I Am the Word: A Study in Manifesting the Divine - Part 1

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This is my first article on the series of channeled books by Paul Selig. I'll be writing up my thoughts and approach to the books in order to help others understand and to spread the work as best I can. I feel these books are the most important spiritual works of our time and have the potential to enable mankind to redeem the world, to recreate it in divine image.

I realize this sounds lofty, far-fetched, dreamy, or plain ridiculous. My hope is that with these articles an understanding of how this could happen is revealed. The books themselves do an excellent job, so I highly, highly recommend picking them up. Like most spiritual works, they are meant to be read slowly.

The book is a channeled text, Paul Selig takes time from his day to align to what he calls "the guides" who near the start of the book call themselves "the ascended masters." That might scare a few of you off, but I implore you to give the words a chance. If you think it's a hoax I recommend checking Paul out on youtube.

I hope I can do justice to the work and help illuminate the teaching, the first book is I Am the Word, let's dive in...

Initial Discussion

When we talk about Christ, we will be clear now, we talk about Christ as a creation of the God Self inhabiting man in its fullness.

[...] once you bypass the religion and you understand that the Christ is a consciousness, is a frequency, is an offering to man from the Creator to align to, then you have a very different experience of understanding who you are.

Everything vibrates in a frequency.

The Christ has been misinterpreted throughout time as a man, Jesus. But Jesus was just an example of a manifestation of the Christ in fullness.

The message of the Christ teaching was this(self identity as the Christ) in completeness and it has been regarded as something other, and as parable, for far too long.

When we go back and read some of the writings of Jesus and his disciples, the words take on new meaning.

I and the father are one.
-John 10:30

Jesus the man, and the God frequency, the Christ, are in alignment.

This teaching has been available to us, we just haven't had the eyes to see, the ears to hear.

The manifestation of Christ in man has remained primarily an ideal for the last two thousand years. That has been the ideal that has not made itself fully known, fully realized, fully understood, although the teachings that would have enabled this to be so are present in every religion on this planet.

The teachings are present, they've been around and have been revived by contemporary teachers as well. Teachings from Jesus, Guatama Buddha, Lao Tse, Adyashanti, Mooji, Rupert Spira, Jean Klein, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Krishnamurti, Francis Lucille, etc are all pointing us towards this realization. These are not men to be worshipped, they are beings to learn from.

But we are too busy making excuses for why we are separate, why we aren't worthy. We are afraid of what we truly are, we are afraid to confront the darkness, to release the guilt and shame, to let go of the past. We cling to our history, we use our history to define us. Instead of knowing who and what we are, we think, we create our self image out of our history and we recreate it based on our history rather than our being everyday.

We say to ourselves: "I'm out of shape, I need to get in better shape before I'm worthy, I don't give enough, I need to make enough money to be charitable before I'm worthy, I don't make anything of worth, I don't help anyone, I'm selfish, how can I be worthy of love? I haven't made a name for myself, I made a mistake, I hurt people."

All of this is an excuse is an excuse and a way for the ego to prevent the self from releasing its power to the creator.

We stop ourselves from realization! Most of us are so caught up in our minds we don't even give the truth a chance to surface. Even those of us who consider themselves spiritual wonder "what do I do? How do I become enlightened?" And we go about trying. We set our focus, we observe ourselves, we make an effort to try to become what we already are.

Once we understand the Christ as a vibration, we can align our being to it through intention. Intending to align ourselves to the Christ frequency and then being receptive to it is the only doing.

Once aligned, the world transforms before our very eyes.

I say this out of experience. I don't know that I aligned to Christ consciousness, but it sure seemed like it when I used pscilocybin mushrooms. My level of consciousness was far beyond my day to day level, and the way I comprehended the world, perceived everything, sight, touch, hearing, intuition, everything changed. I became intimately aware of everything I came into contact with. My body changed, the landscape spoke to me in a way that allowed me to move through it effortlessly.

All I can say about operating at this level is that it is beyond words, it is magnificent, everything, including myself, became Godstuff. When I first read The Book of Mastery, which I actually read first, I knew immediately that it was the closest thing to describing my experience, or rather a start of how to reside in that consciousness.

I remember during one of those trips in the mountains I had this feeling or thought that everyone would be at that level. I truly hope that is the case, it would transform the world, empower people, show them their true worth. Residing in this consciousness is the greatest gift one could receive in my opinion.

