Trump Turns on Fox News in Erratic Tweetstorm

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Trump Turns on Fox News in Erratic Tweetstorm

Donald Trump is fed up with Fox News and completely turns on the right wing network in yet another erratic tweetstorm

Will he go to OANN?

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Congratulations! You earned my first downvote of the "New Steem!" I am NOT a big Trump fan, but I do appreciate TRUTH and you are just spewing lies and bullshit faster than Don Lemon.

So Trump didn't tweet the tweets on his feed?

Much wow... I must be following the wrong account

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The ORIGINAL comment was made during a live interview. If you choose to pretend that did not happen, then you can rant about "bizarre" and "erratic" tweets. If you saw the original comment in context, then it turns out you are just being a click-baiting Trump basher.

oh wow... im telling you... i must be following the wrong Trump account... good thing for me, there's you to let me know that our King and holy leader would never do such a thing.

Check out this terrible parody account, I'm reporting it to twitter.... Thanks


Sorry to hear about your loss ^

It is hilarious... I was looking for big accounts to put on my autovote, and there is SO much fodder for questioning Trump and his antics that I picked your article as my first attempt at whale ass kissing. Turns out I just cannot kiss ass for people who are anything less than impeccable about getting the truth out. I suppose plain truth just does not bring the clicks.

What was the lie or bullshit here? He just cited what Trump already said.

Listen Fredrikka... you are using your eyes, your eyes are Fakenews. Use your gut... what does your gut tell you? Trump = King ... right?

We always out to worship our leaders and see absolutely no flaw with them, it's the only way.

See reply below. If you take quotes out of context, then what you are writing is "spin" not truth.

Not sure if you're being serious or not, but anyone can go find his Tweet and see that the content of his tweets are completely insane no matter what the interview is. Adults don't write like this. It's just petty and embarrassing to read. Again, no matter what the interview on Fox was about.

Second. The story is relevant because Trump so far has been praising Fox News over and over. That he now goes after them is newsworthy regardless of whether or not he had a good reason to call them out or not.

Link to the tweet:

I will pretend there is some point in trying to explain. The poster rants about the tweets being "bizarre" and such, as if the tweets existed in a vacuum. They do not. They are in response to what was said in a live interview. They are perfectly coherent and apropos if taken in the full context.
There are people who love to hate Trump. There are people who love to hate Trump haters. I love truth, accuracy. The HEADLINE (clickbait) calls it an "erratic tweet storm."It was only erratic if you really, really want to see Trump as erratic. And three tweets is hardly a "storm" but whatever. Some folks have a taste for click bait. I am not among them. Some folks love to hate Trump. I am not among them. Some folks love to hate Trump haters. I am not even among them, but I am pretty tired of people skewing facts to serve their hatred.

I just told you that the context of the interview is completely irrelevant. His tweets are still Trump going childishly after Fox News the same petty way he has bee going after other mainstream media im the past. The news story from Pakman is therefore "truth", as it just points this out. And again, the context doesn't change this anything.

And yes they are bizare. No other adults speaks in a childish and "simple" way like Trump. It's the text I would have ezpected from a 80IQ internet troll. I am willing to grant you that the context of the interviews are exactly what you see them as. Trump's tweets are still something no other person you or I would respect has ever written in public.

I just see it differently. Trump attacking the media is one of the things he does that I appreciate. And I was a little uneasy about his coziness with Fox, they deserved the same derision as the rest of the professional liars, and now they are getting it. And yes, I DO respect what he said in the tweets. I am old enough to remember when the media REPORTED on FACTS. Sure, there has always been a "propaganda" angle to news, but they used to keep their opinions to themselves for the most part. Now these talking heads just push agendas, drive division, and lie, lie, lie. Anyway, I did not really expect to have you come around to see my point, that is what the lying media has taught us all to do - form an opinion then DIG IN!!! FIGHT! No compromise!
Meh. Have a good one.

Lol, those tweets are so petty. Can anyone name a single human being throughout history that have received any sort of respect who talked/wrote even remotely similar to Trump?

basically, no.

wow ,,,, good news 👍

What went wrong between trump and fox news

I don't really know what he his up to with this behaviour of his. Totally unacceptable

Trump always on the headline

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