Steemdrive: New Zealand's First Billboard Campaign - Auckland the City of Sails!

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The @steemdrive billboard campaign continues its world dominance of grand outdoor advertising for the promotion of Steemit, the blockchain based social media platform. Electronic billboards are already playing 15 second advertising loops in the “ground zero” city of Durban, South Africa as reported in our last proof of flight post. Furthermore, the 20M x 5M print billboard is currently in production, with official updates to follow.

As promised, we will be engulfing all countries around the world with Steemit billboards for as long as we have the fantastic support of the Steemit community behind the @steemdrive campaign.

The next target location is Auckland, New Zealand; hometown of fellow Steemian, and @steemdrive liaison, Shayne Shiells; who an active member of the community and deserving of maximum support for his campaign, take it away Shayne…


Hi fellow Steemians, most of you know me as @cryptoiskey, I recently joined Steemit on the 4th of July 2016, which already seems like a lifetime ago.

I have a background in 3D Animation and Design and have been developing for a virtual world since 2007.

When I believe in something I like to invest myself 100% with no exceptions and I believe heavily in Steemit and the direction it is moving.

In order to ensure Steemit's success, I believe we all need to do our part to bring Steemit to the world in whatever way we can. I have started promoting Steemit on the beaches of California which you can view here.

Venice beach was a great success and I will continue promoting Steemit on the California coast when I can, but for now I am excited to introduce the power of Steemit to my home country of New Zealand.

I was born in Auckland and know the city very well. It is the perfect fit to start a Steemit billboard campaign and hope you will support this endeavor. The city of Auckland in New Zealand is a prime location for billboard displays, let me explain why.


Auckland is the transportation central for the entire country. There are 1.4 million residents, not including the extended Auckland regions. Auckland holds 33% of the total New Zealand population.

Auckland's cosmopolitan dominance in New Zealand is very visible with 40% of the population being born overseas.

Having a large mix of ethnic groups in one area means many of their family members are still overseas, this will intensify the exposure to other countries, by utilizing a faster chain effect. People are always excited spreading the Steemit word, which I am sure is a valid advantage.

New Zealand also attracts tourists from all over the globe, with 3 million international visitors landed in Auckland In 2015. Many of these international travelers are from a younger generation seeking high-octane adventures and publishing their experiences via social media. Steemit blogging is a perfect fit and a billboard in the right location can take advantage of this demographic.

Below are the available Billboard locations.


You will notice the 2 black arrows. These are 2 locations I think can take advantage of Aucklanders and International visitors.

Billboard 1 - Nelson St.

This first billboard is located on Nelson St. in city central and is perfect for the visitor demographic as well as Aucklanders. What I like about this billboard is its position in relation to the stop lights. It really stands out between the 2 buildings. It will also take advantage of the "stop time".


Nelson St. proposed artwork concept

  • Size 6M x 3M
  • Illumination (viewable at night time)
  • Monthly Visuals: 1,676,161

Billboard 2 - Great South Road, Penrose.

This billboard takes advantage of dual traffic flows. One of the traffic flows contains 3 lanes of busy traffic. The viewing time is extended because of the sheer volume of stop lights. The billboard is heavily illuminated at night as to peek interest 24 hours a day.


Great South Road, proposed artwork concept

  • Size 12M x 3M
  • Illumination (viewable at night time)
  • Monthly Visuals: 1,119,333

All of the billboards locations in Auckland have great statistics and a rotation campaign would definitely work well.

The main reasons I like the two aforementioned billboards are:

  1. The locations take full advantage of stop lights which I believe is a key factor for driver awareness.
  2. The statistics are very high in both locations.
  3. They both are visible at night time giving them 24 hour exposure.

Auckland is a great starting point to gather some statistics and see how the New Zealand market responds to the Steemit billboards. New Zealand is very touristic and if placed correctly it is possible to take advantage of certain cities at specific times of the year (The seasonal charge of tourists). Tourists = Global.

The @steemdrive team thanks you for your support thus far and hope you will support us once again, bringing Steem powered billboards to New Zealand.


Remember to VOTE, SHARE and FOLLOW.

Terms and Conditions:
Steem Dollar payout funds raised from this Steemit post shall be primarily allocated to the New Zealand billboard campaign, and/or any other billboard site or @steemdrive public project where funds may be required in accordance with the general campaign terms and conditions.

Ned Scott of Steemit, Inc. approved the use of the domain on artwork, which will point to a referral link for campaign tracking, otherwise not possible if was advertised.

