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RE: Received a downvote on your content?

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Let's tell people why, right?
Because you are voting on automated posts 10+ times a day, and they are getting downvote, so you are throwing a hissy fit.


Also your bullshit like this.


Haters gonna hate. Keep up the good work man.

He's not the first that has done it, won't be the last. My voting is one of the most benevolent and fair on Hive with zero influence from anyone.

@themarkymark sorry, but it's not exactly what you say, you heavily downvoted my friend @mad-runner, for no reason, because he is a user who only posts original content and always helps others.

Non esporti per me, caro amico, perché serve a poco o nulla, spero di aver una replica, un chiarimento, attendiamo...

Non è un problema, io comunque mi pongo in modo civile, però quando ho letto quella cosa, mi sembra che pigli pal cul, dai... Ora ho pubblicato un'altra cosa, sempre in modo civile, per fare capire che non è la via corretta questa, però una piccola voce rimango.

Me and my friends don't spam. It's all, this is only wrong. Here the only people that spam is newsflash and his friends.

Ur friend isn’t alone. I don’t support the downvote campaign against him. I don’t see that as ending with a positive result. But just saying from first hand experience getting every single post downvoted to zero for 5 weeks last year and not one reply to why I can confirm what u say is true. But I don’t support what’s going on here. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I am against random downvotes, that original content is being received. But I don't support no agenda post and simple memes that make $400, that's like spam.

I’m not familiar with the account that posted all the posts mark screen shot above. Ironically I’m an actual producer of the NoAgenda Show (the actual podcast hosted by Adam Curry & John C Dvorak)

Yea I agree with ya if it’s literally a account posting spam every post. But from experience I know he crushed to zero my long vlogs and original music. He’s done it to others. So I just don’t think this one legit example means anything in terms of countering the criticism.

Ah ok, now I understand. Then it's all ridiculous, if newsflash supports an account that isn't true of no agenda. So they do even more harm, because they support spam and downvotes those who create original content. I have no words, these whales are overturning all common sense.

They were not random, he was self voting nearly 100% but he won't admit it, but the history is on the blockchain.

@themarkymark , I've read your comments and what you reported from the blockchain. I super agree with what you say about the abuse of the vote that received no agenda. But by random, I was referring to negative votes, which my friends took from you, that they have nothing to do with this. Thanks.

Won’t admit it? This is the first time you ever replied. 10 months later? I sent you DM’s on discord ignored. Comments here ignored. Now almost a year later you speak like you said something to me? Not a single reply. I wish you no ill will. But this 10 months later is absurd. No you never once replied to me even after daily attempts by me. Literally. I was told a dozen different things back then by people claiming to rep u who followed ur trail. I honestly had no clue as to the reason so don’t say I did! That’s a lie regardless if true reason if not communicated how was I to magically know who’s telling truth. How the hell should I know if u don’t tell me? I didn’t wish you any ill will above. I went outta my way to say what’s happening to u is wrong.
No point is bringing up old frustrations.
Be well and Ive moved on. Just don’t think it’s right to tell people you made resson clear when I know u didn’t. Maybe you really do think a majority of people said something to me but that is a lie. I was told 12 different things many saying u just didn’t like my HBD criticism. I had no idea why. If u had left a one sentence reply to any of my messages back then the situation would of been resolved. I had no idea what to believe. I’m not a spam bot. I put myself on video here and audio often. I deserved a simple reply like ur comment above. U really should let people know. Like who are obviously real accounts. A simple hey dude ur doing this please stop or we will do whatever. But nothing.
Take care Mark

I agree with you, sooner or later everything comes back. But it is sad to see these things, after years of trying to grow and help others.

I am very sorry that you have to leave Hive like this, due to people who have no respect for the work and efforts of others. Where is the decentralization? If few decide the fate of others. I hope that things change, because it is not right that good authors should leave. I hope you come back someday.

I think a downvote without explanation is better than someone trying to educate you about their "personal preferences".

I mean simply a disagreement and it should be ok or not?

The person in question here always has odd preferences.

He just pretends it's not personal.

no idea about that case. Was only general spoken

Yeah, he's not like @smooth, who actually tries to normalize downvotes. Transisto is all about personal vendettas.

When it’s over a post yes. But many are doemcited to zero with the

I jsut don't understand how, in any way, downvoting content creators is helping the chain?

If all downvoters eventually drive every content creator (or the majority) away, how does this improve the long term viability of HIVE?

then check how top creator for year (myself) got killed by marky stolen coins

Yeah, cause you do shady shit in the background.

@kingscrown what does that have to do with a DOWNVOTE on me?
Again, downvoting legit Content creators, and Legit authors, only makes the Plantform weaker... and eventually drives creators to OTHER chains. THIS is bad for Hive.

So,. tell me, how is downvoting me, because someone else voting on me, good for hive, instead of actually hurting Hive?

thats fauly of the markyfart guy, ask him

@kingscrown My question has nothing to do with Marky. Again, how does DOWNVOTING ME, help HIVE?
What does Marky have to do with someone downvoting me?

Hive content creators will leave and the chain will lose money for all ,if people downvote content creators based on anything but the content posted?