Need suggestion To Make Steemit Alive For Long Term

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Request and Advice to all Bidding Bots to help steemit community:

In the fast growing steemit community and selling of thousands SBD votes per hour.

We should follow some rules in order to help the steemit community and work for the long term existence of the steemit reward pool .

If we are offering such high votes to every one who do not deserve the vote This way steemit life will end soon.And this way no one will get any benefits from the platform. We must think about the steemit success rather than our own success.

what i thought last night that If we should follow some rules here to make the steemit more secure and profitable for every one and give a chance to the new users as well we need to follow some rules and restriction.

The main problem these days are a trending page . Every one with a shit post is going to trending page.and it make a very Bad impression on steemit site.

What we need to follow As a good steemian?

  • We should place a limit on daily vote buying like one person will only be able to buy 20 SBD vote per post per voting bot {maximum}.( If no any better suggestion you want to give you can write in comment to this post).

  • If a Bot owner is 100% sure that there is some one who is the perfect author and he give quality stuff to steemit they can make a special list for those authors to allow them to buy an unlimited votes.But if they are 100% sure that the author is perfect one.

  • By placing a limit Like refund amount on post having max "X" amount Of "STU" ,No one will get a post value more than 200 STU . ( if our limit is 200 STU)

  • I found most of the users are using steepshot and they are just taking a single picture and make it to the trend page this should be blacklisted if some one noticed that they are posting low quality pictures .

  • We should make a discord group that we can communicate how we can serve any quality to the steemit rather than flagging each other and fight in posts and comments with each other.

All we need to help each other and help steemit community to get the better result for future.If we are harming the system it will end end soon and no one will be able to get life time secure income .

I have seen so much effort from the @berniesanders @transisto and many other steemians who are trying to flag trash post so they are wasting there steempower on flagging . So please i we all cooperate with each other we will help to build the community easily.

If we become a reason to harm the steemit blockchain who will get benefits, Our income will also be effected and others steemians who are working hard on there post will also be effected.

Self voting is not in our hand to control .Its Only Possible If steemit stop upvoting our own posts so that will be a solution .
The other one if we place limit on buying votes that will be a very positive way to help steemit reward pool .When Bidding Bot will not accept any post having a post value of Max @200 STU .

Suggestion From All experts

Its a request to All whales to not flag my post i am just investing on the post to get some thing positive to steemit and to let every bot owner know that we need to be unite and help each other and steemit community.

Every one knows that by investing the page i am not getting a high return from this post as well i will promote is only t let every one know what is our duty and how we will secure the steemit and i need each and every responsible person suggestion on this problem. if some one has better solution they can comment on the post .

  • Every one has right to think about the steemit success and i am also doing the same thing here . I know we need to make it secure to make steemit alive for long term .

  • its a request to give your positing opinion on this problem and lets share your own thoughts.

There are 4 pages

I have posted a proposal for fixing those issues right here:
How to make Steem great again - The Exponential Author Reward Method


An interesting idea, but I think you've identified its end result - split accounts spamming the hell out of the platform. Your proposed solution to this problem (community-driven downvote service) would have the same fate the today's effort to discourage bad actors have - the flag wars.

But, if we could somehow prevent one person from having multiple accounts your idea would solve the problem.

I agree the solution is reward distribution algorithm. But wouldn't your solution incentivised censorship?
The solution should be in sence:

  1. your vote gets rewarded if it is for quality post, the earlier the more
  2. your vote should be secret so that other people will not vote because others did
  3. you should lose power of your vote if you vote too ofter for not quality content (increasing back in time)

Those rules would disincentivised bots because of opportunity cost and voting power costs.
A good inspiration could be Augur since it is sort of similar problem they are solving.
(quality post = lot of people vote for it)

@buildawhale has a max SBD cap, we do not allow dmania or steepshot because of the low effort, low quality, and high plagiarism, we also have a blacklist of around 1,200 users who plagiarize, spam, fraud, scam, and it is very actively growing on a daily basis.

