Can Your Witness Vote Really Make a Difference? See for yourself.

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As per the data collected over the past week from

51,895 votes are cast for inactive witnesses (dead witnesses).

= a grand total of 202,368 MV worth of votes

Which is more than enough to put any 4 active witnesses into the top20!

Or more, depending on where the witness is currently on the ladder.

Basically, what this means is that with the current votes that us Steemians have out there we can literally change any and all of the governance within our ecosystem.

I am only talking about the people who have active votes in place.

So, the next time anyone says “My vote can't make a difference“ or something along those lines, there it is.


So I would kindly ask all the 26,009 Steemians who are voting on dead witnesses to please take into consideration the fact that THESE VOTES CAN MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE!

I have (will) gone ahead and tagged all Steemians who have voted on dead witnesses, as this is the prime target of this information here.

I don’t know how else to get their attention, except for maybe sending DM’s via Discord for the next 3450 days in a row. I think this is easier and more effective.

NOTE: I am not judging anyones choices/vote, all I wish to do is to point out the fact that your votes can make a real difference and that there are many of us witnesses who are active and who sincerely care about Steem, no matter what the market prices may be. We are in it for the long run.

PS. As was suggested in the comments below, here are two links where you can take care of witness voting:


& here is another great tool out there to check on witness votes:

(again, a link supplied via a comment in this thread).

Yours truly,

If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones



NOTE: if you were tagged, all that means is that in the past week of collecting data you had one or more witness votes which were for inactive witnesses. With this tag/post, all I wish to do is to suggest how your vote can make a difference in our governance as per our Steem ecosystem.

Thank you for your time and I sincerely hope that you shall take a moment to think about the importance of the point that I am trying to make here via this post.

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Thanks for the tag. We should all readjust our votes from time to time.

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Thank you for the reminder, I still voted for utopian and forgot to change it xD

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Thanks a lot for reminder me .. send me the links to check it please..!!

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Here are two links where you can take care of witness voting:


if you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks a lot my friend for your instant reply..!!

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I never know who to vote for witness.. I'm guilty of having a dead vote.. Any suggestion on where to find reliable information on who to vote for?

You can check out who is posting what with the relative tags: witness, witness-update or witness-category at

and you can see the general info for all witnesses at:

Your vote is your personal choice and what is important is that if at any time in the future you feel that you wish to change your vote, you have absolutely every right to do so and nobody has any right to judge you for it.

Your vote = your choice.

& there is no rush to make any choices either, it is all a thing of what you decide to do with your votes.


Appreciate you bringing this to my — and indeed all — our attention.

I went through and fixed up my witness votes a few months back (probably start of the year), so it’s good to know I have to go re-check.

Absolutely our votes make a difference!!!!

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How do i find Out inactive whitnesses? Sorry just found the answer.

Cool, if you have any questions, please go ahead and ask, I'll be here, love Steeming on!

Thanks for the reminder!

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Thanks a lot for tagging my name 😍 I am just going to checking out the name of my witnesses.

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So glad to see people reacting so positively.

Thank you.

Welcome 💐

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Thanks for the reminder I've been meaning to go through my votes.

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Friendly reminder never hurts!

Would be better if it was over a couple of friendly drinks, but that day will come too!
Then we can chuckle about the "life and times of us Steemians"

Cheers mate.

Haha yes indeed brother sounds great a drink and a chat👍

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Thanks for the heads up. I am in good company I see 😆
Will change my vote when I get home😳

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Any time, together our votes can make a HUGE difference.

I am so happy to see everyone so positive about it.


I did not vote for many witnesses. They were still "alive" at the time of my vote.

I am sure they were.

Thank you for replying and reading the post, your vote is just as important as anyone elses and it makes a huge difference.


@jackmiller thanks for tagging me man. We need to give our votes to the people who really working hard and active on block chain irrespective of steem price. Hope this post will make people to check their votes once again and give to the witnesses who deserve them. 51,895 is a huge number, it can be decide who lead here.

We also need to check about witnesses who simply milking out the system with out adding any real value worth they are earning through block chain.

Once again thanks for tagging me and reminding the importance of my witness vote.

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We the people (we Steemians) do have the power to change things!

Our Steem ecosystem works and all it takes is for us to do our bit!

Thanks for this great comment, just gave me a bunch of energy to keeeeep STEEEEEMING ON!


Hey @jackmiller thanks for the heads up. Have dropped a couple of dead witnesses, not been spending as much time on here as I was. A couple were really big surprises. What happened to @utopian-io ? Any you could recommend I check out and add to my witness list.

Hey mate, hows it going?

My goal here was to show just how much of a difference all of us can make if we vote and the above numbers do not include our fellow Steemians who do not vote at all.

So imagine the power of the people if we all voted!


As for recommendations, my views are as follows:

"Each persons vote is a private choice".

