Some thoughts regarding abuse fighting on Hive

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I read @neoxian's post recently and wanted to drop some of my thoughts around it the way I see it from running a big curation project on Hive and how I think it's going to evolve over time. Was going to leave a comment first but there were quite a few other aspects of it all I wanted to cover and some I wanted to avoid (like AI) so it wouldn't have been completely related to his post.

That said, I agree that in many ways @hivewatchers team is too small and I think the decisions being done only come from a couple if only maybe 1 person trying to keep it all together while having the community help him with reports and such which still can get overwhelming for one person. I'm not sure if this is kept small on purpose to possibly maximize the rewards people in control earn from the proposal (have seen this occur with certain niche communities in our incubation that we've been wanting to and dealt with in some cases). I can speak from OCD's activities that it is quite overwhelming for me as well and we barely get much abuse going through us so I'm mostly speaking about all the curation activities which I've made sure over the years to bring more trusted curators up to "my rank" if you will in decision making and laying down opinions and rules to maintain our ways of curation and stake distribution and in the same go also share the rewards with them with personal stake in the form of delegations.

What I say next may not be true and I don't want to offend anyone from the @hivewatchers team but seeing the person I believe to be mostly in charge of the day to day it has seemed as if they're trying really hard to make it look like "they're needed". Whether that's due to the way their funding works through proposals and the stress behind that or due to the increasing dislike for the way @hivewatchers deal with certain things I personally also don't agree with, it has seemed like logic has been trying extra hard to be heard in different chats literally spamming many unrelated channels with random abuse findings, account creation abuse, plagiarism and lately AI. The reason I've even picked up on this is because we've also added abuse reporting onto OCD since a while ago, among other anti-abuse tools and it's become quite a headache to wake up, find a curator having reported certain posts we've curated to be from an abusive author to then open up the other chats and see logic dm'ing or bringing the same case up in other channels. The daily dejavu's have made it look as though logic/hivewatchers don't really spend much time into finding abuse, but more dealing with it from reports and then for some reason being super loud about it and shoving it in everyone's face which has gotten to become very annoying over time. I know guiltyparties has attempted to control it but to no avail, but either way it is what it is but it brings me to my next point as to how I see abuse fighting go down over time.


Similar to how we run our community incubation program within OCD where we invite the creator of a niche community, let's say for instance a community about knitting. The creator of the community obviously has to know about knitting to have had interest in creating and running it, her curators and helpers/moderators have obviously been picked because they share the same interest which means they're also experienced in knitting. So when it comes to curating posts from the community involving knitting, they're very knowledgeable about it and even though we're in the early stages of "everyone/most get participation trophies/votes" there are some posts where they may request bigger votes to land on them due to the quality, mastery and potential effort behind certain knitting projects the authors have presented.

My point is that these people are experienced and know a lot about the niche, which means that over time they will be the best to also find abuse within the category. This means that eventually I think communities, with the help of curation projects and the tools that communities bring to the table, they'll be the most efficient abuse fighters within their own niche that no one else will be able to compete against. They won't just be good at finding abuse but they'll also be more experienced and hands down with the authors posting in their community, they may pick up on things that would bypass others such as "I've read this author many times before but his/her new post seems like quite the leap in language/detail/knowledge, something's off"

These aren't things normal curators would be able to pick out because they're more about general curation and possibly better at detecting general abuse which they can also help the community curators with.

On top of it all, the people behind a certain community who've worked hard to grow and maintain it are going to be a lot more caring about their users and guide them towards betterment than the black & white ruleset we see hivewatchers run with these days. Where even once forgetting about sourcing anything means you have to join their discord, jump over hoops to do certain appeals and if they refuse or don't respond they're instantly blacklisted. I don't think it's a surprise that most new users will just avoid doing all that and just leave, often to never look back at Hive again and miss out on quite a lot and our chain missing out on an avalanche of potential value if the user hadn't done a certain mistake that is so common and normal in most other web2's.

