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RE: Why I won’t be compromising with Justin Sun

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My two bits of advice: Don't take a long time to release the new blockchain. That's like the games that stay in early access for a long time, so by the time they finally reach full release no one is paying attention to them anymore. And name it something that doesn't include the name "Steem". Not only should the new blockchain and coin be an entity unto itself without hearkening back to the Steem branding, but using the name Steem has always been a point of confusion for some between Steam the game platform and Steem the cryptocurrency. It should be a new and unique name.


New name is Hive. And we'll be moving quite quickly on this one. Most of the delay was making sure we were ready as far as the code, testing, and servers were concerned before we made any kind of announcement that might tip of Justin Sun.

Just for your information: one of the oldest social networks in the Netherlands was called 'Hyves'. I've set up our first date with my wife in 2007 on that platform. Many fond memories..

However, at some point a venture capitalist came along, bought it, tried to turn it into some game platform, which failed miserably.

Let's learn from experiences.

Fellow Dutchie waving

So cool, I met my wife on Hyves as well 😃

It all started with a 'krabbel'...

Hive sounds cool!

Hi, Hive! This is a beautiful name!

Nectar would be better

Hive...? I get how the community sort of acted like a hive and stung off those trying to exploit which is kind of cool in that light, however... A hive is generally to my understanding a hierarchy with a queen which is like the total opposite of freedom/anarchy.

I Googled the science of it more and some people are saying the queen in a hive doesn't really rule and there's a form of Democracy, though, it still seems like hive is often associated with a "hivemind" and "groupthinking" as opposed to individual sovereignty.

I think that critics of this effort will likely start referring to us as "buzzing drones" and "clones", are you sure Hive is the right way to go? The community and tech are what's really important in my opinion, but, a name can have significant implications as well.

Hive doesn't roll off the tongue that great in my opinion, though, it's not that bad either... I think the community will do well either way. Just thought I'd say something cause the word Hive doesn't fit as well with freedom as I might like.

Hive was chosen by a group vote, and I suppose it has different meanings to different people. In the future, as we start exploring ways to improve the chain, I'll share my own ideas for why it can be an appropriate name.

Thanks for your response.
Does the broader steem community even know who this "group" was that voted on our future name? It feels like this was decided in secret without the broader community having any input or say and the name is an important factor in my opinion, it's not "nothing" the name does matter.

One other question. Did you check to see if you have the legal ability to use the name? There's already a Hive Blockchain company, are you sure there's no conflict there? And I mean... Wouldn't it be nice to have a name that is original, new or unique and not one that another crypto company already uses?

I didn't see any poll crated to make the community choose the name. Didn't even here about that in discord. Maybe they just wanted to support the hive communities created. Anyway, we have the right to stay in both chains and see what will happen. We worked for years to spread steem name in the world and it will be hard for us to explain everyone that's hive now. Also in twitter there are already a lot of people talking about #hive and they refer to something related to bees. I don't really know what to say. I also created a poll in twitter and 50% voted to not fork. I don't want to leave them behind. They are like a family to me !

awesome stuff! i have one question:
if i start powering down all my sp right now, how would that affect the future air drops in the forked chain?

I think it's better to not power down before the fork is ready. There will be an airdrop and you will be able to get more of that new hive power ! I think the amount that you will have in steem power will be the same in hive power !

wait. i'm assuming the airdrop is gonna inlucde SBD, STEEM, and STEEM POWER based on a snapshot, meaning even if you're powering down the only difference is liquidity. i guess we'll find out. i gotta wait 5 days anyway before all my delegations are cancelled.

They will write the roadmap today I guess, let's wait for that.

To be quite frank, which is a natural fault of mine of which I just can't help at times, lol, it is totally the wrong name for a new site. Basically for two reasons, first being that many people feel the site is to centered around a exclusive group of people, that it's hard to garner new users and keep them when they are at a disadvantage over it. Many feel, and many that have left feel this way, the platform is centered to the advantage of a few select groups. Second would be that the new name implies such and the fact that people were left out of the decision process to determine or vote on a new name implies such, and implies there's nothing going to change in regards to that. It's one "hive" of people whose at an advantage and decisions will be based on just what they think is right regardless if a majority of users aren't happy with the decision. It would be totally different if a group of people came down with a list of choices and said the new name will be based on which name gets the most votes from the community....not that that will quell much in the decision making process complaint department as most people know how that's going to come down anyway, as the bees will leave the hive to sting the shit out of the upvote button regardless if they know it's going to kill them in the end.

