All my posts are hidden on Steemit

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It seems Justin Sun doesn't like my daily Steem Statistics. All my posts are hidden on and also on

We all know Justin loves the Steem community and he always does what the community wants, right? He wants no governance on Steem so this must have been the community's decision, right? At least, if there is still a Steem community left...


Steem has always been censorship resistant

You know there is no censorship on Steem as long as you say what the boss wants to hear. What is censorship anyway?

Steem is dead. It's no longer a decentralized blockchain.

Here's my last post on Steem:

You can read it on a block explorer:

Long live Hive! :-)

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he's so desperate he has to censor statistics

Interestingly, only some of my posts have disappeared. One of my posts was there this morning and then vanished (not available on steemit or steempeak if you look at All Posts). I can find it using a direct link on steempeak (and I can see it on Dtube) but it is not available at all on steemit. Not sure if it was because it went over a certain payout threshold (another one of my posts disappeared last week, about the same payout level).

This happened to me as well.
The post was called "Another Thursday; Another Steem Dump"
They're using the Steemit API to ban specific posts like this from appearing on people's feeds and the trending tab.

The weird thing is all my posts are very similar (basically point to hive, but don't have hive tags) but they only select some for censorship. Very odd.

Banning single selected posts. STASI overtime hours in China.

You too...? Damn that guy has completely lost his head!

So instead of upvoting the comment you agree with, you make a spam comment to say you agree, and upvote YOURSELF $0.21? Not to mention your other $0.21 comment here, for saying "Nuts!"
You're aware you're a cancer on the blockchain, yes?

Can you try using the neoxian and/or palnet and or steemleo tags to see if those front ends work?
Could you post your Steemit stats on Hive?


You're wonderful stats are MORE than welcome here on Hive!

Dear @penguinpablo

All my posts are hidden on and also on

I don't get it. How could your post be hidden also on steempeak? Justing cannot remove your content from steem blockchain, correct? And steempeak is nothing but front-end displaying all data from STEEM chain. So I' really don't understand...

ps. is there any way to DM you? I would like to reach out to you if you don't mind.

Yours, Piotr

All my posts are still on the blockchain, but Steemit is hiding my posts on an API level. If I'm correct, Steempeak is using Steemit's API node so my posts are hidden on as well.

I'm really sorry to hear that.

Hopefully your assets were not frozen. It's a very strange situation we're witnessing here.

That's pretty tragic. Seems like all Pro-HIVE are being censored now on Steem.

I replied on STEEM but can't see my own comment as you have -1 comments.

That's just really sad, your websites have done so much for everyone and I use them everyday. I hope you are still able to move your funds.

How come they don't appear on Steempeak? I thought Steempeak wasn't taking sides? is the censorship happening on a blockchain level not just the Steemit website level?

Oh that is not nice. Rehived .

Nothing surprises me anymore. Steem is now a personal database. Give it a few weeks and it will become a spreadsheet.

lol my steemit account is restricted to text only posting after only 1 post about the hive split smh

Look at the bright side, now it's free money on Steem's side that nobody has to know.

How can he hide posts on Steempeak?

By censoring the API (application programming interface). For more information, read Report about Steemit's detoriation by @lapingvino.

I still don't understand why you'd ever need to use the Steem API when you're running a node and have all the information right there on your own server.

I'm thinking this as well, but I don't know enough about API's to comment much lol

I'm not sure. At the API level, I think.

A true dictator at heart Justin Sun is. Reminds me of the Chinese government and how the silence their citizens.

Justin (Yuchen) Sun is Chinese after all. He was born into the censorship. This is the normal way of things for him/them. I wrote in the recent past that Justin Sun is the Mark Zuckerberg of the Steemit and the Steem blockchain, but actually Justin Sun is even worse than Mark Zuckerberg.

He's def the Zuch of the crypt space.

I'd compare his ego and empty promises followed by attacks on the community to Trump.

No, I will not forgive him for the bump stock ban or militarism.

Just in case you don't know, it can actually be more profitable to vote early on a post that ends up with a lot of rewards than voting on your own comments. One reason is that your rewards increase the more other voters vote on top and at the same time there is a tax curve up to ~20 hive post rewards which gradually becomes bigger the lower the rewards are (afaik).

I know some people vote up comments for visibility but this one seems to just be about the rewards since it's a reply so if that's what you're focused on then curating might give you higher ROI.

Thanks for the reply!

I know that is possible but I'm not willing to put in the time at the moment.

I used to use Dlease but now I'm powering down to balance out the amounts I have between Steem and Hive. Still not sure what I will do but probably I'm gonna try to speculate on the price a bit more.

Yeah, just upvoting some of my comments every other day to get some return.

Alright! Have you considered trailing a curation project with your votes instead? I just personally think it's always nicer to receive a vote from someone else on a comment and at the same time voting your own might even deter others from voting it as it's kind of frowned upon by the majority. Yours aren't of course farmy, etc, but there's kind of a stigma to it which is also the reason why I took notice and decided to write.

I need to look into that then, I don't really know what a curation trail is. Only saw it passing when Trevon James did something like that and that was enough of a turnoff. 😂

What do these meanies have against penguins?

That's bad, if they don't like transparent data stats, then why bother using blockchain, just use a center database then (probably this is part of 100 day plan already lol)

I love your reports! That's terrible! I do see all of the old posts on though.