Previous Campaign Links: (Ricardo Goncalves' @steemdrive interview with Beyondbitcoin Hangouts, FFWD to around 30 minutes)


The @steemdrive team thanks you for your support thus far

Is that 50+ people crowd the steemdrive team?

Leading by example. That's what I'm talking about! Thanks for taking the initiative like this. Hopefully more people follow suit in their respective cities. :)

I'd rather they hit up their social networks and online hangouts, than their cities.

Billboards are cool and retro, but I don't see how this is an efficient use of community funding when online campaigns have so much better reach and return on investments. When's the last time you saw reddit, facebook or google advertised on signs along the street? It's old fashioned and cumbersome.

I love seeing the community get together and funding something cool, but this is not an optimal way to get anything off the ground when we're not even close to hitting a whole percent of the online market.

Hey @spookypooky I don't see the billboard campaign as a replacement for online marketing, I see it as supplementary. I always use the analogy of Coca-Cola, they are omnipresent and top-of-mind, their ads are on billboards, vehicles, coffee shops, TV, you name it.

My major is marketing and what I learnt is that it can take up to 8 engagements with a user before they decide to try a product or service. They may not click a banner immediately, they could consider it a scam or internet gimmick, however if they saw it on a billboard previously, it gives it some "real world" validity, if a company is spending on a billboard, the public sees them as more legit, especially because of the price tag and impact.

There are arguments that internet advertising brings the "trolls" and undesirables, but I would never go onto someone's post and put their idea down. The important thing here is that the community comes together and the billboards lift spirits, my kids drive past with me and say "Dad, look ... Steemit!", can internet advertising do that?

it gives it some "real world" validity

virtual and reall world as one part is great idea.
just like coca cola, and the most recent one pokemon go a combination between online gaming and real world.
so advertising steemit online and offline is a perfect idea :=)

Thank you @minergate123, we have to power to explore all avenues so why not do it. Pokemon was really clever, hats off to those guys. Maybe we need Steemed Glasses, instead of Google Glass :)

I gotta say, I kinda thought the same thing as spooky at first, but your logic makes sense to me. I probably would never click on an ad for Steemit online, I would honestly bet that it is some sort of scam. But seeing it on a billboard in real life does seem to give it some legitimacy, even if that's just a psychological trick. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @dexter-k , we truly hope that the billboard campaign will gain worldwide trust for Steemit and make it become a common household brand! Appreciate the support.

Good argument, upvote and supported :)

Thank you @tosch keep on Steemin'

You crack me up lol

Agree with you

:) yay!

all the money that is going to pay for these billboards could be money that goes to artists and people actually using steemit... already some people who are artists and writers i recommended got a bit discouraged because the got 50 cents while things like this which are temporary (their stories will be on steemit forever) get $6000+

that's fine that is what the people decide to vote on. but if people contribute content and get almost nothing, and are promoting to social networks to get upvotes (which are not worth much if the people are not whales) well they might as well forget that and go back to using their blog, fb, etc.

Hi @decrypt, I understand fully your frustration. I am saddened to see the wasteland of low voted posts, we are here to change that. By voting for us, you are voting for a future "whale of the people", we already have some professional curators on our team and we need to make them stronger so they can help you. We are working on curation bots, so we can upvote the posts of others and help uplift everyone on Steemit when we are large enough, @steemdrive has a huge vision and it includes all of you. The more people vote for us, the more change we can bring about faster!

I live in San Francisco a major area for tech startups. I see Apple and many other tech companies advertising by billboard. As @steemdrive said it is supplementary to online advertising. A few years back I used to work at a restaurant as a waiter. There was a large patio that overlooked the downtown area. EVERYDAY I would get a perfect view of the Apple billboard and I own mac computers and an iphone. So who knows it doesn't hurt.

Thank you @piedpiper, we have many people on our team, from all over but not nearly enough, we want to cover the whole world!

^^Also from Auckland :) Let me know if I can help out. have you considered near the airport?

Hey, we have a New Zealand liaison @cryptoiskey, and the sites are already chosen for this campaign. I can have you as a backup liaison or perhaps you would like to work on different advertising projects with us. Contact me in - thecryptodrive

I live in Auckland and I would be dam proud to see a Steemit billboard here

Fantastic!! Will see it soon!!

This one in Croatia is on me :)

Thank you so much!!! Glad we are inspiring a movement!