I've personally always been a bit more lenient when it comes to abuse, it doesn't mean I'm being naive and take too kindly on those purposely trying to abuse the rewardspool over and over. I think a good example of this was a recent abuse report that I stumbled upon in ocd where a curator mentioned that a user had been found plagiarising on a post a year or so ago and that they shouldn't get curated by us because they never appealed to hivewatchers. Taking a quick glance at the account you could see most of the recent content was quite original, he hasn't been receiving a lot of support but had maintained consistent posting and from what I saw no further abuse/plagiarism had occurred since. This was something I found a bit too bizarre to avoid curating a user for a mistake ages ago that they probably learned from and didn't repeat. Just because they didn't want to go over the often-times ridiculous asks of hivewatchers doesn't mean they don't deserve curation in my opinion and I think a lot of the issues people have with hivewatchers may come from the same root of the problem. They're often too strict, ask for too much to "get off the blacklist" or "get unbanned" (the fact people even use the word ban on this chain is dumb) and it's clear that this most of the time will chase people off the chain rather than help them improve and try again. Feels like some people are way too strict when it comes to the reward pool all the while a lot of it goes to so much dumb stuff in my opinion along with overrewarded content/authors that I really question if these abuse-fighting do more good than harm over time.

It kind of reminds me of the prison systems, more so the private for-profit ones in the U.S. where cops try their hardest to fill their quota so they can fill the prison's up it often strikes me as similar activity with for profit abuse-fighting and considering how much of a big deal it keeps becoming, the drama around the way the abuse-fighting occurs, etc.

I think over time, and this may be something we'd be happy to experiment with with OCD, would be to reward people for "moderation" of communities rather than directly rewarding people for finding and dealing with abuse. It shouldn't be a "go out and find abuse then bring it here to claim your reward" but more of a "hey thanks for curating, moderating and taking care of the community, here's a reward" which we've tried to do with our incubation, onboarding and other curation activities and I think it's been working rather well. We may experiment a bit more in the near future with having communities report to us when they find abuse and in turn possibly get higher curation of their daily/weekly reports which is our way of incentivizing their work that often goes unnnoticed and underappreciated.

I'm not saying we have to completely remove something like hivewatchers, there's plenty of abuse that is also good at remaining undected/hidden from the usual places curators and stakeholders aren't looking at such as certain tags rather than communities or communities that accept any and all kind of posts that often get overwhelmed with posts, but having more people/communities deal with them on their own accord rather than hivewatchers being at the helm acting as an authority and requesting everyone to go through them with reports and have them deal with it in their ways.

Anyway, this might be a bit rambly and not thought through properly but wanted to share my thoughts and what things seem to look like from my perspective these days.


Yeah I lost so many friends here on Hive due to the appeals process. They were so offended by the communications and immediate hostile actions from the watchdogs, they all chose to rage quit and piss in the wind.

I have had miserable interactions myself in their discord. Allowing the accusers to govern appeals makes no sense to me. Those in defense of the accused are viewed as a nuisance rather than a necessary role for justice.

The only way I have found to opt out is to stop using platforms that hide posts according to same authorized blacklists. I never authorized those lists to hide my friends, so I don't use them.

but having more people/communities deal with them on their own accord rather than hivewatchers being at the helm acting as an authority and requesting everyone to go through them with reports and have them deal with it in their ways.

That will never happen as long as they are funded through proposals and @adm is not taken away from them.

The biggest problem has always been accountability. No matter how much outrage there is among the people of Hive, Logic knows no one will boot him because large stakeholders will keep the funds flowing.

Their half-assed existence is owed mostly to complacency amongst stakeholders with large influence.

I completely agree with you. When one or an extremely small number of people hold the power to choose something like that it can lead to dangerous situations. I don't think it's a one person job anyways because that isn't scaleable. As more and more people come to hive there will be more instances of abuse. There's no way they can handle the growth of hive by themselves. If they truly cared for hive they wouldn't be self serving and would look to expand policing in a fair, ethical, and scaleable way.

I also agree on the voting of a person who has changed from their past mistakes. It makes no sense to have a downvote button if it means to ALWAYS hold the persons history against them. If they learned to make more engaging content and cited it, then they deserve to get votes. It's as simple as that. A past doesn't define a person, it's what they do with their history to change is what matters.

Thanks for the good read! It's a concept that we, as a community, need to think about.

Good post, and I definitely agree with most of what you've written.

One thing I'd pick up on is that although communities are generally best placed to moderate their members (and have the specialist knowledge to do so in more complex cases) I think there is still definitely a role for Hivewatchers.

There two scenarios I can see. First because it's possible for a user (at least in Ecency) to post to their own blog rather than a community and then use non-community tags to get the post noticed, thus avoiding scrutiny by any particular community. Second, that there are small communities which are effectively abandoned by their original creators, and could thus be posted in by someone who was deliberately skirting the rules. In both those cases, I can see Hivewatchers being an essential safeguard.

