Good Bye, Splinterlands

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I am going to leave Splinterlands.
To be exact, I will stop competing in tournaments and leave all ranked matches to AM.
Both schnapoon and azipoon.
azipoon is to be played manually by another person!
I will only play Brawl and the challenge mode on SPLTV.

Brawl on the schnapoon account may be given a posting key and played by someone different.
I plan to continue with SPLTV for now, but may quit when my new job takes off.

I've also been wanting to do some private tournament hosting, so I'll do that when I get motivated to do it again.

There are many reasons for my decision to leave Splinterlands, but the primary one is financial.
It is impossible to make a living from the revenue generated by Splinterlands.
I am able to live off the sponsorship money from LLAC, but I don't know how long that will last.
I decided it was time to get serious about finding a job and working.

I will consider resuming tournament participation when I have a satisfactory income.

I played this game every day for over a year and a half, and it was so familiar to me that I felt as if I had to brush my teeth.

I will miss it, but I can't turn my back on it.

But this is something I've been thinking about all this time.
The reason I finally decided to make up my mind was the ranking vandalism by xbot users.
I have not been enjoying playing lately.
Even if modern bans bots, it doesn't mean that BH can be regulated.

I would be lying if I said I don't feel frustrated about this, but that's not the point.

We have all heard the news about AI beating professionals at chess.
Chess is a much older game than Splinterlands.

In comparison, Splinterlands has been around for 5 years for those who have been playing for a long time, and more importantly, the cards and rules are constantly being updated, so it is no exaggeration to say that each time you play, your career goes back to the drawing board.

Me and ueyuey have only been playing for about 1.5 to 2 years.
There is no way we can beat the AI.
On the other hand, those who are losing to manual players using xbots must really have no sense.

Regardless of taste or not, for whatever reason, I despise players who use xbot as cheater.

I can understand why they use xbot because everyone else is using it, but I can't support it.
After all, they are part of the destruction of this game.

If you keep playing, you will lose a lot.
Each time you lose, the next time you see similar rules, you can build a more polished team.
So far, I have found the joy of honing those skills in the midst of defeat.
And we were able to praise the players who were putting together excellent teams.
Now, I can't feel that way whether I win or lose.
Just playing only amplifies the bad feelings.

Yesterday, on the last day of the season, I was constantly playing with an empty mind.
I thought it was the last time I would play and I didn't care about time or money, but I didn't have a single moment where I felt happy.
I kept hoping that feeling would come back.

I don't have a genius brain.
I just spend a little more time enjoying this game than everyone else.
And I just happened to be lucky enough to win MVP at Splinterfest and let everyone know about it.
I don't think I enjoy competing with the AI.

I'm going to stabilize my life and gain confidence in myself.
When I do, I hope to have another fun moment in this game.

Goodbye Splinterlands.



Brawlはposting keyを渡して違う人にプレイしてもらうかもしれないし、SPLTVは今のところ続けるつもりだが新しい仕事が軌道に乗ったら辞めてしまうかもしれない。


















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I feel your frustration!

I am not at all convinced but at least hope that sooner or later Splinterlands will find ways to create 'safe spaces' for human players!

We have all heard the news about AI beating professionals at chess.

Actually, even conventional chess software is already enough to do the job and beat us humans in chess.

Frustration is real.

Bot is not the problem, human greed and frustration is. If I want I can buy every bot, private and public, available. But I don't. Its a choice. It is because of my choice I am who I am.

If I want I can buy every bot, private and public, available.

Not every bot owner sells their product ...
For example I myself had created an odds calculating and arbitrage program some years ago ... and declined every offer from anybody to purchase it because it gave me a decisive advantage against the bookies. :-)

But of course I know what you mean, you could get access to some very well playing bots.

But you are neither the whole ecosystem nor a typical Splinterlands player.

Your behaviour honors you, but if the ecosystem is dominated by bots, many human players will get frustrated and potential new players won't join.
I call that a huge problem for the future of the game.

