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Hello everyone! I am here manually curating on the Hive Blockchain for great quality Splinterlands posts and videos! You can earn upvotes for your Splinterlands content! How cool is that? Another great way to earn crypto in Splinterlands! How can you get started today blogging on Hive about Splinterlands? Read below and I will tell you!

When you join the game Splinterlands and buy a spellbook, you now have a Hive account. With this Hive account, you can now blog about Splinterlands or anything else you like on the Hive Blockchain and try to earn upvotes. You can also upvote others' posts, once you build up your hive power, it will be a bigger upvote. You join many different communities on Hive. To sign in, go to hive. blog or peakd.com with your Hive Keychain created by Splinterlands Co-Founder yabapmatt.There are many interfaces for you to use and most of them will let you sign into Hive using the Hive keychain.

I am always on the Hive Blockchain looking for great, new Splinterlands content to upvote. I love Hive! It is filled with opportunities for everyone and it has many great communities for you to join! I set out to try to find some of the best posts and videos about Splinterlands on the Hive Blockchain. Many new players are not aware of the many different ways you can earn crypto in Splinterlands! Not only can you earn by battling in ranked battles, tournaments, end-of-season rewards, daily focus, renting out your cards, and more.

You can create great content on the Hive Blockchain and try to receive upvotes and earn crypto. Splinterlands also has many contests and challenges every week where you can earn upvotes and prizes. Makes sure you only enter two as you are only allowed two upvotes total for one week. You can read about it in their weekly posts. If you try to receive more than two upvotes you will be banned from receiving any future upvotes so please make sure you do not try to get more than two upvotes.

You can blog on the Hive Blockchain about whatever you like but don't forget to create some great content about Splinterlands and join in on one of the many contests they hold every week. If you have a great Splinterlands post (not for a contest), please feel free to drop it in the comments below as well as in my Discord HERE.

You will receive some upvotes if you have a great post and are lucky as well! Remember, if you already entered two of Splinterlands contests, do not drop your link in my Discord as you are only allowed two upvotes.

There are so many ways now to earn crypto playing this fantastic play-to-earn game, Splinterlands. One of my favorite ways to earn is to create great quality Splinterlands content on the Hive blockchain. Then you will meet new community members and try to earn upvotes for your post! It is great to show support and Monster's love for other Splinterlands players in the game.

On lucky days back in 2018 when I would create posts every day, once in a while I would get a dollar or two! I was so excited when this happened as I could use it towards buying an Alpha pack for $2.00! I kept on creating Splinterlands content and posting to spread the word of Splinterlands. It was Steem Monsters back then on the Steem blockchain before they rebranded to Splinterlands in 2019. I would use anything I earned on a post to buy an Alpha pack and collect more cards! That is a wonderful way that I made my account grow.

Splinterlands has a few different contests and challenges that you can join every week to earn free crypto! Follow Splinterlands on Hive HERE and read all the rules before participating in their many contests and challenges! Voting Quantity..... You can get a MAX of 2 upvotes per week, per human. So please only enter TWO posts a week for the challenges and the contests.

It requires a lot of time to create an excellent quality Splinterlands post. It needs to be a nice length of around 2,000 words and of good quality with photos, a nice thumbnail, and dividers. You can make free thumbnails HERE. You have to put some time into it. Some players like myself create videos instead, but you still need to have a nice layout and describe what you are doing in your video, photos, your Splinterlands referral link, etc.

The goal of creating content is to spread the word of Splinterlands. Also, to help new players out with strategy guides and more is wonderful. You will meet many new people on the Hive Blockchain and try to earn upvotes for your post. You will get paid out in a week. Half of it goes to Curators, and the other half goes to you. You will receive half of it in HBD (Hive Back Dollar), and the other half will be Hive power. Your SPT or any other token will be in your hive-engine account.

You can cash out your HBD using Blocktrades instantly and buy Splinterlands cards on the market for as cheap as a penny. If you feel lucky, buy Chaos packs to help build up your collection and have fun opening packs. You could also power it all up to have a bigger upvote and more resource credits available to you. It is great to have more Hive power as it is an awesome way to make your Hive account grow. You will create a bigger upvote for yourself when you upvote others' posts. This is exactly how I made my Splinterlands account grow. I continue to do so every day I can, four years later!

If you would like to create a great Splinterlands video, you can use the Splinterlands @3speak community on Hive that I started HERE If you are lucky, you will receive an upvote from Splinterlands and also from 3speak. Who knows who will see your post and give you an upvote? For new players just starting, don't expect to receive a massive upvote on day one as it takes time and patience to create great content and get noticed.

I love to upvote 3speak videos as it takes a long time to create a great video. It helps so many new players learn how to play the game better. I have a channel in my Discord HERE where you can drop your 3speak videos to have a chance to be upvoted.

Make sure to follow Splinterlands on the HIVE Blockchain to keep up with all of the contests each week that I mentioned above there are also many giveaways in the community.

You can search on HIVE in the Splinterlands community or even in the Discord server in the sl-post-promotion or giveaways channel. Many Splinterlands Twitch streamers like myself, have giveaways there too! You might win something as well if you try! I also have three giveaways for a Chaos pack going on. You can read all about it below.