I can also see the Hivewatchers role evolving to be more of an arbitrator role, where users can appeal if they think a community is moderating them due to inter-personal conflict rather than any breach of the rules.

But I think what might be needed in all of these situations is for Hivewatchers to develop some. There should be clarity over exactly what the role is, who is carrying it out, how it is rewarded (and it should be, just like any other job !), and how new members can be added to the team. Also, I feel enforcement action should be graduated according to the circumstances, with an emphasis on being more educational than punitive for first-time offenders or for high-volume posters who might have slipped up rather than deliberately breaking the rules.

I guess what I'm really saying is that it should just be a human thing, not a rigid application of rules that could be done by a machine !

My opinion is that things should be seen calmly, AI is something that is already among us and carrying out a witch hunt against it, I think in my opinion it will be a huge effort against something that will not end.

I agree that if an AI is somehow "writing" an entire post this is wrong or at least unethical, now using an AI to improve something that was humanly created to polish and improve the text for example or some misinformation , I believe it would be totally valid.

In the end, it is a controversial and delicate subject.


Where even once forgetting about sourcing anything means you have to join their discord, jump over hoops to do certain appeals and if they refuse or don't respond they're instantly blacklisted.

I not too long ago had covid for the second time and make a little post ranting about it and didn't source some dumb meme. That got me downvoted on a few posts of mine that had nothing to do with whatever problem they had with me; I could not help but tell them to fuck off as a result. It was such a disgusting experience that I felt there was no other way to go about dealing with it than to straight up reply with aggression, because that's how it seemed they came at me.

Hivewatchers is one of the few things on Hive that I genuinely have a problem with, and I think they do so much damage to the point where people now just rely on stock images instead of trying to give their posts more personality, because weirdly these new users have had this posting structure engraved into them that implies there's not really another option. That or get downvoted and blacklisted by hivewatchers, bye bye account!

Not to say that I know of a better way to go about doing things or whatever. I don't really give it any thought in general. But yep, I agree with a lot of what you said.

Yeah there's a lot of abuse "nitpicking" I find utterly pointless and just destructive. It's one thing if a user is intentionally using images/memes/text to potentially deceive curators into receiving higher rewards and it's another to sometimes just share something in a text that's not even the main thing presented for curation to go out of your way to force your authority over them considering no history of intentional abuse has occurred in the past. Feels like they're either powertripping or trying their hardest to increase the amount of abuse to find to increase their odds for future funding, just dumb.

Slightly related to image sourcing/sharing on here at the moment: kind of insane that they'd go after such posts and AI text but AI images get a free pass. Even though courts have ruled they're void of any coypright protection because they both use other people's images and aren't manmade.

Just goes to show how silly things can be on here when it comes to a certain party using influence/stake to spread their own rules. Especially when we have things like Threads popping up now which are serving as a more relaxed method of short form posting.

Yeah, I agree with that and even though we're in the early phase of that technology, i.e. laws are literally being created about it as we speak, I think giving people some curation for their effort and process of finalizing certain AI artworks is okay for now as long as the AI artwork isn't the only thing they're presenting for curation but include things such as process, editing, thoughts, inspiration, ideas, etc. In the future if the AI tools could also source as to what was used (which I'm sure will happen soon) it'd be even better.

In the future if the AI tools could also source as to what was used (which I'm sure will happen soon) it'd be even better

I believe that is not possible with diffusion AI models. Since they are pretty much creating a new image from noise.

Also, I have no issue with people using AI art generated by diffusion models. It is no different than using an MTL to translate your text into another language. By using a diffusion model just the output of the medium changes.

Yeah this happened to me , exactly that , i was sharing a text with the link to open a discussion and a whale called me plagiarist more than a year ago and since then she hates my guts too, go figure...

Destructive behaviors , with very too personal war is a hive bee killer.

logic (= Hivewatchers) doesn't leave you much choice but being pissed off at them. The alternative is jumping through his hoops of mercy, which is really degenerate.

But maybe if I earnd 145 HBD a day I also wouldn't want to stop.

Also kinda funny that someone gets paid to maintain a supposed standard on everyone else's posts doesn't even post themselves. :)

This is something I mentioned once when I was working for a certain curation project (acid give me a second opportunity, im a new man). HW has always been a pretty strict project that rather than trying to retain people, they just brag about finding plagiarism everywhere and get rewarded for it.