This set of books, these guides say now is the time to realize the truth of who and what we are...

All unmarked quotes taken from I Am the Word by Paul Selig

Part 2

I hope you enjoyed the first article on the Paul Selig books, I will be writing on these as I go through the books. If you have any questions or points of discussions, or would like to hear my take on anything, let me know in the comments.



Great post (and series of posts to come)! I haven't yet had a chance to read any of Paul Selig's works but applaud you on having an open enough mind for them to have true impact. Have you found in the past that you needed to read books like this more than once?

I ask because I've slowly come to realize that it takes more than just speed reading through a book like this to gain self-actualization, so to speak. I'm not sure I'm fully there yet in terms of an unskeptical and fully open mind but am wondering if I read this twice if perhaps I'd be able to approach it differently the second (or third) time.

Hey, glad to see you're still around! I've been on and off on steemit a bit so I might have missed your posts.

Basically when I read these books I go as slowly as I need to to understand the concept and I also take breaks mid chapter to pause and reflect on the words and how they relate to my own experience. The grea thing about these books is they almost recommend taking them one chapter or less per day because it's based off the channeled sessions, so they will say something like: that's it for tonight, we will finish the chapter tomorrow but leave you with this exercise...

Sometimes I will re-read as reinforcement and to gain a better understanding of the parts I might have read too quickly. I was about to re-read The Book of Truth when I decided I better just start over at I Am the Word.

One thing that helps me conceptually understand what they are saying is experience reading similar books. One author who has a ton of free work as pdf's is Neville Goddard who I read about a year ago and just devoured everything he wrote. If you want an extremely similar set of teachings I would check him out, he often references the bible and very clearly explains things. The Selig books seem special in many ways though. I honestly think they are a set of books that should be referenced over and over until we understand experientially instead of just intellectually.

I have the intellectual understanding, but experientially I am still a work in progress, though I've had glimpses that reinforce the words. Skepticism is sometimes a hard thing to remove until we have some direct experience, it's not easy to let go of the old way of thinking and doing things, to open ourselves up to a higher intelligence. Reading these books with attentiveness is my best suggestion.

What I did after my first glimpse of awakening was immerse myself in everything that seemed to make sense. It was like the "truth" I had believed, the one I had been told by society and culture broke, so I had to find my own truth based on what made sense to me. Each thing led me to something knew, that's how I stumbled across this book. The guides say we pull to us what we need at each stage of development, so the fact that you have even run into this work is a good sign it may appeal to you, if you pick it up and it isn't working, set it aside, maybe later it will be more appropriate.

Sorry, got a bit long winded. If you do decide to pick it up I'd love to hear how things are going, I'm looking for people to discuss this work with. I'll keep posting.

Thanks @jakeybrown for the genuine and insightful reply! Helpful advice and especially helpful to hear that it's been an ongoing journey for you as well. I suppose at the end of the day all of our journeys through this will look very different but helpful nonetheless to hear about your own experience in the event I start to get discouraged. I'll look to start getting in on I am the Word soon (got a few long flights coming up) so will report back!

(Also I've been on and off Steemit as well but hoping to get back into a more regular habit)

I've found flying to be a great time to meditate on the writings actually, kind of funny. Let me know if you get into it at all.

Thanks for taking the time to do this introductory post on the Paul Selig books.
I can now understand better, why you like them so much and also, why I haven't had much resonance with it. It's not because of this being wrong information, but only because this information is just a prelude to a much "bigger" one.
I guess, you may like my new ACIM-Series, since it is written in alignment with the Christ principle. What Jesus has taught in ACIM is very radical though.
It's not about changing things in the world, but a bridge out of the illusionary world of separation into the only true reality of oneness.
As I have written in the last article, I was confused by teachers who have tried to make this radical message gentler in explaining how we can make the world a better one and with that making the dream a reality, which is completely against the core message of Jesus in ACIM. Anyway... many things to talk about and I'm looking forward to your other posts in your series! Thank you!! ❤️

It's funny, they actually mention ACIM in the books, I haven't read ACIM but I will definitely check out your posts. I guess when I say change the world, the only thing that changes is appearances and our ability to choose as a collective. They talk about being in co-resonance with what we see and that the Christ frequency will pull whatever is in resonance with it to us, so that when we recognize the divine within ourselves, the Christ frequency, the world will follow suit, we will begin to see the divine in everything, the truth. It's not about residing in a dream world where we manifest all our desires, it's about freedom and reality. Perhaps I haven't made that clear yet, I have only read through the Prologue of this first book and wanted to go chapter by chapter so the second in this series will be the prologue, this was just a brief overview.