You have the advantage that you might like the earnings (the ROI) from the game but don't depend at all on them in any way. However, for other people it matters quite a lot if they win a tournament or if they reach rank 27 behind of 26 bots.

And really: in addition it is simply no fun, if the big majority of the 'opponents' is just software.

Obviously, I can't buy what is not available for sale.

Also agree with everything you said. It is simply not fun, when you play against a bot!

However, not just bots, there are plenty of other things available for sell. I just checked the market and this is what I saw


I thought Gene is not desparate! Buy hey, what do I know?

Thank you.
I've gone through the frustration and now all I feel is emptiness, lol.

Yeah, I'm quite concerned about the creation of a real safe space.
Even though it hasn't been that way before, it was acceptable because there were so few of them.
Offer a bot with no more than a 60% win rate at a low price and ban everything else; discontinue BH or make it an expensive product.
I wish we could adjust things like that.

Even a pro with over 10 years of chess experience loses to the AI. It takes a genius to beat the AI in Splinterlands, which is still a young game. It's not good enough to play a game where only such a rare person can taste victory!

I'm sorry to see this post and have a lot of respect for you. You stood your ground and have been a strong player in the game that earned his wins.

I hope you keep your eyes open for when the Human vs Human league is live, in that format I think you will excel and will once again be able to make a reasonable amount of money to pay you for your time and skill!

Take care in the meantime and I hope one day I can see you again at the next Splinterfest when there's better conditions! :)

Thank you very much.
I owe a lot to this game and the people involved, and there may have been a more sincere way to do this.
However, I put my feelings and the situation first.

Yes, of course I am concerned about how this game would change in a bot-free environment.
I expect the environment to be unwinnable without the possession of battle helpers and I have decided that I will stop if I have to fight such battles.
If not, I may return.

Yes, I am happy to hear that from you. I look forward to seeing you again.

I think I understand your choice and I respect it a lot. I'm gonna tell you something that I didn't want to admit publicly, but I was so angry after a battle like a month or something ago that I gave punches to my table and ended opening a crack on the wood counter. After a week or so after that, I read in a newspaper article about emotions control and how that kind of explosive behavior could be a trigger of something much more serious. I felt a chilling cold down my spine at that moment. I understand for the first time that I was letting the game to go too far. I went too far.

I mean, only a year ago I was very happy and chill playing Splinterlands, but now, I'm angry, upset and very anxious every time I play. I need to take action and do something about it. I don't want to come to my senses later and discover then that I destroyed my laptop or my own hand. This madness has to stop. Of course, it's not in my hands to do something about it on the game side of things. Maybe I need to stop playing too, and keep a safe distance from it for a while. I don't know. On the one hand, I love playing Splinterlands, but I can't continue yelling at my monitor like an insane person, because for every win, I end losing 5 battles in a row. Sometimes I see their teams and it baffles me how they could beat me with level 1 cards.

I apologize for this rant, but it crushes my heart to see that one of the best Splinterlands players ever is gone because of this same reason that it's driving me crazy every single day. Maybe it doesn't mean much, but a lot of us are very disappointed because of this same reason and I understand completely how you feel.

I hope you can come back soon, and I wish you successes in all your future endeavors! Life is too short not to enjoy it!

Best wishes, Schnapoon! !PIZZA !PGM !CTP

Thank you. I think yours is more serious than mine!
In my case, I am dismayed before I get angry, so there is no damage, but your anger is dangerous to leave unchecked because you don't know what will happen.
Distance, rest, and such things are necessary for everything.
I tend to do what I love without limit, so I will consider this a good opportunity to give me a break.

I think you are right. I'm planning to exercise again and try to liberate my excess of energy. I also want to do more stuff that relax me much more, like read, paint or write. I discovered also that I was listening to much more aggressive music when I was playing and I had to stop and listen to more relaxing things, too. I definitely need to rest. Thank you for listening! !PIZZA !PGM !CTP

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Awww that's terrible to know bots are already ruining the game. Greedy people always ruin everything.