Yeah, other campaigns battle to receive funding because no-one really knows if it is legitimate or whether the author will follow through. We are trusted and the community can be sure we will execute and obtain the necessary permissions.

At least I paid for printing and billboard. For return @dantheman downvoted my post with full power. Yes it is little bit frustrated.

Congratulations! This is a great initiative to promote Steemit, hope to see more billboards around the world! :)

Will do, billboards worldwide shall happen, just because you asked nicely...and because your food posts look tasty! I think a food billboard would "go down" well. :)

Thank you! :D Haha a food billboard would be awesome!! Will see if I come up with an idea ;)

Yes please do, aaah I'm hungry again now...send me some virtual grub! :)

Awesome post! I'm sure many people from New Zealand will be noticing Steemit. I have always wanted to visit New Zealand but haven't yet, I'm sure it's beautiful! Awesome to see how the word about steemit is being spread everywhere. keep it up !

@sirwinchester thank you for your support, I have seen your great work on Steemit and am a fan myself. New Zealand is great, I was there in 2007 and will be going there again soon. The whole world will know about Steemit soon enough! Will keep it going!!

You are a proactive guy. Nice job. I want to say that Auckland is a great place. I was there for 6 weeks in December and January. I was downtown for the fireworks and I took some photos. I was home by 2AM Auckland time so I got on Facebook and posted photos of the fireworks taken in 2016. My friends in the USA loved it because they were still in 2015 and it was day time so they got a glimpse of the future. :). I enjoyed the organic duck they sell at Farro Fresh. All the super markets seemed to have great food. Venison is much more common there. My latest Steemit post.

Hey @bitcoinmeister this was a team effort, @cryptoiskey put together the bulk of the post. I started the South Africa one but I have family in NZ also and was there in 2007, lovely place. Ah, man their food! Flavoured bread even, we don't have that in South Africa. Hope to go there again later this year. Voted your post, best of luck!

Very cool! Great job to everyone involved here this is looking like a brighter future for steemit by the day! We all know this is very much a "word of mouth" type operation where campaigns like this can really go a long way! Nicely done. Upvoted ;) and good luck!

Billboards are fantastic, they are bold and vibrant, loud and all that kind of good eye catching stuff. The greatest thing, however, is the teamwork and the community involvement, I love how everyone roots for this campaign, Steemit is a fun and happy place when it is happening!

Way to go Shayne, hopefully this earns enough money to pay for the billboard!

@theprophet0 , your billboard campaign will be coming up in the near future, great to have you aboard as liaison, I like your ideas, you are an asset to the @steemdrive campaign. Keep Steemin'

Cheers buddy,

Ricardo Goncalves

Great post @steemdrive! I actually lived in Auckland for a year :) In The North Shore.. Lovely place!

Haha!!! I've been to North-Shore when I went to visit my brother-in-law! Nice place I agree!

Yeah I loved it!

@the-alien oh awesome where exactly?. I grew up most of my childhood in Browns Bay and Torbay on the North Shore.

In fairfax, the street (birkenhead) not too far from the bridge.. I don't know if you know where it is..

Yes! I use to go fishing on the jetti(pier) in Birkenhead) Take the bait catcher down with heaps of bread and catch sprats!. I remember a Fairfax ave:)

Another great project!

Note for Dan, I'm not a bot. I'm a good friend of steemdrive :)

Yeah I can vouch for that, I love @minion's uplifting .gifs they always make the post feel like a winner! Thanks @minion!

Awesome billboard! Clear, and precise advertisement. This billboard will certainly get traction. I know Auckland well and the flow of traffic well. During peak traffic, morning and night, Auckland traffic is either at a standstill or crawling ... your billboard will be viewed by countless thousands upon thousands of motorist . They will never need to strain to get the message, and I would assume this will generate an enormous amount of interest and people visiting Steemit. Well done !!

Hi @garywilson , thanks for you support it means a lot to the @steemdrive team, you can be proud of your son Shayne ( @cryptoiskey ), he is a great team player and ambassador for your country. Kudos to you both!!!

Great job guys! Glad it is working well :)

Hey @webdeals my UK liaison, how are you doing my friend! Thanks for the upvotes and friendship!

absolutely welcome my dear :) glad to be your friend too :)

Another great campaign, best of luck raising the money for it.

Thanks @bergy I love the advertsing work you have been doing on your posts as well, advertising on was genius, your post deserved more love though. I gave it all I could. Still 10 hours left though, anything can happen!