Looking forward to reading your new series to compare the two works! Thanks for the great comment

Even if the book would talk about making the dream a better dream, it would be in good company with many others 😀Often this is very subtle - especially with esoteric literature. For example: The Christ, being a symbol of our Oneness with God can't be brought to us ("the world"), because in Oneness there is no duality and therefore "we" don't exist for it. In ACIM Jesus says several times, that God doesn't even know, that "we" exist, because for God/Oneness an existence outside of "it" is impossible. 😀
It's also said, that we therefore can't bring Christ to the world, since there is no world.
The only thing that can be done - every instant - is to bring the seeming world to the Christ. So it's the opposite. That's also why praying to Jesus/God to fix things in the world won't work out, because they don't know what we are talking about 😀
Actually ACIM is very funny. Jesus is too by the way...
When he appears to me as a symbol for Christ, I see him always with a big box of popcorn. He just smiles at me, eats his popcorn any enjoys the movie... 😀

that God doesn't even know, that "we" exist, because for God/Oneness an existence outside of "it" is impossible.

What about existence within and made up of God? Couldn't God know this illusion as the creator that is dreaming the dream? As you've said everything is mind or God, why wouldn't God know itself? That appears to be what the Selig books are all about, God recognizing itself in manifestation. Otherwise I'm not sure what the point of existence would be, what do you think? I feel like we are all here to learn and grow, and realize what we are.

I guess the illusion part is what confuses me, the "unreal"-ness of the world. I always figured that we were in an illusion of our minds and that reality is actually right here in front of us if we had the eyes to see.

If there is no world, where are the miracles taking place, what are we bringing to Christ?

I kind of glanced at the amazon reviews and may pick this book up at some point, one thing in the reviews that caught my eye was:


which is similar to what the Selig books talk about.

Honestly I bet we are more on the same page than we think, sometimes putting words to this is challenging and we each may have different meanings to the words used. I will be following your series and will eventually give ACIM a try, but I have my hands full right now and figure I might as well find the truth in these books, that way we are both promoting work we feel is important. My goal is to become more clear in what I say! Thanks for the response

loving the 'Jesus on popcorn' image :) beautiful.

more deep stuff, you are back with a vengeance after taking a short break I see. now that you have Mila back, your time will be more limited. she is such a busy little girl but we loved seeing her

Yup, figured I better start a series on these books, they're something else. Ya, she's pretty busy, loves sitting in her chairs and she had some fun last night

Oh thank heaven for sunday mornings! time to catch up on my fave posters! This is a lovely post, and I do love to read the exchanges you have with @atmosblack.
This is this only post of the series I have read so far so looking forward to the other two.
But as its stands, for me, as someone who was steeped in ACIM for so long (still love the writings) the key thing for me was this term the course uses 'Level confusion.' We are the the dreaming of the dream. Specifically 'of the dream' not the dreaming of the dreamer, there is no dreamer. There is no fixed noun as such, no 'thing.'
Confusion arose for me when this was not in place, when thee was still a subtle belief in an entity.
There is only ever this flow. This small mad idea that is beleived in.
tHe only 'way out' (which is a desperately crude term) is to see what we are not, reality can never be seen, its what everything appears in right now (Ruperts screen analogy works well for this, I feel).
The examination of what is not real, the spearate 'me' reveals what is always so - realtiy! Beautiful.
Thank you for exporing these topics - its great stuff. :)

Absolutely, my only gripe with writing these is it seems hard for some people to approach, glad you are getting something out of it! I get a lot out of your comments, if you weren't crushing the music scene I'd expect to see some of your own writings, they seem to pop up in your poetry/lyrics though.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting me, I need to hit a few of your songs still I think, I haven't been watching my feed lately at all #slacking

Yeah, don't worry really I am finding it tricky to get round to all the posts I want to read, and you are way up on that list, of course. I would like to do more writing too. The music was more good fortune someone on the platform took a shine and it get the dsound vote which is lovely and makes it worthwhile to post daily.