There is also a problem with this game that allows for greed.
If you don't use CHEAT, you can't win, so everyone has no choice but to use it.
Those who don't use it leave the game.
In extreme cases, maybe in the future there won't be anyone who wants to play manually.

Well written:
If suddenly motorbikes would be allowed in running competitions I also would either have to use a motorbike (even if I hate motorbikes in running competitions) or stop to compete at all ...

Oh my. Didn't know abt that... Good thing I never really got the hang of it then. 🤔

P2E's can really get disappointing in the long run instead of it becoming a fun way to earn.

I have faith that this issue will be resolved, though! Until then, I'm taking a break.
If splinterlands can overcome this problem, I'm sure I'll have no problem enjoying it for a long time!

This is definitely a shame, you are an inspiration to many especially here in the Philippines, you represent skill over the amount of money that you may have invested in a game, I am thankful you will not completely disconnect from SPL. Being a Manual Player myself, it does get frustrating, but you just have to keep calm and carry on, the satisfaction is when you beat them. Work / Life Balance is important, I hope to see you playing again in the future, all good things to look forward too!

Thank you very much.
I often refer to the way Filipino players fight too.
I too am looking forward to playing again for fun.
If I am not in such an environment by the time I return, I would like to be financially able to manage on my own!

Schnapoon is one of Splinterlands true great ones!

When I first started to play this game almost all players I faced in ladder was bad bots with starter cards.

I looked at the leaderboard and the silver tournaments to find the same name winning everywhere, Schnapoon.
I found him on discord and told him I was a noob that wanted to get better and asked him to play challenges against me.
This humble guy not only beat the shit out of me regularly, but thought me some important strategies and the current metagame in between matches.
Translating everything from Japanese sure must have been difficult as well.

I will always respect and cherish your humble but also very cocky persona ;)

I know you will find great success if you put your gamer mentality into what you do!

Good luck to you and your new path my Japanese brother <3

I am happy to hear you say so, but at the same time I have mixed feelings.
Do you still like to play against me manually?
You stopped asking me to practice after you recommended xbot to me.
I really hate to put it this way, but I think Peakmonster pirates are hated by most Silver Leaguers.
Are you okay with that?

I have never used the battlehelper ever on any of my accounts in Tournaments or in Brawls.

But Xbot play ladder on all my 8 accounts.

If I wouldn't use xbot i would not play any ladder at all(and miss all the soulbound reward cards and some sps as well)

With Xbot I could start more accounts to play brawls that I like the most.

I only recommended Xbot to you when you said you used Archmage to play ladder for your Schnapoon account.(you make it sound like something else)

Last time I asked you you said you were going to push for your business and didn't have time to practice anymore, so I just wanted to respect that.

The game is what it is, lets see if this changes with the new bot ban in modern.

Anyone can hate on Pirates but maybe Pirates are a more personal issue for you than it is in general.

I've been playing some tournaments and its hard to beat the battlehelper users who play them, but I also understand that players want to earn by playing just like you have been able to do.

Maybe I should go for the ladder leaderboards as well. If xbot is this good I think I should be able to win every ladder leaderboard hence I rent all the cards every brawl.

I would never play anything else than manual in a Brawl or a challenge. As you know I like to loose cause that's when I learn. I'm a old gamer who have been accused for using bots or tools for 25 years without ever cheated in my life ;)

Hit me up on discord when you are ready to play :) I will rent up for my brawls soon!

I see.
I believe you. I consider you to be one of the deepest friends I have known in Splinterlands.
I see. We need to look at the new environment.

My hatred of pirates is certainly a bit personal, but I've heard more than that.
ueyuey is a good friend of mine as well, and we have daily discussions with me on how to deal with them.
I feel bad for him because I understand his passion and love for this game.