What is the real motive or intent behind all this? I mean, yeah, plagiarism and abuse in general are intolerable things and we don't want any of it because it detracts from the quality of the chain.. but why go to the point of persecuting and atociting a user so much to make them leave? Not all users are invited by responsible onboarders or people who are in charge of "guiding" them on the right path, and that is why we have to take them out of the chain instead of understanding the big picture? Furthermore: Why does a user within Hive (a decentralized chain) have to use a centralized platform to "get off the blacklist"? Honestly, that doesn't make sense to me.

I got to see firsthand how people decided to leave the platform for not following the "mandatory steps" to be pardoned for the crimes they committed.. XD. Just dumb.

I've always been one to try to understand, after all, I think Neoxian mentioned it: We are a small community, and why make it even smaller? This is something that seems pretty foolish to me, we are not in a situation where we can be more exclusive than we should be; just trying to be inclusive and empathetic that after all this is a new technology for the vast majority and not everyone gets here in the same way.

Anyway, the communities and their teams have made this an easier task. The "moderators" of the communities nowadays can easily tell when content is "out of place", you said it in better words.

They won't just be good at finding abuse but they'll also be more experienced and hands down with the authors posting in their community, they may pick up on things that would bypass others such as "I've read this author many times before but his/her new post seems like quite the leap in language/detail/knowledge, something's off

Anyway, this is already a lot of text XD. I guess Neoxian's post made this topic more relevant. I don't support HW on a lot of things, but I won't demerit the work they've done either. I still remember a certain anti-abuse group asking me for pictures of my national ID just to confirm my identity, bruh. Hopefully those times will never return for anyone.


Stating that, I see policing as needed. But we need to remember first it's very unrewarding, demandind and ungreatuful job to be a police officer. There probably is a reason why this job attracts some certain kind of people. And when this police officer has the power to judge and all authority to communicate, it must become a sick institution.

We are not in a place to enforce rules with such strictness as 60 (!) demonetized posts to get removed from a blacklist for some minor offend, such as with @xrayman case.

More harm the profit here IMO when it's done this way. Let's decentralized and defund police. I remember there were reports posted about works of old chain police. Each case should be reported reviewd and rewarded by community if agreed on. And absolutely no place for emotional and unprofessional communication, way of treating potential offender can't be a part of the punishment!

There are much more harmful practices that goes entirely unpoliced, like voting for leeches. That's why I'd like to see leech ratio in major frontends. Just divide held HP by HP earned from curation.

I'm not up to date with any drama around these here parts, but what you describe as your actions sounds to me like something... a regular person would do.

The drama and binary aggression is probably just a product of having to deal with plagiarism and abuse over and over and over and over again. It gets hard for a small group or individual to keep an understanding face on and just turns, inevitably, to bitter authoritarianism. It's more efficient, after all.

the fact people even use the word ban on this chain is dumb

I think that sums it all up.

Community leaders I agree will not tolerate flagrant plagiarism, would be quick enough to identify, call out the member or guide them in wrong doing.

No problem with HiveWatchers although have seen some walk away not fully understanding the situation they placed themselves in.

Whenever there is reward there will be risk, some will abuse a platform, it happens!

As for AI as far as I know many people private works have been collated, mixed, blended to the detriment of many actual artist, there I do have a problem, when AI pictures are used that the true source is not something anyone will be able to determine.

@tipu curate

As for AI as far as I know many people private works have been collated, mixed, blended to the detriment of many actual artist, there I do have a problem, when AI pictures are used that the true source is not something anyone will be able to determine.

This is not true, there is no mixing, blending or collaging going on with diffusion models. The art is created from noise, by what the AI learned from those arts that it has trained on. It is not that different from an artist learning to draw in someone else's style. It is just on a much bigger scale.

Opening oneself up to a world we don't fully understand, cannot control, I would err to caution

Haha I just posted a comment recently in another chat mentioning exactly what your concern is:


Inviting "machine vs man" leads to reckless behaviour in my estimation.

I have been waiting to see how things play out before commenting on this mess.

I think that post and subsequential copycats of it are a serious over-extension and it should be left down to communities and how they want to operate. I am not a fan of letting AI do your work for you, whether text or art, but if the community and its members are okay with it, I don't believe it's anyone's role to dictate otherwise.