You are the witness i really love on steemit all the work from you i appreciate always . you are working hard for steemit community if all think like you will get so much positive things thanks brother for positive response .@themarkymark

I tend to think that they never want to entertain laziness. If anyone wants to get paid, they will have to expend some effort.

Upvoted for the profile picture :-)

browncoat till I die

Yeah, it really all starts with the bid bots. You can't really expect a post-by-post evaluation because it would be too work intensive. You also can't expect anything to happen by restricting certain users to an SBD limit, because all people would have to do to abuse the system is make multiple accounts. Owners of bid bots targeting low hanging fruit to mitigate the spam problem is really the best course of action at this point. I appreciate you doing that with your bot.

Hope they can also adjust and solve the problem about vote bid bot buying. Many post doesnt deserve in the trending page. If we see a person who is appearing in trending page everytime because of bid bot we must consider looking to his content and warn him about it. It is only my suggestion. Great blog

Quite on point. Your point makes quite a lot of sense.

Yes. We need to work for steemit alive for long term. Thanks for your suggestion.

Bidding bots somehow plays an important role in steemit community if it is used correctly but some or I may say many of our fellow steemians abused it and use bots to gain $$$ without considering a worth reading article. I think its hightime to come-up a black-n-white rules for the bidding bots to wipe-out those abusers.

how to avoid breaking the rules in steemit

You could ask people like some of the infamous flaggers to target some of the crappy posts on the trending page. You could also undelegate to the bots and do some manual curation yourself.

so what would make your post that much more worthy than any other to merit a 400 dollar value?

your proposal is to put a 200 cap on posts and to get that message throug you make a 400 dollar post? that seems a bit hypocritical to me...

you wrote a small post, gave an opinion and upvoted it to the moon... why should you get more then the 20 you propose? just because you are talking about a specific subject???
You are even asking bot owners not to flag you so I assume that in your mind you think you are doing something wrong?

If a Bot owner is 100% sure that there is some one who is the perfect author and he give quality stuff to steemit they can make a special list for those authors to allow them to buy an unlimited votes.But if they are 100% sure that the author is perfect one.

by the way that is exactly what smartsteem is doing

I am not interested to face a loss by getting flag to bring my post to trend page i am not posting any thing from last month . why i invest on this post to bring it to trend to send my message to all bidding bots owners . and to bring a unity in the community . even i know i will get flags . but what is the reason i am getting flag its looks like a well planned game . even i think about the benefit of steemit still i am facing this shitty flags .

Suggestion: Have some way to allow mass entry of participants on to steemit. Similar to how FB or twitter or any other social network that has millions of subscribers.

The issues of spam and garbage post will need to be worked on but the more users the more use of the platform. Thanks!

No bidding bots!

Biggest problem I see is no rewards on post over 7 days. Those post should continue to make money no matter how old there are. How are you going to get members to think long term platform and quality post when after 7 days they don't get paid for their post anymore. Seems very short term... Might be why everyone up votes their post and comments considering you only have 7 days to make money on them and then the chance is gone. With so many new people joining the platform why shouldn't you get paid for 80k new members viewing your quality product that were not there the month before. Think of how much content that has been posted here over the last year that is quality and not earning. I think you would see less people come here and then be gone if 2 months later if they were still earning on those older post. Long term thinking for the platform would mean long term for the members also which would mean long term earning on quality post that will continue to earn and pay out for new up
votes no matter how old they are.

Great thought. I agree with you 100%. The content creators should continue getting royalties for their original work.
That way people would be willing to put more thought and effort towards creation of high quality content.

Agree, some posts are still usefull even when a year old while others get old very quickly. It should be determined by users not some arbitrary date.

Well they could at lest allow you to promote your older post and then give you another 7 day pay out period and that way steemit will be getting the money from promoting and you get the new views and up votes.

Originally, rewards were distributed in two stages: after 24 hours and after 30 days. But in practice, there were few votes after a couple of days.

Older posts should still help you get new followers.