I can understand why pirates member would be so dependent on using such a tool to get the number one ranking, but I hope you understands how much trouble you are causing people who truly love this game.
I am sad.
If ueyuey gives up playing like I did, I won't be back, because ueyuey is the reason I got this far.


Schnapoon, I know we don't really know each other but I've been aware of your skills, humbleness, and impressive gameplay almost since I started playing Splinterlands. As well as UeyUey's and HaflBlue's by the way. I do remember seeing your names in Silver matches and dreading what was to come LOL.
It's funny how the first time I could put faces and voices to you guys was during a YT interview in which the accusation of being bots was addressed by the three of you and I felt so good to see that you were given a space to say your side of the story when an organization had made a decision to ban you from their tournaments without enough or proper evidence.
Take care of yourself and I wish you success in anything you embark on. Hopefully the state of the game related to bots and battle helpers gets to a point where you'll feel comfortable coming back, if not then I'm sure you'll still have fond memories after this feeling of disappointment becomes just an afterthought.

Thank you very much!
Come to think of it, I wonder why people who suspected us as a bot don't confront this issue more.
I don't mean to harp on them now, but it is a little disappointing.
I'm sure I'll be back with good news.
And I am hopeful that Splinterlands is moving in the right direction.

I have not been enjoying playing lately.
Even if modern bans bots, it doesn't mean that BH can be regulated.

The bots made Splinterlands too (frustratingly) hard. This is why I (and other people too) are already stopped playing Splinterlands months ago.

I stated playing Splinterlands on 2018.12.30 with the Beta starter set. It was one of my favorite games in the past. Mainly in 2019.

Nowadays Splinterlands is completely different. Hopefully the developers will make Splinterlands good (fun to play) again in the future.

Nowadays I play mostly League of Legends: Wild Rift. It is not a cryptocurrency game, but I (and many other people) very much enjoy it.

It's wonderful! I am very sad about this decision, as I too love this game so much that I wish I had known about it that much earlier.
Yes, I am. I hope that when I am ready to return, this game will be more enjoyable.

gran reflexion a veces pienso igual la verdad😕

While I'm quite shocked by this decision, I understand and respect it for you new work and life direction. The game will be here -- humans, XBOTs, AMbots, BHs, collectors, sentinels and serfs, whales and shrimps. Maybe we will see you back when there are some new cards to explore and strategies to find.

Ultimately, I try to find the joy in constructing my very best/favorite teams and not expect too much from the manual battles in ranked :-/ for the first time I was in champ ranked leaderboard on the last day of the season and with under an hour and in 38 place I promptly lost 5 in a row to fall into Champ 2. Oh boy was that so greedy.

But I will still press on when I have the time. I will battle in tournaments, even with my imperfect information. I will roll the dice in ranked play if I feel like being loose with my energy. I will relish brawling with my buddies who are guildmates. I will take join in the art of collecting and speculating.

I wish you much success in your future endeavors! be well and continue with glory!

Thank you.
I had to make a decision at some point and I had no choice.
If it had been all positive news, I am sure I would not have been able to make the decision.
And sometimes it's important to take a long vacation!

This is so sad. More good players leaving :( Best of luck to your upcoming job!

Thank you. I'm still working on SPLTV and hope you'll come visit me from time to time. I can't play in the Champion League anymore, but you can always play in the Silver League!

Major shame to see the bots finally taking their toll on our pro players. We have been saying bots are toxic to the game for years now with mockery in exchange from Mavs and the Devs themselves. Letting battle related bots continue to exist is going to be the death stroke for Splinterlands. We see it continuing to ravage.

The Devs have shown that they don't really care about people actually playing the game and thus the bots will continue bleeding the rest of the environment until there is nothing left.

