Busy.org new-design: Call for Private Beta testers!

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The team has been busy the last months building SteemConnect 2 with Steemit inc. (See announcement), while working on Busy.org new design version.

New version of Busy is in Private Beta and need testers!



The Busy team offers open-source projects on Steem. Our goal is to develop the best tools and strategy to enable billions of people to take part in this thriving ecosystem.
Busy aims to connect everyone to a social network platform that can bring value back to users in a peer-to-peer and decentralized way using the power of the Steem blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
We are currently working on Steemconnect, SteemJS, and Busy.org

Also known as an alternative platform to Steemit.com to interact with the Steem blockchain, Busy.org next-gen social media network goal is to be this all-in-one-platform like Facebook or Wechat, offering all the benefits of the Steem blockchain for mainstream adoption.

Busy new version uses Steemconnect v2 for login, and posting API.
Steemconnect by @steemitblog


Current version (Old design) on https://busy.org

Busy.org open beta is now running for a few months on https://busy.org
Oold Busy.png

2 month ago, we decided to stop all further development on the first version of Busy, running on busy.org, to focus on our new release.

Many people were invited to test the first release, which allowed us to take several consistent feedbacks and inputs to redirect our strategy.
We want to thank everyone who helped us making the next version the best possible.

Incoming version (New design)

We are working on a new version with a new design, and need more testers to join the private beta!

The next design is running in private beta with some testers for more than a month now, and it’s time to add more testers before the official public release.

There are still several works in progress, and not everything may work 100% correctly. All feedbacks are welcome.

During this beta we plan to:

  • monitor feedbacks from our testers, and making improvements as fast as possible
  • gather data/inputs to improve the product and fix issues
  • work on a full User Interface/Experience redesign, with the help of the community and our designer
  • define priorities from features expected by our testers


To test our private beta, please request your access:

  • Join our Discord https://discord.gg/fGAMtzQ, you’ll be directly on our Busy Discord which allows communication between all testers. You’ll be able to give direct feedback to the Busy team
  • Or join #busy on steemit.chat and send a message to @fabien or @ekitcho to get your private link


Current features

  • Comment, Post, Like (upvote), Reblog, Follow
  • DTube, Youtube, SoundCloud and Twitch integrations
  • Drafts
  • Replies
  • Bookmarks
  • Transfer
  • List of Likes with added value in $ and % voting power
  • Edit a Post / Comment
  • Image upload with Select, Paste or Drag&Drop
  • Right Sidebar Widget: Discover more people
  • Translations added: English, French, Čeština, Polski, Русский, Svenska
  • Draft, Bookmarks and Settings now synchronizing across devices

Not implemented yet

  • Wallet
  • Voting slider
  • Search (now only redirecting to Google search)
  • Notification
  • User/Post suggestions on right sidebar
  • Page activity (redirecting to steemd.com)
  • NSFW filter
  • Hide downvoted posts
  • Report a post (downvote)
  • Delete post / comment
  • Block user
  • Edit profile (redirecting to steemit.com)


Visible on the interface but not fully complete:

  • Render on mobile
  • Page Settings
  • Page Drafts
  • Translations incomplete: 简体中文, Čeština, Español, Deutsch, 한국어, Dutch (See our Crowdin.com: https://translate.busy.org)


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Who's behind Busy?

Founded by @fabien and @ekitcho in July 2016, Busy is now a team of several core members, developers, advisors, ambassadors, donors, contributors and so on.

Busy Team

@ekitcho: CEO
@fabien: CTO
@sekhmet: Developer
@gregory.latinier: Developer
@kpdesigns: Designer

But it's also YOU!

As a decentralized and open source platform, we are open to any contribution/suggestion. We would love to get the finest resources from this brilliant community. If think you can contribute, please Contact us.
We're hiring expert Reactjs/Redux developers and all kind of talented resources.

How can you participate or support

All rewards from the @busy.org account are used to fund our projects

We really want to thank all our donors and sponsors who have given their time, their resources, their money to help the Busy organization. Without your continued support, all this wouldn't have been possible

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Cool! Keep up the good work of you!