When people were saying stuff along the lines of not voting for such posts, that's understandable as each person has their preferences. We're already seeing people abuse that concept and innocent users are already getting hit. I do believe that HW as a whole are outliving their usefulness as it seems many of the things they do can now be done through the communities themselves. Whenever I come across a post, I don't go to HW for the reasons you mentioned as their appeal process really comes off as sadistic public shaming.

Interesting take and thanks to bring the topic ahead.

If moderators in a community are authorized to find plagiarized/ abusive content, that could prove helpful.

And this is why we love you @acidyo You have a good head on your shoulders and you actually use logic and reasoning.

This is a post we all should see and share our views on. Plagiarism or any abuse is something we all should learn form. As we learn, we shouldn't be hold accountable for things we did and never knew their consequences. This is a great one. The part of looking into the rules of the @hivewatchers and modifying them is the part I loved most. Thanks for that suggestion and i hope it would be done.

Thanks for sharing and bringing to our notice.

As we learn, we shouldn't be hold accountable for things we did and never knew their consequences.

I don't really agree with this, plagiarism is quite common and something most kids learn in school already. That said I realize how for newcomers they may not understand how the rewards here work, that upvotes literally mean real money after a few days and that the way they've been using other socials, which 99% of the time for most people don't reward them with adrevenue or any monetization doesn't mean it will fly here.

So my point was more towards newcomers who may be too quick to share things without thinking it through. If I see long-term users actively abusing through plagiarism or running AI bots to generate most of the content just to farm rewards I'm a lot more stricter in that case because they should be well aware of everything by then.

That's fair enough. Thanks for the clarification.

I've personally always been a bit more lenient when it comes to abuse

This is (in my opinion) extremely important. Anything else smells of totalitarianism.

I like your prison-analogy, logic making himself job-worth ;)


plot twist this meme was made with AI

Honestly it's not easy to be regularly active here on Hive, because it's not the web2 platforms...

Honestly I'm really trying to struggling to post and engage daily but in the end where are the rewards.
Then maybe out of 100 posts without reward I get punished for one because it's AI aided.

I not trying to say I support plagiarism or outright AI generated post. But I feel the energy is not matched, if they focus the same energy they focus on spam, plagiarized and scam post on original contents, no one will complain. But you punish a user for a mistake but never reward them for being active and engaging.

Hive is not that user friendly and hivewatchers are only making it worse.

I agree with this though,I think that the hivewatcher team (if it is a team) is rather too small to manage the whole of hive.
I've been here for 8 months. Read quite a number of posts and comments, some I found rather abusive and/or offensive.
I've only ever heard of the hive watchers, haven't seen the account reply to any post actually.

some I found rather abusive and/or offensive

the web is abusive and/or offensive. but it's only words!

Indeed, yet words can influence actions and stuff depending on who it's said to😂

The thing about hive watchers is simple; it's a centralized "solution" to a problem that already has a decentralized solution. Aka, it's redundant and regressive.

This was something I found a bit too bizarre to avoid curating a user for a mistake ages ago that they probably learned from and didn't repeat.

It is ridiculous to let someone punish for a mistake that one has not only left but also has replaced it with good. It sounds more like a personal agenda based on arrogance.

If I tell about my blogging experience. Hive is the second platform I joined. I came here with the knowledge of dos and don’ts of bloggings
Before that I was on another platform. I had no idea about copyright images or that spamming may not be appreciated (specifically when you see spam being rewarded. We see that on Hive to, don't we?)..... I gradually learnt what I am supposed to do and then I improved.
The point is if I came that naive on Hive and ommitted the mistakes and then had to pass through the procedure of being banned and unbanned, I would be quite likely to quit.

while a lot of it goes to so much dumb stuff in my opinion along with overrewarded content/authors that I really question if these abuse-fighting do more good than harm over time.

Agreed. I, sometimes, feel like there are only a few who get too much reward. I mean if half of the reward is given to a couple other quality content creators, they would feel better.
I am not sure if overrewardedness has something to do with abuse fighting..... 🤔

I didn't know that people can be blacklisted for very small things. When this happens at Hive Gaming, I warn them, but when they ignore me or see me and repeat the same mistake, I think I will take action against them. I don't know how many people Hivewatchers employ, but maybe it would be better to increase the number.

I completely agree with you, the post is really well done. Some passages were not clear enough for me because of the language, I am Italian ahah but slowly I understood everything :)

In my opinion the Hivewatchers team should slightly expand and work as a team, also you should investigate the situation WELL before acting. A report for a simple mistake can't be enough to be blacklisted...