I've had several posts that magically disappear from Steemit and Steempeak and no one's comments load either and the post shows -1 comments. The only way I am able to even see my post is if I have the direct link to them. At least we won't be censored here on Hive and we will remain true to what the values of Steem were.

Does the disappeared posts have any reference to third-party platforms?
The silently updated terms of service of Steemit is forbidding to "14.1.7. Use our services to promote third-party platforms or to promote each other without our written permission."

Well this I find the worst of moves, so who interested in statistic, can no longer blog and read about on Steemit?

Well now you are in the cool club....I haven't made it yet, or have I???? I must go check

Just forget Steem and every product come from Tron foundation.

This is fucking non-sense

This would be something for @arcange to introduce here on hive :)
I want one too but I'm not interesting enough for our sunny-boy :(

Someone can censor Steemit I get it, but how come your post are not visible on ?

Bang, even on HIVE I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Sorry, no beers or deranged or trdo yet... waiting on steem-engine to make the move to HIVE...
Check the last changes here

Everyone is fearing of Steemit current attitude.

It could be partly the small mention of Hive you put in your lead paragraph... but given the timing, I’m inclined to believe the censorship is due to your posts giving some high visibility to the shady trail of big financial transactions most likely controlled by Steemit Inc.


Information can be a dangerous thing if they are pumping.


Is there an easy way to remove these posts?

Steem is dead. Censorship resistance is alive on #hive.

Blatant corruption. Thank goodness we have hive.

Even locking penguins away - how cruel

Your posts were very neutral, but people like me were using the info to show how bad the exodus was. I guess he finally figured out that your stats look really bad for him.

I guess you get to makes 2 posts on Hive now a day for each platform :D
Perhaps direct comparisons are in order to show the exodus.

He's probably not the smartest investor throwing rocks to his own investment. Let's see how long it lasts until it closes down....

This is so ridiculous!
I could read your post via steempeak.
I added a comment and the counter went from -1 to 0.
So I thought another comment would make it 1 ... but no, down to -1 again.

The next step was to resteem your post. No success ...

Holy sh!t - this sunny-boy went totally crazy.

The resteem went through now - no idea why it took so long ...

I peeked there yesterday and laughed as I shook my head at the shit show going on. He even pulled support and is censoring Steemchiller now as well, who backed him up until he froze the stake in his most recent fork of the chain, despite his proclamation he was against freezing of stake.

For those who wish to still read censored posts, you can somehow view them on Steemd. I read a post that was censored yesterday as someone was kind enough to put the link.

I figure most of my community is here now, many of those left there who I had thought were proven not now as they have for weeks now been asking/telling anyone who dislikes what emperor Sun has been doing to go to "their precious Hive" chain. Viewing any discontent with his emperors actions as being anti Steem. Hoping I'm not the only one who remembers who was adopting that stance when they are forced out of Steem and try coming here.

I've always considered you a great benefit to the chain (just wish I had more HP to have reflected this). I've never witnessed you involved in any of the petty personality clashes that was constant, your only public focus being on collecting/sharing Steem/Hive numbers. So glad you are here benefiting the real community that was renamed Hive.Thank you.

welcome to the world of dictatorship :P

I think contrasting the two platforms would show the obvious bias between the two.

That rots @penguinpablo, your stats have always added value to Steem... but I guess seeing reality is not part of Emperor Sun's paradigm.

I don't know if you feel so inclined, but if you can still access the information, it would be kind of enlightening and entertaining if you kept publishing Steem stats but on HIVE... not to mention it would potentially be a huge thorn in JS's side that he'd be unable to do anything about it.

Anyway, thanks for what you're doing here, and for your years of dedication to Steem!

This is sad, lol.

Who the fuck cares @penguinpablo let him have it. he paid a lot of money to buy a chain just to kill it.

Nero would be

Well, yeah, I mean, how can one cook the books with all the facts laying around out in the open?

It is really not good. I daily wait for your statistics posts which are really useful in making analysis. HIVE ON!

I do not get this. You are posting for #steem and you get censored.

Steem is complete bs I do not understand why anyone would want to stay there after all this nonsense.

I did whole Videos moking them and no one watches them, that way I don‘t get banned. Sad and not Sad while sad.

But it shows, they probably use regex filter search to append their block lists automatically.

Looks like you haven't started blogging yet.

The Steemit thing is bad enough, but just for the record: I saw the post on Steempeak. Cheers - Folker

With shadow banning every project/ individual that actually brought value to the network it is surprising the price is able to rise at all. I know some users are selling hive to buy steem but at the end of the day is Justin going to put up the money to buy all the steem from the remaining steem vampires? Interesting times.

The problem with your stats was that it didn't have a Justin Sun popularity index which never swings outside of 99.999 and 100.000

Big time failure

Focus your energy toward Hive. Lately, you don't answer anymore your statistics comments on Steem.

It is not a big loss, but just a path for something better for you. :)

That is so shit; just does not make sense to me what he is doing over there. I was hopeful both platforms could co-exist and spur on development of each other in an arms race kind of way. Anyway glad your here.

I can't live without your stats.

I'm glad you are here.

So far my posts in steem are not hidden. Maybe because I'm not a threat to him. Well, my small sp and account is not to be concerned about. lol


I think we will see in the next time massive amount of frozen accounts on steem :)

This is quite heartbreaking

he scared :) GJ!

oh man, I noticed that for other users as well! This is such a joke... but it's not funny :(

Fuck him, you got the hive, and this place is much more relaxed bro.