I hope you can accept and appreciate my stand on that.

Nice to hear from you, have to admit, I've been a little overwhelmed with real life stuff toooo.

Hope to see you around more often.


Appreciate your position on recommendations. Will see if I can find a couple of deserving Steemians to put my witness vote behind.

Thanks for the shout out @jackmiller. I just changed some of the inactive witness votes to active witnesses. Thanks!

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Thank you.

You and everyone here has just made my day, my efforts are actually making a difference on this topic and it feels fantastic.


Thanks for the heads up. I will be reviewing my witness votes today. You make a good point and I was only moaning about the witness system the other day in a comment.

It is up to all of us to make a difference, our Steem ecosystem works, if we make it work!

Thanks for taking the time to read the post and for taking action upon it.


Thanks for the tag. Going to check my vote.

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I vote some dead witnesses, but I think they may come back and I have plenty left over after not voting supporters of this debacle in the making.

& nobody has the right to judge you for your choices.

You as an individual = "the wealth of Steem" and the fact that you believe that you are doing the right thing and keeping track of things is absolutely great.


Partiko says i am mentioned but i dont see my Name here

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Hahaha yeah @felix.herrmann.

Apparently, I also was mentioned and I can't see my username throughout the post either.

I suspect @jackmiller must be playing with some Voodoo dolls or something with some resemblance to us to attract our attention to his posts. ;p

Check the HTML code of the post and you will find your name along with plenty of others.

Oh! I see. Thank you for the tip @isarmoewe. :)

Ah, this @jackmiller serial HTML tagger & Sorcerer's Apprentice!! Hahahaha

Black magic!

hahahhaha, love it!

Einfach den HTML-Code anzeigen lassen.

All tags were posted and removed so as to ensure there is no "list" on the front end.

The goal here isn't to make a "list", but to nudge people in the hope to get everyone thinking about just how important our responsibilities as Steemians and voters are.

We do have the power to change things if we want to.

Me too.

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This is an aspect of Steem that is completely unintelligible to newbies.

And figuring out who to vote for is very hard.

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Yes, it is all a lot to take in and understand for many people.

There are many communities out there trying to help in making it all easier to understand.

One of the issues in the past was that we Steemians didn't have a place to go to and see what us Witnesses were posting about (relevant to witness topics).

So I made:

It is all automated and all the posts made by Steem Witnesses using the relevant tags #witness, #witness-category or #witness-update are resteemed there.

Afterwards I went ahead and slapped together a simple website:

again, just to try and help in that field.

As with most people, it just takes time to soak it all in and get up to speed with everything.

I'm forever in a quest to find the best and easiest ways to explain technical stuff to people that doesn't cause their eyes to glaze over.

With a system like Facebook and Twitter, ultimate power is handed to Zuck or Jack and the executives and functionaries who end up working there and self selecting people like themselves into prominent roles. At first their full of technical people who built the systems and eventually these transition to the kinds of people more comfortable dealing with people than technology (modians vs mundians as my friend dubbed it).

Steem Witnesses are not quite analogous but they move the centralised control of these other systems out to a decentralised and more democratic system. It's not perfect (and lord knows neither is democracy) but it sure beats the way in which all the other big networks have been captured by the hard-left.

Tell me if any of that is even remotely true!

I dare say that the figures that are stated in the post here confirm your general point of view.

As per our Steem Whitepaper, the witnesses are = governance.

We choose our governance which in effect gives us Steemians the power to have our say in the future of our Steem.

I am very BIAS, I truly see the potential that Steem has to offer this world of ours, with over 80% of the worlds population living on under $10 a day, we literally can change so many lives out there.

Plus, set a precedence that has never to date been seen in any of the "governance" models to date.

Steem has incredible potential and a lot of it depends on the vision and goals and not just the "here and now" as what too many out there seem to be stuck on.


Hello! Thank you for this but could you help me identify the dead witnesses and how do I change it because I honestly forgot how to do it. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Sure, it would be my pleasure.

I personally use

& this is the tool/website that I always recommend.

There you can see all the active and inactive (dead) witnesses).

It is a great tool.

The other way to do it is:

There you will see the top100 listing of witnesses and next to each name that is inactive/dead you will see a note stating it.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask, I am here and will do my best to help.


Thank you so much @jackmiller! You're the best!

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Thank you for the heads up @jackmiller.

Yeah, I know that I must have at least a handful of dead/inactive witness in my short list.

But hey, that was the reason of why I started the workshop of embalming corpses a few months ago. So, if I go ahead and I take out my vote on them. ¿What I'm gonna do with my taxidermist diploma now? }:)

PS. Oh! and by the way. Maybe you'd want to refer to your readers to website. Where I reckon it's easier to check the current witnesses status and remove or place new votes.


Good idea, will edit the post right now.

Thanks for that.