Just like you I often feel like the punishment being meted out are too harsh. If I am a relatively new to the blockchain and I make a mistake which Hivewatchers happen to stumble upon, instead of correcting me and trying to guide me they will rather choose to punish me.

If I am here for the rewards it is not just better to leave that account dead and move to a new account where they might not find me?

It’s always easier to create a new account and farm rewards easily. Instead I think people deserved to be punished but not having to go through 6 months or 1 year of pleading which might not even be forgiven after the appeal period. If you allow me apologise and move on is it not better?

In all I don’t think one person should just say I don’t like this and I don’t like that and it should stick cause this is supposed to be a decentralized platform right.

Maybe Whales fund Hivewatchers to centralize the rewards pools and force new account creation to pamp up the numbers without actual onboarding?

Having recently stumbled into Hivewatchers Discord, I'd have to agree with most of what you're saying here. Some of the "abuse" seems little and on occasion years old. should we all be judged by actions of the past or on the content we bring today?

Constant plagiarism/abuse, by all means, should be dealt with, with the most severity, after all, they're "stealing" from all of us on the Hive chain. However, some minor infections could be much better handled with a warning and some forgiveness.

AI brings a new twist to everything, and it's something we'll need to work on to find the "best" use for it, let's be honest it's not going away and chances are more and more people will use it at some point. Hivewatchers have a tough job, there are thousands of posts to check, and even with a team it would be hard to stay on top of everything. Hopefully, communities will rally together, edge out the bad actors and continue allowing quality content to shine on Hive!

Yes, I have run into a few things that didn't seem like it applied at all to what the post was about or if it had any sort of violations.. I am glad someone is watching hive tho. I am pro some sort of order in things.. :)

You have a very valid point. I used to write on Amazon Kindle before I stopped. I was not gaining attention. When I spoke to people about it, I realized that there are some popular writers who have gained a lot of attention from the readers and the readers tend not to buy the books of other writers even when they are trying their best. Those writers are just like the cynosure of an event. I was forved to stop writing on Amazon Kindle then because I was frustrated . It happens here truly as you have said but it is quite unfortunate that I don't even have any solution in my head.


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I need a help.
You didn't post to any community, you posted with #abuse.
Kindly tell me the way to do it. I want to do it too.

To do that, you can create a new post and don't choose any community.

In, select "My Blog"


The first tag will be shown in the post's URL. In this case, it was #abus.

But this is not recommended to users that don't have many followers. It's less likely that people will see your post.

I really enjoyed this content. It helped me a lot getting into the "curators perspective" that is something us "small creators" often do not really get.

From what I see around and from what you wrote, I feel that curation trail may seem like politician parties: they have choices to make upon different topics, some of them will be pilloried by the medias articles but still, they will try to make their best (and here it is where curation trail likely differ from politicians, lol 😏)

Finding a balance is the best way, and focusing on the good work done and the good work to do it's the best way to keep the ecosystem in a good shape, inspiring, and showing the way with the Example.
And these posts make us understand and let us get to know who to follow more 😉

So, thanks!

I, myself question the word ban on the blockchain. How does that even work? 🤔🤔

I painted a target on my back by using gpt to edit two of my posts lately. I was shown a Hivewatchers post and did not realize it was a warning against them so I asked about using ai to edit. The next thing I know those two posts have hivewatchers accusing me of lying. Now I'm getting downvotes (from spaminator) on everything I post. Including my comments. Lesson learned.

I even did my own quick ai text post mentions how repetitive it was and therefore I did not feel it was a good idea to "copy and paste".

I'm trying my best just to keep going but I'm not sure how this is affecting my earning potential. Am I still visible for people to read??




Why are you spamming this?

It is not spam is a curation

Do you ask that question for all the coins given in posts all over hive, making sure it comes with a comment .
At least PsyberX is a real project and a real curation vote.
I hope you dont mind us giving money to people in hive and inviting us to come be part of a game ?

So you downvote me before knowing what it is ? A personal war AGAIN ?
Hive is going to shit because of people like you , let me remove my witness from you, Mr curation projects downvoter .

I don't think leaving an img with "PSYBERX" on it is a good way to promote something tho.

I had a clear discussion on that subject, it wont happen again.

No worries :) We are always learning!

It says psyberx manually curated the post. I thought it was odd first as well but then I looked at it again.

Oh yeah, I was referring to the text above the image.

I know exactly what it is, and dumping those links out of context with no relevance to the post looks like and is spammy.