Great to see busy.org getting an UI update. It is an interesting project and I like to see it succeed in a way where community admins can connect their communities to the steem chain.

This is a totally new UI, much better than the current one. It has some issues and my transfers weren't working today. I hope they will be fixed soon.

The new updates looks interesting....

I noticed this post about BUSY and decided to share my opinion .

Even the work is not yet complete, but the primary tests showed that the new BUSY works much awesome than the previous one. 3.2 times waiting to test the new BUSY...

Pretty not bad, huh?

In general, we are waiting for the update.

Nice one

Spanish version of this Busy.org publication / Versión en español de esta publicación


I didn't notice this busy.org not only when Steemit was offline for a couple of hours, Great to have like it. Upvoted

Great, thanks my friend.

Don't mind giving it a go

In case DDoS attack, busy.org served a good alternative for steemit. I love their more intuitive user friendly interface other than comments (It is hard to find my own comment history).

The new updates looks interesting. I have used Busy a few times, will surely try to use it more often.

The major reason why I don't use Busy is because it is a little slower than the Steemit.com UI.

you should definitely try the new version, I can't see any difference and feel it is even faster most of the time.
I'll run some benchmark to see exactly the difference


Can u tell me why busy.org and steemit related to busy.org

yee good news

Honestly, I have seen your comments tab many times, pasting the same comments on and off all day long to everyone.

I would suggest another approach with your comments.

I know language is a barrier here at times, but it is kinda spammy and insincere.

Yes even I have notice him posting the same message everywhere...It is annoying 😡

Lmao.... Some people are just here to make money through curation, so they focus on dropping comments instead of dropping valuable comments.... Not cool

Well said, you know it!


it looks fantastic when to go in beta

I don’t think I’ll jump in the beta, there are some big features not yet implemented and there are many more patient testers than I! However this is looking amazing! I think this could easily be my new front end on release...

Any talk or designs for filtering content from apps like Zappl or Steepshot and placing it in its own area/widget? I’d love to see functionality like this. It’ll soon be needed to keep feeds coherent and manageable, but I’d love to have a portal for the most used Steem services all in one place.

Keep up the great work!

thank your for your support. We will give many updates on the incoming enhancements and hope to have you on board soon.
Any idea of big features you want as priority ?

For filtering content and custom feeds or widget, we changed to design to add some sidebars area which allow tons of possibilities to display/filter contents. There are already few ideas that actually covers your request but it wont be implemented any time soon.

We will also probably allow creation of 3rd parties app embed in Busy. Any developer will be able to create its own app with specific features and be integrated into the platform, just like some Facebook Apps are available to the users.

Actually, looking over the feature lists you posted, I may give it a try soon! It’s really just the lack of downvote, user blocking, and vote slider that would keep Busy from being fully functional for me at the moment. Obviously wallet integration is big, but I do use Vessel for most of my wallet management.

Glad to hear the thought process on widgets and filtering. I do think it’s important to address as soon as possible, as differently themed front ends proliferate.

I’d love to see reward splitting options available when posting, especially with a nice UI that perhaps applies badges (pulling relevant avatars) clearly showing readers where rewards are headed. It’s common in so many scenarios that users pledge liquid rewards to other accounts, causes, etc. I’d love to see these practices make use of the abilities of the blockchain to be guaranteed, automated, and secure.

Let me ask you guys a question, could people vote to make your posts invisible on this platform as well, or is it truly a decentralized Twitter?

First of all, content will always be on the blockchain so theres no censorship. Secondly, apps can white-out flagged posts, but again upvotes and downvotes are by the community and not decided by one person. So in that sense, its quite decentralised. As for twitter, theres just the one company that can decide.

I understand, but could they white-out on Busy too?

Sure, any front-end can determine what users do or do not see. But in the end, as the open-source code that underlies front-end development proliferates, users will be able to gravitate towards services which align with their needs and values. In the future we should see competition among applications for users that wish to access the Steem blockchain, much like individual websites compete for our use and attention on the internet today.

They could, but I don't think they are currently.