Make sure when you post on Hive that you are using the correct tags for Splinterlands and SPT. Your first tag should be "Splinterlands" to receive an upvote. After that, you want the next one to be SPT. Any SPT you earn from your Hive post will be in your hive engine after the seven days are up.

How do you get an upvote? This is a big question many players have. You can read all about Splinterlands's rules for upvotes and the many suggestions to make your posts. For a chance to receive an upvote, check out the post from the most recent Splinterlands Social Media contest HEREThis one is now 7 days old but you can keep an eye out on the Splinterlands Hive blog for a new one to appear soon.

Join the weekly Splinterlands battle challenge contest where you show a battle with the card that is chosen each week. If you do not have the card; you can always rent it on the rental market, check out the Splinterlands post "Share your Battle" challenge HERE

If you are an Artist, you will want to look into this Splinterlands weekly contest where you can earn prizes for your Splinterlands fan art. Check out the Splinterlands weekly art contest HERE on all of them today and start earning free crypto!

Every week Splinterlands has a weekly Town Hall meeting where you can ask them anything. It is an awesome meeting with Splinterlands Creators Yabapmatt and Aggroed that usually attend. Various Splinterlands team members will also be there. You can ask your questions early in advance on the Splinterlands Discord channel HERE If you missed the last Splinterlands Town Hall meeting held on Discord and shown live on their Twitch and YouTube. If you missed it, you can read all about it HERE

Read all about the New NFT Splinterchampion NFT from Splinterlands HERE

If you are into the Lore part of Splinterlands then you will want to read all about this Lore post of the Enduring- Tome of the Chaos story HERE

Join me on Twitch every Monday and Friday at 7:00 PM EST with tons of Splinterlands NFT and Crypto Giveaways! I have live tournaments that start at 7:00 PM EST that I live stream with Splinterlands NFT and Crypto giveaways HERE

Join my Fierce Friday Bronze Tournament tomorrow, Friday, August 4, 2022, at 7:00 PM EST for only 1 DEC HERE

The Splinterlands community is such a great place to be a part of. Everyone who plays Splinterlands can come together and talk about the same thing we all love, Splinterlands! I love the game and the community! There are seasoned O.G. Alpha members as well as brand new players to the game. We all make it up into this great community together.

It would be so awesome of you to show some Monster love for any of the following posts I upvoted recently listed below. If it is longer than a week, you will not be able to upvote them. You can always hit the follow button and comment to show support though.

Most players take a long time to create their posts and videos, so if the post is made within a week, feel free to upvote them if you like their post. There are great opportunities here for everyone to earn crypto! Splinterlands has so many different ways to earn!

I love to post about Splinterlands every week. The extra crypto earned can be used for you to buy packs or cards from the market to build up your collection more. I have also used it many times to buy groceries, etc. I love the Hive Blockchain and all the great benefits that come along with it! I hope you have a great time on Hive as I do!

When you see these Fire Splinter gifs below on your post, then you know that I have been there with an upvote from Splinterlands (from the Steemonsters account)!

@pero82 shows you how to keep track of your earnings in-game HERE

@yonilkar teaches you his death unit strategies HERE

@jongolson talks about the year-long SPS airdrop HERE

@ghostlybg shows you his end-of-the-season earnings report HERE

@atnazo is opening his season-ending rewards and lucky packs HERE

@dagz is opening up his season-ending rewards and some gladius cases HERE

@boboman talks about DEC and how to get it HERE

@newenx pulls three legendary cards HERE

Watch @athunderstruck open up some Gladius cases he bought with merits HERE

@reseller and his Guild won a Guild brawl HERE

Check out @lordtimoty and his post about some awesome life cards HERE

@exator shares his Splinterlands journey HERE

@belemo talks about how cheap packs are with DEC HERE

The awesome streamer @crystalpacheco30 had a great Splinterlands live stream HERE

@agaprime shares a daily battle HERE

@spiritsurge has a great guide for a dragon focus HERE

@azircon is buying 1800 Chaos legion packs HERE

@newenx is a great Twitch streamer, check him out HERE

@reseller the O.G. Splinterlands Team member and Guild Owner wins another brawl HERE

@cryptofiloz is having another giveaway HERE

@yonilkar talks about gladius cards HERE

@stealthtrader talks about renting his cards out on splex.gg HERE

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Immortal Gods is now RECRUITING M me, clove71#5266 in Discord f you have an excellent win rate and decent cards, so apply at the Guild, OR you can DM me as well. Old foil cards are needed. Here are many IG League Guilds to choose from!

  • Use Your Crypto to buy Bitrefill Items like Twitch gift cards, Amazon, and so many more HERE

  • Use Coinbase to buy Crypto HERE

  • Use Leo Dex to buy cheap packs and DEC HERE

  • At @monstermarket, You Receive 3% Cashback on all card purchases HERE](https://monstermarket.io/)

  • Check out all their features like the packs and rewards analyzer HERE.
  • View rewards cards going out of print, get your season report card, and view cards by league cap by the great @kiokizz, @splinterstats HERE. Please show him some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands posts!