Thank you.
I think the BOT has some positive aspects. That's why being lawless is not the best thing.
The bot serves to keep busy people in the game, and to make it easier for people around the world to be matched, even at times when it's hard to be matched. These would be positive.
The more wonderful and useful something is, the more shadowy it is.
I once heard a person from a Japanese game company say that in games with ranked competitions, players with a win rate of 70% or higher are the most likely to stay in the game.
I feel that it is not good for a BOT to reach a win rate of 70% or more.

Buy and Hold sps ,
follow you and !PIZZA😎

I was shocked to read this, but, people from the Asian continent like you, you are very dissident and consistent, I admire that about you, it is respectable that you have it community and most importantly that the community knows why one of the best manual players is leaving the game.

I don't like BOTS either, I like to play manual and even though I'm not that good I enjoy choosing my strategies and teams myself, but yes it is very annoying to compete against someone who doesn't really exist.

I really hope to see you back, I know better times will come, I'm sure, it's not the first time this situation happens in the market, I hope to improve a lot between now and then.

I am a pure gamer who has invested almost nothing but time in this game. That said, I am not influenced by the investment or community factors, as I am seeking to enjoy the game as a game.
This is why I am consistent in my opinion.
I think it is common for people's opinions to change depending on investment and community. If I were fluent in English and more involved in the community, I'd probably change my opinion too.

I consider you an excellent player who has worked hard together as a world class guild member.
I am sad that I have to make this decision because I too believe in Splinterlands. It is a blessing to be able to believe and act on it. I will try to be the same.
Let's play again.

I am very sorry that Japan's proudest player had to make this decision.

I myself am gradually becoming more apathetic rather than frustrated with this game these days. I used to feel frustrated when I lost and would reflexively click the next battle button, but these days I feel nothing when I lose. I skip more battles, I don't know why I won or why I lost and I am not improving. I understand that this situation is unbearable for you, who have put much more time and passion into this game than I have.

On the other hand, part of me thinks that this situation may need a little more time to change: talking about the HIVE blog (or more exactly, Steemit, the predecessor of the HIVE blog), there was a time when the bots were also a problem with regard to blogging rewards. The idea was that we could send money to the bot account and get a big upvote on our posts. I have used that myself on a previous account. Many bloggers were discouraged and left the platform because they were given large amounts of money regardless of the content or quality of their posts if they used them. I feel that this is very similar to the AM and xbot issues, although there are some differences in the details.

But then, around the time of the transition to HIVE, I believe, such bid bots almost disappeared. I don't know exactly how they ended their service, but I do know that there were many complaints and criticisms about the bots. As a result of such user feedback, the blatant bidding bot has disappeared from the blog; I'm sure there are already quite a few players who are frustrated with the bot issue in Splinterlands, and I don't think this situation will continue forever. I'm betting on the situation changing and will continue to play in detail.

I sincerely hope that this is not a complete withdrawal for you, but a brief vacation. We look forward to your return!

Thank you very much.
I am sorry for making you feel that way.

I believe in this game but my financial situation and spirit could not bear to keep playing.
It is not an option.
I respect you for not giving in to xbot and continuing to play, even though you have become indifferent to winning and losing.

You have such a history with the HIVE blog. Very interesting story. I guess there are people everywhere who come up with greedy ideas and carry them out.

Yes, I will try my best to see you in the game again!

Frustration can lead to burnout and those two things are very real. It's sad to see you go but I think it's a good time to step away and focus on yourself if you feel burnout. Take as much time as you want, bro and I hope you come back stronger and in a state where you can be happy with where the game is.

I want you to know that I enjoy your streams a lot and I think you are one of the best players out there. I always tell people from TeamPH that when Blue has his stream about the audience winning 7 in a row, I always try to ping you to get one more win in. lol

Much love and appreciation for you and wish you the best. Hopefully this break will do you wonders and if you ever wanna talk about Splinterlands or wanna see how it's going, hit me up on discord and TeamPH!

Thank you.
I don't know if it's burnout or not, but I had to give up playing at some point because real life is tough.
Of course you needed a break for me because I had been running for a year and a half with very little rest.

