault, or the russians, like most tolerant lefties claim, eventually this shift might support them. And I'm saying I'll oppose them as well.

Basically, some regulation is preferred, creating the farm, but tyranny, which would be the slaughterhouse, should be opposed, no matter the mask it's wearing.

PS: I live in Romania, I've seen freedom in an unfree world :)

What an interesting point of view. Like learning people's different perspectives(I think thats the word I'm looking for). Upvoted :)

thanks crystal! :)

Was nice listening to you yesterday on Discord talking about your post and your thoughts about how you're using your blog. I wish there was more time for you on the air to learn more :)

thanks for your kind words @nuridin. I pop on here and there, so I'm sure there will be other opportunities! :)

"I thought it was pretty darn cool that I could literally post the same content on STEEMIT that I would on Facebook for free, and actually earn some "free" crypto to boot!"

Pretty much why I don't write on my main blog anymore. I am done with list building, SEO , email marketing, FB marketing, copywriting and all that.

YES Jordan Peterson! :D

(and that interview, will go down in history....)

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Nice post, our freedom need not be trampled upon

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I'm a dirty SJW and I'm coming for your cryptocurrency!

No, but really I do think that the crusade against feminists and SJWs is such an old trend that is not really all that unique anymore. I get tired of constantly seeing nonsense about "regressives" from people who literally think we should go back to a traditionalist model or that things were somehow "better" in the past before the uppity queers came around. Yeah there's SJW crazies but there's also Jordan Peterson cultists who instantly get a boner for themselves whenever they hear the words "logic" or "common sense"

I think you've got that backwards, in that it's their crusade against our free speech and sensibilities.

If someone asks me to refer to them as a "non-binary reverse interpolated toadstool", from my perspective I couldn't care less. Although I'd think they're completely nuts (and I wouldn't be afraid to tell them as much), I'd most likely accommodate them nonetheless (for whatever period of time I might have to entertain their delusions), though I'll probably have an awfully hard time keeping a "straight face" while saying it...

However, when these same people attempt to push through legislation making "non-compliance" a punishable and enforceable "hate crime" for not conforming to their twisted worldview (or perhaps, even for LAUGHING while saying it), then my response is that they can go fuck themselves (which, ironically, they probably already do anyway)! lol 😂

Funny, they claim they are demanding respect and validation. Perhaps they should try offering something of true value to society, and they may just earn some actual respect, the same way it works for the rest of us.

And, of course, this is just classic too... (around 4:30 into the interview.. even [insert appropriate pronoun here] defending it says [insert appropriate pronoun here] needs to look up the appropriate "pronoun" to use for each person in [insert appropriate pronoun here]'s cellphone!) lol 🤣

(can I sue this [insert appropriate pronoun here] for offending me and making me feel too stoopid to understand WTF any of that means?! lol )

and, WOW... watching this felt just like watching some twisted version of The Twilight Zone...

(2017/05/17: Senate hearing on Bill C16 and "compelled speech")

I Love this keep it up!

Excelente post, muy interesante

gracias, pero por favor, dime más, ¡dime más! ¡¿qué te gustó sobre eso?! (en mi mejor español malo! lol)

I'm a new at Steemit, but I'm always trying to do the work, the biggest thing is that I'm learning a lot from here.