I just want say.... wooow... Thank you, for your team ... :)

It is the most amazing thing being part of a team, we are all promoting this post together right now in the background! @cryptoiskey is a good friend, I enjoyed editing the post with him.

Great post! Took alot to read lol but good stuff. Still working on the whole price drop thing on my end, but I will be adding some of my own funds to compensate the drastic loss in value I had :p No biggy. I'll make it back later. Glad to see you guys are still chugging along strong though!

Thanks @thedashguy, it is usually best to keep the funds in SBD until ready to spend. Thanks for your support, if we can help you get the balance to make your billboard happen, pm me in chat and we will make it happen.

Awesome Campaign! I want to do this in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!! How can I make this happen?

Hey @barrycooper! Let's do this! Are you on If so pm me , my name there is thecryptodrive, we also have a mutual contact, @instructor2121, he can get us together. I'm also on Facebook and Linkedin too. Look forward to working with you, I think it will be epic!

Also have a look at our first campaign, it has more details about me and more info about being a liaison.

Really cool inititiative, plus I love NZ! Was there a few years ago for Brave New Coin's event in Queenstown and I consider it to be the most beautiful place I have been to so far!

Oh yeah, Bitcoin South I think it was called, I do some work for Brave New Coin actually, I post their news on the @bravenewcoin blog here on Steemit. Did you ever meet Fran Strajnar the CEO? Great guy, I chat with him often.

This is an amazing initiative guys! Great Work!

Thank you for your support!! Peace and love!

Great to see other Kiwi's working on this! You know there are a bunch of Steemers in Auckland, right? We should all get together some time!

I @steemdrive (@thecryptodrive) am from South Africa, but will be coming to NZ very soon for a bit, I have family there. @cryptoiskey, the liaison for this post was born in Auckland, he is out of country now but hopefully he will be there soon. Would love to meet you there, pm me thecryptodrive in

No wayyyyy!!! I am from Sandton. Lived in the US for many years, and moved to NZ 4 months ago with 3 other Steemers, would love to get together!

I think it will be more effective if you are using directly the link "". I understand that you are now using because you want to redirect with your referal id. Most of people don't know ".life" extension exist. Do you want effective promoting of Steemit or referals for your account?

Hi @siol we have debated this at length within our team, your point was discussed thoroughly and we decided, for now, to go with

Many people want us to provide metrics and this way we can. It also helps us provide metrics to potential billboard co-branders and one day have a fully branded front end with onboarding tutorials, tools, FAQ's etc, Steemit will become a part of everyone's life eventually, so the .life TLD is fairly fitting.

Referrals don't currently pay anything but when they do, the proceeds will go to the @steemdrive initiative to further the campaign and SP will be accumulated to enable us to further help the community and vote on quality content, our vision is that @steemdrive will eventually be the Steemit "whale of the people!"

Can promote steemit get paid?

Nice one, another Kiwi. We should organise some kind of hangout? I'm based in Christchurch.

I will be in NZ later in the year, would be great! I will be in North Island, but anywhere in NZ is pretty close anyway.

As one fellow Kiwi to another proud to support this project

Another Kiwi! I smell meetup potential!!!

Always up for that even if its over skype

Awezome man! What a great Job, we hope it takes off to in Melbourne!

Yeah man, if you want to help us organise for Melbourne, hit me up in my name is thecryptodrive there.

Nice. I think steemit could change the world and people should get to know about it asap. Nothing more enjoyable than a censor free informational center. 😊

Changing the world is definitely the agenda! The power is not only in what the platform can do, but the people that rally behind it to make things happen. Thanks for your support!

Great campaign! Auckland the City of Sales ! ;-)

Haha....start selling Steemit branded products!!

Love the initiative. Personally I'd like to see other forms of advertizing aswell. Companies usually pay moviemakers to be seen in them. Cocacola is usually visible in movies. It would be cool if steemit could've been used in a movie of some kind.
But it would probably mean that someone in here need to have connections to Hollywood.

Hey @deleted our campaign @steemdrive is very versatile, in fact,we are working on something digital to launch by weekend, hopefully. We are open to all suggestions and all assistance and involvement. If anyone wants to launch a particular campaign with us, please find me in (thecryptodrive)!

Why does the billboard say and NOT ?

The link is forwarding to the .com but I find this a little misleading.

Hi @satoshifpv , see above in the disclaimer section, I explained as follows:

"Ned Scott of Steemit, Inc. approved the use of the domain on artwork, which will point to a referral link for campaign tracking, otherwise not possible if was advertised."

It's the only easy way to track metrics.