That sounds good but the platform changes often with all the new members coming you may have posted something a year ago that only 40k members could have seen that now can be pushed to 10 times that. You should at lest be able to promote old article you have written. Everyone wants the platform to change and not be so short term everyone just trying to make a quick buck but how are you going to get anyone to care about long term when long term is 7 days since that is the extent of your article earnings that is why people don't worry about long term and only up vote their own comments they make daily to the max. This is why I can't get real bloggers to come spend their time here because their blogs are making money consistently so they spend their time there. I like the platform but it has problems with only being short term that is why half the accounts I go threw and look at have not posted in over 8 months and if your going to make quality content you can make more money blogging on your own so this has turned into a post pictures content and bid bots.

Great post 👍

First of all please visit my steemit page. I am making high quality content, but It’s not getting enough views, upvotes or resteems that such quality content deserves.

Please help me, promote my content. I am already very disappointed with the low level of response on my posts, and I can not continue to waste my time and efforts creating quality content, for nothing in return.

Now comes to the problem, I have following suggestions:

  1. First of all Steemit needs to eliminate multiple accounts. They should allow only one account per person.

  2. Low quality content (1 photograph etc) in Trending, should be flagged are reported.

  3. I agree with your suggestion of putting limit on the bidding bots.

  4. Steemit should improve searchability. The tags are not enough to search all posts related to what you are interested in. I think the entire content of the posts should be scanned for matching the search words or phrases.

Low quality content (1 photograph etc) in Trending, should be flagged are reported.

Low quality posts on trending are flagged.

For searchability, have you tried using the actual search feature? If you haven't noticed it, it's the looking-glass icon on the upper right. It's powered by Google, and it will find words in the body of the text. What's missing is search results being sorted by newest first. And the most recent posts aren't indexed by Google yet.

Since you brought it up, I took a quick look at your 'high-quality content'. Sorry Aisha, it's OK, but nothing special. Nice pictures, some superficial opinions that might be considered original to a Western audience. Nothing that millions of other people couldn't create.

You're not going to get discovered without promoting yourself. I'm glad regular people are posting here, not just artists and intellectuals. It's good for the general atmosphere of the site. You could be popular if you promoted a charity or organized a local Steemit meetup, for example. Just don't expect to be richly rewarded for posting pictures of bikes or henna tattoos. Please take advantage of @yallapapi's advice in his comment here and in his posts.

And by promoting yourself I don't mean upvoting your own comment. That's considered a faux pas here, unlike upvoting your own post. You might disagree, but that's a convention which grew naturally. I'd consider upvoting your own comments worse than paying for vote bots.

Everyone has different interests and preferences. Perhaps what you are posting gets no interest or appreciation from someone like me. Similarly, If you don’t like bikes or henna it doesn’t mean my content is average quality.

So It’s better not to be subjective and biased against each other. It’s better to stay objective.

I said my content is of high quality in objective terms comparing it to the content on Steemit trending page, where a normal chocolate cake recipe on trending page gets $350, and a picture of fake followers (without any information) gets $165 on Steemit trending.

It seems you only saw the pictures and nothing else on my posts. I didn’t just post pictures of bikes and henna tattoo.

I actually photographed, filmed and interviewed owners of rare bikes, and then edited the video, wrote about it and posted pictures. All this work went into my last post. In a TV Chanel, this work requires one day of three people (reporter, cameraman and editor)

I provided full step by step instructions for making henna tattoo, for someone who has no idea of what it is. Not just posted the pictures of henna tattoo, as you said.

I have written philosophical economic poetry on investing in Cryptocurrency market, and wrote it in 3 languages in one post on Steemit to receive $4 on it ( that too after paying bot)

So you bought upvotes for a post complaining about upvotes?

He sure did.

My first venture into Trending of the day, and I find that this is what we have on display for potential investors and content creators.

Sad times.

Out of all the shit on the trending page, somehow this post is problematic...

I hope you're not suggesting that we should hide the ugly side from the potential investors and content creators, take their money and creative work, and let them find out for themselves about the issues this post rises.

Yes that's EXACTLY what I am suggesting. You read my mind completely.

If you want to converse with me in a way that we can both benefit, you are going to have to be a bit more polite.