People helping people, love it!

People helping people, love it!

My pleasure mate!! :)

Ashamed I let mine slip. I guess two of the 3 I had voted outside the top 100 gave it up, and without the new tool you mentioned above, I never would have seen it.

Thanks for tag, I am going back through and adding tags for those whose projects I am following now! This important vote often gets overlooked!

I was not aware that I currently vote for dead producers. Thank you for mentioning. Even tho I am not very active I want others to have a good experience and I will update my votes soon

Your vote matters!

As does everyones.

Each and every Steemian is important in our ecosystem.


uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh so much work , it was mainly those unnamed ones I had to type in to even vote for. Removed. Took like 5minutes to find people outside top 20 to vote for again. 5minutes, amagawd I can't even . Am I now a government tool?

Based on the facts and figures collected, it is up to all of us Steemians to make our ecosystem become everything it can be!

Thank you, will certainly rectify this!

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Oh, thanks for mentioning. Will change asap.

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Checking on mine. Thanks for the update.

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I updated my votes.

2 were disabled, one 8 days ago, another one 6 weeks ago!

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Thanks, I didn´t pay too much attention on this, apparently.
What are the inactive witnesses?
And what would be you top 10 witnesses, worth voting for?

The "inactive" (dead) witnesses are those that are no longer running a witness server, basically 'they no longer exist as witnesses'.

As for voting, my stand on that is as follows:

"Every persons vote is a personal choice".

I don't want to be a judge of any persons choices, even those that choose not to vote, even if I don't agree with "non voting" I don't judge people for making that choice.

There is no time limit as to when you can vote for witnesses, so if you are not sure as to who you wish to vote for, take your time.
As long as you understand that your vote is important and does make a huge difference, because each and every person matters in our ecosystem, I am sure that you will take care of it when you are ready to do so.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask, I will be around.


When I check the witnesses I am voting for, none of them have an inactive note next to them. I removed my vote for those that did. How can I check a step further?

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Hey G'day, sorry for not replying earlier, was out all day today taking care of things that just had to be done.

I just had a look at

& the checked the names on

At first glance it is number 12 who is no longer active.

I highly recommend as a site for checking up on witness statuses, I use it whenever necessary.

Thanks for taking action on this, the positivity on this is just FANTASTIC!

If you have any, and I mean any questions, feel free to ask, I will get back to you on them, even if it be half a day later like today.


Thank you for the links. I updated some of my witnesses, since I also had a couple free votes and realised some witnesses for whom I thought I was voting for, I wasn't.

I'm still a bit confused about the data found on the info page. What are Missed blocks? And what indicates more specifically that someone is not active?

Missed blocks = number of blocks that the server didn't sign off on.

This could be a result of many things, like for example when the blockchain froze last year I went from "0" to whatever the figure is today. On that day every witness missed blocks.

It could also be for example a simple error made when updating/restarting (aka HF).
Not taking the server offline immediately when doing this, a simple human mistake while doing the right thing.

If you do monitor the missed blocks "daily" and you notice that a witness server is missing blocks more frequently than others, then that could suggest that the server is not reliable or maybe a computer in a backyard garden shed or flooded mouldy basement. Just saying that to exaggerate a little, but then again, I have heard some horror stories about what all people use to "mine" crypto!

As for the "active" status.

on, if the witness/user name is in yellow, that means that the server has been offline since recently, which is not necessarily a bad thing, it could be just an update in question. In which case it would be best to send a DM to the person and ask what is up with that.

If the name is in red, then that server has been down for a while.
This is where a witness vote is going to waste.

If that witness becomes active again the name will change colour and I am sure they will notify their followers and friends that they have decided to get their witness campaign going again.

I hope this answer helps.


Yes, this is very helpful. Thank you. :)

Honest thanks. I’ll log on the desktop tonight and readjust my votes.

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Thank you so much for the reminder my friend 😉👍
I corrected it now and I honestly need to look over my list some more. Like you say.. The vote matters and makes a difference... So want to do it right 😉❤️

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I am amazed at just how positively everyone is taking it and wanting to pitch into making our Steem ecosystem everything it can be.

The responses here are great and I am sure that it will make a difference.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Don't be surprised...its the way you made the post and it's not like you pointing fingers, you just trying to help.
And who doesn't appreciate it?
Ohh... And then a lot of it might be cause your amazing too 😜👍🤗 lol
Again Thank you for all you do!

I have chosen you as a witness

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Thank you.

I will keep doing my best to make sure I earn it.

& thank you for reading the post and checking your witness votes, it really means a lot to our Steem ecosystem.

Thanks man! This was a really really really good reminder and I admire your effort to create that post. And the tagging/removing move is really really smart :P

I had 2 inactive witnesses I've voted manually and for those votes you don't really see of they are active or not. At least o steemitwallet. is a bomb for researching thatvkind of stuff.