That actually makes sense. The ".com" just seems more legit from a user perspective. Maybe something like this could also work "Get your $10 Bonus NOW"

Great work and good idea!

Thanks for the interesting idea, we also have plans for making an onboarding website, teaching people how to introduce themselves, use chat channels, secure wallets etc before diving into Steemit, so could be powerful. We will evaluate everything as we go.

That's awesome. I am currently living in Auckland New Zealand and am setting myself up to convince our 5000 member Playcentre Federation to join so we can utilize Steemit within our community for fundraising purposes as we are a not for profit charity that traditionally gets money by applying for grants (tedious) I thought it'd be great. Anyone in Auckland that could help me out?

Hey @kaykunoichi, we @steemdrive are a powerful team within Steemit, we are growing our resources every day, helping good causes is part of our mission. Please contact me in so we can strategise, I will need the website links of the charity and their contact people. My name on chat is thecryptodrive. Look forward to being of service.

Thanks for the reply will message you now :)

Excellent idea! We should start launching more of these billboard campaigns in other countries.

Lol, we are doing exactly that...have a look at our blog. South Africa already done! More to come.

Saw that awesome, we could use some in America as well, thanks for the info!

For sure, we are currently working on Chicago, Connecticut and Tennessee. Follow this blog for more updates!

This is great! What do you need for me to get something paid for in Chicago? I'll be free to get stuff done here all week.

Hey buddy, I haven't heard from you since the first campaign, thought you weren't on Steemit anymore. I had to give the Chicago campaign to someone else unfortunately. However I remember you also are near Detroit, if you would like to handle Detroit, contact me again in (thecryptodrive). Cheers man!

Was sick for a few weeks. Finally doing better the past couple days. Was hospitalized and all.

Awesome! Thank you for doing this and I wish you the best with it - for all of us!

The pleasure is ours, the @steemdrive team salutes you!

I remembered VOTE, SHARE and FOLLOW.
I really enjoyed your posting. Cheer up for you :P

Thank you !

completed share my twitter !

Now we are talking! I have followed you on Twitter!

OK, I accepted your followed!
Nice to meet you ~!

Nice to meet you too ;)

Nice, those steps are key!!! Sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is actually also really important, not sure if many people do it.

Good idea!

We like to think so :)

who are those people in the picture? Is it Team Steemdrive?

Hey @roelandp , that picture was procured by @cryptoiskey the team member that put this post together. I will ask him, I think it is a stock photo of New Zealand people, the @steemdrive team is globally distributed, one in each city, so not so easy to get a team photo. I love your visualisation and dev work, if you want to join our team even as consultant, you are welcome, we don't only do billboards..more projects to come.

Like that moving money....if only it was Steem Dollars!

Hey @clevecross contact me on (thecryptodrive) let's see how we can make your dream billboard a reality together.

You could put one in Eden Park when the All Blacks beat everyone else as they always do, and why not another one in the big tank at Kelly Tarlton World? Just a thought....

Awesome thanks for all the suggestions, we will need to do a separate campaign for each of those, billboards are big $$$, will put on our list! Thanks for the support!

20% of the investments should bring 80% of the results. I strongly believe in the 80-20 principle. I know for sure the billboards are costly as hell. There are couple of ways where you can invest less and reach more people

  1. An adwords campaign
  2. A facebook ads campaign
  3. I own a massive channel on YouTube with 100k+ followers and am willing to help with anything on YouTube if you want.

Hey Steemboy, that is fantastic...we at @steemdrive are not limited to billboard advertising, that is just the start. Please find me (thecryptodrive) in to discuss further!

Best of luck with this! That's an impressive investment.

Thank you, always humbled by the support!

Great to see more in the steemit community from New Zealand! How about putting a billboard up in Tauranga? There are lots of locations there that get traffic.

Thank you, we will put it on our list, we have already advertised for Auckland so will have to be on a future campaign. Will you be able to get us vote support on a Tauranga campaign when we launch?

It's amazing! In my town, many do not even realize what was going on. My friends and acquaintances on the internet video only cats watching. It is sad.

Watching cats....looool! I love it.... I also love this FUNNY - Man Compares Steemit to Facebook & Twitter

Nice that is pretty cool

I worry that people will think this is shady. However, I think as time passes steemit could definitely change the game in an earth-shattering way.

this is proof that this community is increasing so fast

Yeah, very nice!

Mate I did not know about you. Do you know if there is anyone leading NZ on Steam? Any team? Anything?