  • Want to view Splinterlands stats? Check out @rafalski and his excellent Splinterlands stats HERE, and show some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands post!

  • Check out @peakmonsters today HERE and all their features!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep.

Follow myself & Goodtrouble on Twitch HERE
Follow the great @drabs587 on Twitch HERE

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I'm so tempted to launch a new hive account that's just gaming and hive gaming in particular that deals with Splinterlands primarily and then other games when they launch here on hive. Seems like it would be so much fun to build an account like that from scratch from what I love doing daily!

You should curation is crazy can delegate a bunch of the tokens to auto curate and manually do your big balances like i have about 5.5 million SPT i usually manually do that one and will be getting a good amount of oneup so I can vote in the DAO same with SPT want to grt 40 million to 50 million. Use that and half the SPS from the staked rewards and nodes to buy nodes to run a node service where we take a cut of the node profits like staking as a servies companies do as well as doing the same with land and rare cards. I have picked up a few dice cards with double attacks like mele and magic started buying all of those type love them lol. Got some cool ones like byzantine kitty i do want that dam 0 mana chicken lol had it before sold at the peak wish i kept all but oh well made good money and played the sps drop pretty go with the 25000 in the begining sold it all around .8 avg bought back starting at .2 to .04 then have been using the DEC off its peg to churn air drop points out. Will get like 30-40 cards next time. want 100K packs opened lol.

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Sounds pretty dang solid I need to put these tokens to work!

Oh wow, a gaming channel sounds nice!!

Its fun especially when it pays to lol Once my money clears gemini ill be buying my 700K sps i need to hit my millon mark then forming a guild with all bot accounts but human players for brawls lets the accounts earn 24/7 with archmage im getting to diamond II just bought double the cards so prob will get my best bot account to champion lol. Its crazy. Plus deffinayely getting into extreme curating on here and going to use some other chains run some lotteries 50/50vot lottery on steem like printing cash. I get 5-8 K spt if I manually curate each day and I am going to be buying up more spt i have some things i am working on where I want to be holding alot of spt if they work lol. There all geared to giving it a use case and using it for every payment on are investent club curation ideas. Are tokens will be unique 1/1 NFTs only sold for SPT so we can hoover in more. Then offer SPT rentals for everyting. Rent a node for a hour or 6 months, want to start financing nodes with SPT loans that are pegged to the price within certain up and own ranges for interest rates so ppl have a stable note and Ill form a notes fund with a preferred return and take any risk away give ppl a new product that will turn into a funding mini vc fund for projects and if i get my way we will be a 100 million fund that will eventually air drop all hive users a certain number of the last units in are capital raise paid for by using a revenue share loan to pay off the drop and have everyone first on splinterlands and some ppl with cards like waka may get more bc it didnt do so well I bought one and ppl in my guild and project on the team will get 20-30 40-50% sold in a private sale round or rounds then the fund will start setting aside x CF for the air drop and the plan is to drop the right to mint the NFT worth probably between 10 dollars and 1000 with everyone getting a random amount bettwen that on top of the base 10 dollar drop then even with the ten dollar drop if somone likes it they can always add more or propose a new club fund bc I want to do some wild things that have not been done yet. Finally found a partner that wants to work on it and has the vison i do for many of the ideas. I have a book of ideas lol. Trying to get the SPT debit card as well s SPS done if I can which would list SPt as the asset that gets spent and SPS can be staked but must be converted to SPT before used so we can make sure there is demand for SPT. Try to get new artists to mint create collections on HIVE . I met a art gallary owner he said he would be into a NFT project like that to. Going to stop by his gallary and see whats up. In about a year I am going to start traveling once we have a handle on the bank referral idea to fund alot and the curation setup to maximize rewards on multiple blog to earn sites and just post on all of them to collect max tokens might call the it the Token Bazooka NFT lol with hand drawn crazy pictures ppl shooting coins out of a bazooka lol. Then can sell shirts with are QR code to the website they do anywhere from 0 to 50K in bonuses if theyere hungrey they can do all of them in a few months that means if we have a few ppl do that say 10 thats 500K lol. Most will prob do about 1000 so 1000 ppl is a million a year thats totally doable. If we do that we will be funding so really cool things to profit but also I want to build something awsome for splinterlands and hive. Not sure what but first worry about getting the curaton blaster up lol and the bank bonus website with are blog to the e sports teams were working on in other games to but this one will be the first as its my favorite and well I am a investor in everything so mise well improve the game I have a ton of money into lol

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Wow, that is a lot! Good luck with everything, it sounds amazing!

Thanks for the mention.

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I called the Tinitutus Helpline.
It didn't stop ringing.

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I always try to use the word mucho around my Spanish-speaking friends.
It means a lot to them.

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Thank you for the mention! Much appreciated! ❤️

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Hi Clove,

Nice to read about the early days blogging for alpha packs, amazing to see where its gotten to now... Check out my EOS rewards video post with 100s of chest :)

Keep up the good work!


As always Clove thanks so much for the shoutouts and all your huge efforts to make this community greater than it already is. You deserve the best of the best because that's what you give to us 🤗



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