Hi my name is Pfizer.

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I did a drug trial where I gave 22,000 people a gene therapy drug injection of mRNA to see if it would prevent people from getting a disease called covid-19 which I believe occurs after being exposed to a virus organism called sars cov 2. I also gave 22,000 people a placebo injection to compare the two results.


Because there were no purified or isolated versions of SARS cov 2 organisms I relied on an uploaded genome sequence from the Chinese government scientists to make my drug.

This uploaded genetic sequence was known to have been artificially aligned and sequenced genetic material from a sick person in China. This was how they provided a new chimeric recombinant genome of sars cov 2 for the genbank which I had complete access to and used to create my drug.

Due to there not being a real isolated control I was unable to purposely infect people with the sars cov 2 virus organism during my trials to test my drug exactly. I was also unable to certify that the genetic information that I downloaded and used to create my drug actually came from the sars cov 2 virus organism.

Which means I am 100% unable to determine for certain that the disease covid-19 can be prevented by injecting my new experimental biological drug.

I will do what I can however to convince you that my drug trial is adequate and find the effectiveness rate of my drug compared to the placebo so that you are convinced enough to approve my drug and inject yourself with my drug!

So once I injected all 44,000 people randomly I sent them on their way!

Yes I was fully aware that the gene therapy delivery system that I was using, uses transmissible synthetic genetically engineered lipid nanoparticles that are packed full of modified messenger ribonucleic acid enzymes and those with my drug inside their bodies can infect innocent bystanders with my drug by coming into close contact with others, especially those that were not injected with my drug.

I made sure that all trial participants knew this and gave them strict instructions that if they have physical contact with any person and that person either is around pregnant women or impregnates a woman that they should report any birth defects if they occur due to the transmissibility of my new experimental biological drug product.

I just want to add that this may seem unethical but I took every precaution to limit those that were randomly injected with my synthetic genetically engineered gene enzymes to interact with the general population because the general population did not consent to taking part in my drug trial so everything is ok, don't worry about this at all!

Anyway I found that 170 people out of the total 44,000 had a positive pcr test for covid-19. 8 of them had my drug injected into their bodies and 162 had the placebo. This proves that my drug is about 95% effective at preventing covid-19!!!!!!!! Ya!!!! I knew that I could find a way to convince you to inject yourself with my amazing wonderful new gene drug delivery system!

Now that I had real data to present to the public, this made me so excited that I unblinded the study as quickly as possible and gave the 22,000 who had the placebo my gene drug under advice from the FDA of course..

In truth however………… I might have rushed this and ignored all of the severe side effects from my drug and also I completely ignored how over time my drug offered less and less protection.

I also never mentioned that the drug was destined to cause waning immunity over time but I ignored this under the guidance of the FDA to make sure that as many people as possible would inject my drug in their bodies without any concerns!

Good look and don't forget to take your Pfizer booster 🤣.

I am so thankful that your government bought trillions of dollars worth of my drug and I would hate for my drug to expire before it get used🤣💉☠

Oh btw here is the safety data I have about my drug,


The FDA and government officials did me a gigantic favour and has agreed to release these documents over a 55 year period so by the time everything I did is known you will all be fucking dead anyway hahahahahahah!

Enjoy your shortened life span suckers!💉☠🤣








Regards, Pfizer


Got you some of your stolen rewards back by dropping link with @freezepeach on discord, @shanhenry.

If you’re on discord and it happens again just drop the targeted post link in the flag review room and if they think it is unjustified they’ll reblog for exposure and their bot give you an upvote. It’s an attempt to counter malicious downvote activity, for more info see the freezepeach account page, there should be a post outlining the service and how to go about using it.

Thanks for helping out! I joined the discord and have been reading all the posts related. I first joined Hive to get away from censorship so I am used to it.

The fact that hive does not prevent me from posting and leaves my posts up and does not delete the content from public view is a plus for me at the moment.

I never had the option on facebook to earn money per post as that option was always blocked for me so at least that option is available here.

Never knew about this. Thanks @jasonliberty and thanks @freezepeach!

Great post and liked the way you presented it too. Shame @altleft had to come along to try bury this post via a huge downvote(and without any explanation as per usual). Cowardly. Anyway I’ll come back to share this post in a day or two just to help it circulate 👍

Thank you for the support I was extremely ecstatic to see the high up vote count and then bam I was hit with that large down vote which I have never seen such a high downvote before, ever. I'm still new to this blog so I was not sure if it was a normal thing.

I appreciate your recognition of this as it lets me know it's not exactly normal and is done with a purpose to "bury" this post.

If it were on trending page, this would remove it and thus 'bury' it from those extra views the trending page affords a post. It may not have been, in which case it is only malicious removal of your rewards, 'punishment' for pissing off the hierarchy, also could lower your reputation. They don't like dissent challenging the clown world nonsense being rewarded, so instead of challenging your claims with counterclaims or evidence of their own like thinking human beings they do this.

It’s a thorn in many peoples side at this point with only a handful of people continually down voting with such force. It is always aimed at those speaking out against the vaccines, even when they are using public factual data (which makes the downvoting even more unjustified). Not much we can do about it as those with enough power to nullify or intervene won’t often speak out it seems. Anyway, just keep doing what you do and try to ignore these ignorant few.

P.S. The currently available gene therapy concoction is formulated for original Wuhan virus strain and not new variants so we’re working on a new formulation that should work against omicron in just 100 days, but for now because omicron is such a scary strain that’s super mild and won’t cause much death or severe disease as those who discovered it acknowledge, its vitally important that you take your booster of the formulation that is so effective against omicron that we have to make a whole new formulation in order to have an effective shot for omicron. We care about your health and are totally not telling you to take a shot that is not effective against omicron to protect yourself against omicron because we’re greedy profiteers. We truly believe if you inject the ineffective formulation into your bodies enough times, it will somehow magically become effective, and that’s why we needed to make a whole new shot formulated specifically for omicron, because why rely on effective boosters and double or triple doses when we could just make a whole new injection that won’t be ready for 100 days when omicron is no longer a thing any more. And if you question our logic, you’re not just peddling dangerous misinformation, you are engaging in criminal activity.

  • yours truly, Pfizer

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