If push came to shove, moving to the Philippines might be the way for me to live. If I really wanted to live by the game I might do that.

I'm trying to be careful because halfblue looks sad when I challenge him these days!
Good luck to all of you in defeating him!

Thank you!

You should at least try to visit the Philippines if you have the chance, come to cebu and I'll show you around!

Good luck with what you have in future and like I said, come chat in discord if you would like to keep up to date with the game and the community!

Hey there, so sorry to see you leaving the game. I'm sure you inspired many like myself and seeing you leave is definitely a blow to many other players 😭

I can completely understand where you are coming from, and like you, I do dislike the use of bots within the game and many times felt the same frustration!

Best of luck with your gaming endeavors, whether in Splinterlands or elsewhere. Remember, the decision is ultimately yours, and finding a game that brings you joy is what matters the most! 😊

Hello. Thanks for your comment.I am glad you said that.
Don't worry, there are many more great players left in Splinterlands than me!
I'm tired so I'm going to take a break.
I will come back to this game if I can.
I hope you enjoy your way too!

Yeah trying to find positive amidst all these change especially.
Not a big investor into the game and firmly believe that I could grow bit by bit through playing diligently. But the influx of xbot and the new SPS staking requirements will make it even more difficult for me to progress going forward 😣

I understand your frustration. I have been using xbot for ranked play on my main account as I am usually busy playing tournaments, brawls, or the scholar account. I am aware of the battle helper but have never used it and never will. Where's the fun in that? I have enjoyed watching you play and I love your passion for the game. You, Ueyuey, and Halfblue were/are players that I look up to. I think to myself "if I study the game, take notes, and have a little luck, one day I'll be as good as those guys". I wish you all the best in life and I will catch you on SPLTV.

Thank you.
I think this game needs to do better if we are going to coexist with bots.
I really don't think it's a good idea for the bot to take over LB.
By the time I come back you may be stronger than me! It will be hard to beat ueyuey, but if you believe in yourself and keep trying, it will happen.

Wish ya all the best. When better financial times come back to SL we definitly see u back.

Thank you! I look forward to fighting again.

For everyone. Azipoon will have another new human player.

It will NOT be on any bot.

The account will wait for schanpoon, if in future he is interested in playing.

Thank you.
I have modified the article.
Thanks for making azipoon a manual player.

For a moment I thought that this problem was only for those of us who played in lower leagues than the one you play in, but I see that this is not the case. What you have done is respectable and understandable, I am sure many others have done it but few dare to communicate it in this way.

When I see you I put myself in your shoes and the same thing happens to me, although Splinterlands itself I like a lot I can not stand playing against bots, it is detestable in a big way, I practically enjoy it only the last day that many players are trying to move up the league and there if you can compete happily, the rest there are many tasteless.

Cheer up and keep going, I hope you do well in whatever you decide to do, best regards.

In fact, most accounts in the Champion League are either bots or scholar players on LB, so there are probably not many people who speak up like I do as a player.
Most of the card assets of the accounts in the Silver League are also not mine.
I am a pure player with no investor color, which is rare in this game. That's why I can make this kind of post.
If I were a citizen of a currency-unfriendly country, I would not be posting like this and would be playing for money, prioritizing life over fun.

Thank you. I will make my choice the right one.

Good luck brother, your strong and famous here in splinterlands. i hope there is a way for player vs player only ranked battle or player-based esports that help you financially in the future.

Thank you!
I'm glad you said that.
Yes, it was truly a dream come true for me to call myself an eSports player. I would love to see this game succeed in making such a dream come true.

Im sorry to see this but I am not surprised. I stopped playing anything but brawls a while back. I tried hard for a long time to say this would happen, but was told that good players could just beat bots by Aggy :D

I decided to keep running accounts with bots and yes I use Xbot, its just better...