Hive is just totally the wrong image, unless of course you actually are out to portray the site as exclusive as to how it's run. You won't be attracting more bees with less honey.

I don't agree.
This wasn't something planned years ago, much less two weeks ago.

I applaud the quick thinkers who took a name, ran with it and made it happen.

This doesn't seem like an online poll situation.
Time is of the essence!

Think of having your own "HIVE" @apolymask, what is more FREE than that?

Hive Coin... I effen love it .... Steem will always be remembered like that first girlfriend that you exed after finding a real one.

I guess it really depends on how you look at things and what the word Hive means to you, like most words it has numerous different definitions and ways to interpret it and you can choose to only see the positive ones if you want to, however, I think what's even more concerning than the negative implications of the name is how it was done in secret among a smaller group of people as opposed to the whole community out in open in the "sunlight" so to speak in a truly decentralized manner.

And in regard to your last metaphor, I've never exed any women like that before so I can't really relate to your analogy or line of thinking. Sounds a bit insensitive or dishonorable to me, but, to each their own.

Hive has too many negative connotations, how about HONEY?

To be clear, I mean HONEY as the token name, Communities can be rebranded to Hives, but you'll attract more flies with HONEY.

But then we can't call the scandalous types, Hive Turkeys.

I see your point here @r0nd0n.

What if it was the Hive blockchain and the HONEY token?

Yeah, I also think the community could choose a better name.

we kinda broke out in Hives in response to the Sun allergen 😁

Hive has too many
Negative connotations,
How about HONEY?

                 - r0nd0n

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oh haikubot, you finally pay off

Hive sounds great! Do you already have a Logo? 😊

If thats not the case, i would try to create something. Maybe you like it. Its up to you then. I make it for free to give a little contribution.

Hey @blocktrades. I finished a design for a Hive Logo now:
Hope you like it.^^

Maybe if you made the internal shape of a hive, it would look better. But the decision in the end is for the majority, if it really is a decentralized chain

Thanks, i will try out your idea. It sounds good. Not sure if it works well in terms of balancing (could look too "sharp and hard"). But i try a few things with that. I will let you know when i update my Post.

Steemcleaners can't wait to become Hivecleaners or Hiveminders :-)
Or Hivewardens? Hivewatchers?
We need to come up with some cool name to fend off TRON trolls, abusers and spammers coming in :-)

Dang, I thought it was going to be a surprise announcement. We shall shed our steemian skin and become hiveians!

Perhaps a name related to decentralization will be better. The story is clear: a community migrates from its formerly centralized platform to a decentralized place. The name has to spell out the most key aspect about the place.

I get that Hive likely spells out that community is the most key aspect. But the connection is not readily obvious, it's obvious only to insiders. It has to be explained that Hive is about community. Whereas a name that spells out decentralization will be instantly understood.

This is a very good point.

Getting to the core essence of your most important message and presenting that succinctly is one of the fundamentals of real marketing.

There's no decentralization here and never has been, get over it.

Hive will be seen as HIV. I don't like it.

or HIVE or HVE also.... give me a hive five for this one! hehehhe

HIV really isn't a name nor pronounce it that way.

I like this name!

What about the logo @blocktrades ? Will it be the same or we will have a new logo as well ?

Will our hive communities transfer there as well ? It's one of the most important thing. I'm building that for months and already 200 subscribers are in @dcooperation

Please! a nice dApp !

Interesting name. I suppose the communities could be called "colonies" or something like that. What programming language is it being written in?

Core code is still C++, we're only making minor modifications there in the initial launch.

I like Hive, but at the same time it sounds a bit obscure... at least is my feeling about the name. Why not, "OpenChain"?

New name is Hive.

Love the name of the new blockchain. :)

I like the word "Elysium" and I think it somehow explains current situation.

From Merriam-Webster:
"Elysium, or the Elysian fields, was the home of the blessed after death."

After the death of old steem, those who had good will, will be there.

Steem has also been confused with Steam Powered Giraffe

yup.... HIVE COIN sounds better the more I say it.