Point taken.

I'm sorry, but it is unfair to characterize the @alishannoor 's attempt to find a solution to the problem that's dividing this community in a way you did. As far as I know, his intentions are sincere.

Also, we shouldn't shy away from the things that are happening here.

This is much better.

Well my first issue is the fact he has 2 errors in the of the title of the post. This is not a great advert off the bat for anyone looking in here - Outsiders are defaulted to Trending, and will not be aware the the post has been boosted by bids bought by the owner.

Secondly, is the irony in his worry for the reward pool and future of steem/steemit, whilst sending close to 400$ to an array of bid-bots to advertise the post.

If there was genuine concern and understanding of what's happening here, then this is certainly not the right way to go about it.

You're right, it is ironic to use the bots to complain about their effect on the reward pool, but what's the alternative way to fire a shot across the bow on this platform?

And yes, it was a clumsy attempt (2 errors,...), but I don't see any malice in his post, on the contrary.

(edited to match :-)

i am not doing any activity on my account from last so many weeks i already said that i will invest on the post to let every one know about this if i donot invest how i will let every one know ? even this investment will not give me a profit. thanks @viraldrome

What are you talking about, man? He lacks a bit of coherence in his words, not to say much. How can you talk about the configuration of Bot Bits when your publication has more than $ 700? Why did not he pay $ 20 bots? Yes, because nobody will see you, right? That is an excuse. Not to mention the fact that the publication sucks, with the pardon of the word.

Do not you care what people think of you when they enter your profile and see a $ 200 publication, where they post images of your Parrot? And you complain that people use Steepshot to take a picture and get fashionable. The coherence is still missing.

this investment will not give me any benefit.

Who can believe this? Only new on the platform, perhaps now does not offer any benefit because it has been marked but not as it should be. Stay AFK on the platform. It's even better

@osmerj brother if you see i stop activity on steemit from more than 2 month if you see that care fully if i donot have a good post i am not harming the site with this thanks hope you see that i have n ot done activity from long time thanks

No he bought upvotes for a post complaining about other people buying upvotes.. :)

This is indeed a post that does not belong on trending. Flagged for low-quality use of too many voting bots.

@whatsup as you know by investing that much i already am lossing the money on this post . and flag will make me more loss . i only invest to send this important message to support steemit blockchain . but no matter how you people think about this shit. and what is in your mind . about this thing. are you have no mind at all . i am not interested to make my self a big loss by making this post to trend page . here no one will give an upvote all are buddy selfish fuckers . so don't blame my post i am not on to trend page i just need to send my message only .

If English isn't your first language, maybe you should get someone to proofread for you or at least a grammar tool, I am not a stickler for every mistake, but I have difficulty even figuring out what you are trying to say. If this post is a loss for you, that is the risk one takes when using the bid bots.

i am not giving a grammar paper i just want to say that we need to make some restriction to bot users that we should not sell the vote more than 20 SBD and also we should refund post who has X value of amount in STU .

Definite irony when you buy so many votes yourself. I hope that paid votes will be excluded from the trending rankings. They can go on Promoted as that is what they are.

this is a great idea.. Your right the Promoted page is where upvoted post belong..

@steevc i am agree with you . how we can contact the steemit community in this flag war neither NED is giving any response nor any other user so it means that its not harming the community and those who are flagging the post might be steemit community members to reduce people earning . so much confusion in my mind about steemit now .

First thing I would do, (If I had the power to make a change) is to remove the trending page as the landing page for new visitors to the site and replace it with a new one showing the best of what steemit has to offer. Maybe it could be curated by a respected group like @curie.
I hear many of the trenders saying that they are paying to get to the trending page for exposure and that is understandable but, Would it not be better to get to a curated page by producing quality content.
This Would give all steemians a chance of being read and also help to reign in the Bitbots without having to make major changes to how the system works.
Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

I also like this idea!