Thanks for reminding and analysis!


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Man, I am glad that we are making a difference.

Step by step, we shall make Steem everything it can be!


Many thanks for reminder I find a good solution into Steem Peak you can make it very easy greetings Michael

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Thank you for tagging me here, I knew it was time to look over my votes but it hadn't made the top of my list yet.
I'm glad I vote and follow the one and only @jackmiller!

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I voted for dead witnesses once but I got a message in my wallet (as 0.001Steem transfer) from someone stating that the witness I voted for is no longer active. I think it's another way to let people know.

EDIT: I'm now you mention in this post? I think I have to see my witness list again then.

EDIT2: Fixed! Didn't know that #utopian-io is no longer a witness!

I am so glad to see that my efforts are actually achieving results.

Thank you for replying, it really means a lot to me.


I thought I stopped voting for inactive witnesses a few months ago, but I guess not. Thanks for bringing it to me attention.

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Thanks for the mention, man! I'll take a look to my dead witnes(ses)! 🤗
! BEER 🍻❓

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Thanks for notifying and all the information.

I removed that vote and also voted for you.

I always have a post for more votes, but I really do not know who to vote for. If I could occupy them to give downvotes it would be good. A very interesting post thanks

Steem needs all of us for it to work and every witness vote is important.

Steem nos necesita a todos para que funcione y cada voto de testigo es importante.

Sorry if there are mistakes in the translation, I used Google translate.

Your vote is important, that is the message of this post.
Tu voto es importante, ese es el mensaje de este post.

The whole witness voting scheme is messed up! Why is voting for disabled witnesses even a thing? And no I don't believe my vote counts, these stats do not prove it does. Thanks for tagging me though as when I was unvoting for all witnesses the other day I must of accidentally voted for one (that I had never even heard of.)

I fully agree that there are things that need to improved, one of them you hit right on the head:

"Why is voting for disabled witnesses even a thing?"

Fully agree.

However, as we can see, until we manage to get consensus on issues that concern our governance and our voting model, the responsibility lays with all of us to do our best so as to ensure that our ecosystem works as best it can with the given "flaws".

As for "your vote counting":

My point here is fairly clear, that all our votes count, even and especially those votes cast for dead witnesses.

Look a the grand total of vote value on dead witnesses, it literally = enough to change the entire governance (top20) here on Steem.

or should I say Top30, as there are 30 votes that each and every one of us can cast.

It really does add up and your vote, as mine, as anyones is a part of it.

But, yes, I tend to agree fully with your points about "fixing things".

These figures confirm that too, so "right on" with that one.


Thanks, @jackmiller, I appreciate the heads up.

I'll check into it ASAP, though I have a recalcitrant laptop, and . . . oh joy . . . we just lost power. ;-/

I'd still like to have that conversation with you about The Last Wave one of these days.

Ohhh, I actually watched that movie twice now and have thought about it many times.

It was way ahead of its time on so many things.

I really appreciate the fact that you suggested it to me.

As for the witness votes, yeah, still battling at making our Steem ecosystem work the best that it can, including the witness votes / governance. It is an on going job and tbh, I enjoy doing it. Every step of the way I know that what is done today in helping people to get informed and more active in our governance the better off our Steem shall be in the long run!


Yeah, I've loved that film since I saw it in the theatre, and I've seen it a few times since downloading it. I'm so hooked I've got it on my phone. :-)

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Here's a quick way to see if you're voting for any inactive witnesses:

Another excellent tool out there to check on witness votes.

i will include it in the post immediately.


Gosh, I'm one of the 26k steemians that voted for at least one inactive witness!
Thanks for the reminder @jackmiller

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With the prices of crypto changing over the past year so drastically, it is no surprise that many who started up a witness server in the days when it was reaaaalllllyyyy profitable are now dead!

So, nhf, but with over 50K votes sitting there, not really helping our ecosystem live up to its potential, we all need to do our bit to get it all back on track.

Thanks for taking the time to read the post and take action.


It's thanks to you that I went through and updated my witness list. The effort you put into compiling this list to show that together we all can make a difference is a testament to your caring. Much appreciation! 😎

I purged mine about 2 months ago but thanks for the tag @jackmiller. 👍

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Thanks Jack! Didn't know I was! Will check it out tonight and update 🤗

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One from what I see on first glance.

See ya at Fambalam time!

I'm on the road heading to meeting @mariannewest gor our road trip to Colorado!!!! Wish you were coming @jackmiller!!! 🤗

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Is it abh12345 and paulag? I did know about them . I must have forgotten to take them off :)

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Ohhh, you want me to do your homework for you!
That's cheating!

Hahahhahaha well if I got it right...then you can an A+ hahahhaa

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Thanks for the heads up! Didn't know about these witness-checking tools, very helpful :^)

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