I wish you the best in your future endeavours <3

I understand how you feel.
With xbot you can win and it would be silly to play by yourself. And most people will be afraid to play by themselves. At the end of the day, you can't play by yourself.
You will become addicted to BH and bot.
And with the possibility of spending precious life time on it, I decided to go into total denial and step down for my own good.
Please don't let yourself drown in the strength of the BOT. I hope you remember to enjoy Splinterlands on your own.

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There is no safe place for human players anymore. I am sorry you had to take this decision. I hope things will get better before it's too late. And yes there is no way you can beat Ai. Either you cheat or you give up :(

I am a gamer, not an investor, so I judge games by whether they are fun or not, not whether they make money or not.
I don't know how it is from an investor's point of view, but my opinion as a user for entertainment purposes is that the more people use xbot, the worse the situation will get.
It seems contradictory to use xbot and hope that the situation will get better. xbot users have no love for Splinterlands.

you are accusing xbot because it is public. What about private bots? Bubke has his private bots and the whole IG guild using his services. LD has their own private bots. I equally agree with you and was equally frustrated and equally hated xbot. But when the game is being dominated by AI then either you quit the game or you just compromise. Trust me they are never going to ban or do something against Bots.

My opinion on private bots is that they are either highly funded or highly technical. The game prize money is not worth that investment, even if it has nothing to do with game skills. I don't understand the spirit of obsession with winning at this game, but I have to admit that passion doesn't annoy me. And since there are so few users, it's not impossible to countermeasure.
Is there any evidence that private bots are shared across IG? I have read @jaki01 's posts and believe he is not using such.
If there is proof, I believe it is evil.
I must say that xbot is destroying the game by deploying high performance AI as a cheap or free service.
There is nothing more disgusting to watch than boring players with no game skills, passion, money, programming skills or anything else dominating the top rankings.

Is there any evidence that private bots are shared across IG? I have read @jaki01 's posts and believe he is not using such.

I was just asked in Discord, and here is my reply:

It depends on when this tournament took place. I tried very long to compete manually and for a rather long time I managed to win the gold foil tournaments, but finally, when it was too obvious that mediocre players started to beat me by bot help - and after this post ( also didn't have any effect I decided to use a bot, too.
I still play all alpha card tournaments manually even if also there it is obvious that recently many oppponents started to use bots/battle helpers, too (but no bot is ever allowed to touch my holy alpha cards )
I think it is very unfortunate that I am also using a bot nowadays (I hated that decision), but my metapher is that if suddenly in running competitions it is allowed to use motorbikes, then one either is forced to use one, too, or to stop to compete at all, even if one hates the change of rules to allow machines in human competitions.

If ever there is a safe space for human players again I would love to play manually again.

And here another:

You might read it, when you have time.
It's not about blaming, but it was a try to make people/players aware.
These days still many players belittled me when I predicted that very soon bots would be stronger than players ("Yes, chess, but chess is not Splinterlands, Splinterlands is much more complex" they insisted "Just increase your skills!").

Sorry, I couldn't tell from the translation, is the bot you use a private bot dedicated to IG?
This includes personal interest. I would be happy to learn as much as you can without any difference.
To be honest, I can tell from playing against ula.ocean in the Gold League and dragon.rider in the Silver League that they are bots.
Of course I can lose, but I don't consider those playing too strong.ST's im-perfectone and ueyuey seem to use more advanced strategies.
However, xbot feels stronger than existing bots. And even if you take countermeasures, they return countermeasures because of BH. They don't even allow weasel words.
So I figured that's why I hate xbot and don't feel much hatred about the existing bots.
Champion league is more complicated, so it's more difficult. I was still new to the Champion League, still developing, and just when I finally got to the top of the tournament, the influx of xbots made it hard to even get through the first round.
This is a complicated feeling, part jealousy, part awareness of the problem.

Good luck with your new job.
You'll be missed.

Thank you!
Try my best!!