Some ideas:

  • Limit the total amount of SP that can be delegated by an account to some percentage (10, 25, 30%)
  • Reduce the value of delegated SP in some way (1/2, 1/3, 1/20, etc)
  • Improve the discovery capabilities in Steemit.
  • Adjust the payout duration to reward longer lasting content instead of just more ephemeral content.
  • Compare and contrast why 'Promoted' posts seem less effective than more complicated vote bots.
  • Adjust the Promoted page to improve discovery and surfacing of promoted posts
  • Build out new features that mimic the community-building capabilities that causes people to drift to Discord rooms.
  • Adjust payouts to better reward minnows. In many ways, the concept of a few whales acting as gatekeepers to content is pretty antithetical to Steemit's ideals. The core idea from my perspective is that hard-working and solid content creators can find the long-tail audience that supports them without the need for a dolphin or a whale to throw them an upvote or for them to buy their way into discovery.

I like your suggestions. But, these restrictions will mean a restriction of decentralization.

Decentralized and uncensored

If we want to keep these two things alive and well here, trust in the people. Allow for true democracy.

Educate people

If we focus on educating people and creating a culture that supports the things that the community support, then all will work out accurately.

Once we start limiting and restricting things, this site becomes just like all others.

Educate ve

"true democracy"

democracy and capital are incompatible lmao

Not only are they incompatible, they cause tons of antagonistic contradictions between the two of them that both try to annihilate the other. Capitalism bastardizing democracy into a mere ritual of the people for people to think they can regulate capital; but truly the ruling class using it as a means to see which faction of their class wins out for a time being and to dupe the masses of real change. Democracy In-Itself will recognize the futility of keeping an acidifying agent even when hampering the majority of its influences that it will supersede Capitalism for a new social order and gradually, through many hardships, exercise the toxicity of the old social order for as long as they continue to have existence in the new social order.

I beleive that democracy and capitalism are tools or philosophies that can easily benefit each other.

Real unsubsidized capitalism is democracy in action. What the people want succeeds. The people vote with their time and money.

Things get wankie when capitalism is subsidized and democracy is really a republic or oligarchy

And in the end these are just labels of how to relate to things.

These are not long term solutions because they require the collaboration of the whole community which is almost impossible/ will become impossible.

Here is a comment I wrote under a post of Steem's longterm value by @cryptovestor which addresses the same topic.

As a student who develops bots for Steemit I deeply believe in the long term value of Steem. However, Steemit may be doomed to fail...

We haven't seen much development on Steemit in the last months and the content quality in Hot or Trending is at an all time low. Most social media sites have a "recommended" page that accurately suggests good content.

But we do not have any other way of finding new content besides Hot or Trending. A lot of top ranking witnesses run their own bid based voting bots and therefore I think we can agree that these bots won't disappear over night....

The only other option to find good content is to develop a "recommended" page and I'm almost certain that that will happen. With better content this new site will quickly replace Steemit especially for new users who are just here for reading good content and not for earning money.

Please point out any flaws in my theory!


The bid-bots wouldn't work if ordinary users didn't upvote stuff that reached the trending page. Just saying.

As long as money will have definite impact on steemit nothing will change

My suggestion is to limit the use of voting bots. Users who have bad reputation and users with high SP power above 5000 SP should not use voting bots. That way only Minnows can benefit from the voting bots, because Dolphins and Whales will end up anyway on the trending page.
Voting bots are made to support Minnows and make their posts visible.

Another suggestion is to push all the promoted posts whether by Steemit or voting bots to the "Promoted" section. That way the "Trending" section will stay clean all the time :)

Dolphins and Whales will end up anyway on the trending page.

This is not true. I have 9k SP and I get 2-10$ per post (If I don't use bots).

Thing is @hanen how do you stop someone from using a bot? As far as the steem platform goes it does not know if someone is buying a vote. It could detect if money was sent to the account with a link to the post but then they would take the buying of votes off platform.

I guess we could use human intervention along with an algorithm to sort out likely bots like we do with spam. That is, flag the accounts that are known bots.

@petervroom You can know if anybody using voting bots by checking the voters list. There you find always the names of the voting bots on the top.
Flagging bots will cause another big war that wont end. With the time more people will be involved and bots will defend themselves too. Thats the problem!