Quick question: Is there ANYONE using Busy.org?

I use it because it has more features like bookmarks

Yes! I used for two times..

That's my point. Who in their right mind would use Busy.org as opposed to the NATIVE steemit page?

Due to some connection errors, I had to use this system..

Yes, I mainly use Busy or beta.chainbb. Now that I'm able to access the new Busy there's no going back (except for a few tabs, which I hope will get replaced soon).

I'm already using the beta and enjoying it greatly.

If you are ok with certain features still missing during the developing process, I really can't recommend it enough.

I'm already on the beta version for a month. Unfortunately also for a month, I do not have time to publish many articles. But I can testify that the beta version brings a big plus in the user experience and allows interractions (via suggestion) that was not possible before.
Busy, begins to make emerge communities of Steemians who can easily find each other.
The future is ours, thanks to Busy !!!!

Just started learning React, so checked out the codebase. Cool to actually be able to understand a lot of this!

@busy.org is a blessing for all steemians . Congratulations for doing such a great efforts for community.

When you guys release a legit mobile app, it's gonna be HUGE!

It looks better in design than steem.

I saw a combination of Twitter and Facebook, in a way. But I don't mind at all, because it's very sleek! Really hard to choose between the old design and new design! They two have different feels.

After testing for a bit, the only question I have for now is, must we use Source Sans Pro font? Source Sans Pro font looks good only in certain font sizes. So, I personally prefer to stick with Whitney for the entire site. Looks neater in my personal opinion. =)

Hope to see dark mode in the near future too! ;-)

Great to see this project still alive and growing! I remember the very, very early days of the first version of the app so seeing it this far along is awesome. Great work @busy.org team!

I hate it I hate it I hate it. Punaise je déteste ce nouveau look.
I get a Facebook like feeling when I see the interface. I am very sad 😓😖😖.

I am so disappointed I feel like I should make my own website that uses your old design. I know I will most likely be in the minority here but anyway!!

Sad but I wish you good luck because how you are working like crazy and doing such a good job.
Bonne chance

This design is more sexy. Facebook looks like old style internet. I think

It's just not my type. It reminds what I want to avoid but I understand the choice. This also means that , even though they have the cash in the system, people will still compare them on the features they have. Not sure they will win like that.

Even a minority opinion matters. I'm sure the team could use the impression of a dissatisfied user as well.

But I still support them 100%. They do an awesome job IMHO.

thanks for your support. Totally understand. It wasn't an easy choice and things might change and evolve as well in the future. For now we do think it's a good layout which allow many possibilities and is easy for anyone who used Facebook. The goal behind this is mainstream adoption.

Thanks for your support anyway and hope you'll try the platform

I will definitely try it. I still think you make choices that promote interactions between Steemians.
Thank for the hard work.

Ahah, looking at the screenshots, kinda look like FB indeed. Punaise!

This looks great. Already voting for @busy.witness. Gonna hit y'all up on Steemit.chat.

This looks great :D

@busy.org great work so far. Really like to see such a good UI for the steemit blockchain. I'm curious about how the audience will adopt this wonderful UI interpretation. Already following your work and posts. Resteemed and upvoted. Cheers.

This is impressive, classic and very informative. Thanks to the busy team for coming up with a project as this; where steemians can utilise the available tools to make the community a better place.
Thanks for sharing.

This is great. We need alternatives and Busy was useful when steemit was down

Still I don't understand why we need this one as we have already steemit the original. Shall we work with both?

I would say having a lot of websites interacting with the Steem blockchain is a really good thing. Not only because people can choose depending on which one they prefer but also because it makes it harder to censor us by DDOSing.

It's about having a choice. Other sites may provide things that Steemit does not. Busy has private messages and draft posts. When the Steemit site got attacked we needed an alternative. Use whatever works for you

Oh oh. Didn't know about the private messages. That's a very good thing.

Always good to have choice. Steemit is good but what if something else is even better in ways that you can't imagine ?

looks cleaner.