@fbslo The 5000 SP was just an example. It can be more than that, depends on the platforms decision. But believe me it will make a big change here.

Thing is bots are here to stay in the modern world. Whether it's a bot making a car that takes a job away or a poker bot or a world of warcraft bot. So how can we learn to coexist with them like we have learned to do with each other as humans in civilized society?

@ petervroom Actually i dont have any problems with bots. I use them sometimes and find them very helpful. But what I dont like about bots is upvoting comments, because it doesnt make any sense. Also upvoting DMania posts, because some of the users are not posting original content.
So dont misunderstand me, I dont have any problems with bots, but there are some big guys here who have problems with them for the right reasons :)

It is difficult for bots to check every post before upvoting it and every user has the right to use them, but for the right post.

Wow this is what we are looking for . i really like your suggestion dear . we need such positive suggestion to make the steemit community better and secure and clean . @ned we need you to look for this suggestion please . to solve the current problems

Thank you :) I wrote also a post yesterday regarding this problem, but as you know Minnows posts are always invisible :(

I like your suggestion; the SP>5000 issue is it would incentivize people with high steem power to power down so they can keep using voting bots. However, I do think bot owners should add additional coding in their bot to filter out low reputation scores. The Trending page should be updated to not only pull upvotes and reward but should also account for reputation of the author and flags.

@danvillani You got a good point, as everybody is looking for benefits they will do everything possible :) You are right, bot owners have to change many things. Also remove the option of upvoting comments, because it doesnt make any sense.

filter out low reputation scores.

to make it even more difficult for plankton to start who start with reputation of a mere 25? But then plankton don't have enough steem dollar to buy vote bots anyway so it might not be that much of a difference.

Another suggestion is to push all the promoted posts whether by Steemit or voting bots to the "Promoted" section. That way the "Trending" section will stay clean all the time :)

This is something I think may work the best. We publicly acknowledged that the bots are a legit marketing tool and remove the stigma from using them

One problem I see with the first proposal though (5k SP limit) is that big accounts would just create a bunch of proxy accounts with the SP under the limit, and that way circumvent the restriction.

Yes you are right. They will find solutions to use bots. But promoted posts should be in the promoted section, because thats where they belong.

You are aware that the lowest group on Steemit is plankton and we need to incentivise plankton to stay and not abandon there accounts after a month.

If you are a Minnow you already made it. This was probably different a year ago. It might have been easier then to rise the Minnow then but right now it seems almost impossible.

Apart from that I had a similar idea using a inverse exponential relation between steem power and VEST. VEST is what makes your votes powerful and right now there is a linear connection between VEST and steem power and I think that was a mistake.

Oh i wasnt aware of that. Well I am here for nearly 6 months now, but feel a lot of change in the platform. Many inactive users. It wasnt like this when I joined in the first weeks, but I still have hope that everything will be better in the next months.

You can see the level on the Board of honour:

and on Busy:

And congratulations on making minnow in 6 month. That is an achievement.

Oh thats great. Thank you for the information :)

I do not claim to understand the ins and outs of bot usage, however I do know that a post is live for 7 days. If a daily limit is set, what stops them using the bot on the very next day or 7 consecutive days? will the results be any different?

Disagreement on rewards

What if:

  1. we had a random possible occurring SP maintenance fee for accounts on a regular basis (like 1 SP monthly) to disincentivise multiple accounts (Steem burned, like Promoted posts burn SBD) that maybe only sometimes affects accounts that have voted in the time period (that month) & perhaps the maintenance fee doesn't apply to accounts that meet a random reason (using an algorithm with an unguessable randomness that changes each month) like below 100 SP 1 month and even or odd SP balance another month (to prevent gaming the system) + always if you're under a certain SP like 25SP to prevent bankrupting accounts?
  2. A “Random Selection” page along with Trending/New etc that selects posts from accounts according to an algorithm (randomized)? This way the bot-users don't go crazy with a million bots and minnow posts can show up and have a chance to be voted onto the Trending page.

The result would be that you can use bots, but it might result in you losing more than gaining. Minnows could make the Trending page. Plus, it's fair and random so it doesn't unfairly punish and if you have idle accounts then they are unaffected. People would have to try hard to put out good content because if they put out junk, then they wouldn't be upvoted and they would be subjected to stagnation at the low threshold of 25SP (for example) until they learned to improve their posts. ? Just an idea. What do you all think?

Upvoted & following you!

Le sentiment de ne pas être aimé est la plus grande des pauvretés. - Mère Teresa


How to defeat the trolls flaggers

Best idea to sharing this good project .

you have a point .

Get rid of ALL the voting bots. In that way the true creators gets the most honest votes and attention. I get so angry when I see these crappy posts in the trending page and in the same time my work gets cents in payout.
Finish the bots once and for all!!!!!!!

i totally agree with you @alishannoor.
Nowadays everyone is running to the trending page along with their article to paste it,because maximum of the high reputated and successful steemian always used to check the trending page,and as a result high reputated and steem user's holding with sbd's are getting their success through and also holding the capacity to take their post to paste it in the trending page which is quite disappointing for all the new user's as a result high are getting more high and high and low are getting more low and low.And to keep steemit community and all new user's alive there should be a limit on vote buying which will be equally benefit both the new and old user' of steemit.Thank you for such a wonderful post and the common problem which we all new user's facing today.

I hope this picture will look good. If you like it, please vote. Opinion vote is valuable for me.thanks bro......

This is what we call awesome post so inspiring.
I think with this some persons will make amends
Thanks @alishannor you have awakened some sleeping dogs
Resteemed for more people to see

Re the below quote. We have no way of knowing if someone is buying votes as they can do that off chain.

"We should place a limit on daily vote buying like one person will only be able to buy 20 SBD vote per post per voting bot {maximum}.( If no any better suggestion you want to give you can write in comment to this post)."

Hello everyone, I'm new here, pls what's the difference between Power up 100% and Default 50/50%.... I'm confused right now

Thanks for your suggestion. It's very helpful all of us.

That's good idea I also want to join this

I have read your post.I know a lot from here.Thanks for your sharing.

Thank you so much for talking.
I love you very much.
If there is time, my account will be able to revisit

its a request to give your positing opinion on this problem and lets

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Ohh its really usefull post thank you @alishanoor for sharing this post and your most post are awesome 👍😊

Hi @alishannor, I am new to Steemit and I appreciate what I think is the spirit and intent of your post, along with the information about several things in this “space” I don’t yet understand. Additionally your post generated a lively and informative discussion. I think this exchange of ideas is very valuable. Thank you

Very good idea, inshah allah.

Greetings from Berlin

Thank you my friend for this post. It's the one I've wanted to write, but have not had the time to

We should place a limit on daily vote buying like one person will only be able to buy 20 SBD vote per post per voting bot {maximum}.( If no any better suggestion you want to give you can write in comment to this post).

I also support this though Somewhere inside me I believe that consistently posting quality content, and being a decent human being in my interactions with others will have some kind of long term for the platform. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but for the time being I'm believing it.

Anyway i agree I agree with your Post but its disappointing. I am worried for its future

it is really a foxy post. excellent them to invites suggestions from steemit community. according to my way, there should be proper way to encourage low level steemians like me. I have shared several post but result is embarrassing, it is not so that post contents were not good, what happens here everybody is running after 60 plus ranking to get upvotes and people having 60 level plus does not bother lower level ranker's post, thus one has to share posts several instead of one or two post daily. i will request all those people on your behalf, please upvotes to them for encouragement and boosting their moral, if this think wouldnot followed then steemit will no longer stay benifited plateform

I saw people here are selfish by self voting themselves because they have high SP and thi swill destroy steemit in the future.

Reduce bots

We need to assign Moderators or Admins and not bots.
Because bot has no brain like human does.

You gave really nice ideas

I very much agree with your opinion, not all can we count on with the material, the best effort that made the future more meaningful steemit. @alishannoor

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