Cannot wait to try this! The design looks simple but still very elegant! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Busy is great this times when steemit is down I go to read and comment post in busy with a lot of normality is a option for enjoy Steemit too

Hi wonderful busy dev team.

I have a question about the resilience of Frontend app (like steemit and busy).
I've wrote a little article here.

Steemit has made an easy way to deploy a new instance. And in my point of view. It's one (not only) solution to defend steem blockchain.

Do you plan to provide similar solution with busy (ex : with docker) ?

Thx for all your effort to make Steem popular.

We have a Docker file in our GitHub repo too :p, Busy code should be quite easy to deploy.

Wahou. I'll try it soon :D

Thx ! I'll waiting the official release of the new design to host it if you are agree with that.

Greetings @busy.org
I am very interested in the publication that you have done, it would be great to have a Spanish version of it so that it can be of knowledge of the Hispanic Community.
Do you have someone who can translate it into Spanish?
I can gladly collaborate in this task :)

We dont have anyone for translate this post in Spanish expect you :p. Also the interface has been translated at only 50% in Spanish, if you wish to translate it please contact me in Discord or Steemit.chat, we would reward you for it.

I am very interested in collaborating!
I just wrote you by SteemitChat

Hey Fabien :) very new to the platform, but loving the possibilities and dedicated to helping it blossom :) any idea if you guys will also get to a version in Dutch?

Excuse my ignorance, but in Busy you use exactly the same account to login than here? and share the wallet maybe?

Yes! Both Steemit and Busy but also eSteem ChainBB DTube and others are all using Steem blockchain you only need 1 account to use them all.

The UI screenshot and gif looks amazing! To be honest one of the things that prevented me to use busy before was the editor and that no images could be dragged in like on steemit.com.

I am looking now very much forward to the updated version and see myself using it much more and frequently! Well done!

Thank you! Hope you will like the drag and drop and the editor in this new design :).

This is great. We need alternatives and Busy was useful when steemit was down

Am I dreaming or you just copy-pasted @steevc comment ? lol even the period at the end of the comment is missing as in the original...

i'd love to be a tester. sure. jumping on ya discord.

I wonder why my password works here but not on Busy... that's why you don't get my business!

For some reason that I'd like to see explained myself using a posting key is not enough. (talking about the new site)

I'm not the slightest worried about it though, since I don't count my money at the table and also because it's the Busy team after all.

I tried all of mine and none worked. I don't use busy anyway- but my keys work fine on Steemit and that's what counts.

Do you use any other Steem based apps? Keys should work everywhere, unless there is a bug or if you're not yet approved for the limited beta.

If you're talking about the current busy.org, it only requires the private posting key as far as I know. The new site requires the private active key.

I've tried them all. This happened before. I had to do a recovery on my account and the same thing happened before the recovery and after. Maybe they just don't like me!

Hmmm ... that is strange indeed, unless you are using your owner key here in Steemit and they are only accepting posting key in Busy ? (which is better for safety reasons).

I have no idea... I thought about doing a account recovery.

How much does busy take from the post payout that posted via busy.org?

For now, we don't use any beneficiary rewards. Busy take 0. :)

Upvoted this comment, but that doesn’t mean I’d be against you all taking a small percent! Please do whatever it takes to properly fund development & marketing when needed!

Your goal is really appreciable.

I have not had a chance to use Busy yet but the overview looks interesting. Is there possibly going to be implementation of a dark theme? I use these more often when possible on other applications and ui's. having the option to switch between a dark mode or not is very useful for continued usage throughout the night.


Ah ah, You use @roxane profile in your presentation :).
Glad to see some spotlight on the french community.

very nice thank you.

That´s super..... wondering when SteemIt will do the same... AND remove the beta sign.

I am an intested in busy.org beta. Since I use this app daily along side with steemit and eSteem daily.

Amazing features, thank you for sharing @busy.org

Thanks a lot for all this info, I keep following these news and am not surprised to see this effect occurring. Good presentation again, thank you

Hi @busy.org, I'm interest with your post. Can I translate your post to my language Indonesia?

We would love to get the finest resources from this brilliant community.

There are 4 pages